Liberals are trying to cover up the horrific thing a transgender man just did


Liberals want to allow men who think they are women into bathrooms with young children.

They claim that nothing bad will come from it.

But now something horrific just happened, and they are doing everything they can to cover it up.

The story they are trying to cover up is the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl in the United Kingdom.

Katie Dolatowski, who the media is referring to as “she,” is an 18-year-old man who thinks he is a woman.

And recently, he grabbed the face of the 10-year old girl, shoving her into a bathroom stall before demanding she take off her pants or her mother would be killed.

Instead of complying, the brave girl punched the man in the groin and face before running out of the bathroom.

Despite his horrible assault, the man is only receiving a slap on the wrist.

The child’s mother is warning that it could happen again, as the sexually confused attacker is still allowed in public, with no real consequences.

As reported by The Courier:

The woman – who cannot be named to protect the identity of her child – voiced fury that Katie Dolatowski had been freed to serve her sentence in the community.

Dolatowski, 18, sexually assaulted the girl in the toilets of Morrisons, Kirkcaldy.

She grabbed the terrified youngster by the face, shoved her into the cubicle and ordered her to remove her trousers.

But instead of being jailed at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court, Dolatowski, who identifies as a woman but was believed by her victim’s family to be a man, was given community payback and tagging orders.

The mum felt “very, very let down” and said: “I don’t have any confidence whatsoever that he will not go out and do something equally as bad or worse.”

The left is working overtime to rewrite the facts about sexually confused people.

It is an established fact they are more prone to commit sexual crimes and have mental health problems.

Despite this, the left is working to open the bathrooms and locker rooms to men who say they are women.

Do you support banning transgender biological males from women’s bathrooms?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Not a chance, these She-Males and Trannies are to be put in jail and or at a Sanatorium to cure their bad pussies and dicks, lol.

  3. There is no such thing as a transgender man, except in liberal la la land. These folks need help from qualified mental health doctors and not some assanine liberal democrat.

  4. How come the human race survived thousands of years with men being men and women being women? If our ancestors could see this folly, they would be either nauseated or laughing their heads off. How come some poor souls who have mutilated their bodies to “become” the other sex regret their decisions? They can change their appearance, but never their DNA.

  5. Like homosexuality and liberalism this is just another DISEASE of DEMON RATS!!! It leads to live birth ABORTIONS!!!

  6. I don’t have a problem with people being who they want to be but to subject the masses to what will turn out to be another dangerous and stupid mistake by the idiots who think about nothing but there agenda and how they can destroy this great nation. Wake up America!!!!

  7. I would say the the”he/she/it” is lucky the “he/she/it” never tried that with my mom or dad anywhere around their daughters. chances are either of them would have ended up in jail because they would never have listened to “he/she/it” wouldn’t have lived to see another day. Don’t blame “Mum” one bit!!

  8. In this instance, it sounds (to me) that this creature “calls” itself a woman just to aid itself in gratifying a much more dangerous urge… child molestation.
    – It acted like a perverted MALE with a female child.

    If it was considered an adult MALE, I wonder if he would have received a more severe punishment…

  9. GOD, Not me or ANY other human, made ONLY two genders. There are mutation due to internal processes during pregnancy that cause babies to be born with BOTH sets of genitals BUT usually only ONE set works. Unless there is a way with modern technology to find out which one works at birth then after PURBITY the one that works, after Consultation with Parents, Patience and Medical Doctors the proper operations should be performed in order for the Patience to lead a NORMAL life should be done. Probably Psychological counseling would need to be done also. But, regardless, there are ONLY TWO genders; that is per GOD not any human.

  10. Had that been my daughter the fellow would have gotten his gender reassignment surgery – via the muzzle of my Glock.

  11. Do not allow your young daughters to go to the bathroom by themselves. Bring something with you when you accompany them. A baseball bat would be nice, but too obvious. An umbrella is OK. I bring a cane with a heavy handle. Your young sons could also be in danger, but unless you’re a Dad, you’ll have to think up a good excuse to be there. How about “Today, I’m feeling like a man”. Gentlemen, you can use the same excuse, or “Im just making sure my daughter is safe while she goes to the bathroom” and stand just inside the door so the ladies won’t feel so threatened.

  12. Just another example of one small part of society, the idiots & the liberals, conjuring ways to confuse and control the others. What a disgrace to those who are law abiding and live their lives as decent people.

  13. Instant eunik should be in force. Leave the children alone. They didn’t ask for these men to be in the bathroom with them. And they never should be.

  14. It is not safe to let a child go to a restroom alone. I believe President Trump took out the national law that Obama put in on allowing perverts in whatever restroom they choose. Now we have to get all the whacko governors to do the same. Don’t you just love it when the governor of your state is nutty? We think we get all straightened out by President Trump only to have a whacko running your state and endorsing these crazy rules and making your state a sanctuary state. It’s a never ending battle these days. And…in our state it’s a RINO.
    That makes it even worse.
    Wonder if we’ll ever get OUR America back……

  15. There is more and more move to one bathroom for all, in which case, at least, mom/dad can accompany without riling up others. SAD WORLD!!

  16. Since when all start this idea men try be women and men try be women. We’re all start what year. Back old days or at churches all kinds. Kids all ages not safe use women bathroom or men can’t use men bathroom. How much more crimes going happen from now and near future. How is any new President going to handle this problem in many more years. My answer is What God or lord going think of all these crazy people doing bad things in real life: how can we protect are children for many years to come. This biggest Crime get way out of control. All cross are World all.

  17. Try say that we’re all start in churches or when time and year why men try be women and women try be men. World will never be same again. Sex movies sex magazine sex video and ever were else. Why Crime is no1 top list. And drugs and others issues. Why can Law of all kinds can’t control any one in this world all states and around world. How can we fix problems. Sad why children die and young women and others. Why can are World find Peace.

  18. Try say that we’re all start in churches or when time and year why men try be women and women try be men. World will never be same again. Sex movies sex magazine sex video and ever were else. Why Crime is no1 top list. And drugs and others issues. Why can Law of all kinds can’t control any one in this world all states and around world. How can we fix problems. Sad why children die and young women and others. Why can are World find Peace.

  19. I wouldn’t spend my money in shop that allows “transgenders” into restroom of “their” choice! my grandson is 13 & I’m just now allowing him to go into restroom by himself! my husband or sons have to go with him! maybe it’s time to go back to just private restrooms in stores that anyone can use. might have to wait in line but that’s better than getting molested! Lord help us JESUS! devil is having field day!

  20. Poor Commiefornia went from Flush Down Brown to Graven Newscum. Not to mention all the ratbag leftists in the legislature. I’m leaving this craphole ASAP.

  21. If in fact this person thinks he is a woman then why did he attack a girl? Sounds to me like cross dressing to get into the women’s bathroom. The police made a big mistake. There will probably be a lot of this nonsense going on just to get into the ladies bathroom. Women be aware of your surroundings. Carry a stun gun, put your keys in your hand before entering public bathrooms, make it a habit to carry a sock with $20.00 dollars in quarters in it(makes a very effective weapon). Slam someone up side the head with your sock full of quarters, it will definitely make them back off. Ladies if society won’t protect us then these guys are fair game.

  22. @Keith D: …..and then those hypocrites have the nerve to scream about “human rights for illegal aliens”, while butchering just born U.S. babies for spare parts and phony birth certificates for the crotchfruit of illegal criminal aliens

  23. Laws in the U.K. should not weigh on laws here in the United States and that is just what Shariacrat attorneys and judges will state that you cannot consider the actions of a foreign nationalist man in another nation when determining what is ethical here.

  24. You forgot the United Kingdom as well, after all the people of London elected Sadiq Khan their mayor.

  25. Yes, what a great idea. They are mental cases and should be removed from society. U are either a make or female – no other genders exist! Also employers who
    hire these so-called humans are a problem as they do not think the affect these abnormals have on normal pepple in their employ!

  26. Oh, and now we have not just she, he, or it to contend with, there is now a “them”‘. I work in a very professional historic building in the DC metro area. One business has hired a woman who has two sons approx 7 and 13 – both are allowed to work toward becoming girls. The younger one who wears dreses and lipstick was found in the ladies room and freaked a woman out. These kids should not be allowed to accompany their mother to work. Now this mother is pregnant again (again not married) by what is called a “them”!!! Demented minds and lives!

  27. and obuma put these perverts in the ladies bathrooms, think about what he and the clintons did to help America, they set us back 50 years or more.

  28. This upsets me every bit as much as all of the millions of straight men who have assaulted women, girls, and boys over the span of history and got a slap on the wrist upsets me. Why do you choose to focus on this one instance?

  29. We will be getting more crap as this also. Our elected people have no sense when they rule on thing’s as to let men into girls restroom’s This has to stop and fast as worse then this will happen. It could have then if this brave girl had done as he said.

  30. I believe in the moral correctness of separating sexes, as women are vulnerable to be violated in these politically correct WC debacles. Gender Dysphoria needs to be treated and perceived by society as the mental illness that it is, and not coddled and “affirmed”.

  31. No, we’re not. You don’t understand how things work here. We *do not* have freedom of speech in the same way you do. Our law enforcement is hamstrung by higher authorities, and our media is every bit as bad or worse than your own enforcing these new politically correct paradigms. When ordinary geezers speak up, they get far more than slaps on the wrists.

  32. It is not the man who says he thinks he is a woman that is confused. He knows EXACTLY what and who he is! He is an opportunist that will strike again and again because the courts will not do anything to stop him! I would say that the courts are confused but they are not confused, either. They are afraid of not being politically correct! In this case, the court had the proof. They had the victim’s words of what this pedophile tried to do and they ignored what the victim tried to do! This leaves this pedophile another opportunity to strike again! The next time this pedophile will be taking a stronger approach to his victim thanks to the unwillingness of the court to act against this pedophile! Protect your babies with all you have. It appears our babies are under siege from both the courts and the pedophiles!

  33. That’s how MEN used to take care of village idiots and social liabilities until every aspect of our lives became governed by what one could call authoritarian supersaturation. The ones who ought to be on watch are not.

  34. Give trannies and their supporters all one-way tickets to the Middle Eastern country of their choice so they can reap their just reward. (I’ll bet this would fix the ‘transgender’ ideology very, very quickly)

  35. When my daughters were in grade school they used to use public bathrooms. Now they only use public bathrooms that lock from the inside and are designed for “single occupancy.” Otherwise, they try to go before leaving home or wait until they get back home.

    When they were too young to know what was going on, I’d have them check that no one else was in the bathroom, and if it was clear, I let them in but I posted myself outside the door. When others tried to go past me, I just told them the bathroom was “closed for cleaning.”

    All this makes me wonder why public venues didn’t fight the wave of co-ed occupancy of their bathrooms. The best solution for the public would have been to build single-occupancy bathrooms, but that would be a huge expense.

    It also occurs to me that public venues must have a statistically relevant reduction in bathroom users, which must have corresponding cuts to maintenance fees. Think of all the water, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, cleaning crews, etc. that public venues can save.

  36. Do not double-click when posting. When you post a comment, it takes a few seconds to see that it was successful. If you get impatient and click post again, it will think you’ve duplicated your entry.

  37. I do hate to hear of this happening however I did expect something to happen. If one is mentally ill thinking that he is a woman in their twisted mind its an open market for young women. When they go after a child?!! The transgender needs help, not making them more confused, something bad will happen soon and it will be on the Liberals hands.

  38. Sounds like time for a little street justice to be served. Have real men been neutered too in that country?

  39. There is NO such thing as transgender. There are only TWO genders-Male or Female! Who decides this – God.
    There is a highway to hell and a stairway to Heaven. Kinda makes you wonder about anticipated traffic, doesn’t it?

  40. Transgender? What’s that? Another name for a daydreamer? It is a scientific fact some people can convince themselves they went to mars or the moon. Like an author writing a book. The full idea is put together in pieces one sentence at a time. Like setting tile. Now can you envision the gleeful emotion an unstable mind can feel as this make-believe role/story builds on itself? I am going to make a comparison from a young male’s adventure into going on a date and manipulating his date into having sex. Now at this point, I don’t insinuate the female wasn’t expecting the same outcome. The euphoria of the climax will never be forgotten. Especially the first time. The next date will usually for either or both will most probably try for the same results. Now as transgender acts out the role of the opposite gender the actions are built upon. Especially if their brain isn’t completely tuned it most likely will feel like a climax of some kind. What better position could a person with a slight tick of the brain maneuver themselves into than to walk into the bathroom, unobstructed, of the opposites arena where the tree is full of the desired fruits? The potential victim is completely unaware of the actor’s intentions, mainly because of the look-alike costume. I further feel these imposters couldn’t or don’t have the ability to carry out the advances in making real friends or how to attract them. It’s almost impossible to distinguish right from wrong if you don’t have a conscious or someone to teach you the difference.


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