Leftists’ fight against Chick-fil-A is now happening in government high schools


Leftists are intensifying their war on Chick-fil-A.

The restaurant has been under siege from the Left for years.

Now Leftists have taken the fight against Chick-fil-A to the high school level.

Chick-fil-A is the most popular and fastest growing fast food restaurant in the world.

Founded by a devout Christian, the restaurant holds to its commitment of closing its doors every Sunday, which is unheard of for a chain fast food restaurant.

The CEO’s belief and expression of Christian values is precisely why liberals hate it so much.

Almost a decade ago, CEO Dan Cathy — a devout Christian — spoke publicly about his belief in traditional marriage, a position that somehow became controversial.

For that reason, Leftists have declared all-out war against Chick-fil-A.

The restaurant has been banned from several universities and airports.

Now high schools are getting in on the act.

Fox News reports:

The principal of a New Orleans high school said his staffers have no desire to “eat mor chikin,” as the administrator turned down a free lunch for teachers catered by Chick-fil-A over what he alleges are the company’s “views” toward the LGBTQ community.

On Oct. 10, Steven Corbett, principal of Lusher High School, said that he had recently declined a free lunch from the chicken-centric chain for his employees, provided through the College Football Playoff Foundation (CFPF), explaining that the restaurant’s values do not align with those of the school.

“Out of respect to our LGBTQ staff, we have chosen to not serve Chick-fil-A at an employee lunch. The #1 rule at Lusher is to ‘Be Kind’ and we live this motto every day,” Corbett told WWL-TV. “Chick-fil-A has been politically outspoken about its views, and we feel it is not part of Lusher’s culture of kindness and community.”

The move by the New Orleans high school is a troubling development.

It shows just how far Left the government-run school system has moved.

This value of being “kind” is proof of how kids are being indoctrinated in schools at an early age.

Receiving free chicken sandwiches shouldn’t be political, but the Left wants everything to be political.

Leftists have now made chicken sandwiches problematic because of one statement by a CEO years ago.

If the Left is willing to go this hard against a major company, just imagine what they’ll do to you if you dare get in their way.

Did the high school make a bad move in rejecting the free lunches?

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