Leftists are trying to “cancel” Matthew McConaughey for an unbelievable reason


Cancel culture has run amok in “woke” Hollywood.

Anyone who steps out of line runs the risk of being attacked by a left-wing outrage mob.

Now leftists are trying to “cancel” Matthew McConaughey for an unbelievable reason.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome of the last four years has morphed into a “woke” outrage mob looking to silence anyone of wrongthink.

Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey found himself in the path of the outrage mob because he dared to talk to comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan, and Canadian author and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson.

The far-left outlet The Daily Beast wrote a hit piece on McConaughey entitled “Matthew McConaughey Keeps Flirting With Alt-Right Darlings.”

First, columnist Laura Bradley can’t seem to define alt-right or why Rogan or Peterson would be considered darlings of their movement, which they are not.

The alt-right has become a catch-all phrase for anyone the Left does not like.

Neither Rogan nor Peterson are even particularly right-wing, let alone loony alt-righters advocating for a white ethnostate.

Rogan and Peterson are right-wing insofar as they oppose the illiberalism of the Left.

In the piece, Bradley wrote:

“The issue with ‘cancel culture,’ to the extent that one even exists, is not that anyone is, to borrow McConaughey’s neologism, ‘illegitimizing’ what these guys are saying . . . The Jordan Petersons and Joe Rogans of the world are not, as they so often complain, being persecuted or, as McConaughey put it in his Russell Howard interview, erased. They’re simply peddling the losing ends of arguments that have already occurred countless times – perpetuating a culture war while simultaneously trying to frame themselves as its victims.”

This is an unbelievable level of gaslighting.

Dozens of committed leftists signed onto the Harper’s Letter, which expressed concerns about the growing illiberalism and cancel culture ethos of the Left.

After the letter was published, some of the signees disavowed it because Harry Potter author JK Rowling was included.

The cancel culture mob attempted to take out Rowling by inundating her Twitter feed with hateful responses and strong-arming her publisher to drop her as a client.

The tactic didn’t work, but not for a lack of effort.

Rowling is a billionaire author who could withstand the heat, but many cannot and have not, something Bradley would never acknowledge.

Employees at Spotify also tried to get Rogan booted from the platform because of his interviews with “controversial” people.

McConaughy and anyone outside of the progressive bubble recognizes that cancel culture is real, and The Daily Beast hit piece is an ironic example of it.

New York Post author Karol Markowicz said it best when she commented:

“This piece is basically, ‘Cancel culture doesn’t exist but let’s cancel Matthew McConaughey just in case.’”