Leftwing scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson dropped a truth bomb that made liberals go crazy


Neil deGrasse Tyson is a famous Left-wing Hollywood celebrity, and an avowed atheist who despises President Trump.

But what he just posted about gun rights and mass shootings will blow you away.

That’s because Tyson just told the truth about mass shootings and liberals are in full meltdown mode.

Neil deGrasse Tyson consistently shills for Left-wing causes.

He hates President Trump and sides with the Left on virtually everything.

Which is why almost no one saw this coming.

Tyson posted something on social media that was a major reality check for every gun-grabbing liberal.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Tyson’s fanbase is made up of thousands of Leftists, celebrities, and gun control advocates.

So when he tweeted that message, his fanbase turned on him immediately.

Thousands tweeted back nasty messages.

The pressure proved too much for Tyson, and he later apologized to placate his rabid, irrational Leftist followers.

But Neil deGrasse Tyson made an excellent point, whether or not the Left wants to admit it.

There are a myriad of other preventable deaths that far exceed gun violence fatalities.

If the Left were truly concerned about human life, they would turn their attention toward those issues.

The reality is that Leftists want to destroy the Second Amendment rather than save lives.

Do you think Neil deGrasse Tyson was wrong?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. I have a shotgun stored in my attic. Never once in the past 20 years has it left on it’s own and shot someone!

  2. He was absolutely on target, sorry his idiot following forced him into an apology – he didn’t owe one.

    I want to add this one more time, and unfortunately, this will not be the last time: GUN FREE ZONES = “SAFE” HUNTING RANGES FOR CRAZIES!!!

  3. Is Neil de grasse, Mike Tyson’s illegitimate brother?
    He was right, it’s the first a crazy Left winger told the truth.

  4. The left has only hate and lies. They can’t stand anyone who tells the truth if it doesn’t fit their sick agenda of taking over our government. That is why they want our guns. They are the only thing standing in their way of controlling us. The left is very dangerous.

  5. The Radical Left are a bunch of Communists! Mr Tyson was right to show the Statistical reality . Mr. Tyson however did not show how many unborn are lost to Abortions in that 48 hour period!

  6. Knew Neil when he was young and even then it was apparent that he saw himself as the “new Sagan”. Like Carl sometimes he forgets that he is an Astronomer who is also entitled to his political views – but that doesn’t
    make him an expert of politics. Sagan ended up with the same complex that he suddenly knew everything
    and was THE expert. I’ve always said that someone who thinks they know everything is there biggest fool around ! LIKE anyone sometimes he’s right and sometimes he is in other in left field.
    We live in an age of technology and with that you can’t un-invent what you create. It’s not the tech fault it’s the human who made a decision about how to use it. We can’t control 350,000,000 people because there will always be those unstable and just plain EVIL. Take our guns away and you give the edge to those who
    would do more harm, and we would be defenseless. It’s time for people to use their brains and see what
    the amoral, anything goes society has done to promote these acts. No ethics, morals or religion AND these
    are the results !

  7. 25,000,000 law abiding Americans that own an AR-15, AK-47, or other semi-automatic rifle did not kill anyone today, yesterday or the days before.

  8. I do NOT usually agree with Dr. Tyson on his politics. He is, obviously, a genius, though. In this case, he ,only, presented facts ; and people on the LEFT do not allow facts to be presented, unless those facts meet their approval. This is the problem! Each group(divisiveness ,not diversity) has their own set of competitive facts. The problem is they are not usually THE TRUTH. They are twisted to match the AGENDA. Both sides are inherently Guilty! We need more people, such as Dr. Tyson, and many others to take a stance and present the REAL FACTS. We need REAL LEADERS in the U.S.A. THANK YOU-Tony Nicholson-Mattoon, Illinois

  9. The man is right on. We do NOT have a gun violence issue. Individuals and groups cause violence, the weapon they choose is irrelevant. I have said it before and will say it again, Mankind is the only Animal on this Planet that allows its Misfits to live!

  10. Mr. deGrasse Tyson presented facts, things the Left can not tolerate. As Americans, we are all sensitive to the loss of life from these tragedies. Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of the victims. They deserve privacy and respect in their grief. Would that these incidents never happen. We must learn to resist knee-jerk reactions so fondly presented by the media and politicians if events like this occur. We all know this has become a mechanism to push the Leftist agenda. Existing gun laws need to be enforced while those that break these laws need to be indicted and tried to the laws’ fullest extent.

  11. He had to apologize for telling the truthful facts. Typical Lefty. A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left. Ecclesiastes 10 2.

  12. I am a retired US Army Master Sergeant. Up until the time I retired I probably fired every weapon the world had to offer. I do not personally own a firearm now, but would never give up my right to own one. I sure would like to have been in El Paso or Dayton with an automatic when those 2 crazy SOB’s started shooting.

  13. How typical, when even a liberal speaks the truth, his base freaks out so he cowars & apologizes!! Thank GOD, our President never caves in to the crazies!

  14. I applaud him for his show of statistics. But shame on him for apologizing after. Just put his likeability back at zero. . . .

  15. Lefties and Liberals cannot tolerate the truth, even if it comes from one of their own. Their only ‘agenda’ is to maintain total ignorance and stupidity. They’re doing a fine job……..

  16. He was right in saying what he did, but he was wrong to apologize for comments made in order to appease the left wingers. An expert must stick to his opinions and not apologize if others do not agree with his opinion.

  17. The reaction to Tyson’s facts by his fellow lefties compels one to conclude that saving lives is not their motive but taking away our right to own guns is. It frightens me when I consider why they want to do that.

  18. A long time ago, in a state not too far away, a man by the name of Edmund Burke once said:
    “The only thing needed for evil men to triumph is for good men to do nothing “
    So true, so true…..stay in the fight for our liberty, let common sense prevail!!

  19. Doesn’t it just gall you when somebody tells the truth and then apologizes for telling the truth?

  20. he is right but the left wont is to take all guns from the people so they can take over that is what has happen in all the country’s where all bad people has taken over to run there when people have no guns any thing can happen and they can not protect there self’s

  21. Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my guns. The left only wants the truth when and if it serves THEIR purposes. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, since I like to make up my own mind.

  22. He also neglected to mention how many of those gun deaths were suicides. According to the FBI, *two-thirds of all gun deaths in the US are suicides*.

  23. When everyone agrees with what one person is saying only one person is doing the thinking. I like to think for myself thank you very much!

  24. Well, well, well……a lefty finally tells the truth and the others show their true colors by eating him alive for it thus proving they haven’t the intelligence to think on their own. they just swallow the lies of their leaders without question which leads me to the conclusion their special kind of stupid just can’t be fixed except perhaps with a lobotomy……if a brain can be found.

  25. Tyson wasn’t downplaying gun violence- he cited 40 homicides by gun per 48 hours. He was just reminding us that mass shootings ought to be among the least of our worries.

  26. Only on a cold day in hell, and I’m not affiliated with any party. I’ve listened to some of their rhetoric too and will say never.

  27. Can’t confirm this statistic but heard that in the 48 hours including the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, there were 1800 abortions (murder of unborn children). He didn’t post this stat.

  28. Right on. Dems are not interested in saving lives, just taking guns. How many die each weekend from drunk drivers? Do they want to take away assault cars?

  29. I applaud Tyson for giving facts but despise him for apologizing.
    If Tyson is so smart, why doesn’t he tell us a way to stop the bad guy!
    Liberals can’t answer because they think in pure emotion. The answer is imperfect but we have to look to mental health issues. 83% of mass shooters were eother on or had recently gotten off of psychotropic meds. Most were prescribed by unqualified medical physicians who do not diagnose or treat symptoms with caution, and without monitoring or followups.
    We have the 2nd Amendment for many good reasons. The most important is liberty. But with liberty comes risk. It is incumbent on each one of us to take responsibility to protect ourselves and each other. Most incidents are over in three seconds to a minute. Average police response time is 7.5 minutes because they cannot be everywhere.
    I carry a gun because a police officer is too heavy and I would have to feed him, and I’m unprotected during personal hygiene or sleep.

  30. That’s in ONE DAY, EVERYDAY, NOT when some crazy goes off the rails. The circus news media in action. The NWO is trying to take your guns so the UN can control you like Stalin and other bad actors with out a fight. If you want to be a slave give up your guns and let the government take care of you. Cradle to the grave, which might be a very short and rough trip. How many “Rights” do you think you will have then? The government and the police won’t protect you, who will? You have to protect yourself by whatever means. Life isn’t safe, never has been and never will. It’s getting more dangerous everyday. Your just a worker ant in the hill and totally expendable at their will.

  31. dear leftist base of neil ,you turn on your own when you hear the truth. pathetic. Neil was wrong to apologize to a bunch of LOSERS. it must really shock a leftist to hear the truth. 1 gun free zones are like a shooting gallery at the fair 2guns don’t run outside to kill people3 there will always be evil people that like killing people 4 evil people don’t need a gun to kill people 5the second amendment was put there to protect Americans from a totalitarian society.

  32. You can make all the gun laws you want, take every law abiding citizen’s gun away , and what you will be left with is black market guns that will get into the hands of the worst criminals, and the crazies too. I reserve the right to be able to protect myself with a gun and by any other means necessary… no law is going to take that from me.

  33. WTFU!
    Don’t believe a word of this Leftist propaganda!! I’ll maybe, just maybe believe it if I heard it on tape! More gun-control ploy incorporated from the NWO-FBI/LAW(LESS) ENFORCEMENT! This will be the last we hear of this leftist killing stooge – bet on it!

    As I repeatedly said… there will be more, and more, and more of these NWO-FBI PERPETRATED GUN-CONTROL MASS SHOOTINGS! Right away we know that the most likely brain controlled lackey was a WHITE man with an AK-47 It couldn’t be more obvious to anyone with half a brain and an ounce of common sense! The NWO propagandist fake-news will carry out their marching orders and feature this orchestrated devilment for the next several days calling for the removal of guns from the dumb-(m)asses! They are going to continue until they have the sheeple terrorized into giving up their only defense against the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls posing as DemocRATS/Progressives; the sad reality is that this devilish strategy is working! No my fellow “AMERIKANS”, your being played like fools as most of you brainwashed, PC bullied, dumb-downed, drugged-up, sheeple will go along with their program! I say BS – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr===========================? – – – – – – – – – , we’ll be needing them against Them! Sorry but the truth hurts and this is the truth, so help me God! There will be more.. and more… and more…

    Divide the races, the rich and poor, the religious and ungodly, blur the sexes so their aren’t any, my Lord when are the sheeple ever going to understand the perilous situation – NEVER, too busy and don’t want to be bothered – SICKENING!!

  34. This guy made an excellent point and it is TRUE…SCRE* his fans if they don’t like it….The TRUTH is the TRUTH. I know that’s not popular with the libs.

  35. He quoted real statistics and the left denied thier veracity. Now that’s real stupidity for you.

  36. How do you apologize for actual statistics? There ae 320 million people in the US, divided roughly in half by male and female. Oh wait, I’ sorry. I meant to say no one knows how any people there are and the division is no half and half, but divided by as genders as the liberal left says there are today. Please forgive me for quoted actual numbers.

  37. Tell me, is it just me or is it serendipity, that the big push for the eradication of the Second Amendment at this particular time in the course of human events is playing out now!? Is it merely coincidence that the coalition of the left: the mainstream media, the democrat party, the Administrative state (deep state)… collective progressives are rising to usurp the constitution and government in order to claim totalitarian power over the country? And, coincidentally they are adamant about the castration of the Second Amendment at the same time! Is all this coincidental or,… Is this precisely the circumstances for which the Second Amendment was written!?!
    The left is deeply in wont for a civil war, cold or hot, but they would rather disarm their opposition first. The left’s coalition would definitely have an advantage in a cold Civil War situation, especially if the patriots could be disarmed prior to engagement! It makes me a little suspicious that they want our firearms so badly just now.

  38. Tyson listed some valid facts! However, he forgot to mention abortion!
    Or the fact that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!
    It’s a shame he felt the need to apologize for telling the truth, and the same goes for Mario Lopez, for expressing his honest opinion!
    The intolerance of the progressive communist left is beyond insanity!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope! ????????????????????????????????????????

  39. The sociocommunist, the proletariat,
    mindset has no true opinion. They have only the Lust of Total power over the whole. No ability of critical thought. That is the cadre’s job.

  40. The Second Amendment was designed to be an inabler for revolution every once in a while to keep things straight. “A revolution every now and again might be a good thing,” paraphrasing the founding fathers. There are enough patriots to make a viable insurgency. May be now is the time!

  41. What about drinking and driving??
    How many innocents are killed or maimed each day because someone decided to take another drink.
    What about the families that are destroyed by drinking and driving??
    I know from personal experience
    Driving home one evening, stopped at a red light. My VW bus was hit on the side by a motorcycle. The rider was a man taking his son for a ride on his new motorcycle.
    Sadly they both had severe head injuries.
    Sadly the dad had to drink a Lot before taking the son for a ride..
    Do not know how they are doing today..

  42. It is becoming very clear now that Civil War is going to have to take place sooner than later! The threat to the Constitution is greater than it has ever been . I will gladly take up arms on a dime to stop this Great Nation from being overthrown by Communist Liberals! If the Liberal Left keeps it up this is going to happen! Soon!

  43. Exactly! The Doctors are killing far more people than Guns! But Is quite clear that the Left wants to target guns only so they can have complete control over the Country!

  44. The threat of Civil War has existed in the past , In this case the recent past around the 1960’s with the Civil Rights movement . Clearly the Rights of Black Americans was being violated . However the Constitution is being directly targeted right now which is unprecedented and which is a threat that cannot be taken lightly . If this continues and the Right to Bear Arms is threatened in any way , then Militia must be formed quickly and the Government will have to be overthrown . Or at the very least ,the part of the Government that has committed Treason against the United States . I am not seeing any other way here . Either the Liberals cease there efforts to dismantle the Constitution or there will be Civil War here in the United States! I am not making idol words here! I am dead serious!

  45. David Joe
    I also see this as a very serious threat. The more these dems try to dismantle the constitution, the more they are spreading unrest & people are not going to just sit back & allow the dems ruin America!

  46. The problem is and has always been the left doesn’t want you to know the truth,
    it’s their agenda to turn everything around so that it’s Trump’s fault no matter
    what it is, Trump could find the cure for cancer and they would call him a liar and

  47. Why do you apologize for telling the truth. Facts are just that, facts. While I don’t like your politics I still like you. If you believe what you say and it is a fact, why apologize. No one ever heard hollyweird apologize for something they wrote themselves which is probably a blatant lie.

  48. Yes and the black market guns will be sold by the liberals to people who have zero interest in obeying the law to use against law abiding citizens. If you really want to see what our country will look like without guns in the hands of the citizenry, look at Venezuela.

  49. Yep…..TDS is real and while the politicians do it do protect themselves and their positions ONLY (including their hopes fo a spot of control in the NWO), the minions have no justification for their rants except ignorance.


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