Leftists are losing their minds over the pro-America thing one pastor did


In the current era, the two things leftists hate more than anything are God and America.

So when a pastor does something patriotic, it sends leftists into a fit.

And that’s exactly what one pro-America pastor did, and now leftists are losing their minds.

Following President Trump’s recent comments about how people who hate America – despite fleeing here from other countries – should consider going back home, the Left has been freaking out.

The media are considering his comments racist, despite the fact that race had nothing to do with it.

But, as it turns out, while the media is having their fit, there are millions of everyday Americans who agree with Trump.

One of those people is Pastor E.W. Lucas, who runs a small Baptist church in Virginia.

Following Trump’s comments, he changed the sign outside his church to read “America: Love it or leave it.”

The Daily Caller reports:

A small Baptist church in Virginia changed the words on its sign to read, “America: Love it or leave it,” in a move the pastor says is a political commentary on President Trump.

Pastor E.W. Lucas and his wife talked to a local news outlet about the sign, after it drew attention in the community and online. “I thought I was going to make some remarks regarding the situation in Washington,” he told an ABC affiliate. “It just came to me … ‘America, I love it. If you don’t love it, leave it.’”

He and his wife have been changing the words on the sign since 1979, when he founded the Friendship Baptist Church in Appomattox. “People that feel hard about our president and want to down the president and down the country and everything, they ought to go over there and live in these other countries for a little while,” Lucas added.

He told the ABC affiliate he decided to keep it up for awhile, since he has gotten positive feedback, but that in any case he’s not worried about hurting people’s feelings. “Preachers, by and large, today, are afraid they’re gonna hurt somebody’s feelings, and when I get in the pulpit, I’m afraid I won’t hurt somebody’s feelings,” he said.

It was so controversial his local news came out to cover it.

But Pastor Lucas doesn’t care about the controversy.

He actually welcomes it, stating that too many pastors worry about hurting feelings.

Do you agree with Pastor Lucas’ sign?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. ALL libs should be rounded up and sent to North Korea. They have no place here. Since they have only hatred for this country and all it stands for, they are our enemies and very dangerous to our freedom.

  3. Freedom is the greatest thing a person can have with respect to others. This preacher knows that as well as many other do. That is why we tell others who don,t like it hear, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. It’s not wrong to love your country. But if you hate it leave it, or accept the changes you made when coming hear. Asimulate into our culture and enjoy the rest of your life.

  4. I absolutely agree with Pastor Lucas! It’s right thing to do. Love your country. Not hate it and try to destroy everything it stands for, like the sick Liberals are trying to do.I love my country and I’m not ashamed to admit it.But I do want it to still be “the land of the free”. Not the GOD hating country the Democratic wants it to be…

  5. A great statement by Pastor Lucas. May God bless you and your church family. We need to return to the foundations our nation was founded on. The Squad and AOC have no place here in America.

  6. On the one hand, Culture Watch News criticizes a liberal Reverend Gerald Palmer, saying he “…allows his political views to shape his pastoral ones.” On the other hand, Culture Watch News commends Pastor E.W. Lucas for allowing *his* political views to influence his pastoral views.

    “America: love it or leave it!” Where have we heard that one before? Conservatives espouse a “My country, right or wrong” philosophy and won’t tolerate dissent. Liberals say, “My country, when right (correct) to be kept right (correct), and when wrong to be put right (i.e., corrected).” And the First Amendment allows for freedom of speech to protest real or perceived injustice! Dissent is as American as apple pie!

    During times of war, liberals sport t-shirts and bumper stickers saying, “Peace is patriotic,” and “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

    “America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense… human rights invented America.” — Jimmy Carter

    “I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service.” – John Kerry

  7. I don’t care what the subject we are TRYING to discuss, here comes Vasu muddying the waters with his Democratic propaganda.It has gotten to the point I actually feel dirty, and need to take a shower when I see his name appear. I have done battle with many ignorant ,vile misinformed radical leftists on these sites. But Vasu’s persistence is mind boggling ! He truly must be paid by the Democratic party for his consent postings.Just to annoy us. I don’t think I’ve ever read one person proclaim,” Oh Vasu, you are so right. I’m going to vote for the Democratic Party in 2020!”. The only thing I will say in his favor is, he is not vulgar like Justice for Trump, Guns and a few others are….But anybody that votes for a Democrat in any position, hates GOD , hates our Constitution , hates our country and what it stands for. Plus supports the killing innocent babies.I will never vote any way other than Republican….

  8. Liberals love America as much as, in fact probably MORE THAN, conservatives do. This is because the typical right wing white supremacist conservative aka lil dee trump supporter hates the idea than non pink skins, in America, have as many rights as they do.

  9. I remember seeing that on bumper stickers back in the 70s. I agreed with it then and agree with it now.
    Don’t like America, what’s keeping you here?

  10. This is America. It is logic. If you don’t love America go to wherever you do love. I saw in the news where some kind person took down the flag because a foreigner was offended by our flag. The proper reaction is to find what country the offended one does like & go to Go Fund Me & buy the offended one a one way ticket out.

  11. It’s America (Love It Or Leave It) sung by Ernest Tubb
    Well I’m gettin’ mighty tired of seein’ hippies runnin’ wild
    And burnin’ down the schools and steppin’ on the flag

    Things are gettin’ out of hand when you read about man
    Who’ll burn his draft card then hang around the pool room and brag
    Some folks think it’s okay, but I wasn’t raised that way
    And I won’t be satisfied ’til I’ve had my say

    It’s America, you got no right to deceive it
    It’s the best there is, you’d better believe it
    Good men gave their lives, so we could live to see it
    It’s America, love it or leave it

    Things are goin’ mighty wrong when respect for law is gone
    And it seems everybody hates a uniform

    It’s kinda hard to understand when you read about a man
    That’s talkin’ ’bout love and knockin’ the place he was born
    If things don’t go their way, they could always move away
    That’s what democracy means anyway

    It’s America, love it or leave it

  12. If someone tells us that they do not like America; let’s MAKE them explain exactly why they are here & invite them to go to where they will be happy. They have NO BUSSINESS here.

  13. It is what I call “Dick and Jane” and most people know what that is. So, with that being said……”If you do not love this country-Get out”. And, those that are coming up through Mexico to come into America and fly the Mexican flag…..turn around and start walking back. If the immigrants clamor to come into the U.S. and then disrespect it? What? This is a problem the democrats have created…..Hope all of us remember: If we do not pay attention our ‘America the Beautiful’ will be lost!

  14. America-Love it or leave it! Take that fuzz bumper Maddow, DeNiro, Cortez and the two American hating Muslim Congresswomen butches with you!

  15. I read lots of stupid post on the he web but yours is right on the top. If you can compare what the radical pretend preacher said to what the real preach said from Virginia you have to be a no sain person could even come close to comparing the two. If the only person you can find to quote is John Kerry that is so said. But what is worth as you Libs are so stupid that you believe all this garbage that the left is putting out so sad

  16. At our (Catholic) Bible studies class here in South Texas recently, we were told by our instructor (a Mexican deacon) that it’s time for us to quit being “ranch dogs” and defend our faith (and our country). I congratulate Pastor Lucas for not being a “ranch dog.”

  17. What would be better for us as Americans than what we have now……Faith, Family Freedom and Flag. We need more Reverend Lucas preachers. Our kids today are lost souls and getting worst by the day. The news media feeds the fire of radicalism and all Christians need to unite in prayer as God is the only answer. Start with daily devotions …guess what??? it won’t hurt.

  18. Eric your statement is so ignorant and you are so simply mined that you couldn’t understand someone that loves this country and treats everyone that loves this country better than any president in modern history but I guess your too stupid to see. Why don’t you ask some of your black friends that have jobs now thanks to Trump

  19. just talking in circles and saying nothing of value just like someone who hates his or her country and thinks we all should. Either you are for us or you need to move out – no middle ground here – you are the enemy of we the people period.

  20. Yes, I agree with the Pastor wholeheartedly, but the Mafia Squad in Congress will not live in other countries even for 1 day because they know they will be killed there and that is because they are so hated by everyone!

  21. I support this pastor one hundred percent .Who cares whos’ feelings get hurt ,it’s damn time for people too stand up for what they believe . And let the liberal nutbags of the left know you dont care about sarcasm or criticizing. And it is not going too bother them..They will just have too be offended by Christian people .

  22. If imigrants dont love AMERICA why the hell did YOU come HERE for the HANDOUTS IF you do not like the way this AMERICA is run theres NO chain around your NECK

  23. I have been saying that for a long time. If you hate America so much, the door goes two ways and don’t let it hit you on your ass. Get out of this country and your name to be added as undesirable to have reentry to the USA! America does not need people who hate this country. Especially if a person comes here from another country and grows up here and spouts their hate. Get out and don’t come back!

  24. I also like Merle Haggards if you don’t like it, leave it, let this song that I’m singin’ be a warning… when you’re running down our country, You’re walking on The Fightin’ Side of Me……… I’m paraphrasing here, but hopefully some people will remember it.

  25. I agree with the Pastor. The Leftists who hate america should go try a few other countries and see what they are like. I think they might want to return to the US!
    I agree, pastors in the pulpit should not be afraid of hurting feelings. I don’t feel like I’ve been to a worship service unless the pastor made me feel a little bad about my life and service.
    We do not need pastors who preach sermons that makes people feel good. The bible speaks of them as itching ears preachers. The world is in a bad shape and the US has joined them. I believe the Trumpet will sound pretty soon and we will get out of this world. Jesus Died on Pentacost, the first Feast day, He was in the grave on the unleavened bread, the second and H arose on First Fruits, the third. And the Holy Spirit came on Pentacost, the fourth. The fifth is Trumpets which, if God continues the sequence, will be when we all go to be with Him. When I tell people this they point out that Jesus said no one knows the day nor the hour of that coming. Well, those feast days ALL begin at 6 pm on one day and last until 6 pm the next day So, He can call us out on Trumpets and you still will not know the day or the hour.
    Are you ready for that Trumpet to blow? I Thess. 4:15-17

  26. We agree with the pastor. If you do not support America & it’s Constitution you do not belong here!

  27. Thank you for standing up to hate moguls, we need to be thankful for America and stop hating. If your ashamed of who you are, point the finger at yourself. I am against stupidity. God does not make junk!

  28. Thank you for standing up for our country. Remember what V-Pres. Pence said, ” The shield stands guard and the sword stands ready”. I think he must have had a vision of what was to become of the Democratic Party for him to have made that statement long before we had so many in Congress that hate America, Israel and our President. I pray God continues to give our Republican Senators the strength to stand with our President on his policies that work toward “Keeping America Great”, and that some in the Democratic Party will open their eyes to what is happening to their party before it’s too late. Go Trump and God Bless America.

  29. People who wish to speak out have that right. However, those that intentionally try to help others violate our federal laws should be tried for sedition. Congresscritters and Senators that swore an oath MUST be tried for their crimes. They scream that no one is above the law. What about them?

  30. Eric, your ignorance shows every time you post. You have no clue what you are talking about. MOST conservatives are Christians. God created and loves all races. There will be all races in Heaven. I know HUNDREDS of conservatives and NOT ONE of them is racist. But it is certain that YOU are.

  31. If you hate America you are very free to move to the commie country of your choice. Please do. We don’t want you.

  32. Libs hate everything this country stands for. They can’t stand it that it was founded by Christians that left us a nation based on their beliefs, one of which is the freedom God gave us. They have thrown God out of their platform and have nothing but hate and lies since satan has taken over.

  33. It is alright for Antifa to wear face mask, I can understand that they are ashamed of being Demonic Demoncrats so they want to hide and that is o’k with the liberals, but wearing a MGA hat why that should be
    subjected you to life in prison. If there was ever a group of people who were stupider, more hateful, more nasty,more ugly, living in the USA I cannot think who they are.

  34. So, yesterday Omar says, the hardest thing is being a Semolie Refugee living in America—So, If it is So Hard for her and she feels America is such a Hateful place- then she is Free to Return to Samilia- YES, Go back where you came from- Fix, it then come back and Tell us HOW Somalia or any of these other Yes, shi*hole countries are so better.

    Just last week, a Canadian SJW woke supercilious Journalist went to Somalia to write a series of stories about how Beautiful and Wonderful Samailia is- Guess what- She Was Murdered along with 25 other people in her Hotel by a Samailian Terrorist group. This is the price of self-imposed purposeful ignorance that refuses to see the Obvious Truth and determined to show their flawed views and opinions are factual when they are nothing more then leftwing fantasies!

    Is America perfect? No, but we work harder at fixing our negatives then any other country and I am soooo fed up with these Anti-American fools who shout Racism to gaslight the rest of us and shut down questions or conversations- It is Not Racist to disagree with someone’s policies or beliefs – Even if they are Woman of Color, a Muslim or any other physical attribute that has nothing to do with their opinions! If they need to use labels to shut people up, instead of defending their beliefs shows they know they are wrong and have no legitimate defense of their policies. Grow up Ladies, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out!

  35. I agree with both the pastor and potus , if you dont love this country, if you dont like the way things are done here, get that hell out none brought you here forcefully and moreover no body is holding you here forcefully si feel free to go to your beloved wherever and be happy there. Trump 2020 ,,,4 more years of saying things the way they are wether ir ia politically correct or not.

  36. Actually Liberals Do love this country. They just hate all the people who live here. What would make them happy is if We The People would leave and take our Bill of Rights and Constitution with us. Sorry Dimocrats, but we were here first. The only reason you can live here and complain is God, Our Founding Fathers and brave Patriots willing to lay down their lives for this country.

  37. Pastor . . . You are correct and I applaud you for it! Anyone who UNGRACIOUSLY comes to the U.S. as an immigrant and slanders this great God Fearing country like the U.S.A. should go back PERMANENTLY and NEVER RETURN . . . Trump and his allies 2020.

  38. The difference is, the leftists do not like to tolerate when the right has a dissenting opinion. The only opinions allowed are the ones they agree with. They even created safe spaces at universities where dissenting opinions from theirs weren’t allowed or tolerated. They ban conservatives from speeches on campus, they beat them up for wearing MAGA hats, they censor them on social media and they mob them in restaurants. Their incivility is alarming. They decry hate yet they seem to be the most hate-filled of all.

  39. This pastor is right. Christians today are letting the left shame them by using the “Jesus says you have to love everyone” so somehow you are not Christian if you disagree with them or call them on their sinful behavior. Christians need to embrace the radicalism of Christianity. Christianity is counter to nearly everything the culture admires. Material success and/or power are meaningless to the Christian. I hope that pastor really makes people think and if that means hurting their feelings, I’m sure he could turn a supply closet into a “safe space”.

  40. Why is it soooo difficult for you to grasp that most on the left love this country every bit as much as you; and if you open your eyes, you’ll see everything that has made this nation great for more than 200 years is being destroyed… bit by bit, chunk by chunk… and the fish is rotting from the head..

  41. Wow, Scott, you’re actually right about something! There are increasingly more ignorant trolls like you getting on these blogs.

  42. Is there anything that the left stands for that is Great? Killing babies, subjecting children to the sexual molestation of pedophiles, hating Christians, hating Americans and loving America’s enemies? Nope not a thing about the left is good. They just want to destroy any good thing they can find. Shame on the democrats for trying to destroy the best nation in the world!

  43. If you don’t like your job, quit and find another job. If you don’t like your neighbor, move or help make it better, if you don’t like this country, leave it, shut up or be part of the movement to make it better and not worse. You are welcome!!!!!

  44. Most on the left love nothing but power and in a free society like ours there is not that kind of power. You are wrong. Liberals do not love America, they love power.Remember what the KKK (democrats) did with their power? Look what obama did with his power. Yeah I know, you voted for obama, the Kenyan born anti-American. .

  45. Any;body who quotes John Kerry has no clue about anything and what they do try to say is nothing but BS. You can throw in Jimmy Carter also. He was a peanut farmer, a good man at heart and then the DNC got hold of him and lead him into hell. You should do a study on what the DNC did to Carter. “If you want to win you have to do it our way” and their way was with Satan.

  46. I have a Trump 2020 Cap and a coin of him on it and one of him and His Wife and it has a stand for them to stand on. I am going to order The Flag He has of America on it next Month.

  47. There were so many reasons that even as a White woman I appreciates The Ministry of MLK. He did not have a Racist Bone in His Body. We should take a Page out of his life and live what we Preach. If you hate America you are on the wrong page. Love or Leave.

  48. Eric. President Trump is no more Racist than you. Hate will eat you Democrats up if you let it. The Word of God says judge no man unless Ye be judges.

  49. We know Trump’s not a racist, I wouldn’t be so sure about the lil dee retard though. Seems to me that the ones that see race issues in absolutely everything are the most racist of the bunch.

  50. Concur completely. It is Pastor’s job to cause people to be introspective of their actions.

  51. You know I’ve read and commented on a other stories on these sites. But for some reason, this story has really concerned me.So I reread the story and everyone’s comments and then I understood the true gravity of my concern.Why was there such a controversy( as the story says) to the point where news crews are sent out to interview this pastor?He made a statement, which is our right to do under the 1st. Amendment of the Constitution, is it not? He statement was so shocking it might hurt someone’s feelings?? How? It will only bother those who live in our great country right now and hate it.Like that OMAR woman that drips disdain with every word that passes her lips. This is one of the ones whose feelings might get hurt?? I DON’T CARE!! I know it’s very obvious to anyone with a active working mind, how much destruction, hate, disrespect, confusion and disruption the Democratic party has caused since President Trump was elected.But this is still the United States of America and No ONE should have to apologize for stating a simple fact like this pastor’s sign proclaimed !! And until ( GOD forbid) this is no longer the land of the free, I will not apologize to ANYONE for my love and concern for this country and it’s freedoms.Nor should anyone else……..Please remember how much the Democrats want to take away from us and vote Republican straight across in 2020…

  52. I agree with the pastor!! It’s called freedom of speech and freedom of expression, which is for all people, not just for the lunatic left!!

  53. Colleen: I know Eric is not too bright. Like most Democrats . But who has pink skin?? Perhaps when I was born. But my skin color is far from pink now. Coming from a Native American and Italian background..And it’s people like Eric that represent the Democratic party? Well, this is why it will be such a difficult battle to win in 2020.There are far too many ignorant robots swallowing all the BS the Democratic party throws out there.We will have to unite strongly in 2020 and not dismiss our right to vote.I’m just wondering how many dead people will the Democratic party have to show up voting, this time? Oh no, maybe they won’t stoop to that level, this time. That’s why they are fighting so fiercely to get the illegals into our country.Just give them a drivers license like NY did and presto, more democratic voters!! Good Grief..

  54. Stella Honeycutt; So true!!I am a Christian and have accepted Christ as my personal savior.But I truly feel we are in deed in the end times. There have been far too many signs predicted in the Bible that have come to pass, for this not to be the case.I just keep praying GOD will have mercy on us and allow us to continue though. For the better….

  55. Funny thing, I always thought that to wear face masks and assault other people – and destroy their property – was a criminal act ? Apparently not
    if one is a criminal left wing lunatic.

  56. I don’t think this a**hole even thinks before he posts his ignorant comments. This is the type that vote for & love the lunatic liberals. Thank GOD they are all loosing g ground with the American people that is sick & tired of being lied to. Even many democrats are getting fed up with their leaders & are coming over to the right side.

  57. Good morning dearest Linda
    Do you read the “Informed American ” blog?
    There was a quick article in it this morning that was so totally typical of our wonderful President…
    Apparently he was at a new jersey golf resort, & there was a couple there that had held their wedding at the resort, & President Trump’ stopped by unannounced at the party & the guests there started chanting USA USA USA!!!!
    Can you imagine the delight the couple must have felt??!!

  58. Oh ya Linda, I wanted to ask you, have you heard of the radio commentator “Rich Ziolli”?
    If not you MUST google him & listen to his pod casts. He is hilarious! I love listening to his shows.

  59. I remember seeing a bumper sticker that said ” if you want to burn the flag, wrap yourself in it first” or something like that.

  60. Good morning my friend, Colleen.
    No I didn’t see that blog. But I will check it out.I am so pleased so many love and respect our Great President!And what a great surprise for that lucky couple!!
    My son kind of lectured me about posting on these blogs.He’s only concerned about my health, bless his heart! But I assured him I do step away when it becomes intense. But I also told him that what these crazy, radical leftists say doesn’t really affect me, and I will not have them think they will bully me to silence me.
    “Talk” to you later my friend!

  61. I just watched the walk away vid, I am absolutely positive there are many democrats that are seeing the light & realizing they have been duped by the liberals that they voted for. The more these ignorant liberal pigs tune off with their mouths, the more their supporters are seeing their true colors.

  62. Trump should not have apologized for the chants of his supports at the North Carolina rally. They have 1st amendment rights too. This is just a ploy to take away conservatives’ right to free speech. Perhaps a better chant might have been “Love it or leave it!”

  63. I might be wrong, but I don’t think he apologized… I think he just kinda ostracized the chants. Why should he apologize for what someone else says? I believe he is too smart to even go down that road.

  64. Colleen: As sad as it is for me to say this, but I think A LOT of African Americans do support President Trump. But, just like the people on the video stated, they are afraid of being shunned.All people with intelligence, from all different races, are really seeing the real truth about the Democratic party and what it really stands for. Let’s hope they all turn out in 2020 and vote.And I can only imagine the rants we will be exposed to in 2020 after Trump is re elected.But it will be worth it!!!

  65. I can’t wait to see the crying videos like last time President Trump got elected????
    BTW: I haven’t seen any posts from nutty numnuts in a while….maybe he has secretly joined the walk away movement….

  66. “lil dee” retard Eric is, apparently, another self hating anti-white racist. The confusion caused by that, likely along with a lot of drugs, has destroyed most of his mind.
    While I feel some pity for him, he is far beyond help, like most of today’s Democrats.

  67. No, it is still going on and continue as long as the dems have any power. Dems are very dangerous, as they want total control.

  68. Scott, you are part of the problem. Dems hate everything this country stands for because they have thrown God out and want nothing to do with Him. Our founding fathers were Christians and left us a nation built on their Christian beliefs, one of which is your freedom. But the dems embrace satan instead. Their sick lies and hate come from satan. satan hates God and will do all he can to destroy anything to do with God, and that is where the dem party has gone.

  69. Knowing proper English shows intelligence. Simple things like not knowing the difference between too and to, there, their, and they’re, and hear and here show lack of intelligence. Pointing it out is not intolerance, it is truth, and hopefully helpful.

  70. Scott, you are actually correct for once. There is a lot of grammatical ignorance on this site, but that is not the worst. The worst is that dems come onto a conservative Christian board, knowing nothing at all about either one and spew their hate, lies, and ignorance. The dem party has become the party of hate and lies and you prove it with every post you make.

  71. Scott, you would LOSE. It is very obvious that Vasu knows nothing at all about what the Bible teaches. She just reads the words. She does not know what they mean. She has not applied what she read. She has no clue at all about who Jesus is and His great love for her. She knows nothing at all about who God is and what He has done. Not until she comes to Jesus and has a personal experience can she have any understanding of the truth. Same goes for you. You have rejected the truth and have no knowledge of it. Same with our founding fathers. You have no clue who they were or why they came here or what they left us. They embraced God and His Word in all things they did, something you cannot understand.

  72. That is very sad. I would NEVER take down the flag because it might offend someone. They have no business being here if they are offended.

  73. BJ, the problem is not with people, but with our “progressive” education system that pushes them through high school and college without really teaching the difference, being too busy filling their heads with anti-American ideas that many are still working to deprogram from.
    Sitting at a keyboard being a perfectionist is going to do absolutely nothing to improve that system.
    I have been getting involved with these so-called educators, myself, working on the root of the problem.
    If you really want to see grammar and spelling improve across the board, why not do something actually useful to help with the situation?

  74. Jesus did that all the time. He was always admonishing the Pharisees. Jesus not only pointed out sin, He DIED for our sins. But libs have no understanding of who Jesus is or HIs great sacrifice. They identify with satan

  75. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  76. I agree bj. They want communism well they will sure find it there and no changing your mind and coming back.

  77. The Only Reason there is a Rat Infested Swamp in this country is Because there is a WORTHLESS WORM & a WORTHLESS WHORE Both Right Now Living In The White House!

  78. Betty, we know now that you are deranged. What hate you sow and post! All the Dem’s are like that. I think YOU are worthless and I don’t even like to say that. Every single thing that Mr. Trump has been accused of, he has been found by the authorities, Judicial Watch, the DOJ, William Barr and more to be untrue. He is not guilty of anything and it has been coming out on the sites that conservatives can talk on and those sites and departments of justice are the real thing. If you still think That Trump is guilty, then maybe you are guilty and was in on that Russian Collusion. Those whom scream the loudest are the guiltiest. Should I get your personal information, I can, you know. I know how to do that and I will send it to Mr. Barr and Homeland Security and to Judicial Watch as well. Maybe then you can ask the questions you need to about Trump and get the truth from them before they hand you a fine or a jail sentence for treason. Do not mess with me because I can do you real damage. You are hurting many people that post honestly on this site. I find you hateful, hurtful and offensive and I would love to send you to prison for treason. I do not want to do that, but if I have to, I will!

  79. I agree this is America we are our own country and all these people that come here and want us to change need to go back to their home countries and make them better and stop trying to make us like their countries. I am an American and Texan by birth and proud of it!

  80. If liberals love the country so much then why are they trying to RADICALLY change it into something more like a totalitarian regime?

  81. Antifa’s actions are criminal. It is a criminal act and someday someone will give Antifa a strong lethal message.

  82. It’s not only that they need to go back. Those who come in here illegally are breaking our laws and have no business being here.

  83. I couldnt agree more with you. Im so fed up with their insanity, hateful rhetoric and racist card I can just puke,
    Leave and dont come back, form your own sh hole country in the arctic! but get the hell out.! and Rule and govern as you damn well please.!

  84. If my enslaved ancestors were not brought here, I would not have had the opportunity to live in the greatest country in the world! I am not ashamed of loving my country, and for all of those haters who don’t have a love for our great nation, they should move somewhere else where they can be happier and more fulfilled! God bless America!

  85. Carolyn, you are right on. But a lot of those descended from slaves only want us to pay them for it and hate America. Those people are very free to go to Africa and live like their ancestors. No one is stopping them and maybe they will figure out that they had it much better here.

  86. Thank you Pastor! LOVE IT! It’s unreal how disrespectful the left has been, when referring to our President and his family. Double standards everywhere! We must remember the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” which constantly comes to light. Paul Ryan blatantly “lied” to our President about not voting for the wall when President Trump wanted to do so, by promising him to wait til later that year, and he’ll get it done. Ryan had NO intentions on keeping that promise, and unfortunately President Trump along with millions and millions of us, have had to suffer the consequences. Why did he lie? When President Bush and his family came out and said many unkind words about President Trump, after being silent the whole 8 years about Obama, I was in disbelief, and now have a bitter taste in my mouth for that family because I thought we were on the same page. (again, so deceitful) The left, along with all those celebrities who have yelled about how awful and racist our leader is, obviously supports “breaking the laws” of this country. ( and also are of the belief that using the most filthiest words make it right, NAH!!) They have money, why don’t they open their homes to these illegals? They who spit at the border agents, want to get rid of ICE, and throw water on our exceptional police force, don’t care about this country. Families lives have been changed forever, because an illegal took away one of their family members, only to be let loose by a sanctuary city, or deported only to return soon after, by sneaking back into our country…isn’t fair? Is it right? The wealthy in Washington, the filthy rich in Hollywood, have the means to be excluded from being around these situations, but for my family and I, not so much. We work hard to pay our bills, and the thought of knowing that we are paying via our taxes for others who have broken OUR laws, is hard to accept, as we don’t have the right to designate what we do NOT want our taxes to be used for.
    For years we’ve taught our kids right from wrong. Today, the media shows that wrong is more popular than right, and that’s concerning. I believe NO other person, if elected, would have the tough skin that God has given our President. Another person would have caved in a long time ago. Sure, he can be ruthless and childish as we all know, but God bless him, he is fighting for lawfulness and our future, and so I give him a 10!
    I say, bus those who come across illegally to the homes of “the squad”, Shummer, Pelosi, Biden, Hollywood’s loud speakers, cry-po-nick, etc etc, you get the idea, then we’ll see if they’ll practice what they YELL! I thank God for President Trump, and I know he will continue to bless and give our President strength to take all the knocks forced at him, as I continue to pray for him also.

  87. Its because they are not Liberals, but leftists. Leftists are a hyperactive, stupid bunch that want to change everything (especially the things you enjoy)…they cant have that.

    Liberals have morphed into leftists/fascists over the last 50 years, and very few people get it.


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