Leftists are throwing Dave Chappelle under the bus and it could destroy free speech entirely


Leftists are hellbent on silencing all forms of free speech that do not align with their sick and distorted worldview.

And now they are targeting one of America’s favorite comedians.

Hollywood is throwing Dave Chappelle under the bus and the ramifications could be felt everywhere.

Chappelle recently released his new special on Netflix and all hell broke loose.

Netflix comedy specials have become extremely popular but have also managed to generate a fair amount of controversy.

And Dave Chappelle is no stranger to controversy or pushing the envelope.

Now, the Left is having a total meltdown after Dave Chappelle’s jokes targeted at transgender men and women.

Reviews from established media outlets are rolling in, and they are all trying to sink his career and kill what remains of free speech in this country.

Breitbart reports:

Rotten Tomatoes, the review-aggregation website for film and television, has given veteran comedian Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix stand-up special Sticks & Stones a zero percent rating.

The Chappelle special has received a total of five critic ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, almost all of which consider it a bust.

Slate’s Inkoo Kang, a “top critic” for Rotten Tomatoes, said Chappelle’s special is “Like dropping in on a rascally uncle who doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, how much he’s disappointing you.”

Alison Herman of The Ringer also criticized the special and said, “Sticks and Stones is designed to generate inflammatory coverage… It’s a symbiotic cycle with no end in sight, and it’s become the last thing a beloved provocateur should ever want to be: predictable.”

“Sticks & Stones is terrible, and [Dave] Chappelle can only blame himself for that,” another reviewer wrote.

The reality is, Chappelle’s Netflix special has been wildly successful and his fans loved it.

Not to mention, Chappelle clearly demonstrates his own leftist political views in the special by expressing his support for abortion and gun control.

But that wasn’t enough for the rabid Leftists in Hollywood and the media.

They are trying to take him down for making jokes about the LGBT community.

Silencing comedians is an alarming trend in Hollywood.

Soon, we could be facing an entertainment industry with absolutely no room for different opinions, talent, or humor . . . All in the name of being politically correct.

What do you think?

Is Hollywood trying to destroy Chappelle’s career?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. The left and the LGBT can dish it out but they can’t take it! Good for Chappelle—-Stay Strong….show everyone that you have a “backbone, Chappelle .”

  2. This hollywood thing is all our fault, We pay hard earned money to see their films and more money to buy their music. We click on every story about them and we support sports. Sports where men and women make millions to play with a ball. Music that is gross and sick. Movies that are sub par to say the least. So when you see these over paid people and can’t stand them, remember that is is us that put them there. So stop going to the movies and buying their music. Stop spending 100’s of dollars to see the spoiled brats play ball. Let have a no spoiled person entertainment boycott that lasts for 6 months, we put them there we can remove them if we don’t pay for their lifestyles.

  3. I have not been to the movies in several years and don’t miss them. I have no idea who movie stars are and find that lack of knowledge in no way interferes with my life. Books have replaced movies. I don’t believe that anything Hollywood does or says should impact my life in any form. I will just snuggle down with a classic novel and have a great time. Saves money too.

    • Great reply, can’t beat a good book, also, it’s fun watching those old movies as they don’t make’em like they used to, same with music, until they improve, get some common sense, just ignore’em!

      • I totally agree with you,Blue..As far as movies &television goes-they sure don’t make ’em like they use to! I have always loved a lot of the comedies from the ’30s and ’40s(and early-’50s)a lot funnier than recent comedies..because there was no political correctness in any of the movies from the 1930s up through the early-1950s.And there was also no anger towards any U.S.political party or any U.S.Political person worked into those ’30s,’40s & ’50s movies.Television talk show hosts-from the late1940s up to as recent as the late1980s-were actually funny and hilarious and very smart..but are now just bitter,smug,crying overgrown bablies that would rather do crying,blubbering,completely vile,sick,bitter and humorless”anti-Trump/anti-conservative”rants in place of funny,non-political monologues.And i think the black&white crime dramas from the 1930s &1940s were a lot more entertaining and even more realistic on a lot of levels-more than the crime dramas or Police Proceedural dramas in the movies or television now..The crime dramas in movies &television now-and for about the last 20-30some -has been more and more unrealistically contrived,politically correct and even feminist agenda-driven..and as a result..preposterous,pretentious, contrived,”feminist-fantasy”grounded instead grounded in reality.The crime dramas from the ’30s,’40s and early-’50s had more realistic,straight-forward stories and actually more realistic fight scenes that you can actually buy into and accept..because you actually believe the person doing the hard hitting in the fight scenes could actually do the damage in real life! The “Good Guys/Good Girls”and the “Bad Guys/Bad Girls”in these ’30s & ’40s crime films(whether they were dramas or comedies)were more believable in how they conducted themselves and their actions..because that’s how people in real life would act and react..and these actors really did looked the way Bad Guys &Bad Girls look in real life..as opposed to the way Hollywood portrays the Bad Guy’s/Bad GIRL’S physical appearances now! Nowadays..all the Hollywood male & female “Heroes”&”Villains”-all look like they stepped right out of the pages of G.Q.,Madmoiselle,Hustler & Playboy!

    • I AGREE 100% None of these people are worth the trouble. Dave Chappelle is a good guy & he tried telling us about HOLLYWEIRD, NOW THEY WANT TO SHUT HIM UP! I too have not gone to a movie in years, the movies suck, the actors/actresses act like they’re ABOVE everyone else AND THEY’RE SATANIC PEDOPHILES!

    • Heck, the entertainment industry would starve if they depended on me. I don’t care about movies, hate most of what is called music now, haven’t watched television for years.
      I was surprised when the article referred to Chappelle as America’s favorite comedian…I had no idea who he was.
      I, along with Dee, can’t think of any way entertainment and sports affect my life except in the way I have to pay higher prices for products because they sponsor many of these programs.

    • Absolutely. I can name a couple dozen movie stars from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, but I can’t come up with more than a handful of current names. Most stars are just homogeneous. There are few unique characteristics between leading men and leading women.

  4. Leftist Dave Chappelle needs to wake up & quit being a leftist! What does he have to lose? We right-wing folks now have GAB & Parler to compete with Twitter! This is why the leftists hate free speech on the internet! When it isn’t censored they can’t control the media anymore like they used to!

  5. Personally loved David’s irreverent takes on abortion;gun control;The “L”’s; The “G”’s; “B”’s & The “T”’s! Brilliant mind looking at the world from HIS observation platform! Hooray for him!

  6. Damn, if I did not have to put up with the other garbage on Netflix I would get it just to watch this. If the left hates it, it must be good.

  7. Many of the GLBTG group proposals are out of place as are so is some activities by Parents and the Medical Profession pushing children into their way of thinking and operations. It is unconscionable that children have to be taught about what has for all time been referred to as Queer. Remember what the Doctor said, there are only two SEX, Male & Female there aren’t any other and there aren’t any excuses.

  8. It’s really fun to aggravate the leftist boobus americanus people.They can’t stand it when we don’t agree with them.Oh well,tuff titty.

  9. This is not the real Dave Chappell. There is a good YouTube video that proves this fact. The Deep State black hats are protecting more than anyone knows.

  10. You Go Dave dont take any crap from these LIBS theyre NUTS. THESE so-called-actors/actresses need to stay the HELL OUT of everybodies business. We Have Rights, Read the CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS you evil demonrats. All you libs want to do is change everything but its not for the best its for the WORST. DRAIN THIS EVIL SWAMP.

  11. The Hell with the Liberals, if they cannot take a joke, Hollywood is just stepping in the chair with the rope in their necks and trying to kick the chair….I would say…let them

  12. I make fun of the fruits and fairies everyday, they get butt hurt really easy, which shouldn’t bother them in the butt hurt category.

  13. Typical of the leftist children which they are at any age. It’s truly amazing just how many examples of parental failures there are on their side. Find your mommies and pacifiers, children. Biggest issue is t hat you’re full and need a diaper change.

  14. Hollywood should be boycotted by every clear thinking American and around the world,they want to abolish free speech and all opinions that differ from these left wing radicals.

  15. Dave Chapelle has always made fun of everything from crack addicts to Prince to white slavers!! His comedy is hilarious and no group is safe!! Call a wambulance if you’re triggered!!

  16. I saw it twice. I loved it. It pokes fun at every demographic out there including whites. It is racially balanced as every Chappelle special is. I will support him always because he gets it and is not afraid to show us the short comings of Americans and make us laugh at it. The LGBTQ population has rapidly become my least favorite demographic because they want to identify themselves as an independent “race” after all of their years of asking us to accept them as they are. Purely driven with future hopes of reparations much like if they were slaves, as if all of them were oppressed.
    Learn to Laugh letter people !!


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