Major celebrity admits he dreams of killing of a member of Trump’s family and you won’t believe what he said next


The Trump family is used to receiving nasty and even heinous attacks every single day from unhinged Left-wing activists, the media, and Hollywood celebrities.

But this time things went too far.

A major celebrity just expressed his desire to murder a member of the Trump family in a gruesome way that will make you sick.

Recently, Donald Trump Jr. posted a photo of himself on a hunting trip in Africa.

That’s when actor Tom Arnold lost it on social media.

Arnold expressed his desire to murder Donald Trump Jr. in the sickest way.

He went on to say, “Looking forward to the day I’m standing over him wearing my bullet belt & safari khakis, my cartoon sized Daniel Boone buck knife in one hand his his teeny tiny tail in the other.”

Breitbart reports:

Far-left actor and anti-Trump resister Tom Arnold expressed his desire to stand over Donald Trump Jr.’s corpse in a Twitter thread featuring a photo of the elder Trump son trophy hunting, and standing over a dead elephant.

Arnold tweeted a photo of Trump Friday and wrote, “This is Donald Trump Jr. He is holding the tail of a beautiful African elephant he murdered as she got up from a nap. Donald Trump Jr. is the real piece of garbage.”

Pink Elephant author Rachel McKibbens remarked, “What a coward. Look at him standing there, alone, like everyone’s least favorite uncle.”

Tom Arnold replied, seeming to fantasize about his desire to stand over Trump’s lifeless body.

“Looking forward to the day I’m standing over him wearing my bullet belt & safari khakis, my cartoon sized Daniel Boone buck knife in one hand his his teeny tiny tail in the other,” Arnold wrote.

Tom Arnold’s words are not only disgusting but outright dangerous and irresponsible.

These are the kind of viral moments that encourage fringe activists to consider doing dangerous things.

Threatening to kill members of the President’s family is not an acceptable form of speech.

Fortunately, Donald Trump Jr. is not easily intimidated.

Nor would he consider someone such as Tom Arnold a threat to him.

But that does not excuse him for what he said.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. The liberals have become an embarrassment to we the people. They are even lowering themselves to possibly being arrested. I’m ashamed of them. They may even come close to ruining our country.

  3. Arnold’s been nuts ever since roseann sat on his face and crushed his brain. The last time I saw him in an interview on TV, he was obviously mentally ill.

  4. I’m more of a conservative than anything else, but I don’t believe in killing animals for sport it’s cruel and unusual. Animals are here on this planet to enjoy and to love. I wish people would get into their higher selves and stop being so cruel two animals and to one another thanks.

  5. If the powers that be enact a “Red Flag” law, Tom Arnold should be the first one reported, then Kathy Griffin, Madonna, etc . . . .

  6. If he doesn’t like it here then force him to get out of USA. That goes for all of you idiots actors and actresses. We don’t need you here anyway and who really cares what you have to say.

  7. I don’t understand why these folks aren’t investigated and charged with some kind of a crime. If they dream it, they might do it and that is unacceptable to most decent folks. I would think that it would incite other radical and dangerous people to attempt something similar for attention. Let’s get some action to stop these “terrorists” from harming anyone.

  8. The Headline says: “Major Celebrity” and then Tom Arnold is mentioned. Read the article to the end, looking in vain for the “Major Celebrity”. WTH?

  9. If there was ever any doubt about the leftists being the scum of the earth this should be enough to ‘woke’ you

  10. Old Mr Roseanne Barr needs to be picked up for a psychiatric evaluation.In California it is known as a 5150 under the health and welfare code it sounds to me like he is a danger to others.I would hope that the local police or sheriff’s would pick him up and take him to the nearest psychiatric unit but I think that the County USC medical center would have a big impact on him

  11. I agree with you Stan Richmond. He is mouthing off to revive his career and fat chance of that happening. Bet the FBI is watching him if not hauled in.

  12. Don’t understand him at all. I will never watch him on tv or in movies again. I threw out my Whoopie movies which I loved and will never watch again. I don’t care. Trump is our President he was elected and that should be that. I didn’t care for Obama but never said or did anything to anyone. I kept my mouth shut. The democrats are destroying this country. Not the other way around.

  13. He needs a visit by the Secret Service! This is no different if not worse than what Kathy Griffin did and she got what she deserved! Since when is Tom a major celebrity? His fame comes from Roseanne who loves Trump!

  14. Tom Arnold: junky, alky & brain dead. R.I.P. Tom. Burn in Hell with the rest of your Commie pals in La La land.

  15. This kind of idiot should never be tolerated. This is the type Of possible killer that should be put behind bars for ever!

  16. Major Celebrity! Give me a break, that guy is a two bit has been that at best is a washed up minor celebrity. The Secret Service needs to keep an eye on him.

  17. This is the same rhetoric the mass shooters have posted on social media. He should be dealt with before he really does something stupid. His intentions are real.

  18. When did Tom Arnold become a “major celebrity”? He was mediocre at best and hasn’t been relevant in decades. Who really cares what he thinks?

  19. Was not Tom Arnold married to Roseanne something or other ? Well there is your
    answer. If anyone threatened to kill Tom Arnold, even as a joke, they would be arrested and
    probably put in the Loony Bin (Sorry, not PC. I meant the Democratic Party Rehabilitation Center).

  20. Tom Arnold is a sick bastard…….He dreams???. He is simply trying to revive a dead career but as in a previous post, MAJOR CELEBRITY?? What the hell has this country come to when an idiot like this isn’t visited by the Secret Service, but prior to that they might have to quit laughing at Arnold being called a major celebrity

  21. Can you imagine what the outcry would be if he had made such a vile comment about one of Obama’s girls?? I am sick and tired of people making threats against Trump and his family and not having to be held accountable for it. Tom Arnold is nothing but a hypocrite and a coward.

  22. This man celebrity or not should be put in jail. Publicly threatening anyone’s life let alone the family of the President of this country should be considered a crime. On the same token inspiring violence at a time when we have mass murders going on should also be worthy of jail time. We need stricter laws against this type of rhetoric.

  23. So where the hell is The Secret Service, and why haven’t they smashed through his front door at dawn and arrest his sorry ass?
    If that had been said about one of the Obama’s children, all hell would have broken loose…as well it should!

  24. His Mental illness is showing for all the Country to see. Wonder if these shooters have the same type of thoughts and then act on them? That is the slight difference between them and Arnold!

  25. Despite his occasional errors, Donald Trump is an infinitely nicer-smarter-wiser person than his opponents will ever be…and his enemies (including renegade republicans) should all die from either illnesses or car crashes!!!!

  26. We all want Tom Arnold in jail for saying this. he is very dangerous! If they say it, they may do it, this is a threat!

  27. all of the democrats are sick evil people,,, what makes movie stars think they are so big that people will follow them,,, they are a bunch of stupid people who live in a make believe world,,, people who make comments like arnold did should be prosecuted,,, if the law would take a stand and prosecute a few of them it might make them stop with the deranged threats,,, democrats and their ranting is what makes these deranged people do the big killings,,,they try to make it look like Trump causes the problem when all the time it is the dems who are causing the problems,,, all of the shooters are people who follow sanders ,,, waren,,, or AOC,,,, and they need to be in jail,,,

  28. Major Celebrity my a_s. Who cares what he or any of the Libwood nimrods think. I don’t understand how this is even newsworthy. Seems to me there are more important things to comment on. Get real …..

  29. Arrest his sorry ass n throw him away in jail you don’t say that stuff on Facebook if I was president I would put the cia after him r the police then that would be the end of him n anybody else that says that stuff


  31. James I agree, the FBI needs to check him out and he needs to be check out by a DOCTOR before he starts on a mass killing spree.

  32. Where is the FBI or Secret Service when someone like Tom Arnold threatens the President or a member of his family?

    Isn’t this “if you see or hear something” say something. Isn’t that what happened in El Paso and Dayton. People said afterwards that these murderous young men had acted strangely or spoke words of hate.
    What about putting Tom Arnold on a watch list and investigate him!!!

  33. Or incite others
    What has become of our sanity and now it seems the left blames the right but all the reported evil threat reports and actions come from the left so it appears the left are the perpetrators and then wrongfully condeming the right for the misdeeds the left committed

  34. Make sure Judicial Watch investigates this, and spotlights this…the government “watchdog” organization!
    Please support “Judicial Watch”. Google and see for yourself all the good work they do filing lawsuits to keep the rule of law in-tact.????

  35. Are you a vegetarian?
    If not, you nullify your own argument.
    The animals legally “hunted” in Africa are strictly regulated to keep the population under control so they don’t over populate the area they are now contained in and destroy their habitat. None on the meat goes to waste, as most of it is given to local tribes for their consumption.
    A whole lot of people in this country have no idea where the local butcher shop gets the meat they sell. And it is likely many don’t even know that steak or burger they are eating came from a once living cow.

  36. I am sure his settlement he got from Roseanne is how he supports himself. He is and never has had a full time job. He sponges off from other people. He looks like he never takes a bath. He is an OLD HAS BEEN WHO NEVER WAS WELL KNOWN, IF NOT FOR ROSEANNE.

  37. Looks like a RED FLAG issue to me. Tom Arnold should be picked up and booked for threatening murder on a fellow citizen. His being a democrat means it won’t happen.

  38. I agree with you. I never liked OBama, but I didn’t belittle him for he was Pur President. OBama does the same thing as these so called Celebrities does. OBama went as far as disgracing our President on foreign soil. That tells you what a POS HE WAS. The Dixie chucks done that to Presidebt Bush and their career was over. Just goes to show you how cra,y the Democrats are. They all can threaten our President and nothing happens. All should be charged with a felony and get prison time.

  39. Any death threat against a a President elicits a visit by the Secret Service. Has the Secret Service acted on this threat?

  40. Don’t Red Flag Laws apply to so called celebrities? The Secret Service and FBI needs to investigate everyone of these Holly weird types and throw them in jail. By saying this stuff and going on social media they are trying to trigger someone into violent acts. If you don’t think that it’s possible look up MK Ultra activities. These people are traitors and should be treated as such.

  41. there is the same trend of elapse texas, ohio and now there is a lunatic wanting to head for the white house son of the president and that should be countered by an inteligent reward in return of the same for tommy boy in the real

  42. First, I have to say; this guy is NOT a “major celebrity”, he is a moron, just like his distant relative, Benedict.
    Also, on top of being a very good President, Trump is doing an excellent job of exposing the nut jobs who have been thriving among us. Some of them really need to be locked up.

  43. I do believe you will see a huge double standard when it comes to red flag laws. Liberals are immune, patriots are all suspected terrorists anyway, so just sneeze and they’ll be all over you.

  44. 1st – he is NOT a major celebrity; He is a minor league buffoon. 2nd, if you are contemplating something like that, you have mental problems – perhaps he should be placed in a sanitarium. 3rd, the secret service should fully investigate to see the seriousness of the treat. Then, he’ll know that running off your mouth because you think you’re important is a fool’s journey and the Lord knows you are a fool!

  45. The Secret Service will be paying him a visit one of these days! I’d like to be a fly on the wall to hear what happens!

  46. These are the so called “children of god”? I don’t think so. Hate has no place in america…!!!

  47. Being of sound mind and body, you don’t want to know my thoughts on this loser, but its Trumps fault for this “RHETORIC”, yeah uh huh you betcha!

  48. The elephant population does not have to be controlled. If you check the statistics you will see elephant population is dwindling. That was a disgusting photo he is truly a coward. Doesn’t he realize that will turn many people away from his father . Tom Arnold is a pos but Don jr is also a coward

  49. Let me say that I hate sport hunting. All of it! I understand the need for animals for food but I hate that people kill just for the fun of it. That said,
    This clown is an idiot and was never a major celebrity. Equating killing a person with killing an animal is just crazy. He should be considered a threat to humanity and locked up.

  50. 99.9% of actors are in fact just stupid obnoxious fools who could not hold a real job so pretend to be celebrities and get paid for nothing.

  51. …and Roseanne watches Amazing Polly Youtube videos. So should everyone. Poll exposes the entire swamp popularion.

  52. If a regular citizen threatened the president or one of the president’s family, the person would be in jail and would be interrogated and would also have a mental health assessment and probably would not get out of jail. Why should a celebrity get away with saying something like this? If it’s being said against President Trump, it’s no holds barred. Shame on you, Tom Arnold!

  53. Arnold has always been a wackjob. He is no major celebtity. He rode in on Roseanne’s fame. Hatestream or Hoaxstream media is grasping at plastic straws. It’s all they have. Poor babies.

  54. Tom, I hope you seek psychiatric help immediately before you commit some heinous act that you will regret. I know you do not realize your sickness so please see a psychiatrist as soon as you can.

  55. Major celebrity???? Uh, no, he is not. But his threat needs to be dealt with. His hatred is insane and he should be locked up.

  56. Being an animal lover, I am not a fan of hunting of any kind. Is hunting elephants even legal? If he shot it illegally, Don Jr. is an idiot. But that does not in any way excuse Tom Arnold’s sick ranting.

  57. As am I. It is a heartless “sport”. Hunting should only be done for food or overpopulation. But I DO disagree with the sick threat he made.

  58. Threats of that kind should fall under mental illness and threatening a life. Should be acted upon as such and dealt with before another tragedy occurs. Not like he isn’t claiming his craziness.

  59. Tom Arnold is now a terrorist. Isn’t that against the law to make a public threat like that. Trump,Jr.
    should file a complainet with the Feds and see how brave Aronld will be then.

  60. We care because he is inciting hatred. Some other brain-dead lib may try to act on it. That’s all dems have is hate and lies. satan has taken over their party.

  61. Tom Arnold is a prime candidate for “Red Flag” plan where he will be watched and prevented from getting his hands on any weapons including a sling shot or BB gun! He obviously is off his rocker and a danger to the community!

  62. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! Tom Arnold should definitely be ARRESTED ASAP as this is an example of a TERRORIST and THREATS like this should be taken SERIOUSLY!!!

  63. I believe it is a must that the white house with First this to the FBI. Obviously, Arno is deranged and dangerous. In addition, quite a few of Trump’s donators were called out by name by Castro. I hope these people have enough sense to start a criminal and civil suits against Castro for attempting to defame these donators and their businesses. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am totally sick and tired of this BS!

  64. Roseann is known for making very negative comments regarding Trump. And her latest series which was canceled, however, politics were included with Kb impression that Roseann supported Trump and her sister dinne Roseann is known for making very negative comments regarding Trump. And her latest series which was canceled, however, politics were included with Kb impression that Roseann supported Trump and her sister did Not

  65. Tom Arnold should be receiving a visit from the Secret Service for uttering a direct threat against a member of the Presidential family. Will the Secret Service do that? No. That is why I hope that Trump has his own security service and keeps the Secret Service completely away from him. They should be protecting the Clinton’s and the Kenyan. They like them anyway. Oh, and don’t forget for them to protect Epstein. The Democrats are so bad that ISIS is a step up from them.

  66. Tom Arnold is a total idiot. He wouldn’t know how to load a gun any way but with the statement he made he should be able to spend the rest of his life at tax payers expense. Maybe he would be better at breaking rocks than he is at acting. Only a complete idiot would make a statement like that. Even if the secret service just assume he he is another idiot trying to get attention some Good Citizen may not take his statement so lightly.

  67. oh, please — every B-minus Hollywood person thinks he is the one true major celebrity who needs to comment on whatever is current – Tom Has-Been/Always Wanted to be a Big Star but Neve Made it Arnold is just the latest example. Give him the attention he deserves — turn your back, change the channel and deny him the publicity he’s looking for.

  68. President Trump is no wimp!!! Notice these horrendous comments are made by these cowards at a distance. I believe Trump can take any of them in round 1 with little effort, but he has more class. Folks don’t always like it when he snaps back but he’s only human. And if he didn’t tweet back the truth, the fake news lies would prevail.
    Every time those folks open their mouths they show their true colors which are evil. It’s sad they don’t realize it. Is it written in the Bible that ‘in the last days even my most ardent believers will be fooled?’
    Let’s not waste energy getting mad at them because they don’t know any better or they wouldn’t make such ridiculous remarks. Just know that all of America is watching and I believe that at the polls, next time, it will all turn Red. Soros’ company makes voting machines so if you can request paper ballots.
    God bless everyone who prays for America. Your prayer matters.

  69. And right there is the reason someone with a mental issue will listen to this nut case and go out and shoot people. Now in my eyes he is threatening another person and should be made to give up all his guns and if he has body guards they should have to give up their guns. On top of that if the FBI would step in and arrest him because if those threats and get him into a mental hospital until he doesn’t make these threats again. This is not the first time he did this. Get him arrested now and save peoples lives.

  70. Tom Arnold isn’t quite as sick as an ISIS terrorist yet, but keep on going Tom, you’ll get in sooner or later!

  71. #1 Arnold IS NOT A MAJOR STAR. He is a has-been, trying to get headlines! Isn’t it about time these pathetic “has-beens” start being charged for threats such as this? Even Roseanne couldn’t stand him!

  72. why hasn’t this POS been visited by the secret yet?I thought it was a crime to advocate the assassination of the president and his family. Had this been against Hillery or Obama He would be jailed already

  73. bj
    Just another unhinged, washed up has been looking for attention.
    They are nasty roaches that need to be squashed!

  74. I think the Secret Service needs to bring him in for questioning . . . WHY haven’t The Liberal Left done anything about it?!?

  75. People will say he is just running his gums , but if an unknown did this and several people heard it he would be locked up. If a poor black dude did it he would be locked up and nobody would say a peep. If they locked up Tom Arnold it would set a good example that no one is above the law and maybe it would shut some of the up . Too many deranged people out here that just need a minor trigger to do heinous things. The shooter in Dayton killed his own sister, do we know if he intended to or was she the target.

  76. That ass hole.i hope he had a visit from secret service and threatened with jail and by accident gets his ass kicked on the way

  77. Isn’t this how serial killers start out by fantasizing and hating using lessor incidents to justify their aggression. references to size of ones manhood as to his importance? Does that reflect the mind of a credible, rational individual or some immature idealism. “When hatred rules your mind reasoni becomes distorted.” Doudism 8/7/2019

  78. Arnold is the reason Roseanne went off the deep end for a while. Libertardism is a true mental illness and certainly appears to be contagious. Maybe while we’re building the Mexican Border wall, we should build one completely around Kalifornia. No gates, No doors, remove all aircraft and get all true American Conservative out of there. We can airdrop tofu, almond milk and Perrier to them once a week.

  79. Satan is alive and well in America, democrats, Muslims, the Hollywood people, leftists, are all under his direction and leadership. Satan leads people to do and say unspeakable actions and words. If they, those mentioned above and the home grown terrorist who shoot, kill, and hurt others for little or no reason at all would seek out Jesus the Christ as savior and Lord you would see and live in a much safer America. Romans 1:18 For the Gospel of Christ is the power of (Creator) God unto salvation to everyone that believe.

  80. Donald Jr should spend some money to dig up some dirt on Tom Arnold and make it public for a sweet revenge.

  81. God says tho shall not kill, you juust as evil as your buddy Tom. You must be a Democrat and a sick bastard on top of it.

  82. Arnold a celebrity????? ROFLMAO……he’s a has been who never was and nothing but a loudmouthed punk to boot who never grew up. All he’s trying to do is remain relevant and is failing miserably.

  83. Oh, stop your whining “there are good people on both sides.” Donald aka Baby T aka David Dennison aka Putin’s Puppet aka Stormy’s man Trump. hahahahahahaha!

  84. Good morning Don
    I can’t even recall any shows that fat slob was on. Do you remember that red headed whore that thought she was being funny carrying around a decapitated head resembling our President? I hope she ended up being one of the boot licking liberals that commited “suicide” she’s disappeared since that time.

  85. I REALLY believe in my 72 years this nation is so close to civil war, that that would be the spark that would bring it on. You talk about mass killings, if ANYONE harmed Trump or his family I believe there would not be one left winger left standing. Be very careful all you ARNOLDS out there some idiot just like the two we saw this past week-end may hear your stupidity and act on it.

  86. Coward is the wrong word but probably self centered and thoughtless would be a better description. I agree that this image in today’s world does not help him or his father. I also agree that population control in a particular area would be better served by transportation to less populated areas for management. Plenty of meat from other sources available for locals. I’d also say that influential people need to bite their tongues and control their emotions for everyone’s sake.

  87. Karen: The answer, painfully, is yes. God forbid, if any average citizen made the remarks these “so-called stars” make, we would be in jail. Another case of double standards…

  88. Because he is a Leftist Ass—e, and therefore just like an illegal alien, he is above the law. That does not change the fact that he is and always will be a moronic blowhard!

  89. I maybe mistaken, but is it not against the law to make these kind of threats against the law on the President and his family? Why is not the FBI and Secret Service all over this all ready? It is a shame on this Country and a weakness on our national security for this kind of action to be allowed against our Commander in Chief. Other countries see America as a weak nation when weak nobodies are allowed to make threats of this nature and are allowed to go unchecked.

  90. I believe if I’m not mistaken that it is indeed against the law to make such threats against all of the first family, in fact I may be wrong but I do bielive that the woman who threatened president Ford is still in prison. I cant swear to it but I distinctly remember her being arrested and incarcerated for that little ditty out of her mouth.

  91. Can’t you imagine the hell that would have been raised if someone e had said this about the obummass kids? There would have been riots, looting, & new laws (or the old ones enacted)!!

  92. Never liked him, did not think he was funny or a good actor. Now i like him even less. I do not believe he is a has been but a never was!!!!! piece of garbage. Do not put him in jail, i do not want to feed him!!!!

  93. Years ago, a person making a statement like this about the
    president or a member of his family would quickly receive a visit from the Secret Service. Now, People say these things and nothing happens. Why is that? You can get in more trouble yelling “FIRE” in a crowded place. It’s time the Conservatives (Republicans) begin to enforce the laws about threats to those in Office.Many people, especially Hollywood types, are making threats. They need to be arresdted and be silenced.

  94. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  95. Oh my gosh, it must be terrible to have so much irrational hate in one’s heart, towards people who have no personal role in his life, and have done nothing to him personally aside from not having the same polical leanings. By the same logic, he would want to kill all conservatives, you and me. It’s beyond the pale. He is obviously miserable, and he had done it to himself, with his own sticking thinking.

  96. Tom Arnold hate speech is grounds for immediate arrest its time make an example out of these sick minded degenerates Tom Arnold is a sick man always had rumors of him being mentally challenged I guess not a rumor any more

  97. Tom Arnold needs a 4 AM visit from the Secret Service and FBI … take him away for a few hours of fun and grilled about his dreams ! He best keep his trap shut for I believe he is a threat to President Trump and his family !

  98. Arnold, you better hire a body guard to protect you, because, you are just a nasty SOB and maybe, one of this days a secret service or a marshal
    will be knocking on your door for your arrest, you dam fool.

  99. That brave! man would probably faint if accidentally cut his finger. You SOB,I am a 80 year old man and I dare you. Just put on your khakis, get your ammo belt and your Buck knife. Come down to Texas and look me up. If you are lucky enough, you will be limping all the way back to your flake infested Hollywood.

  100. Totally agree
    Isn’t that called terroristic threatening?
    I believe it’s a crime to threaten someone’s life
    Lock Him Up
    Maybe the rest of Hollyweird will get the message. Stick to their craft……
    Stay out of politics….
    They don’t live REAL LIVES

  101. There was a picture of Donald Trump, Jr. but it was a JOKE because he was standing over a dead dinosaur!
    The whole thing was just a joke. So someone must have made up another fake picture of him standing over a different animal.
    I doubt Don Jr. made it.

  102. People threaten to kill state employees all the time. There were about 3 or 4 death threats a month to our building.
    The managers didn’t even tell us.
    And no one could sit on the ground floor near a window in case of gunfire.
    I guess it is so common, that the management failed to tell us.

  103. We should file charges against Tom Arnold for threatening any member of the Trump family. He should surrender his passport and forced to wear a tracking device like an ankle bracelet. If anything, God forbid, happen to any member of the Trump family this has been looser should be charged with a capitol crime and executed within a week or two. We cannot allow trash like this to be loose on our streets.

  104. I do believe that our President Donald Trump, has indeed brought out the true colors of the democratic party ..
    The has-been tom arnold is the perfect example of the challenges we face on a daily level.
    These people are perfect deportation subjects that need to be removed from our country.
    They are free to leave at any time, before they are physically deported.

  105. Ha! Tom Arnold may be many things, but a “Major Celebrity” he is not. He’d be hard-pressed to even make a Hollywood D-List, and when true “Major Celebrities” see him coming they usually avoid him like the plague.


  106. This loser who had to marry Roseann Barr to receive an iota of fame, needs to be arrested for inciting violence. It will give some nut job a reason to try to commit violence. I could just imagine if somebody said anything remotely similar about wanting to kill one of the affirmative action idiot’s daughters, the liberal FBI would be on the case, but since it’s a liberal making this threat, the FBI is nowhere to be seen.

  107. we need to petition the justice dept and demand that the people making treats against the President and his family be arrested and charged as a terrorist . if the Democrats are above the Law then we all are the Democrats are getting by with threats against the Republicans and nothing being done is going to cause exactly what the Democrats are wanting , A civil war

  108. You are so right, Famous actor my foot. Arnold is an idiot, was always an idiot and his outbursts don’t deserve attention.

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  110. After the draftdodgeing fat rat cult leader kept running off at the mouth and caused all of those to be killed at El Paso, it will be payback for the cult leader,s family. Go Tom.

  111. That’s night right! Tom Arnold should not talk like that! He went too far and needs to be held accountable!

  112. Well you know some lefty journalist wrote the article because it starts with calling this jerk a “Major Hollywood Celebrity”. First, in my humble opinion there are no major celebrities in Hollywood, or anywhere else. There are folks who make movies because for the most part they’re too damn lazy to go out and get a job.

  113. I suspect these actors are being pressured to spew LGBTPQ…Perversion and White Racism in order to gain or retain favor with the current crop of Hollywood’s “Epstein loving movie and TV moguls!”

  114. Totally agree w/ Richard Nolan. These kind of comments made by an ordinary tax paying citizen like me would find me in rather deep trouble.

  115. This is supposedly a major celebrity? You journalists are really nuts. At best he has ways been a has been wanna be.

  116. Why is he NOT in prison?? Why has are government arrested this nut yes he could go off the deep end any time

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  119. I really enjoyed this post. (Always awaiting your next one) Laughing my way through. As an avowed serial painter I have learned never to use tape. It adds like 16 extra unnecessary hours to a job. Also guilty of not painting the ceilings and completely regretting it later. Lazy. Do you mind if I put a link to this post on my blog? I would love to share as I am painting my stairway hall from top to floors and you have a very witty tutorial here.barry

  120. Also why would anyone ever refer to Tom Arnold as a major celebrity when 99% of people In the world don’t know who he is! Out of curiosity and maybe for a little fun I decided to ask several people working under me, first telling them: I’m doing a one question survey for fun, there’s no wrong answer, and you can have one clue! Boy am I glad I asked! Out of the 14 people I was able to get in touch with right away surprisingly three of them knew Arnold was once married to Rosanne and about all they knew! Three thought Tom might have been a one time television actor who’s died from a drug overdose years ago, four gave up after using their clue, all said they’ve no idea at all who Arnold is, one actually knew pretty much everything about Tom, his comedy, both the television and movie acting, and his marriage to Roseanne, she also had a lot of negative things to say about him and his statements about our President! Before I share what the last three thought I should quantify everyones statement by informing you all 14 participants are between the ages of 25 and 36! LOL, Ironically the final three all thought Tom Arnold may be a cartoon pig from either a television show or movie! Life imitating art? Only God knows!

  121. At the very least all of a citizen’s weapons – guns, knives, water pistols – would be confiscated for life. Unannounced visits could be performed (FBI, Secret Service) any time they please.

  122. I really enjoyed this post. (Always awaiting your next one) Laughing my way through. As an avowed serial painter I have learned never to use tape. It adds like 16 extra unnecessary hours to a job. Also guilty of not painting the ceilings and completely regretting it later. Lazy. Do you mind if I put a link to this post on my blog? I would love to share as I am painting my stairway hall from top to floors and you have a very witty tutorial here.

  123. Why is this man, Arnold not being arrested for terrioristic threats he has threatened to kill the son of the president of the US. EVEN giving a disgusting description of how he would carry out his monsterous crime. Arrest him.


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