Leftists are taking down one statue that shocked everyone


Radical leftist mobs are still on the march.

They’ve rioted, looted, and pulled down statues for weeks.

Now leftists are taking down one statue that shocked everyone.

The far Left is always waiting for a powder keg moment to advance their cause and nudge the country further to the Left.

And the shocking murder of George Floyd was just the catalyst they needed.

What began as protesting morphed into rioting and looting sprees, and now leftists have gone full Maoist and started destroying history by pulling down statues.

They began with Confederate statues, which didn’t receive much pushback – even though it was done undemocratically – but then they moved onto Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, something that Donald Trump warned against years ago.

Even the Founding Fathers are no longer safe.Since Washington and Jefferson both held slaves, they must be purged too.

But then rabid leftists tore down a statue of Ulysses S. Grant, the general who led the Union Army to victory and fought the Ku Klux Klan when he became president.

Left-wing journalists found this baffling, but they were really pulling out their hair when New York City’s Museum of Natural History said they were removing a statue of Theodore Roosevelt because it was “problematic” and promoted colonialism.

Teddy Roosevelt is one of the Republican presidents the Left actually likes because he later became a progressive and was in favor of government intervention.

Roosevelt was also a conservationist who created the national park system, but he, too, must be “canceled” because the moral betters of 2020 will cast judgment on all history.

It won’t be long before the far-left wants to sandblast Mount Rushmore.

Perhaps the most galling nature of many elite leftists is that they should know the warnings of George Orwell’s “1984” and they should know the history of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution, but they march forward anyway.

Leftist academics have the hubris to believe that they can lead this unruly mob and rebuild society correctly where Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, and other communists failed.

The erasure of history should be alarming to everyone.

Some liberal journalists are finally speaking out, but the horse has already left the barn.

The inmates are now running the asylum, and the local Democrat leaders are encouraging the madness.

Socialist mayor of New York Bill de Blasio’s response to the Roosevelt controversy was, “It is the right decision and the right time to remove this problematic statue.”

It’s time for everyone to speak out against the nonsense while free speech is still permitted.

Is any historical figure safe from the Left?

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  2. Guard the Buddhas in front of your favorite Asian restaurant. They’ll probably try to blow them up next following the lead of the Taliban.

  3. I weep for the direction and destruction of my great nation. Never in my 70 years would I think that mobs would take control, and it seems they can’t be stopped. If there is a way, please tell me how.
    God forbid if a Democrat is elected in November. We need Trump to stop this.

  4. As long as the democrat party and the BLM anarchist thugs are joined at the hip Biden will lose in November. The democrats can’t appease both the rabid left, and the swing voters at the same time.
    Democrats have to take a stand and denounce BLM now or they are doomed, IMO.

  5. This isn’t about the protesters. It’s about the cowardice of the majority. The FIRST protester who raised his hand to throw something or to strike a match…should have been gunned down on the spot. But now that they see how wishy-washy and weak and spineless our country IS….they’ll push until we stop them. We could have easily stopped all of this….the resources and the ability are there… but the resolve and common sense are NOT.

  6. Government, Damn it. Do something about these riots -the killings, mass destruction of property, etc. before it is too late! Put these rioters in jail, organize them into chain gangs and make them repair the damage and they have created. Otherwise our country will become a barren ruble heap of nothingness.


  7. FluffyPillowFive: You give the electorate a lot more credit than I do. I don’t think enough people CARE for this to matter. There was a time when you would have been right. No more. Modern Americans are too weak and unprincipled to survive.

  8. If you think the riots are bad now you wait ’til November when Trump wins a second term. Then you will see the real riots take place in every city. The democrats will fuel their rabid base with propaganda saying Trump stole the election or the Russians messed with the election, or maybe it will be the Chinese they blame this time.
    This new democrat mob party will not accept the outcome of a fair election. I’m afraid it’s too late for America. The Bolsheviks want their revolution, peacefully or by force. They will not give up.

  9. Vicki, I agree with everything you said. I heard a BLM protester on TV saying we are giving you a taste of what’s to come if Trump gets reelected. So take note. It was a threat plain and simple. I couldn’t believe he said that on camera.

  10. Ancient saying: “After the statues they will come after you.!!” A friend was in a large Atlanta gun shop and witnessed large groups of blacks buying large numbers of assault type rifles…looks like war folks better keep your house wives off the streets!!

  11. They will eventually demand the removal of the Lincoln Monument. If that doesn’t trigger the civil war, I doubt if anything will.

  12. These leftist rioters and looters and arsonists are a serious threat to peaceable Americans. ANTIFA I think is no better than ISIS. It’s another terrorist group who nobody can reason with and who don’t say exactly what it is they want other than to forcefully take what doesn’t belong to them. They are no better than common thieves. People like that weak mayor of Seattle have to stand up to these anarchists or they are going to try to take over the country. And to threaten America if Trump is re-elected is absolutely unacceptable, and these people sooner or later or going to have to be dealt with, if not by the police and national guard, then the military or this great nation will descend into anarchy.

  13. Carson Tyler, some people say that the lawlessness , anarchy, violence racism and rioting have been perpetrated by the leftist, meaning the liberals, meaning the democrats because they are intelligent and informed.

  14. gregory scott garner: You are absolutely correct. The first one should have been dealt with harshly as after all these uneducated louts are cowards first and foremost. Nip it in the bud and stay on top of it.

  15. Just don’t get why this is still going on. A couple protests would have been enough. The looters and rioters joined in and are having a blast right now. And it’s against the law for the regular citizen to do something about it. The BLM and other groups have been running down the south for years over slavery. Then they start tearing down statues and defacing monuments to southern leaders. Now it;s the flag and Bubba Wallace of Nascar and Teddy Roosevelt. When are you going to realize this is America you are tearing down.

  16. I think it is time for the 150 million plus legal gun owners in America to stand up as one unit and put a stop or this crap. Does not look like the Govt. is going to do anything.
    If I were President Trump, I would send in the military with tanks and wipe their asses out.

  17. leftists/dems/commies are INSANE and VERY DANGEROUS!!! Why are we not dealing with them and their sick destruction???? Does no one have a spine to do what is right??? satan is on the rampage and they are his army

  18. It is time for Jesus to come and take charge. No way can they fight Him and win. He will send them and their master satan to an eternity of torture in Hell

  19. Most blacks are not necessarily on the side of BLM. Some blacks are more intelligent than democrats give them credit, and they see BLM for what it really is. Just a group of anarchist social ist thugs that use the veneer of caring about black lives when nothing can be further from the truth. A lot of BLM members are actually white. White radical social ist anarchists is what they are. BLM uses blacks like pawns the same way the democrat party has been doing for 50 years.


  21. The “children of the left” must not have paid attention in history class due to the fact that they’re tearing down statues & monuments of people that ACTUALLY PROMOTED their cause! It seems like the U.S. should raise the bar in getting these “left children” & actually teach history instead of allowing them to graduate not knowing some basic history!!

  22. Nonmilitary war waged by Communist China. Every resource aimed against capitalist made in America Trump. Former leftist commie David Horowitz projects landslide victory for Trump in new book entitled “BLITZ.”

  23. Desecration of property is vandalism. All persons should be criminally charged, sentenced, and, incarcerated, as well as, remitting monies to pay for restoration. No flexibility for criminal activities.

  24. Just heard that 49 miners football team will raise Black Lives Matter flag at football games I will not support any teams that approve of anarchy in this country. I guess the black three year old that was killed over the weekend life doesn’t matter . I will never vote for any political party that supports crazy behavior. I will never vote for another democrat again. They are all communist. Anyone that votes for Joe Biden for president is not dealing with a full deck.

  25. If every man’s life was laid bare for all to see, we would all deserve hanging, and the only statue left standing in America would be Mickey Mouse. We must move to overthrow this Anarchy, and we must move fast and hard. Round ’em up, lock ’em up, and if that doesn’t send ’em home, use the National Guard – that’s what we’ve got them for – to guard our nation. They ain’t stopping unless we stop them.

  26. I’m sick of all this BS!! We need to band together and take this country back from these morons. I didn’t spend 4 years of my life in the marines defending my country to watch it all go to hell! If your not in on this then leave MY country

  27. Police and the national guard should be used. Past time to end this outrage. We have to support them as well. Tough job.

  28. It seems that they think all history I see white washed. There for nothing’s the truth in history. It has all been white washed! Made to look better than it was in reality. That is the mind set that I was told.
    I would have to ask how did slavery end then, since there were no black politicians to end slavery? Just saying.
    PS the Republicans all voted to end slavery and The Democrats all voted to keep slavery, that’s no white wash.

  29. I am outraged that thiese lawless criminals have not been stopped by the federal government. These communist anarchist are already threathening to use firearms should any attempt to stop them be realized. Let the blood begin but put down this insurrection by any and all means.

  30. Don’t come down on Jefferson, the writer of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.
    It is tragic when the ignorant children attack the GODS who set them free.
    Forgive them for they know not what they do.
    Their Teachers have failed them.

  31. I’m no longer with the folks who say we must re-elect Trump as president so he can save us from the riots. The riots are happening now. He is president now. We need a real conservative like Ted Cruz as president, and then this will never happen again. I believe that Trump is still well intentioned and a good businessman, just not the right “crisis president”, and he should recognize this and endorse Cruz in 2020. Then Trump should run again in 2024.

  32. This Horrific Mistake Only Reinforces My Belief That The THUG LIVES MATTERS Group Has NOTHING AT ALL To Do With BLACK LIVES? …. Because, NO SELF RESPECTING BLACK PERSON Would Tear This Particular Statue Down? This man Fought The KKK When He Became PRESIDENT! … NO The THUGS Hiding Behind The BLM Logo? Are Actually: RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS. … If you do not like what is going on? … VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT. …. This is their GOAL.

  33. I refuse to choose between Trump or Doctor Fauci.
    If they have a difference of opinion, they will work it out.
    Since they come from such different environments, of course they have some differences in the way they see things
    Give them some time.
    If they can discuss it in public, we can listen and learn from the debate.
    Chill out people, let our system of democracy work, as our president learns from an expert on diseases.

  34. Well I don’t see these culture cancel idiots defacing MLK statue. If we are going to cancel everything then start over, then that leads is back to slavery all over again or it leaves black peoples back in their own countries. So exactly what does that do? History repeats itself right. This makes no sense at all. Americans have come a long way today to just redo it again. What kind of logic is that. Like I have said before these people who want to control everything is using you and when they get what they want you will pay price for doing their dirty work. They won’t need you any more. Think about it.

  35. It appears Pres Trump may have to step in and take control of these radicals. Defacing and removing statues because you don’t like what they stand for in history in unlawful. These statues belong to the US government paid for by the citizens of the US. I foresee two things happening. 1. Martial Law under Pres Trump. 2. Civil War II which will be completely different from Civil War I.


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