Leftists Are Trying To Cancel Superhero Movies For An Insane Reason


The far-left assault on culture is escalating at breakneck speed.

A small group of loud activists are dictating to the rest of the country what is and isn’t permissible.

Now leftists are trying to cancel superhero movies for an insane reason.

The murder of George Floyd has been expoited by radical leftists who aim to tear apart the country.

Every time these radicals get political leverage, they use it to push the country further to the Left.

Leftists have wanted to abolish the police for decades, and they have enough political capital to advance the ball on this radical agenda.

On the cultural front, they’ve successfully banned shows like Live PD and Cops, and there was even a push to cancel the kids show Paw Patrol.

Even raging anti-police crusader Ice Cube thought that was a bridge too far for the Cultural Revolution.

He tweeted: “My grand baby loves Paw Patrol, this sh*t is going too far.”

But now the cultural terrorists have moved on to the next totem: superhero movies.

TIME magazine argued that it’s now time to “re-examine” superhero films.

Author Eliana Dockterman argued that “cops with capes who enact justice with their powers” are primarily “straight, white men who either function as an extension of a broken U.S. justice system or as vigilantes without any checks on their powers.” 

She opened with a hackneyed intersectional critique of superheroes being “straight, white men” who are emblematic of an unjust system.

She continued, “When Batman ignores orders and goes rogue, there’s no oversight committee to assess whether Bruce Wayne’s biases influence who he brings to justice and how.”

This is an example of the contradictory language leftists use.

The solution to a supposed broken system accountable to no one is a more powerful Soviet-style politburo accountable to no one.

The same people who want to abolish prisons are eager to throw political dissidents in gulags.

Dockterman argued that superhero movies must “reckon with issues of systemic racism – let alone sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of bigotry.”

According to the Left, everything must be political, even popcorn entertainment that’s largely marketed toward kids.

Dockterman concluded, “If Hollywood is to do better in telling these stories, more creators of color need to be given the reins to tell them.”

But she really only means “woke” creators of color.

A creator who favors the writings of Thomas Sowell over Ta-Nehisi Coates needs not apply.

Will the Left’s attack on superhero films be successful?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. I have always thought the idea behind superheros was to make up for the failures of our police and justice system. Superman, Spider Man, Bat Man, all catching the bad guys because the police couldn’t. All superhero movies have the same theme, that our police cannot keep up with the criminals, so we need vigilantes also.
    Since democrats want to defund and abolish the police, wouldn’t that make the idea of superheros that much more important? I’m just saying.

  3. I hope they do! The liberals have hijacked the movies they make and force feed their agenda down our throats so I’ve decided to not support them and they (actors) bailed out protesters and rioters to get them back on the street so in a nutshell they deserve to get backhanded by the people the movie industry Supports!

  4. Well since Hollywood is mostly comprised of whacko leftist, its seems like they are pissing in their own soup.
    Banning superhero movies is just going to hit them in the pocket book. Well, nobody has ever accused people on the left of being smart so………….

  5. Whats next? The comic books where super heroes originated? And this “woman” mentioned superheroes of color. Looks like her agenda has more to do with that then comic character themselves. Of course.

  6. The idiots should know that if they want more Comic book heros to be like them then write the books, finance the movies and pray that the white movie patron will actually purchase them. I went to war for and with this country to keep the values we had but it looks like I and thousands of others lost the war from the inside of Congress. Maybe we should consider how best to keep moving toward our oath …against all enemies both foreign and domestic. We can try the best (not the only) at the voting booth provided Congress does not cut that option off as they are trying to do.

  7. This is more than absolute BS. So if you don’t like what you see, make your own and see how that works for you.

  8. Time to either kill the whackos or put them in an insane asylum. This has gone way to far and they need to find out that there are consequences to their words and actions. They are so brainwashed and ignorant that they don’t even pay attention to the fact that they are angering millions.

  9. These young people are brain washed what brains they have. The college professors are Communist and all Leftist.If Biden does win election get ready for civil war.

  10. What comes next ?. The goose stepping Nazis and the thought police of George Orwell. I furthermore believe that they would arrest people who aren’t Liberal or Democrats and send them to thought reform camps.

  11. First the Superheroes.
    Then the Heroes.
    Even one Hero disproves everything the Leftists hold dear.
    I am not at home, but I have book by a Conservative author & political scientist that lays out the case.

    If I can find this post when I return home, I will provide the title, author, and the case he presents.

  12. you need to just back off, you’re going to far, come on its entertainment. if you don’t want to watch it ,change the channel or if it’s at the movies you have the choice to not go. It’s your choice and every race should have the right to choose other people should not be able to make that decision for you. Having the right to choose is up to the individual leave my rights alone!!!!

  13. The superheros that we need to do there jobs are the police forces. Where are the police when these terrorists are tearing down the history and statues. The USA has gone all over the world to combat terrorism for other nations Can we not fight terrorists in our own country. there is something very wrong here./

  14. Black Panther, Iron Patriot, Hulk(green), Superman is a alien, Nick Fury, Zorro, The Cisco Kid, Tonto, Boston Blackie, Mighty Mouse and Cyborg just to mention a few hero’s who fight injustice.

  15. They are evil and follow satan. Thankfully, they will follow him right to Hell and we will be well rid of them

  16. These insane animals cannot fight God and win. When Jesus returns we will have true peace from all evil

  17. americawakeupnow…That is exactly the goal of the Godless dems…to rewrite our history and erase everything this country stands for. They are very evil and have brainwashed a lot of people. Either we understand who and what they are and defeat them or this country is finished

  18. Still waiting for a civil war to happen, hoping sooner than later, so I can PERMANENTLY CANCEL these liberal Democrat morons. I know a liberal when I seen one….the grim reaper is out to collect your evil soul. Laugh now MFers, it will happen.

  19. I’m all for banning superhero movies, but not for any leftist moral outrage reason. My reason is that are too many and most of them suck. Superhero movies are just an excuse to substitute good screenplays and meaningful plots with CGI mayhem and foolishness. Enough already.

  20. 1st – these superhero movies are make believe. 2nd – We have raised a generation that believes that these movies are real. 3rd – If you want to ban something ban the games that teach the current teens and children to shoot and kill.

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