Liberal activists are seeing red after what Chick-fil-A just did


Nothing would please liberal activists more than the end of Chick-fil-A.

After all, the restaurant chain’s management stands for everything they hate.

But when liberal activists found out what this Chick-fil-A just did, they were seeing red.

Chick-fil-A just opened up a new location in Morris Plains, a town in notably liberal New Jersey.

The tasty chicken chain opening was so greatly anticipated that they had to turn away hundreds of customers who wanted to take part in the raffle — despite a heavy rain forecast — to get ahold of a year’s worth of the crispy, golden fried chicken for free.

And during the grand opening, the crowds were so massive that local news agencies were reporting “record crowds” for Chick-fil-A openings in general.

The Chick-fil-A had so many customers coming in that cops were needed to direct the traffic.

Parsippany Focus reports:

The rain didn’t stop the people waiting in line for a chance to win “Chick-fil-A® First 100® Red Carpet Rollout Giveaway.” At 5:00 a.m., there were 463 people waiting on line to participate in the giveaway. There were a few hundred that arrived after 5:00 a.m., but were turned away.

Mount Tabor resident, Allison Moore, was lucky and her raffle was pulled and she became #1 contestant to win a year of Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A has selected Drew Blind as the local franchise owner of the chain’s Morris Plains restaurant and they hired 125 new Team Members.

Drew, 34, grew up in East Hanover and currently resides in Morris Plains with his wife, Colleen and two daughters. He graduated Hanover Park High School and Lock Haven University. He was the former owner of Chick-fil-A in the Garden State Plaza.

Nothing gets leftists and LGBT activists angrier than a successful Chick-fil-A.

That’s because the company has refused to embrace political correctness and doesn’t shy away from adhering to traditional Christian values.

In fact, when Chick-fil-A opened a store in Manhattan, The New Yorker called it a “creepy infiltration” of New York City.

And as we recently reported, Texas had to sign a bill to protect Chick-fil-A from organizations discriminating against the tasty chicken sandwich chain due to LGBT temper tantrums.

So the fact that a Chick-fil-A hit record crowds at an opening in one of their liberal bastions is enough to make LGBT activists and leftists see red.

Do agree with LGBT activists that Chick-fil-A is a hate organization?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Chick-fil-A is a good, clean, friendly place to take your family to enjoy a nice meal! I wish we had one close to us! we have to drive 100 miles to closest Chick-fil-A but we do enjoy it when we get the chance! God blesses those that lift Him up!
    “Praise be to JESUS! Glory be to Almighty God! God bless each Chick-fil-A, their owners & each employee employed by the company! Thank You JESUS!”

  3. I believe it’s a Badge of Honor for Chick-Fil-A to have such enemies as these leftists, ate there last week, place was packed as always!

  4. No. If LBGTXYZ dont like it and dont wNt to eat there *uck um. They just miss a tasty sandwich. LBGTXYZ rights end when mine begin.

  5. No! God is love, not hate. Organizations that glorify God are in His grace. A man cannot serve two masters. His ways are way above our ways. We are blessed to have Chick-fil-A 5 minutes from our home.

  6. Considering all the things Gay men and Lesbian women put in their mouths and put their tongues on
    a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A is a tasty blessing.

  7. So far, no matter where I have traveled or lived in the past several decades, there has been a Chick-fil-a close by so never had to do without the great Original Chicken Sandwich and a lemonade. Our current local Chick-fil-a owner-operator lives nearby as is his restaurant. They hire some of the best young workers who are friendly, courteous, and helpful. Whenever there is the occasional mix-up, the manager always steps in and quickly makes it right. Like Dan Cathy, I am also very supportive of the traditional family and I am very active in one, a big one!

  8. The anti-Chick fil-a folks must be terribly insecure in their beliefs/actions that they have to try to stop others from enjoying a simple chicken sandwich. (If you are secure in your beliefs, you don’t care what others believe.) There is something about the “peace that passes all understanding” that is relevant here. If it was PETA upset with Chick fil-a, that would at least be philosophically consistent.

  9. these folks that are so much anti-Chik fil a are sadly in some sort of disarray regarding their personal lives who knows what in their lives and insist on carrying it forward in a hatred focused lambasting of others… it man, woman, etc…..mmmmm…stick with your preferences honey child. but please don’t make the mistake of shoving your confusion on the rest of us..don’t push your particular beliefs on others….not needed and so enjoy the fabulous food at Chik fil A…..I am sure y’all are most welcome honeychild!!!

  10. Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against anyone. The restaurant serves everyone and it doesn’t have discriminatory hiring practices. Simply put, the corporation does not agree with gay marriage. However, Chick-fil-A does not take any action to prevent gay marriage.

  11. they are doing good business. If they are a HATE Group, specifically identify what was done, where, by whom? put up, or shut up.

  12. No one ever mentions that this is the least expensive franchise to get ( about $10,00 ) and the hardest to get !
    While MickyD’s charges about a million plus to get a Chick franchise you have to show them that you will work for it and in return they essentially set the new owner up, work with them for over a year to get new owners established. The head office gives them help as needed and is actually the least expensive because in many cases the franchise buys the property site, builds the building, and sets it all up. All for 10K because the founder believed in giving people a chance to be successful. So, those the fight franchises are fighting the “little guy” with a dream of owning his own business. Of course these groups that fight this hate success and chances for a small business man to get started. When they fight the opening of a Chick Filet
    they are fighting the common man and his dreams just because the don’t understand that few if any of these are owned by the franchise head office. Shame of these people that fight them because in essence
    those that do ARE THE BIGOTS AND THE BULLIES !

  13. To the hate mongers, I suggest they “live and let live” and if they don’t like it, well go screw yourself. Oh, but that is what they do anyway.

  14. What you believe in, shouldn’t matter on the good served.
    The cook could be an Atheist, I don’t care!!
    We aren’t part if the LGBTQXYZ croyd
    Yet we love dining at any of their establishments.
    Their food is tasty, their employees are kind, courteous, pleasant, that keep the place clean.
    Leave them alone.
    So petty of the Leftists and LGBTQXYZ to get their panties in a bunch.
    Not everyone has to agree with your Perversions!!!

  15. The best drive in restaurant I have ever eaten. They have their beliefs and I respect them. They do not refuse service to LGBTs and they are protested by LGBT because they have different religious beliefs.if someone does not agree with you it does not give them or you the right to try to destroy you. Bunch of hippocritical atheists with sick minds. I would not want to eat somewhere they have been anyway since they put their mouth in inknown,forbidden places to human health and decency. Let them build their own restaurant and patronize it if they have enough incentive to work with something besides their mouth. I don’t like them so I ignore them maybe they should try this as it might save some lives and or injuries with their radicals views at saying is,if you are stupid why try to make other join you and be the same! Sick,sick waste of humanity.

  16. I met some workers of a chickafillet who are gay and lesbians and they are proud to work there because they are not being discriminated.

  17. Who cares what the LGBTQGAY community or Leftist think! Until they can learn to live in peace with other viewpoints, they don’t deserve to be respected. You can’t demand respect, you must earn it. Give us something to be proud about, Hint: Dressing up as a drag queen ain’t gonna cut it, and then maybe we’ll respect you more. Until then Chic -fIl-A All The Way!!!

  18. The way the groups protest Chick-Fil-A they are the hate group. I loved when they wanted a boycott of the restaurant and most did more business than they had ever done. They stand up for Christian beliefs, family and higher values. If you consider that hate filled then rank me right there with them and it will be an honor.

  19. Hooray Chick Franchise…..these Liberal (LGBTQXYZ) people don’t realize that they are making their lives ever worse. But their leaders don’t have the brains to recognize this.

  20. What makes the LBGTXYZ groups so hateful? They got everything they wanted with legal marriage and now heterosexuals are forgoing marriage in large numbers. We don’t even want to know about their sexual orientation and we don’t disclose ours, so what is the problem?

  21. Yes. Chick-fil-A is a hate organization because it hates to disappoint customers which is why they serve the best chicken.

  22. I agree completely. If you do not like Their stance and Principles, just find one that caters to your thoughts. Other chain restaurants that caters to you. Period!!!!!!!!!

  23. way to go chick-fil-a, stick to your guns and don’t let anybody push you around, I’ll eat at your restaurant when ever I can, for many reasons including it’s good.

  24. There isn’t a Chick-fil-A where I live. Would like to try it, though.
    I would say that the democrats and the rest of them are hate organizations. THE BIGGEST OF ALL HATE!!!!!

  25. LGBT has long been the standard bearer of cultural Marxists in America. While I prefer chicken jerky with Greek yogurt & nuts – I would buy a Chick-Fil-A cap or t-shirt if available.

  26. Successful LGBTQ means harassing everyone that isn’t LGBTQ and doesn’t agree with LGBTQ as this is their agenda

  27. Love the fries, lemon aid and the original sandwich. Its my first and most healthy choice for fast food. I even
    support the fact that they are closed on Sunday although it makes me sad sometimes. God Bless the owners.

  28. Judging from how successful they have been , it is a small minority of very vocal leftists and gays that hate Chick Fil A.



  30. This sounds more like an article about those with one of the variations of a brain illness, the worst and most severe being those who are afflicted with version that makes men believe themselves to be women and women who believe themselves to be men, sorry!, but genetics and genetics alone determine sex more XY Chromosomes makes you male, if you have more XX Chromosomes you are female.

    I am still upset with all the dykes on the United States woman’s Soccer team the coach and that Bull dyke player who is disrespecting all true patriots, yes that includes service people, law enforcement officers, and civilians alike.

  31. In Russia if you are thought to be LGBT the mob will chase you down and beat you within an inch of your life, being gay in certain African Countries carries Prison time and in some places death and we know what they do to them in most of the Middle East Countries. Gay people have it better in the USA than any other country and yet the LGBT community complains about everything more in the USA than in any other country. We never hear the LGBT in the Middle East complaining or stirring up trouble……………go figure!!

  32. Once again… PLEASE look at Redding, CA… for your next start up.. there is a building available in a most convenient location… (was a FAMOUS DAVE’S Barbeque) In a location with the largest shopping center in Redding., PLEASE CONSIDER US!!!! We don’t even have a COL SANDERS within 100 miles… Prime for you and incredible for us – – PLEASE!!! We’er I not well passed my prime, I would offer to franchise it myself…
    Please consider Redding, CA for your next start up… (one Jr. College and one UNIVERSITY in town….both on the same side of town where is located the college AND the University.
    thanx….. rich

  33. WHOOPS! I mean both of the instutions of higher learning are on the same side of town as is the location of the vacated property…for a restaurant….. thanx…… rich

  34. God bless Chick-fil-A ! I am sick to death reading about these deranged LGBT radicals ALWAYS causing problems! Why should anyone be ashamed of being a Christian and adhering to their values? They seem to forget that not too long ago, if you were gay you had to very fearful of anyone finding out because there would be serious repercussions .But now, these radicals roam the streets like a pack of wild dogs with no regard for anyone else’s rights.Chick-fil-A deserves to succeed and has never discriminated against anyone , including these sickos…..Political correctness has really gotten out of hand. But of course this what the Liberals want. To turn this country into one with no moral compass and certainly no God!!!

  35. Super come back love it. Best tasting chicken ever so good not greasy. Love the diet lemonade too.

  36. It gives me some giddy pleasure when the beneficiaries of extra constitutional protections and exclusive double standards, are left to endure a little weeping, wailing, and thumb sucking, upon the realization that the will of the many doesnt ALWAYS have to acquiesce to the comfort of the few.

  37. LGBT crowd should open up their own burger joint hiring nothing but Gays, could call it Queers for Steers !

  38. When the LGBT group was protesting against Chic-fil-A, the workers brought out food and drink to them. Do they hate the people? NO. Do they stand with what the Bible says about being gay? YES.

  39. Why does LGBT get to even try to do anything to this restaurant? They have great food, great service, great people and apparently somebody likes them or they wouldn’t be packed all the time. It’s not all about you LGBT! Get a grip! I have a right to enjoy this establishment regardless of your inferiority complexes and temper tantrums. You don’t rule the world. A little side story here about lesbian bars: my brother’s daughter was a lesbian back in the 80’s. My brother wanted to see her so he went to the bar she was hanging out at. He tried to play pool and be nice, but all the gals there were very hostile to him. If you knew my brother, he had no issues with them at all. They proved they can’t even accept someone like him seeing his daughter. She is now a he and has nothing to do with us.

  40. NO!! I am sick of those LGBT activist bullies!! I think “they” should be banned, as you don’t see conservative activists trying to destroy those who don’t share their opinion on things. There are too many SJW’s and LGBT activist CRY BULLIES in this country. Too many people crying about victims and their own perceived victim hood, when there are many more marginalized groups with a higher population percentages who do not demand special privileges or rights. It is time to quit coddling or catering to these Loud Mouthed Bullies and put an end to it.

  41. EVERY Chic-Fil a I have been in have the best service, food, and employees that are way above the other fast food chains….and this is why they are my favorite place….period

  42. No, we do not agree that Chick-fil-a is a hate organization. AI wish they had a restaurant in My home town of Athens. The nearest one is some 30 miles away. We usually visit them when we are in the area.
    Bob and Pat Nichols

  43. Chick-fil-A is an awesome place to eat …. every time I go in there for lunch or dinner it is stand in the line busy … people can’t get enough of Cicck-fil-A !

  44. It’s not “political correctness” to oppose discrimination! Liberals and LGBT activists oppose Chick-Fil-A for discrimination against LGBTs, NOT for “adhering to traditional Christian values.”

    The New Testament condemns fornication alongside homosexuality. If Chick-Fil-A really does believe in “adhering to traditional Christian values” will they oppose fornication, too? Will conservative Christians continue to dine at Chick-Fil-A if Chick-Fil-A takes a stand against fornication alongside homosexuality?

    “I say this by way of concession, not as a regulation. I wish all men were as I [Paul] am [celibate]… but if they cannot restrain their passions, let them marry, for it is better to marry than to burn [with desire]…” (I Corinthians 7:6-9)

    “This is God’s will — your sanctification, that you keep yourselves from sexual immorality, that each of you learn how to take his own wife in purity and honor, not in lustful passion like the gentiles who have no knowledge of God.” (I Thessalonians 4:3-5)

    “…let us put off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light. Let us behave ourselves decently as befits the daytime, not in carousing and drinking, not in immorality and debauchery, not in quarreling and jealousy. Instead, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ; do not make provision for the flesh to gratify its cravings.” (Romans 13:12-14)

    “Make no mistake, no fornicator or idolater, none who are guilty either of adultery or of homosexual perversion, no thieves or grabbers or drunkards or slanderers or swindlers, will possess the kingdom of God.” (I Corinthians 6:9-10 [NEB])

    Paul told the gentiles to train themselves for godliness, to practice self-control and lead upright, godly lives (Galatians 5:23; I Timothy 4:7; II Timothy 1:7; Titus 2:11-12). He instructed them to ALWAYS pray constantly. (I Thessalonians 5:17)

    According to Paul, Christian women should cover their heads while worshiping, and long hair on males is dishonorable. (I Corinthians 11:5-14)

    Christian women are to dress modestly and prudently, and are not to be adorned with braided hair, gold or pearls or expensive clothes. (I Timothy 2:9)

  45. I tried to tell the Muslims the same thing when I was in the Middle East, not to harass and kill members of the LGBT community. They told me it is the will of Allah they do this! go figure!

  46. The alphabet soup children (LGBTabcdefg) are the hate organization acting like 5 year old tantrum throwers. If you don’t like a restaurant, don’t visit it, children and grow up. I’m sure they won’t mind.

  47. The only “creeps” I see in all of this is the LGBT and the rest of the liberal left!!! Why don’t they get a real job and contribute something positive to this world?? I would recognize anyone trying to help children or animals in a positive manner long before I will ever recognize their incessant, pathological need for public validation and constantly having to be in the limelight just because they think everyone should love them and their perverted philosophy!! They need to grow up and stop trying to shove their lifestyle onto those who won’t give in to their demands! I don’t give a damn what they do or with whom they do it…I applaud Chick-Fil-A for their backbone and standing up to those idiots!! If the LGBT doesn’t like the policy, they have something the rest of us have…it’s called CHOICE! Go somewhere else to eat and shut the hell up with your whining and complaining!!!

  48. Individually gays and lesbians are generally very nice people. But as a organization, the LGBT community is a violent racist hate group.

  49. Sam: You are absolutely correct. But unfortunately it may very well be that the individual gays and lesbians will suffer the back lash from these radical LGBT actions.These radicals just look for trouble and are invoking hate instead of adopting the old saying:”live and let live”.

  50. The LGBT gang has the NERVE to label Chick-fil-A a “hate group”. If anyone or any group is a “hate group,” it’s the LGBT’s themselves! These people are hate-filled, intolerant, fear-mongering disrupters! Before they call anyone or any other group a “hate group,” the LGBT community ought to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror…then they’ll see what hate REALLY looks like.

  51. CFA has the best sandwiches, best customer service and best trained employees of any fast food restaurant I have ever eaten from. The liberals that are protesting have obviously never eaten there or they would never say anything bad about CFA. Joy and Whoopie need to stop.
    My vote is a loud NO! The only hate is coming from the left.

  52. God is with CFA. satan is with the LGBT. There is a battle between God and His people and satan and his people. We all know who wins.

  53. Vasu…You knw NOTHING at all about Christians or what the Bible teaches. Instead of quoting it you should STUDY it. And NO, CFA DOES NOT discriminate against ANYONE!!!!! That is a fact. ANYONE can work there ore eat there. PLEASE explain JUST ONE instance of CFA discriminating against LGBT. You CAN’T.

  54. The only hate organization is the Democratic party and anyone on the left. Hooray, hooray for Chick-fil-A. phuck all democrats,

  55. If the alphabet people would simply quit forcing their agenda down the throats of everyone else we wouldn’t have these problems.

  56. Amazing- those people are only burning their own bridges- So many folks I know were at one time tolerant of this crap- but after all the trouble they cause, and always trying to shove their lifestyle down everyone else’s throats- they now are all NEGATIVE!! Way to go lgbtxyz Fools!!!

  57. The reason why Chick-fil-A is so overwhelmingly popular is because they do things the right way. Very much in line with true Christian principles.

  58. Click bait headline. There was not one thing in this story that mentioned how the liberal activists are “seeing red” about this or upset to see this successful CFA. Maybe they are, but the story didn’t show it. It’s just the contention of the author that they would be. I’m conservative and thrilled at CFA’s success and hate it when entities try to keep them out or tell lies about them, but I’m also getting more and more disgusted with headlines like this on the right that try to draw out hateful comments from right wingers just to make the authors/publishers/editors feel good.

  59. I can’t believe I read the whole article and did not pick up on that. You are so right!! And, I can proudly repeat what I said earlier: “Individually gays and lesbians are generally very nice people. But as an organization, the LGBT community is a violent racist hate group.” I will add that they are goaded by the media.

    The “main-stream media” is responsible for a lot of the divisiveness that exists in this country. Just like in the days of William Randolph Hurst, the media is the enemy of the people. They have lied, they have started wars, and are responsible for the deaths of innocent people, just to get a story. We as a people need to start talking to each other and ignore the trouble making media. Talking can solve a lot of problems and prevent a lot of hurt feelings.

  60. They went from hiding in closets to rampaging through the streets threatening close down Christian businesses.

  61. Something definitely needs about “the homosexual agenda”. It has proven to be the enemy of everything in a normal functioning society. Because of them, The Holy Bible needs to be banned , and invalidated because God would be deemed homophobic. Medical science would need to be completely redefined in order to legitimize their perverted and lifestyles.
    Psychological and psychiatric diagnostic manuals have been fraudulently redefine in order to accommodate them. Innocent, adolescent children in public schools are being introduced to homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle as if it were not only normal behavior, but something to aspire to. Society is becoming more perverse and Lawless by the day because of them and their perverted agenda. And the list goes on. Chick-fil-A, thank God is the only organization in America that is actually standing up to them.

  62. Homosexuals are the most effective tool “the left” has in attacking God and One Nation under God. The most recent homosexual success is them infiltrating our children schools, ruining their minds, and sexualizing them. And rest assured this is only the beginning. People do not understand that there is no end to their perversion, it only gets more perverse by the day.

  63. It would be more accurate to say that the LGBT group is a hate organization. Chick-Fil-A is merely a group defending its religious freedoms; they don’t hate anyone.

  64. Agreed. I prefer to refer to them as “the enemy”. Children of the devil. All of them without exception have; the mind of a pervert, the spirit of a demon, and the instincts of an unreasoning animal.

  65. It is very important for people to understand the difference between a human being and a homosexual. They are two completely different things.

  66. Some of the worst crimes in history were committed in the name of religion: the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Ku Klux Klan. There’s a great song along these lines from 1992 by Rage Against the Machine, “Killing in the Name.” Like Christians today in the United States saying, “Kill a Commie for Christ” or “Kill a Queer for Christ” ? The apostle Paul doesn’t say anything about abortion in his epistles, but if Paul had said only the “weak” refrain from killing the unborn, abortion would now be a Christian institution or a Christian sacrament, and Christians refraining would be seen as odd or unusual.

  67. Why does it have to be that they are hoarding hate against the lgbtq community??? Chic fil a is a company based on Christian principles do they not have a right to be Christian??? How have they discriminated against lgbtq?? How??

    It’s as though if you don’t agree wholeheartedly with the lgbtq community you hate everything about them outright! This is taking it too far. And very dangerous way of thinking.

  68. Congratulations Chick-fil-A!!! Why are people making a big deal over Chick-fil-A? If they offend you stay away. Go to a other restaurant. If something or someone offends me I stay away from them. I don’t try to shove my thoughts down their throat and I dont see anybody shoving Chick-fil-A nuggets……… Move on down the road haters!

  69. bill konrad: You’ve heard this statement, GOD is love? Yes that is true. So, since the godless party follows the one down below, the opposite of LOVE is . . . hate. Nuf said

  70. Political correctness is a way of trying not to offend people, yet we have freedom of religion and as Christian’s we have beliefs but are still loving. By dissing chickfila, they are being more hateful to us. God bless.

  71. So is this what “gay rights” is all about? Where they demanding that the media help them close down Christian businesses who don’t approve of their homosexual lifestyles?

  72. Actually, the KKK had nothing to do with Religion. The Democrats fought a war to keep their slaves and lost the Civil War. They immediately created the KKK to further harass black people

  73. I’m quite conservative and a Christian. I have good friends who are gay/lesbian. They are very talented and successful. That doesn’t make me angry or envious. Actually, I’ve never personally heard any Christian conservative who is angry if a gay or lesbian is successful.

  74. Vasu, check your history The crusades were formed to push back the Muslims from bringing Sharia law to the world. Muslim armies savagely conquered most of Europe (all the way to Spain) before being driven back where they came from by the Crusaders. And I’ve never heard those ugly slogans you quoted..”kill a queer for Christ?” Give me a break.

  75. It isn’t hate of the people that are, it is that God hates the sin of and they cannot say it is right and disobey their God. Our Heavenly Father created everything and all is His, and He set down rules, laws that His people are to follow, do etc. God is a God of Love, but will not tolerate sin. Unbelievers and all will come before Him upon return and He will come in His timing and judgment will be done, to Heaven or Hell. Everyone should read the bible for themselves. If want to know Him seek Him with all your heart, desiring to meet Him. He doesn’t break a promise. Read Romans Chp. 1 vs 18 on to end. The Bible is God’s word to us….all. No one is perfect outside of Jesus the Christ…John3:16. We must strive to do His will. God Bless the peace makers.

  76. The term “get a life” is most appropriate here! Another prime example of the intolerant hatred from the hypocrites of the left trying to force their own lunacy on everyone else OR else!!!

  77. As Christians We do not hate the sinner – we pray for them but we do hate the sin and cannot be a part of it. If we know a sin is being perpetrated and we aid in that we are sinners and God is not pleased. Homosexuality was the prime reason that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. There were other sins, as well but Homo seems to be the worst kind. We do not hate the LGBTQ – we feel sorry for them and we pray for them. We just cannot accept their sin.

  78. thanks be to God that we still have people and businesses that stand up and put into practice what they believe in! God bless chick-fil-a. this is what our country was founded upon.

  79. Their kind make up a little over one percent of the total population. Speaking for myself, I don’t give a rats ass what these mentally I’ll abominations think. I read a statement made by a Doctor when he said, Mankind is the only animal on this planet that allows its Misfits to live.
    He was spot on.

  80. Way to go chic fil-A open up more restarants nationwide. Good food, Godly principals. That is what we need more Christian businesses. Buy the way eat more chicken.

  81. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  82. Chick fi lay is best chiicke . I ever had. Our Constition says you can’t discriminate based on religion. Wake up LG, etc. You are discriminating based on Religion! Pathetic dummy lefties.


  83. We are all sinners ,but these sicko PC left fascists refuse to accept their own faults.Just like Bruce Sprinklestink,MADonna,Assley Dud, and others they want to shut you down,punish you,and bully you if you don’t comply with their cult rules.ln other words if you don’t vote and believe the way they do they will punish you.Their little brains are cursed with a problem of too much or too little of certain chemicals necessary for normal common sense reasoning.Normal folks will never accept their demands to get in step with their demented cult demands.They can attempt to force and change all the human rules they want,but they will never change GODS laws.


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