Liberal late night host ripped Biden for the embarrassing lie he told


The kid gloves are off for Joe Biden.

His Presidency has been such a disaster, the so-called mainstream media are finally taking jabs at him.

Now one liberal late night host ripped Biden for an embarrassing lie he told.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are abysmal.

With his approval ratings in the 30s and falling, the corporate-controlled press is preparing to toss him overboard.

A clear indication that there’s been a sea change is that late night comics are taking shots at him.

Recently, Conan O’Brien tweeted, “The White House now says it’s only a recession if you see a salamander wearing a top hat.”

O’Brien was poking fun at the fact that the Biden administration and some flaks in the media have magically tried to redefine an economic recession in order to provide Biden a soft landing.

A recession has traditionally been defined as two quarters of negative GDP growth.

Now the definition has magically changed.

This is why fighting the Left’s manipulation of language is so important.

If they can convince people that men can get pregnant and that vaccines are not supposed to confer immunity, then convincing them that a recession is something entirely different seems like child’s play.

O’Brien is not alone in his mockery of the Biden White House.

Late night funnymen have ramped up their taunts of Joe Biden in recent weeks — almost certainly after getting the greenlight from Democrat network honchos that it’s now acceptable.

Dana Carvey — who guest-hosted for Jimmy Kimmel not too long after his trainwreck interview with Biden—lampooned both Biden and Trump during a mock debate.

Jimmy Fallon mocked Biden for his awkward fist-bump with Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, then suggested he should retire.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah joked, “It’s also funny how President Biden thought it would be better to fist bump Mohammed bin Salman because that seems less friendly than a handshake. That’s the whitest decision of all time.”

The late night comics often serve as the Democrat Party’s first choice for mediums when it comes to shifting narratives.

They’re showing that it is now permissible to poke fun at Biden.

The Party clearly is ready to move on from him.

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