Leftists are furious after what one petition proved about Chick-fil-A


Chick-fil-A is the most beloved fast food chain in America.

The owners were able to achieve this without giving up their Christian principles.

And radical Leftists are furious after what one petition proved about Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A’s success is proof that standing up for Christian values isn’t a death sentence for your company.

While the Left wants everyone to believe that the world is moving away from Christianity, Chick-fil-A is able to be voted the top fast food chain, despite closing their doors on Sunday so their employees can have the day off for church.

Not only that, but there is so much support for Chick-fil-A that an Ohio community has delivered a petition requesting they open a restaurant in their town.

Over 100 local pastors in Mansfield, Ohio, have signed the petition with the request.

They cite the fast food chain’s Christian principles, charity work, community involvement, and tasty food as the reason for the petition.

Fox News reports:

A faith-filled Ohio community got a taste of Chick-fil-A, and they want it to stay.

America’s favorite fast-food restaurant brought a food truck to Mansfield, a city halfway between Cleveland and Columbus (cities that both have Chick-fil-A), as part of a market study, according to CBN News, and it was enough to rally the community, including over 100 local pastors.

Amie Mutti, founder of “Richland County Loves Chick-fil-A,” launched a Facebook page in 2017, long before the food truck first appeared on July 11. The move was in large part because of the company’s charitable giving and community outreach, especially when Chick-fil-A has made exceptions — like after the Pulse Nightclub massacre in 2016 in Florida — and opened on Sundays to help a hurting community.

“Support for Chick-fil-A has been ‘water-cooler talk’ so we’re just putting their voice on paper,” Mutti told Fox News. “We hear stories of the commitment they have to the community, how they reinvest into the community. We thought it would be a good fit and their sandwiches are delicious so that doesn’t hurt.”

Despite the left trying to shut them down for years, Chick-fil-A is standing stronger than ever.

No fast food chain is growing faster than they are.

And there are no signs of their growth slowing down anytime soon.

Do you eat at Chick-fil-A?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. This story is a testament about how this great country became great. It all starts with HONORING GOD!!!

  3. I am so happy some people are finally speaking up for values and saying what THEY want. Not what the radical Leftists’ are telling them,” this is what you’re going to have because we said so!!” GOD bless Chick-fil-A and our great country!!!

  4. Not only are they successful in their endeavors to uphold their Christian values and good food fast (some aren’t so great) but they welcome all the haters to their restaurants also.

  5. God wins. satan loses for eternity. The dem party threw God out and satan is in control. They can’t stand the truth.

  6. Only Chickens should be afraid of Chick-fil-A! But apparently The Radical Left is also afraid of Chick-fil-A! Why ? Because they hate Christianity and everything it stands for . Christians must stand their ground and never back down! The Left can squeal all they want ! Good will always overcome Evil! I believe Chic-fil-A will continue to grow and prosper because they honor God! Good News for Chi-fil-A , Bad News for Chickens! Lol!!!

  7. Jim Tierney; Some of my favorite people have posted here! Let’s hope the crazies will stay clear since we are talking about Christian values and GOD. Something they threw out with their party…..

  8. David Joe: As I left a message for Jim T. , let’s hope the crazies stay off this story. But you do know who WILL show up though? Good ole cut and paste radical Leftists Vasu! I’m surprised he hasn’t posted his 100th novel on here yet!!! Well, as always, great post by you….

  9. Hhahahahahahaha!!! We must brace ourselves Linda , The crazies will be here shortly I am sure . My finger is literally getting carpel tunnel from scrolling past Vasu’s beyond Radical Liberal Left nonsense! If Vasu keeps it up I may have to get an Attorney to sue him for damage to my scroll finger Lol!!! I am sure Vasu is preparing another 50 paragraph Novel for all of us to scroll past . Thank you Linda for liking my comments . I always look forward to reading yours and I feel the same about your comments as well .

  10. Hey Linda, good to be with you again too. People tend to stay away from topics they don’t know anything about. In that light there may not be many of the party of death and the alphabet people here. Vasu (I still don’t know if that’s a man or a woman, could be both these days) may show up with his(?) cut and paste abilities, but he(?) has no experiential knowledge. I always enjoy your posts.

  11. I have been a loyal customer of Chik-Fil-A since their Parents had the restaurant in East Point, Georgia, the owners were genuine Christians then, the food was good, the service was great, all customers were treated with respect, that hasn’t changed in all these years, I continue to be a loyal customer.

  12. I am thankful for that boycott, I didn’t know about Chick-Fil-A before. So I looked for one found it in CT tried it & love it without a doubt the best food I have had. Keep up the good work, I’ll be there often.

  13. Leftists are nothing more than whiny children who need pacifiers and diaper changes who’s parents failed them.

  14. Chik fil a is awesome food because they have honored God Almighty God bless chik fil a .

  15. Hi, Bob Buchanan.
    Wilmington, NC has a Chick-Fil-A. Parking lot is always full! (We’re originally from Simsbury, CT.)
    Nice to meet you.

  16. Jim Tierney; I looked up Vasu’s name and by the photo I” thought” he was a man. But someone else said he was a woman. But whatever. Whatever the gender, the one thing I do know, Vasu fits a term we used in college; an educated idiot. Never has an original thought. Just quotes every radical Leftists that comes to mind. Do you think they they have a book with all their names listed? Even if that is so, the only book I’m concerned with is the Book of Life. And knowing, unless he changes religions, Vasu’s name isn’t listed there ! THANK GOODNESS!! I couldn’t imagine spending eternity with Vasu spewing his nonsense in my ear! LOL…. Til next time!!

  17. Democrats condone the kidnapping and rape of children in America! They know about Bill Clinton, they know about HRC, they know about Epstein and they say nothing! Now we know why Pelosi won’t close the border!

  18. What will it take to change peoples minds about supporting these DNC Criminals? They murder infants, they condone child kidnapping and child sex trade, they are disgusting trash!

  19. What is the big deal about closing on Sunday? I know of Jewish owned businesses that close on their sabbath on Saturdays, and there are scads of restaurants that are closed on Mondays. I respect the right of any business to set their own hours and days of operation for whatever reason they choose. Of course, Chick-fil-A’s food is excellent any day they choose to be open, so I will eat there as often as I wish on their business days. This is my anti-boycott, and I hope others choose to patronize them regularly.

  20. Amen ,too what everybody says here ..We all need too stand up and let the commie left know we wont be intimidated ..And God bless Chick-fil-a ..They have a proven track record ..

  21. The owners of Chick-Fil-A have contributed millions of dollars to vicious hate groups calling themselves “pro-family ” but are nothing but organizations dedicated to promoting mindless hatred of LGBT people in America .
    No one is condemning the Chick-Fil-A owners merely for being Christians . But the vile organizations to which they have contributed so much money are determined to legalize discrimination against gay people and deny them the same rights which heterosexual Americans have always had – the right tomalley , raise children , serve in the US military , teach in public schools etc .
    These hate groups are no better than white supremacists and Neo-Nazis . Sadly, the last acceptable prejudice in America is against LGBT people. And I say this as a heterosexual American .

  22. Those that believe in honor and worship the Lord God Almighty will never be between.Thank the owners of Chick-Fil-A for putting the Lord God first in everthing.

  23. Proof positive that our Lord is in control and the blessings we receive are real when we are faithful to keep His commandments and remain faithful to His Word. He is indeed the same now and forever. What a comforting thing to know in a world full of perils. My heart hurts for these people who have been deceived don’t even know it. More important than ever to stand firm in our beliefs.

  24. Hi Linda! With the continual references to animal rights I am guessing Vasu is a woman. But I could be wrong.

  25. Homosexuality is a sin against God and a freak of nature. And NO, they are not hate groups. God calls homosexuality an abomination. But Jesus commands that we love everyone and help all to find their way to Him. He commands that we hate sin but love the sinner.

  26. The dem party has thrown God out and satan has taken over. Those who belong to the dem party are mindless sheep who either don’t realize the evil that the party has become or don’t care.

  27. Robert, you may be a heterosexual American however you are also a deceived heterosexual American. What you call hate groups are probably organizations that stand against the aggressive promotion of the alphabet people’s lifestyle. Nobody cares about what these people do in their bedrooms but when they start forcing it in schools, in any grade, they have crossed the line. Anyone in their right mind knows that homosexuality is not natural and anyone that says God made them that way is doubly deceived. Gay pride month or parades are you kidding me? Mark my words: pedophilia will soon be marketed as natural and should be accepted. The alphabet people will have to add a “P” to their lbwrstuv or whatever. As Christians we are to hate the sin but love the sinner and I try to live that way however, I believe it’s high time to put the sin back in the closet and lock the door!!!

  28. It’s too bad that the Left Wing Radicals hate such a GOOD restaurant . . . The food is SOOOOOO good! That tells me that I would NEVER go for ANYTHING that the Left Wing radicals would offer. With that much HATE and FOMENT they give I would almost RUN away whatever restaurant they opened for fear of disease, murder, injury, etc. They’ve got NOTHING on Chick Fil A and never will . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  29. Just think about something. According to Christians God is all powerful, all knowing. Yet those who support the position Chick-fil-A has staked out are at the same time conflicted, afraid that God won’t see what is really in their heart if they treat gays the same as everyone else.

    Newsflash, treating gays like everyone else will NOT banish you to hell. God will know that you are simply following his commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself.

    Or do you not trust God to keep his word?

  30. I agree! Well said. Chick-Fill-A is a great place. The staff are friendly and personable. Jim I support what you said. The children are the ones who suffer. Unfortunately, my husband’s side of the family has three living lesbians. One young lady couldn’t kick her drug addiction and when she passed away from a heart attack (she was off the stuff at the time) but her heart was damaged at age 21. The three living gals all have family issues as did the one who passed. Mostly it was not being wanted by parents too into the older brother and also a record; the other one was a military kid, whose dad resents her “persuasion” and the fact she’s married to another woman. To top that off, she was artificially insemenated with the wrong person’s stuff and had to have it done over a half hour after it was done. Because he was of a different ethnicity. This one to me was our Lord and Savior telling her this was wrong to begin with. Her dad has a love/resent feeling for this young boy and shows preference to another male first cousin one year older. The other young gal watched her bio dad beat her mom, and who then married and divorced again and has had a live-in for sometime. These people, and I know of one other in town. Where it’s the kids who pay the price. I am set on the biblical principal only a man and a woman should have children. I have my husband and I have seen too many hurt children. My husband used to drive school bus for a child of two women and he too, was always teased and it really was upsetting. When he began driving for our school district, they closed their business and moved into our school district, I guess to try to help him but sadly, it didn’t really work. This AG needs to rethink this for the children, not the selfishness of “their” values! Okay I am off the soap box now.????

  31. My daughter and I turn the WWJD around backwards to where it is DJWW which stands for: Devil Just Won’t Win. And that is true no matter how you look at it. I totally agree with you, bj and Linda M. 100%! god Bless you both.

  32. Linda M, Colleen and bj are three dingbats who have to put their one cent of stupid comments on practically every site. They are nauseating, hateful, Trumpsters, who are cultists of a serial sexual assaulter mobster and traitor. They sure know how to pick their Satans.

  33. Guns: You are one of the most hateful ,evil, DUMPIEST creatures to walk on this earth! And you have the nerve to call us vile names?? Other than one your alter egos, has ANYONE else ever gave you a compliment on one of your posts?? Never!!! And you want to know why? Because you are an ignorant, cult loving, supporter of Communist party that loves to kill babies !! So grow up and stop attacking women, little man!!!
    P.S. And what are YOU doing on this site? We are talking about Christians and their values . Something you have no clue about….

  34. Gun NUT of America: I’m glad you posted your posting up front. Because now everyone will read my response to you!! People that have been posting for awhile already know what a women hater and bigot you are. Let the new ones see what a GOD hating fool you are as well!!! If anyone is nauseating ( what a big word for you to use. Did mommy help you today?) it’s you whining about PRESIDENT TRUMP ALL THE TIME and his supposed past with women!!! What are you jealous??

  35. You’re a sick woman Linda M, or evil, it has to be one or the other. You ralk about Christ when your orange calf Trump is the anti-Christ, he is the leader of evil, helped by Satan and his henchmen and henchwomen like you, and bj and most of the people who write on these sites. Trump is despicable, constantly lying, cheating, stealing, insulting, the handicapped, POW’s, Gold Star families, he praises dictators Orban, Kim and Duterte and kisses Putin’s butt because Putin stole the election for him and allows his oligarchs to buy and rent Trump’s crappy condos around the world that are empty. He attacks Clinton, just think if it was a suicide, he accused a former President of murder, that it the thug you adore, your shameful woman. Get a life, I occasionally write on these non-Christian sites, I read about violence from you right wingers all the time, kill the Muslims, kick out the Mexicans, screw the poor, You’re no Christian, you are a fake one, very fake

  36. Hey Gun Nuts of America: Before you call people fake Christians, Why don’t you pick up your Bible more often (if you have one) and READ it? Matthew 7:1-2? You don’t know what is in Linda M’s, bj’s, or Colleen’s heart. In the gay community, they may act like Christians BUT you can’t walk with God and run with the devil. I agree with bj; being gay is an abomination to God. Abomination- that which is exceptionally loathsome, hateful, sinful, wicked or vile. Men lusting after men, and women lusting after women is an abomination; and for being like that God has turned them over to a reprobate mind (a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person: a person rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation.) Christians are taught to not treat the gay person unequally, it’s that Christians are to let their light shine for Christ and show them that they are living wrong. But some of them you can’t because they have their minds made up as to whom they are going to serve. The gays may say that they’re Christians, but in according to God’s word they aren’t. Read you Bible and you will see.

  37. Guns; This will be the very LAST time I respond to you. I KNOW I am a Christian. But that does not mean I am perfect. But what are you?? You are so blinded by Satan and his evil party( The Democratic party) that nothing else matters. True, decency, morals are all absent in the souls of YOUR leaders. Ones that want a NWO and you are too ignorant to see that!!! You worship a party that promotes killing innocent babies. That are forcing upon us we MUST accept gays as normal. You ignore all the corruptness connected with the Clinton’s and Obama . All the while bashing President Trump. I ONLY worship GOD and Jesus. But I do support President Trump and what he stands for. His personal life is none of my business. What about yours??? You are so brainwashed nothing will ever change your mind. But I do know you show what kind of man YOU are by attacking just women on these sites. Especially ones in pointing out your ignorance .
    On a personal note, I am neither sick or evil you pompous fool. You could live three life times and NEVER accomplish what I have or what I’ve done in my life, that was for the betterment of our country and my family. Or possess common sense and logic..
    You are nothing to me. And your opinion’s are worthless to me. GOD and the people that matter KNOW who and what I am…

  38. Karen K; What an astute observation in turning those letters around! And on a personal note, I want to thank you for defending me with that ” Guns” person. He truly must have some serious mental issues. Because on pervious stories he has apologized to myself and Colleen for his vile name calling. But he comes again. Attacking me once again !! But no worries. I spoke my last piece to him and I will never be baited again by him. What Satan and his followers think of me mean nothing.
    GOD bless you and yours as well Karen K !!!!

  39. Chick-Fil-A is the ONLY fast food place I still eat at. Fact is, I am trying to embrace my faith’s direction to eat meat very sparingly while also moving to a Whole Food, Plant Based diet.

    What’s my cheat meal when things get really hard? A Chick-Fil-A sandwich with extra pickles. I often say that when we get to Heaven that I am pretty sure bacon will grow on trees. I’ll go head and add Chick-Fil-A sandwiches to that list.

    Also, EVERYTIME I hear or read where some Left Wing/immoral group attacks Chick-Fil-A, I make it a point to roll through the drive through and pick up dinner for the family, even if I cannot enjoy it myself.

  40. Dear Nuts, I see you haven’t grown any yet. It takes a big man to try to verbally beat up 3 women. Here’s the problem Nuts. The 3 ladies you have singled out have one thing in common, they, like myself, are born again Bible believing Christians. It is beyond obvious that you are not. In that light it’s easy to see why you have so much contempt for us. It’s the same type of hatred Lucifer has for God and His people. I want you to know that there is no “gray area” with God. You’re either born again or you’re not, no in between. Everybody lives forever, someplace and we get to make that decision while here on earth. I strongly suggest you open your spiritual eyes and start seeking a new destination. I want you to know that I, and I think I can speak for the 3 women, that we will pray for you. In the meantime your unfounded name calling rants are getting really old. Please keep them to yourself or start posting something of substance and truth.

  41. By the way, there is only one Satan, who is not now, or has ever been in hell . That is his destination

  42. I wish we had a chick-fil-A in our town of Sunbury, Ohio. I think some tried to get one a few months ago, but did not succeed.

  43. Jim Tierney; Again” thank you” for defending me, Colleen and bj. You are correct, I have been praying for all these haters that post their mindless posts on these sites. But in all honestly, my prayers have been through gritted teeth. But GOD knows what’s in my heart and HE knows I am working on my forgiveness of these blatant sinners. Like I told Guns, I am a Christian. But that does not mean I am perfect. Every day we are tested and sometimes I fail at my tests.
    Colleen and I have become very dear friends. But just so you know, she is a Muslim. But she has not completed her instructions. I’m not to familiar about how this works though. But I do know, she firmly supports President Trump and what he stands for. Plus she has a very loving heart. So I have been praying for her as well. With ALL my heart.
    Again, thank you Jim!!

  44. Dear Linda, you do a great job of defending yourself, he just needed some instruction in righteousness. One thing I want to share with you is that forgiveness is a decision not a feeling. It’s an act of your will not your feelings. If you say ” I choose to forgive……” then it’s a done deal, regardless of how much you want to or do grit your teeth. I obviously didn’t know Colleen is a Muslim, hope I didn’t offend. Did you know that Christianity is fastest growing among Muslims? Once people realize that in and of themselves they can’t be righteous and holy. All have sinned and religious acts or deeds will never erase the guilt. All includes: Popes, Imans, Cardinals, Pastors, etc. etc. You know, if you really think about it there is no other fair way God could reconcile mankind to Himself, without breaking His own laws, and have that means available to every person that ever has or ever will live. Everyone has been given a measure of FAITH. So sinless God, creator of all, put on a human body, came to earth to show and teach us about Himself, allow Himself to be scourged(Google the scourging of Jesus)) beyond recognition, nailed to a cross, died, burried, and resurrected from the dead. That’s how much God loves us!!! If Colleen was the only person that ever lived on earth He would have done it just for her. That kind of love is really sometimes extremely hard to grasp. I too will pray for her. God will meet her right where she is.

  45. You tell him, my sister in Christ!! I see now that people are starting to hate us Christian folks just like Jesus said they would. About all we can do for people like this is pray for them.

  46. Next time I see something from him putting y’all down I’m gonna tell him like Jesus told the people accusing the woman of adultery. I always go by Matthew 7:1-2; and Romans 1:16 too. After that I’m not going to say anything anymore to him also.

  47. The sinner people doesn’t like it because they close so the employees can go to church if they want to. That is the reason.

  48. Jim you know nothing of me, I think people who vote for Trump are brainwashed or evil. In 2016 his appeal to bring back jobs might have been an excuse to vote for the monster. But he hasn’t, the unemployment went down dramatically under Obama, and it has just continued that trend despite Trump’s insane tariffs, tirades, alienation of our allies, and his kissing up to Kim, Putin and other dictators. You can talk about being born again but the evangelicals are backing a man who has shown no remorse for cheating on 3 wives multiple times with groupies and his sexual assault victims. He is vengeful, constantly attacking, insulting, lying already 12000 times as President, always bragging, preening, watching Fox instead of working, golfing more in 2+ years more than Obama did in 8, while running up a bill of over 100 million just for that, and then his boys to big game hunting of endangered animals, and the lobbyists, and secret service paying tons of money for his hotels, not showing his taxes, working on a secret deal with Putin that he denied,his campaigned riddled with people sent to prison, and all lied about meeting with Russians, how many more insanities and attacks of our country do you need to see, and then he caters to the KKK, white supremacists, alt right, Nazis, biker gangs, Mowcow Mitch, and you think that is fine. 7 Benghazi investigations weren’t enough but 1 invasion by the Russians of our elections was too many. There are 10 strong reasons for obstruction of justice of the investigation, this is all just a tip of the iceberg, his close relationship with Epstein who mysteriously died under his and Barr’s watch, when there should have been 24 hour surveillance to hear his testimony. You need to wake up, the Bible has greatness but it also talks about killing for some very wrong reasons, including stoning people to death.

  49. You are a white trash loser Linda M, you think you have answers, Trump is the anti-Christs, he is the epitome of breaking the 7 deadly sins, gluttony, he is an obese pig. Pride Nobody on the planet is more arrogant are they? Lust He has cheated on all three wives numerous times, brags about sexually assaulting women, countless women have accused him of rape, read about the writer E.J. Carroll.
    Envy He is envious of the complete power that Kim and Putin have and he is envious that he will never be considered the good President Obama was, ranked 14th already by 91 historians despite the total lack of respect and support from Republicans and all the racists in this country, people like you Anger His vengeance is constant against anyone who criticizes him, his face turns even more orange. Greed We all know about his greed, and his total lack of giving back to the community his whole life. Sloth He is lazy, doesn’t read even short briefs, watches TV too much, doesn’t show support to the El Paso people, just bragged about his own crowd there, his golf days already outnumber any of Obama’s which is constantly criticized. There Linda, we have on of the most evil people in the world as President, unquestionably despite your ignorance. You need to read some current books about Trump’s Presidency, but an older book I recommend is “Blinded by the Right” written by a former right winger who saw the hatred, bigotry and greed in right wing politics.

  50. Guns: I know I forgot to point out something to you. I am neither poor or white trash. You couldn’t afford to rent a ROOM in my town! Let alone own a home. Which I’m quite sure isn’t a problem for you since you are probably are still living in your mother’s basement. If she has one. As far as you calling me white trash, you use that term quite frequently when leaving comments to numerous WOMEN, don’t you?Real big man aren’t you? Always picking on women. Well, those that scream the loudest and calling others vile names, such as white trash, are truly that name themselves…And stop quoting the bible sonny. You have no clue about GOD and HIS word. Satan knows the bible very well. But of course he doesn’t honor those words. JUST LIKE YOU….Go back to honoring your evil party and what it stands for. You are a pathetic, ill-informed bully that truly needs to find GOD and get a real life. YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME GUNS. NOTHING……

  51. Hi Karen K; Well, he attacked me once again, and even though I promised myself I would not answer him again, I did anyway. But now he’s making a feeble attempt at quoting the bible. Something he has no clue about… But again, GOD bless you, bj and Jim for being there for me and we Christians must stand together! Once again, what the bible states is truly coming true. But no matter what we endure now, our reward will be glorious for all eternity!!! AMEN!!!

  52. I don’t quote the Bible and I have called far more men white trash than women because many more men are on the site that are violent sounding and obviously ignorant. Maybe you aren’t poor, neither and I, but I know right from wrong and everything has always been wrong about Trump since he belted a teacher as a kid, he was a cowardly draft dodger during the Vietnam era, he constantly insults people, the handicapped, John McCain, the Senator and POW when he was healthy, dying and even now that he is dead. He is supported by all these white supremacist groups. You are in that group whether you like it or not. He has been all about greed his whole life, not giving back to the community, even the right wing NFL owners didn’t want the scumbag to be part of their club because of his Mafia friends in NYC. Every Presidential candidate since 1972 has shown his/her tax returns. When the Art of the Deal was written he supposedly lost 1.2 billion, the ghost writer of the book has called him a sociopath as have many doctors who wrote about his craziness. He laundering Russian money, won’t read paragraphs even of briefings, golfs far more than Obama who he condemned, he started his political rise with his lies about birtherism and then later said Obama was a citizen because he solved the problem. You know that he is a constant liar, braggart, thief, insulter and creep, talks sexually about his daughter when she was a teen, ran those teen pageants and bragged on Stern he went into their dressing rooms, he was good friends with Epstein, and Epstein’s death occurred under his and Barr’s watch, meanwhile he was blaming Clinton for murder. Historians in this country, all learned men and women are at a loss for words and the destruction he is doing to this country and the Presidency. So you need to read the books that have been written about Trump so you have a more balanced view of what is going on.

  53. You have people on the left bj, so you can talk a good game but your heart is into racism, hatred, generalization and being a cult member of Satan and Trump.

  54. I believe You need to take a look at this link: https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/unemployment-rate
    And who are you to judge whether a person is brainwashed or evil?!? I have you to know that this woman is NOT evil in any way shape or form!! You talking about President Trump’s past, what about yours?!? I’ll bet yours isn’t perfect. If you say it is then I want you to post a picture of you walking on water. Do you have proof that he worked secretly with Putin? At least President Trump respects the US and the flag. Why do you people always think that we Trump supporters are either racist, evil, brainwashed and the like? I am so sick and tired of hearing people like YOU talking crap about President Trump. He has the demonrats fighting him tooth and nail and doing nothing in office except trying to impeach him and wasting taxpayers money trying to find something on him and have failed to do so. If the demonrats would just do their jobs instead of always focusing on getting rid of President Trump a lot more things would get accomplished. Of course the demonrats said they were going to fight him since the first day in office and they have. And you want to say that we supporters are Evil? I think you need to take another look. Speaking of Epstein, the Clintons had a close relationship with him too. Slick Willie was actually on that island with Epstein. Haven’t you noticed that when the Clintons think people are getting too close to the truth of what they have done how all of a sudden these people suddenly wind up dead? You tell Jim Tierney: “You need to wake up, the Bible has greatness but it also talks about killing for some very wrong reasons, including stoning people to death.” Yes the Bible talks about that but that was back before Jesus walked the earth. You need to wake up and read and study the Bible more if you are going to talk about what’s in it. God help you!!

  55. OMG!! Are you freakin’ kidding me?!? You are telling Linda M. that Odumbo was a good President?!? You really must be either snorting injecting or taking some really good drugs to think that!! Odumbo kissed the butts of our enemies, he weakened our military, He tried to turn our country into a third world country, he helped Hildabeast MURDER four of our military guys in Benghazi, He tripled our National Debt, his husband/wife hates America; I could go on but they make me want to hurl!! And you say that the supporters of President Trump is brainwashed?!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  56. Amen sister! I said the very same thing but I had to respond to his stupid remarks. I see where he’s trying to quote the Bible and failing miserably at it. I agree with you about the Bible coming true. It is being fulfilled right before our very eyes and there are a lot of people like Gun Nuts that aren’t seeing it. It’s people like that, that is in for a rude awakening.

  57. Everybody, including you, are so intent on President Trump showing his tax forms, then I believe that before he does this that Odumbo should show all the records that he has sealed up and refuses to show. His birth certificate, HIS tax forms and everything. What is Odumbo hiding from us that he has his records sealed?!?

  58. Linda , Gone Nuts is just baiting you! Pay no attention to his immature attacks . Darkness cannot exist in the Light of Gods truth . Good will always be victorious over evil . Whether evil thinks so or not is irrelevant .

  59. Karen K. You are truly a sister in Christ!! GOD bless you for your comments and for defending me! Thank goodness he isn’t attacking you though. This Guns person I know posts under different names, at times, as well. He , and several others are really mentally ill. Since you and a few others have defended me, now he’s calling bj names. But, GOD love her, just like yourself, she holds her own. Then these haters have the nerve to call us racists, bigots , poor white trash,and Satan’s followers. But look at their posts. Filled with nothing BUT hate and misinformation. How can they be so blinded to what their party REALLY stands for? It amazes me how ignorant they are!! I hope I didn’t come across as boastful in one of my postings to him. But I have served my country and my family with honor and then I come across someone like him that doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices many gave their lives for, just for him, and them, to sit by and whine about Trump, and because their evil queen wasn’t voted in. Trump truly is trying to make our country great again. But all the Democrats have done was block him at every turn! While costing the tax payers a fortune in their witch hunts!!
    Karen K. if Trump doesn’t get re-elected then I think GOD is telling us, it’s over. I KNOW the Democrats will pull every evil trick in the book to block Trump once again. But again, it’s all up to GOD and what he wants, isn’t it?
    GOD love ya, Karen!!!
    P.S. You also noticed this idiot Guns just came on this story just to harass the Christians didn’t you? Not one mention about Chick-fil-A. But that’s how they are. Just hate and bashing the president…..

  60. LInda M, you never addressed the horrible aspects of Trump’s life and Presidency. You want to be blind to his faults because you are a racist, you know it and I know it. All these people on here are with their insults about the Obamas who had to be near perfect, just like Jackie Robinson the first major league ball player. He had a strong work ethic, excellent cabinet, made mostly good decisions, and is rated 14th best President of 45, those 91 historians and many are conservative rank Trump at the bottom in nearly every criterion. You thank all your supporters but they are Trumpists too, dimwits and racists, Karen, Tierney, bj, and the rest. You have read many of the true monsters on the right and never say anything about them, who talk about violence, constant insults, throwing up lies. Everything I wrote about Trump is documented, very little opinion.

  61. Thank you my dear sister in Christ, but I know it is coming. I am a child of God and it infuriates me to see my brothers and sisters in Christ get ridiculed and talked down. But then I think of where Jesus told his disciples that we would be hated for His name sake (Matthew 10: 22-24) and see that it is happening just like he said it would. I believe that President Trump is meant to have another term in the White House as our President. I believe God put him there for a reason. I know I will be voting again for him when the time comes. TRUMP 2020!! Love ya in Christ sis!!

  62. You are more racist than all of us on here. Just because nobody is agreeing with you, you are acting like a spoiled brat. Why don’t you get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness. You have nothing but vile venom spewing from your mouth. You aren’t hurting us, you are just showing your childishness and hatred for anything having to do with Christianity. Jesus loves you too even though Satan has you in his grips.
    If everything you wrote about Trump is documented then where is the proof of it all?

  63. Ha ha ha David Joe, you are sooooo right. They have already started as you can see. That Vasu is something else, ain’t he? LOL I just may have to join you because scrolling past his nonsensical remarks, it makes my finger hurt and cramp too. LOL

  64. Hey Nuts thank you for including me in the list of other precious Saints of God. I’m truly honored to be associated with them. Thanks again

  65. I agree with you, bj. There is one person who comments on these pages that said that we are against the dems, that we are brainwashed and evil. LOL

  66. Gun Nuts of America, just give it up!! You are fighting a losing battle. You are in the Army of Satan and you are not going to win. Read the book of Revelation and you will see! Go spew your venomous hatred elsewhere. It’s not wanted here.

  67. Eric, read my reply very slowly so it will sink in; We are following the commandment where Jesus says to love thy neighbor as thyself but we are not to love the sin, and being gay is a sin. Don’t believe me then read Romans 1:26-28; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 17-20; 1 Corinthians 7:2; 1 Timothy 1:8-11; Hebrews 13:1-5 and Jude verse 7. We are following God’s word and that is to get them to repent and become free from all types of sin so that they too can enter into the gates of Heaven instead of the gates of Hell. Chik-fil-A doesn’t hate the gays either. They, like all Christians hate the sin. If they hated the gays so much, then why did they give free food to the ones that were protesting them because of them believing in marriage as being one man and one woman? HUH? Before you go talking down us Christian folk on here why don’t you read the Bible and study up on what God’s word says about lovers of self: Which is to say lovers of the same sex?

  68. Amen Brother Jim, Guns must believe the way Hildabeast, Oprah Winfrey and others do; that there is more than one way to get into heaven. We all know the truth to that, because of Jesus saying in John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” God bless you and keep you in His care.

  69. Guns: Since you continually center me out, this will be my ONLY response to you from now on; Matthew 7:1, 2 and 6. IF you have a bible, and it doesn’t burn your hands by touching it, read those verses . Especially verse 6……
    Oh and by the way, if you truly believe Obama was nearly perfect, than you must be a true follower of the Muslim religion and proves once and for all how much you hate this great country of ours and that’s why you are such a supporter of your Nazi party. Just one more thing for you to ponder. Just before I went overseas to V.N., I marched in Mississippi for civil rights in the 60’s. Had my knee cap smashed. That’s how much of a racist I am. What have YOU done,??
    P.S. I DON’T CARE ABOUT TRUMP’S PERSONAL LIFE! That is between him and GOD. I just care he is trying to make this country safe and great. And if you have no problem with the massive influx of ILLEGAL aliens storming our borders, may I suggest you and all of your Nazi party adopt them all and YOU take care of them!! I AM DONE WITH YOU. But we will be praying for you…..

  70. Sister Karen, I can tell you that even Nuts will understand that we speak Truth. I can even tell you when it will happen, and it’s far sooner than most believe. Its the day Jesus returns for His Bride, more commonly referred to as the rapture. I don’t wish the tribulation on anyone but they can’t say they weren’t warned.

  71. That’s true. Just like it says in Matthew 24 People will still be marrying, having babies, and everything just like back in the days of Noah. they were warned then and they are being warned now. A lot of them Satan has placed scales over their eyes and they can’t see it coming. Every single day the Bible is being fulfilled. These people if they don’t turn from their sinful ways are going to be left behind. I agree with you on that. I use a saying that I once saw on a church sign: “God said it, I believe it, that settles it!” When Jesus comes back for his children, they are going to be asking themselves “why?”. Another saying that I use is this one: “It matters not what others say in ridicule or fun, I want to live where I can hear Him say to me, ‘Well done.'” God bless you my brother in Christ. If I never get to meet you here on earth, I know I will meet you on the other side of Jordan.

  72. Sister Karen, I look forward to meeting you as well: “here there or in the air”. You spoke of “how it was in the days of Noah” I’ve been studying Bible eschatology and prophecy for a number of years and I started looking at that very verse. Very few people actually know what was really going on. Did you ever wonder about things like: who built all of these pyramids and perfectly constructed monoliths that are found all over the world, where did demons (not fallen angels)come from, why would a loving God instruct His people to eradicate entire groups of people in the old testament, UFOs? All of these questions, and many more are answered in finding out what it was really going on that was bad enough for God to destroy the whole world and start again; “the days of Noah”. It took me quite awhile to find answers to these questions I had, only to find that someone had already done the research and the archeology and put it on DVDs. There are 3 DVDs called “True Legends”. They are all Biblically based and if you watch them it will give you a whole new perspective and understanding of the Bible.

  73. Guns in the US one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Since Trump has never been charged with anything and found guilty you are just a gullible, liberal, Demwit imbecile believing the lying MSM. Hearsay and innuendo by the lying MSM kangaroo court isn’t valid in a court of law.

  74. Guns the people on the left are ANTIFA and the BLM. By the way the communist ANTIFA has no black members because communists hate blacks and BLM has no white members because the racist BLM hates whites.

  75. Chik-Fil-A is without a doubt the best,juiciest,most flavorful chicken I’ve ever had. Not only the tastiest,but the best customer service of any restaurant I’ve ever dined at. I just wish I lived close to one. I would make it a point to be there all the time! God Bless all the wonderful people of Chik-Fil-A!

  76. I love chic-fil-a. And I love they are religious and stand firm with their convictions. We need a good chicken restaurant in Waveland, Ms. so please consider coming to our small town.

  77. You write about documentation of opinion not documentation of truth . Big difference you have to admit.
    You and vase are carbon copies of filthy lies.
    Give it up as you waste your time here…and everyone else’s time.
    We have shaken the dust of you off our feet….do you understand that?

  78. checked your turdo meter… still hovering around 96%.. you can turn on the hores and pimps on cnn for another dose of manure.. they loved that african pretender, kenyan boy,.. the rag loving communist racist ahole that destroyed 100 years of improvements for the folks of color in 8 short years of his hate America and everything white.. needs to be sent back to africa along with his hos..

  79. Not religious, but I love the food at Chick-fil-A, and the great service. I support their right to be closed on any day(s) of their choosing- that is FREE enterprise. I appreciate that they treat all patrons equally. I will pledge to eat there at least once each week to personally counter many boycotters. I invite all other honest people to do the same in order to render the hateful boycotters impotent and inconsequential. EAT MOR CHIKIN!


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