LGBT radicals got smacked down by the last person they expected


With President Donald Trump in office, the LGBT lobby has become more radical than ever.

They don’t just want Americans to accept them, they want to be celebrated as heroes.

Now, LGBT radicals got smacked down by the last person they expected.

In June, which LGBT activists have hijacked as “gay pride month,” the gay pride rainbow flag seemed to have flown everywhere.

But one place it wasn’t found, at the order of President Trump, was on U.S. Embassies around the world.

Due to the political nature of the flag, he felt it would be inappropriate to fly it on what should be a non-partisan location.

In response, the Left lost their minds, claiming Trump is “homophobic.”

But now it is clear he isn’t alone in his thinking.

A Democrat Mayor in Pennsylvania angered many of his colleagues by blocking a rainbow flag from being flown on City Hall due to the political nature of it.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A Democrat mayor in the Pennsylvania town of Reading has bucked the party trend by blocking an LGBT “pride” flag from being raised at City Hall due to the symbol’s political nature.

The flag was originally slated to fly on Monday in recognition of Reading’s Pride Celebration and stay up through the following Sunday. However, the Reading Eagle reports that Mayor Wally Scott blocked it just minutes before it was set to go up. He objected not to the LGBT lobby’s causes, but to the prospect of flying anything representing a live political cause.

“The mayor’s position is that he does not support flags being up that support political movements and he views that as a political movement,” acting managing director Osmer Deming said in a statement. “The mayor stated he supports the group, the cause but had concerns about raising the flag,” added city council president Jeffrey Waltman, who said he tried to change Scott’s mind.

Reading Mayor Wally Scott’s decision is one the LGBT lobby is furious about.

The flag is clearly political, so his reasoning makes perfect sense.

But the LGBT lobby isn’t one that is known to care about facts.

Instead, they are so radical that anybody who doesn’t do exactly what they demand is considered an enemy.

Do you think government buildings should be allowed to fly the gay pride flag?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. LGBT, a bunch of sick people trying to justify their ignominious actions and degenerate way of living.

  3. No!! No government building should flag their flag!! Why should it be?? What is their reasoning as to WHY it should be allowed? So they can flaunt their perverted lifestyle in everyone’s faces when we have to go to a government building? Thank goodness that mayor had enough courage to stand up to them and so no.Let them throw their little temper tantrums. If more people stood up for what’s right, maybe they would back off and keep their lifestyle where it belongs;in their own homes and behind closed doors…


  5. We NEED to get back to a bible believing country!! What TheBible says is TRUTH, all else is WRONG!! So if the Gays want to BURN, that’s their choice,just STOP TRYING TO PUSH YOUR INSANITY OFF ON TO EVERYONE ELSE!!! Pray they get wise an except CHRIST AN LIVE RIGHT !!!!

  6. So many in the LGBT community use violent behavior to push their agenda. Our leaders refused to remove the POW/MIA flag to replace it with their flag and they threatened a protest until Veterans on Harleys let it be known they would be there in force. No show by the Nazis.

  7. See what happens give these queers a flag and let them raise it on the same pole that the American flag waves and these queers think they run the country. Well guess what you fruitcakes the American Flag and this country was here long before you and will be here long after you. Lets develop a state ONLY for the fruitcakes!!!!

  8. Good for the mayor, just wish other so called people’s representatives have the same gumption and not bow to every kook group out there.
    How about instead of using half the alphabet to recognize the LGB…community, just use a “?” Since they are the ones not sure who they are.

  9. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party,RINOs,Fake News! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  10. If they want to go against Gods words that’s their problem! But as a country they represent such a small number of people, no they have no right to push their beliefs on the rest of us!!

  11. We have emptied the asylums and they are loose on the street. Bunches of very mentally ill people that instead of admitting their illness ; want to force the rest of society to accept their very weird lifestyle

  12. It’s a personal choice, most people do not care, but we don’t want it rammed down our throats. I’m straight, should I have a straight flag?


  14. No one person is anymore special than any other person. We are all people of importance, but do teachers who work with our children every day, become heroes waving flags? Do doctors get their own day, because they save so many lives? I mean, EVERYONE is of value. Everyone is special. I am not for celebrating the LBGT community as people any more important than anyone else. Even Mothers on Mothers’ Day don’t wave their own flags.

  15. No these flags should not be flown on government buildings. This is a personal issue for the LGBT community not all of us. I accept and respect your personal feelings in this matter as you should mine. However, you do not respect me or my feelings in this regard and I am sick of you shoving your morality down my throat. Well done Mayor. You are to be applauded for your a tions.

  16. Sure fly it just below the stars and bars yeah right what’s wrong with America
    Read ecclesstices 10.2
    God said it I didn’t

  17. HELL NO, they are people just like the rest of us, no more or no less Important. Let them fly them in front of their homes, their flag doesn’t represent all of us or U.S.

  18. For a group of about 1 to 2% of the population, they wield a lot of power and I’m personally sick to death of their PC crap and demands. Just shut up and live your life like the rest of us in American do.

  19. There is no way the queer flag should be flown over any Gov.building as far as I am concerned it should be out right banned except for whipping ass with

  20. While the mayor is dealing with fact, the LBGT is dealing with emotion and fantasy. Well, the facts have strength in pre-existence and cannot be changed by social upheaval by a select few. No matter how nasty.
    …. No flag making a social statement does not fly next to the US flag.

  21. Since gay men and lesbians had no control over being born gay or lesbian
    what the hell do they have to be proud about?
    Find someone or something to be proud about and get back to me.

  22. That’s what upsets me about them, it’s almost like they want to slap GOD in the face, in fact that’s exactly what I feel they are doing. All I can say is GOD will deal with them on judgement day and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

  23. Though I applaud the mayor for not flying that rag, he butters his bread on both sides by supporting their political and satanic agenda.

  24. How? Trump is still in the closet. Never had a stable relationship with a woman. Divorces,cheating. Has to prove “manliness” by groping and assaulting women. There is no LORD (GLAD YOU TYPED IN ALL CAPS!)SATAN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAMBERDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Dan, correct me if I’m wrong… Aren’t the Red and White Stripes STRAIGHT?
    Just sayin’

  26. The fact is their is this thing called Flag Etiquette according to this their “flag” that only stands for their political beliefs has no place flying alongside the US flag or in place of it at any government location.

    The hypocrisy of their complaining because not everyone is forced to openly show support by flying their “flag” is many of them go out of their way to denounce the actual flag of this nation even going so far as to support flying the ISLAMIC flag in its place thus showing they are apparently as ignorant of its meaning as they are of the meaning of the US flag or that their are actual laws governing or even prohibiting the government from talking a political stance by displaying political flags that represent one side of a political issue.

    IF you do not believe that it is a political issue than do some research into what June actually is supposed called. You will find it to be the most hijacked month of the year for declaring it the “insert cause” month.

    Here is just a few and I am sure we can find “flags” representing some of these as well should the government be forced to fly them as well just because it was June?

    Adopt A Shelter Cat Month
    African-American Music Appreciation Month
    Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month
    Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Awareness Month (APS)
    Audio Book Appreciation Month
    Beautiful in Your Skin Month
    California Avocado Month
    Cancer From The Sun Month
    Caribbean-American Heritage Month
    Cataract Awareness Month

  27. The LGB deviants are less than 1% of the population and they think that they are a protected species and deserve all the special attention and consideration in the world. If I had one of their flags it would be at the bottom of my cat’s box or in a canary cage. More dem/lib lunacy and it has to end!

  28. When mass murderer Dylan Roof wrapped himself in a Confederate Flag, and had his picture taken to run on social media, everyone came unglued. The hue and cry arose that the Confederate Flag was somehow responsible for his actions, or at least contributed to his warped thinking, so we had to get rid of the Confederate Flag. Such juvenile thinking! What do you suppose the reaction would have been if he’d wrapped himself in a rainbow flag? Would the LGBTQ crowd have felt the same way about the contribution of the flag to his evil mindset, and then divested themselves of their rainbow flag as the symbol of evil? When you LGBTQ folks accuse the rest of the world of being hateful, start with yourselves. You preach that we all need to love more and hate less, but you are fervent haters – of anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Anyone with a lick of brains can see through the facade and the double standard.

  29. What 2 or more consenting ADULTS do in the privacy of their own home is no business of mine. If an ADULT truly believes that his/her physical sex organs are on the wrong person, that should be between them and their shrink. MY problem comes when all these ADULTS try to impress their beliefs on innocent children. Having Adults force a child to change sex because of their own twisted beliefs, i think it becomes a legal matter and those involved should be sent to jail. When parents allow and encourage their children to “cross dress” and perform in relative public places in a sexual manner, its a criminal matter and should be treated as such. Notice the term ADULT.

  30. These weirdos are far from hero’s . Queers and jealous weirdo people ! So they choose to the scum and push it all on us Their judgement day is coming and all these nutcases will be accountable to God for an eternal life of hell or Heaven . However they choose.


  32. Nice talk from a rape baby.
    Interesting how those who are so anti gay scream the loudest. It’s ok,we understand.

  33. These are mentally ill people. The LGBTQ convinced these liberal politicians to allow this demented way of life into our schools and our kids are being recruited by this way of life to think it’s ok to be gay, OUTRAGEOUS.
    Keep you perverted lifestyle to yourself and behind closed doors…!

  34. They should go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and fly that rainbow phlag. Chant something about Allah while it flaps in the desert breeze. That should do it.

  35. Not really concerned about what LBGTXYZ do at home but do not try to force your lifestyle on me. And they consider me homophobic when I don’t agree with you.

  36. To non-LGGT – this group of people revolts in many ways. Now that they are accepted by law of the land, meaning they won’t be prosecuted, why can’t they do their bit quietly, as hetorosexial do, instead of pushing it down the throughts of the resentful majority of the population, as well as, tragically, to children. Does this abnormality bringout the worse in people, effects the balance of the brain, the same inbalance as that of criminals, for instance? You tell us, what is it you want?

  37. Well, I wonder if they would be ok with a Pro-life Flag, or a Trump Flag, or maybe a Straight-Pride-Month Flag?
    If they insist everyone has to Accept their flag then They Must Accept Everyone Else’s!
    They won’t of course because to these narcissists they think their cause it the Only Cause.
    Look LBGTQ****** You have your rights, which you have every right to, but you do not have the Right to try to force everyone to Accept your lifestyle or Promote it for you. If you are truly happy with your lifestyle and sexuality you do not need the validation, approval, or acceptance of anyone else. You have the same rights as anyone else. Accept that, then Accept the Rights of Others to Disagree with it. Everyone has something they choose for their lives that others do not like or approve of- But we don’t go around fighting to force them to, or demonize them, or call them names, or whine about our victimhood! If you choose a controversial lifestyle to accept that others may not approve. That is just the way it is. And that is OK you do not Need our Approval to be Happy!!!!
    Go live your lives!

  38. I guess that means “YOUR MOTHER” (and can’t FORGET YOURSELF otrok!) also fall into that category eh!

  39. Your really a dumb ass, aren’t you? Bet you’d vote for Satan if he ran on the Democratic ticket, oh that’s right he is.

  40. I kind of liken it to the Confederate flag. If it can not be flown because it offends large segments of the population, why the hell should the LGBT flag. To me the rainbow flag is even more repulsive.

  41. Mike, you’re a loser and I’m quite sure you come by it honestly as I’m confidant you were raised by trash.

  42. wow…. welcome to the 50’s…. where the hell have you been hiding??……….your comments can be made, because the gay population is the only minortiy group not protected by law…. try and make some of your comments about colored people…. you’ll be shot down fast

  43. No flags except the State or Federal ones should be allowed to fly on a government site. I don’t understand how rainbow colors came to represent the LBGT community; when did that start and whose decision was it? Obama insulted the entire country when he bathed the White House in those colors.

  44. Absolutely not. LGBT is an extremely biased political organization that has no respect for anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

  45. Not just no but hell no this is a God-fearing nation we do not support what God destroyed the world for the first time that is a slap in gods face to use the rainbow sign as a sign of pride gay pride LGBT pride know that is totally wrong it should be banned it should not be publicly displayed at all it is a disgrace to all of American people who fly it there is also an abomination before the Lord it should not be allowed to be flown anywhere that should be publicly banned if they can’t ban The rebel flag why the hell should they be allowed to fly the rainbow flag

  46. there is no reason for the flag there is no reason for them and they want it to be politial only god will judge them have mercy on there soul they are anti catholic and anti religon

  47. I agree Linda. Once again I say, that I have many adopted daughters (sons) that are gay & I love them to death, but what & how they choose to live is their right. Just quit trying to shove it down everyones throat & make demands of others that do not support your choices. It seems to me that logically speaking, it’s not going to enhance nor deter your life in any way if others don’t agree with your choices if you want to be gay, then be gay, if you want to be straight then be straight. Why is that so hard for those crazy activists to understand?

  48. The LGBT flag does not represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE, it does not belong on any Government Building or Property. It’s time they grow up they have their rights, but they do not override everyone else’s rights.

  49. Amen!!! My sentiments exactly!! Be gay or happy or whatever you call it….just leave me alone!! I’m sick and tired of their perverted lifestyle being forced on me to accept it!!!!!!????????????????????

  50. How about an isolated island somewhere in the pacific just for them? Let them do all the Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle they want. But leave us alone!! ????????

  51. Did someone really write the word “hero”, relating to the gay group???…You are kidding, right???…!st responders & military men & women are heroes…Hide the gay flag and let them show it in the bsmnt, when they party…Can’t believe I waste my time on this topic…

  52. They want to play with each other don’t force me to accept it by waving there garbage flag on public buildings. Civil rights have forced the removal of flags and symbols that are deemed offensive from public government owned property . WELL THE LGBTQ FLAG IS OFFENSIVE TO ME SO TAKE IT DOWN!!!!! IT HAS NO PLACE TO BE DISPLAYED ON PUBLIC BUILDINGS!!!!

  53. God has shown us what sin is and when we disobey Him we will get what we ask for in the end, unless we repent to Him and accept His forgiveness and do it no more. People don’t hate the people but they should thank those who object, it is for their own good. Don’t listen and when you are in hell, there is no way out. They want for you salvation for eternity not damnation.

  54. When someone asks God’s forgiveness for their sins, God forgives the repentant., and does them no more. They are cleaner then anyone who keeps on about it. We to have to forgive their past. For we are all sinners, repentant saved by God’s Grace. We can’t earn it, Jesus paid for it on the cross. God knows our thoughts, actions, words, everything in light or dark.
    God Bless the Christians who stand up unafraid, in His boldness to stand under our LORD GOD the creator owner of everything. All is His and give HIM THANKS AND THE GLORY, for nothing happens but He lets it, as we have disobeyed or blessings for obedience. When He seems not close is our fault, we have walked away from.

  55. Amen, Yes, S.S. It is God’s and He set what shall be and what shall not, gave us a choice individually, for Him or against Him, we suffer the consequences for not being obedient to Him. Read Romans chapter one start at Verse 13. RE LGBT etc.
    People don’t read their Bikes and some take man’s advice and get burnt. Word JOY : Put Jesus first, others second, yourself last and find J o y.

  56. Hey Mikeeeee, after having read your posts I can only one thing that is even close to being true. You said “SATAN RULES” which is correct to some extent and for a little while longer. The only people Satan rules over is people like you and all other unbelievers. As a born again Christian I have power and authority over Satan and all other powers and principalities of the air and wickedness in high places. Every (and that includes you) knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God The Father. Time is short.

  57. You were appalled Gary, it was a reaction. Never mind the flag is worthless, it’s still appalling to many of us.
    They make us remove references to our worship of Christ, but they can put it up in reference to their worship of sex?

  58. I am going to pray for you. Mikee, I guess your either a child with no manners or your a troll.
    So let me say this your ignorant an contemptible human. I would have thought your parents or grandparents would have spoken about God but I can see the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree.

  59. Dont shove the lesiban an gay men in my face.
    What you do in your house your business. But to try an shove it down my throat and my kids. Will get you hung from the flagpole

  60. Mikee, I am assuming there is a teacher wondering where you were taught. But I know the truth, there is a baboon looking for her child.

  61. Hey Mike Otrok, Are you still living in Mommy’s basement, hiding out from the real world because you are too afraid of your shadow following you? Does your momma know you borrowed her panties again for your weird perversion? I mean dude, you have to quit walking around in your momma’s panties, it’s really weird? And your anatomy is so small no one can tell your gender anyway. For real man, get a life.

  62. “California no longer exists. Democrats and liberals have completely destroyed what was once my beautiful state and replaced it with an abomination called “Kaphilornia”. And they are STILL trying to destroy anything good here.

  63. Colleen;I know it must be very hard as a parent to read some of the comments posted here.And perhaps even mine. Of course you love your children. I love my adopted daughter just as much’s I do my son. Being homosexual is not anything new.But what is new, is these radicals running around making total fools out of themselves DEMANDING approval from everyone. You don’t demand respect. You earn it.Demanding their made up flag be flown by our stars and stripes. I’m sorry but NO. I have a very dear friend that is a homosexual. I have known him for approx. 30+ years.He dresses very nicely. Better than me actually(LOL) .Acts very professionally and with respect.Even HE finds these radicals offensive. With their carrying on and their stupid temper tantrums. They have been given special treatment by certain politicians that , in reality , could care less about their rights. These politicians just want to appear “politically correct” and progressive.They just want their votes .My first duty is with my GOD and what HE expects from me. Politicians will come and go. But my faith and my beliefs will remain solid.I am not the judge. HE is….
    Be well my friend….

  64. Honestly my dear friend
    My adopted children are from the prison I was in. Many of my babies there are white/black/spanish/gay/straight/young/old & though we were in prison, I love many of the women I met there. But I assure you none of my girls were as crazy as these so-called justice warrior protesting lunatics I keep reading about. My girls just want to live & be left alone. I just get so irratated with the fools that are always trying to shove their agendas down everyones throat. That is so unnecessary!
    I’ll see you around Linda….have a great blessed day

  65. Mike, you are extremely SICK!!!! And, YES, there IS a LORD. You WILL stand before Him to be judged. But don’t worry, He will send you to hell along with yur master satan for eternity.

  66. You are right on. It should be a law. As for how the rainbow came to represent them, satan had to have a hand in that. He hates God and stole His sacred symbol.

  67. Colleen; I am watching the Mueller testimony and I can’t begin to tell you what babbling fool he sounds like. Not to mention, every time a Rep. asked a riveting question, he kept saying I can’t answer that I can’t get into that right now. Not to mention we kept loosing picture and sound when a Rep. asked their questions. This really is a witch hunt. Let’s pray President Trump succeeds…. Mr. Jordon is doing a great job…

  68. I am sure by the end of this witch hunt, the facts will kill the collusion illusion BS & those responsible for all the money, & time they wasted on this will be taking my place at “club-fed”

  69. I support the Mayor 100% , I ‘m glad he took a stand against the LBGT .. all it is ,is a political statement trying too intimidate the people who don’t believe in this type of behavior … And let them know they don’t run the government …. And I support Trump in his position that the flag pole at government agencies here and abroad are not for political purposes either …

  70. These idiots don’t know anything about state and federal law , that’s probably because the idiots don’t have an education …The majority are probably high school dropouts ,, because they think they already know everything ….

  71. Also it doesn’t help when Barrack H. Obuttwipe displayed the gay flag on ( lighting the White House up in rainbow colors) ,showing his ignorance in supporting a radical group..

  72. That LGBT Flag is DISGUSTING and needs to be destroyed and never flown on U.S. Government property or U.S. Embassies.

  73. Heroes? What heroes? They never fought any war except to justify their behaviors’ as political agenda to display their actions
    They are no heroes!
    Just plain irresponsible actions…what if someone burned the LGBT Flag as it as with the American’s has in the past and current history displayed in full public on TV, etc….??
    Are we going to go to jail for that?

  74. WHAT? Heroes? What heroes? They never fought any war except to justify their behaviors’ as political agenda to display their actions
    They are no heroes!
    Just plain irresponsible actions…what if someone burned the LGBT Flag as it as with the American’s has in the past and current history displayed in full public on TV, etc….??
    Are we going to go to jail for that?

  75. Mb; As a matter of fact that is exactly what happened in NYC. An African American took offend to LGBT flag being flown and burned two of them. The NYPD hunted that man down and arrested him!Nice huh? Our flag that stands for something can be burned. But don’t you dare upset the LGBT radicals and set fire to their flag… So wrong and disturbing……

  76. If you CAN’T have a Cross in a government building! Why should you be allowed to fly a gay pride flag, meh???

  77. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  78. I’m not homophobic I’m a person with morals and know your a man or woman the end you wanna claim different your s suck pedophile pervert that is beyond anything natural period.

  79. The LGBT Flag does not represent all people. It only represents a small group of people with a unique identity who wish to flaunt that identity in the face of people who either don’t care one way or the other or who are offended by it. How does that make them special enough to hang a flag that doesn’t represent all and is in fact offensive to some. The American Flag Represents all of America, unites us, and gives us the unity to fight for our Country. I’m sorry. The LGBT flag does not unite all of America. It only divides. If we are going to hang it, then lets also hang black lives matter, latino lives matter, white straight lives matter, Christian lives matter, Muslim lives matter, Hindu lives matter, and on and on. Oh yes, and a flag to represent my family because we matter as well. I believe all those lives are represented in our American Flag because all those segments of our American Society are united and have fought for our Country. I know the Democrats discourage this, but they are not representative of a united America.

  80. I look at it this way. If religion isn’t allowed in government. My right to voice my opinion and not try to push it on others.
    If you like muff diving or pole riding by the same sex. That’s your right. It’s also suppose to be kept behind closed doors.
    Decent people don’t care how you go against the Bible or what’s natural.
    We don’t owe you anything for going against natural.
    My advise is if your embarrassed about thinking you are gay. Don’t push your mistake on us.
    All your doing is changing their opinions about gays to bad.
    Everyone thinks sex is a game now. Carries no meaning except he gets the most conquests.
    Everyone says everyone is electing not to marry. I think it’s the same reason since the beginning of time.
    Who must to marry someone that everyone has had.
    This countries had gone to the dogs with migrants escaping what they didn’t like to come here and push theirs garbage on us.
    It has invaded the house and we are the laughing stocks of the world.

  81. Mike Otrok are you still living in Mommy’s basement. I thought you would move eventually. She can’t keep feeding you forever on her meager social security check. And dude, quit dressing in her clothes. If you go to the thrift store you can get some of your own. Oh, I forgot, then you’d have to steal the money from your mom. But, remember you robbed that homeless person last week and took his trousers. Dude, wear them not your mom’s bra and panties. You’re creeping me out dude. And why does Joe refer to you as needle dick? I know it’s small, but you do have one. Your mom said she had to use a magnifying glass to find it, but she stated you are a male even though it’s hard to tell. Your friend, and I mean that. Counselor Gregory Dosik

  82. Matthew 10:33 But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven.

    Looks like you have sealed your fate! Satan thanks you, he will be seeing you soon.

  83. OK, exactly what laws do not protect gay people? Laws for any one of us, protect us all. We already have on the books laws that protect against discrimination based upon sexual preferences. So what laws are you referring to

  84. Mike Otrok, Over there! Up there, under there, in there, out there, around there, right there, Where? there.

  85. Be very careful you are on very thin ice. Read CS Lewis’s Screw Tape Letters if you dare. The John’s Revelation if you have the nerve. It’s not too late for you too repent and come to the L’d. The Choice is yours Life or Death.

  86. Very well said many find that perversion of the Rainbow which is a give sign from G’d not only perverted but extremely offensive.

  87. I am either dumb or confused; when was it decided that a rainbow was the symbol of the LBGT crowd? And why do they have a flag? Do other groups have flags? This world has been turned upside down by those who insist that other people must accept their strange way of life or they will be labeled homophobic, zeno_____, or whatever, you fill in the blank. I don’t give a rat’s rear what you people do in your bedroom or bathroom but please stop parading your deviance in the streets and demanding that “normal” people must condone your life style.

  88. If you do some checking, the colors mean something to them. But it is all nonsense. They stole God’s sacred symbol and He is not amused. And there is no way that we have to condone their sick perversion.

  89. There is a Lord and a God. Satan choose his way by trying to overthrow God and his his Jehovah. You will see that on judgement day..

  90. These flags can be flown by private people on private buildings to show their political affiliation.
    They are not public consensus nor do they represent a sizable quantity of the community.
    The majority opposes their political program and ideology – so do science and nature.
    In particular, they are an insult to all serious religious groups whether Christian, Moslem, Jewish or others.
    These flags are, in this context, not even genuine – they belong to the Andes populations in their freedom fight


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