Marilyn Monroe’s heart would break after hearing this disgusting decision by editors at this famous publication


Editorial decisions at “elite” publications ran rampant with far-left politics.

But the infestation grew worse with the years.

And Marilyn Monroe’s heart would break after hearing this disgusting decision by editors at this famous publication.

Shocking content is displayed by Playboy Magazine.

Many would say the scantily-clad or even fully-unclothed women in the magazine during Mayilyn Monroe’s day at the magazine are tasteful compared to recent years.

But Playboy leap-frogged way past decent with their latest decision as editors put a gay man on its most recent cover.

The move signals that progressives won’t stop until everything has become “woke.”

Playboy was considered counterculture in an era that was much more modest, but like everything else, it has gone fully woke.

From NBC News:

“Sporting the iconic Playboy bunny outfit — heels, black tights, a bow-tie and lingerie topped with bunny ears — social media influencer Bretman Rock has become the first gay man to grace the cover of Playboy Magazine. Since rising to fame from his makeup tutorials on YouTube, Playboy’s October digital cover star has launched a beauty line, starred in his own MTV reality show and amassed an audience of more than 17 million Instagram followers. Simultaneously, Rock has become an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ community.”

Playboy is obviously a magazine targeted at heterosexual men – or at least it used to be – so it’s clear the target audience for this stunt is the progressive mob.

It’s a symbol of another institution being toppled.

When news of the crass move hit social media, many Conservatives found themselves happy for Twitter’s “potentially sensitive content” warning for once.

Steel yourself.

A few years ago, Playboy placed themselves squarely in the camp of brands willing to sacrifice their audience to pursue a broader “woke” political goal by announcing that it would be eliminating nudity only to quickly reverse the decision.

Razor company Gillette did the same thing with an absurd ad pushing the concept of “toxic masculinity” where one of the examples of “toxicity” in the commercial was a man simply attempting to talk to a woman walking by.

Institutions that aren’t strong in their core beliefs will eventually be taken over by the Left.