Leftists have a shocking complaint about one controversial movie


The Left’s stranglehold on Hollywood is well-documented.

Liberal messaging is peppered into virtually every aspect of film, television, theater, and music.

But liberals have a shocking complaint about one controversial movie.

The Hunt is back on.

The release of the film was initially postponed because of its subject matter – a group of “deplorables” are being hunted by coastal elites in the latest iteration of the famous short story “The Most Dangerous Game.”

The postponement of the release occurred because the film successfully angered people on both the Left and the Right, and the studio felt the divisive political climate couldn’t handle the movie.

But now the film can be viewed with Universal’s video on demand service temporarily since movie theaters have been shut down in response to the Chinese coronavirus.

Even though characters who are supposed to represent the MAGA-contingent are being hunted like dogs, liberals have a huge complaint about the film.

Their gripe is that the film makes too much of an effort to be even-handed and empathize with both the Left and the Right.

The far-left outlet Salon said the following in their review of the film:

“As I watched the film I made a mental list of the most prominent issues that they cited as justification for conducting a hunt: Gun control, global warming, anti-racism, immigration, gay rights. These are not issues in which each side is morally equal.”

Only a leftist could speak with such hubris.

Every authoritarian regime that ever existed confiscated guns.

It’s precisely why the founding fathers enshrined gun rights into the Constitution.

Global warming is used as a catch-all phrase by environmentalists whose aim is to seize control of the economy.

Saikat Chakrabarti, former chief of staff of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and architect of the so-called “Green New Deal,” admitted as much in an interview.

Those who oppose the Left’s extremist views on climate change have feasible trade-offs despite “decarbonizing” the economy overnight, which would result in mass death.

Anti-racism and gay rights are used as a cudgel to bully private companies and religious institutions, because structural discrimination based on race or sexual orientation has been prohibited for a long time.

And conflating all forms of immigration is a common trick of the Left.

Every country on the planet has border restrictions and procedures for immigration – in many cases, far more stringent than the United States – so open borders is a policy that’s championed by essentially no government.

The Salon writer’s assumptions that opposition to the Left on these issues is morally wrong shows exactly why the Left is currently so deranged.

They lack the empathy to understand anything outside their Church of Leftism.

Ken Stern, former CEO of NPR, wrote a book called Republican Like Me where he lived life as a conservative for a year to challenge his assumptions, which aligned with this Salon writer.

He changed his mind on a few issues including gun control and climate change.

This Salon writer should take notes.

Will more leftists be triggered by the fact The Hunt isn’t purely left-wing propaganda?

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  2. I guess the movie just isn’t hard enough on the Right and controversial enough for the left! Just one calorie, just Not evil enough! Lol!!!

  3. What a crybaby over movie?! That is the REAL SNOWFLAKES
    No guts no glory and always on a pacifier just to button up the mouthpiece

  4. Saw the movie and was a bit leery at first but when I realized the story depicted the radical left (Democrats) as the quintessential bully elites that they are, I finished the flick with a renewed sense of hope that more viewers would realize how dangerous the radical far left actually is….

  5. There are people who read the Article and believe it. I actually feel sorry for them. It must be terrible to live in their closed strange world.

  6. Sounds like this movie is a very honest representation of the communist democrat left in this country.
    If they had absolute power, they would hunt down all the people that don’t agree with them, just like the communists did in Cuba, and the former Soviet Union, and China. They have to get the guns first.

  7. joe, the goal of the dem party is total control over every aspect of our lives. If you don’t believe that, you are a fool. They have thrown God out and have no morals. They are very dangerous to our freedom. But thank God they cannot win, as God will be their final judge

  8. I want to see a movie where leftists are hunted down like animals. Any time one of them virtue signals about global warming, gun confiscation, or open borders the buzzer on their collar fires off and indicates their position.

  9. I know that the lack of movie tickets for my wife and I will in no way bankrupt Hollywood but I haven’t been to a theater since the first of the Star Wars Prequels came out. If I am really in the mode for a movie I either watch TCM or replay one of the many DVDs that I have accumulated over the years. I am not sure but I don’t think I have any movies that were made before 1970. I couldn’t name more than 10% of the so called Movie Stars of today, not because I have a bad memory but because I don’t give a damn. Most of today’s movies suck. If you remove all of the Computer Generated Graphics, all of the car chases, all of the explosions and all of the people wh get shot a dozen time and then get up and kill the bad guy with a single gunshot all you would have left is a bunch of people having sex that isn’t even remotely related to the storyline. By hinting that there might be a storyline I am giving the movie more credit then it is due. I have said it before and I will say it again, the only difference between Hollywood and a brothel is that in most states prostitution is illegal.


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