Mark Zuckerberg was allegedly upset when he found out Facebook employees were doing this, but no one’s buying his story


The days of Facebook being a way to connect with family and friends who live too far to visit seem to be nothing more than a memory.

Facebook has become a place where shady pyramid schemes are peddled to naïve people wanting to make some extra cash, and everyday American’s posts are censored for agreeing with something counter to the liberal Left.

And according to a bombshell new report, Mark Zuckerberg was allegedly upset when he found out Facebook employees were doing this, but no one’s buying his story.

In the early stages of Facebook, most were unaware of the power the social media giant would soon wield.

It appeared innocent enough to post pictures of your family for all to see and reconnect with friends from high school you hadn’t seen in twenty years.

However, in just the last few years, Facebook has become a place where your activity is tracked and your posts – regardless of your privacy settings – are read by a stranger to ensure they meet Facebook’s “community standards.”

The 2020 presidential election showed the entire world just how much information Mark Zuckerberg was gathering from his millions of Facebook users and what exactly he was doing with it.

Big Tech has taken on the role of the nanny state, monitoring the speech and activity of everyone with an Internet footprint.

If you support Trump, speak out against the origins of the coronavirus, question the efficacy of the COVID vaccine, or in any way tout a Christian faith, you will be silenced by the powers that be at Facebook.

You might not get shut down immediately, but they will find you, and they will strip you of your First Amendment rights in the digital public square.

Of course, Mark Zuckerberg himself can’t monitor all this activity on Facebook, so he has hired staff to do it.

While Facebook tries to deny it, anyone with a smidge of common sense knows these supposed “fact-checkers” who are looking for things like “hate speech and bullying” are nothing more than left-leaning, Zuckerberg worshippers.

So, no one was shocked when word got out that fifty-two Facebook employees were canned for abusing their access to the social network’s user data.

Included in this group of employees were creepy men who obtained location data on women they were romantically interested in.

According to a bombshell report just released in the Telegraph, several male engineers at Facebook were able to view women’s locations, private messages, deleted photos, and more.

In one particular instance, a Facebook engineer was vacationing with a woman in Europe when the two got in a fight, and the woman asked for some alone time.

According to the report, the engineer used Facebook data to track the woman down at her new hotel and confronted her.

A different Facebook employee used data from the social media platform to locate a woman he was romantically interested in at a park in San Francisco.

He proceeded to find her and her friends at the park using the information.

According to the report, most employees who abused their access to this private information were men who looked up women they were romantically interested in.

Supposedly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was upset when he found out about the widespread abuse of user information, but few believe this claim.

The reports say Zuckerberg is the one who developed the company’s data access system, and he refused to change it or add more protections as the company grew over the last decade.

“At various times in Facebook’s history there were paths we could have taken, decisions we could have made, which would have limited, or even cut back on, the user data we were collecting,” one longtime Facebook employee stated.

“But that was antithetical to Mark’s DNA. Even before we took those options to him, we knew it wasn’t a path he would choose,” the unnamed employee concluded.

Most everyone knows that Mark Zuckerberg is only interested in what benefits him.

He is out to gather as much information as possible on people all over the world.

The more information Zuckerberg obtains, the more powerful he becomes and the more companies and even governments clamor for his resources.

People’s personal information in this day and age equals power, and Mark Zuckerberg has a whole lot of power.

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