Leftists are furious at Bill Maher after he told one truth they refused to hear


The Left has gone completely mad.

It’s gotten so bad that even Bill Maher is calling them out constantly.

Now leftists are furious at Maher after he told one truth they refused to hear.

Bill Maher is learning a harsh lesson in “real time,” which is that the Democrats have become increasingly radical.

Leftists have co-opted the party, and they’re implementing insane ideas like racial segregation.

Maher commented on why he routinely calls out the Left these days, then went on a rant about left-wing lunacy.

Maher might even be understating the problem.

Not only are universities re-segregating, but so are K-12 schools and other public institutions.

Journalist Christopher Rufo and others have done great work in exposing the Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory seeping into American institutions.

Rufo’s work has shed light on schools and libraries implementing “white” and “nonwhite” training seminars.

In some “white only” seminars, attendees are browbeaten into reflecting on the pain their whiteness causes.

The Left has gone insane, and too many liberals are going along to get along.

They refuse to believe that the Left has become so rotten.

But Maher isn’t sitting idly by.

More liberals are slowly catching on, but they’re being met with resistance from supposed mainstream institutions.

For example, members of the liberal intelligentsia signed the Harper’s Letter, which was a call to denounce cancel culture and the rise of illiberalism.

Not only did the letter fall on deaf ears, some of the signatories took their names off because author JK Rowling was included, ironically illustrating the necessity of the message it was intended to send.

But Rowling has become persona non grata on the Left despite her progressive bona fides because of her traditional views on biological sex, so even supposed “liberals” refused to be associated with her.

The Left has veered far off course, and their radical ideas are unsustainable.

Maher sees it.

Perhaps other liberals do, too, but they’re afraid to speak out.