Marvel is being told to “cancel” this character, and the reason why is outrageous

unite the right punisher variation

In the days following the Capitol riots, the Left has called for anything that sniffs of conservatism to be done away with. 

So far, they’re getting their way.

And now Marvel comics is being told they must “cancel” this character, and quite frankly, the reason why is outrageous.

People are calling on Marvel comics to consider retiring The Punisher character in light of his symbol being seen on rioters at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.

The Punisher’s logo has been a topic of debate for many years.

It has been adopted by some as a symbol of pride in the U.S. military and law enforcement and by some conservative and liberty activists. 

The Punisher, first introduced by Marvel Comics in 1974, is the alter ego of Frank Castle. 

Castle uses his skills as a military veteran in a one-man war against crime after witnessing the murder of his family.  The Punisher, unlike other Marvel superheroes, isn’t shy about employing violence as a means to his end. 

Some people at the Capitol riots were sporting The Punisher’s infamous skull with long teeth symbol. 

So now the Left is calling for Marvel to either enforce its intellectual property on the symbol or retire the character altogether. 

In the Left’s continued quest to brainwash all of America, they’re making the claims that anyone who wears the Punisher logo must be part of some far-right violent extremist group.

One leftist snowflake on Twitter stated, “The seditionists that invaded the Capitol today wore a Punisher logo. I say @marvel needs to either aggressively enforce their trademark so it isn’t printed everywhere or abandon the Punisher completely. You can’t allow your characters to be used by terrorists.”

The events that took place at the Capitol were, of course, not even close to being of a terroristic nature, and deeming a comic book logo to be part of a terrorist movement because one person whose beliefs you disagree with wore it is downright ludicrous.

But, this is the Left we’re talking about.

The last time that The Punisher’s logo was so hotly debated was when it started showing up on counter protesters opposing the violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter demonstrations over the summer.

Left-wing extremists have for far too long spewed lies that if we just do away with something we don’t like, it will make everything better and keep everyone safe.

No, that’s called stifling free speech, and look where it got Germany in 1933.

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