Leftists are furious after one Disney+ show took an unexpected turn


Movies and television shows have become unbearably “woke.”

Any time a popular cultural touchstone defies the left-wing narrative, dozens of think-pieces bubble up.

Now leftists are furious after one Disney+ show took an unexpected turn.

Disney proved itself to be one of the most superficially “woke” companies going after it fired The Mandalorian star Gina Carano effectively for voting for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Disney has been mum on its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and its numerous human rights abuses.

Nonetheless, Disney churns out plenty of “woke” fare, but it still isn’t enough for members of the Left.

Disney’s most recent show, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, hits many of the progressive beats to satisfy the Left, but it had just enough patriotism to sicken them.

One of their chief complaints was that the villains in the series were akin to the radical terrorist organization Antifa.

Inverse, a popular blog for millenials, complains:

“Yet another example of the MCU’s antagonists who would be heroes if not for their bloodlust, the Flag-Smashers also carried with them the aesthetics and evocation of antifa. Never mind that antifa and the Flag-Smashers have little in common outside a preference for black clothing, in Falcon and the Winter Soldier they looked and behaved exactly like the kind of imaginary anarchists Fox News uses to scare racist geriatrics.”

The Flag-Smashers were open borders extremists who were willing to commit acts of terror in order to further their political aims.

The show bent over backwards to be sympathetic to the group, but that still didn’t satisfy the Left.

Also, leftists were furious that temporary Captain America substitute John Walker was redeemed.

Walker failed in his role in Captain America and executed one of the Flag-Smashers after they killed his best friend, but later reclaimed his moral compass with a heroic act.

The “woke” Left wanted the blond-haired, blue-eyed Walker to be an unmistakable villain, which would go against the comic book canon.

Gizmodo wrote:

“Walker became the show’s equivalent to a trigger-happy cop attacking someone they deemed to be a threat and using an obviously excessive and lethal amount of force—something he ultimately faces no real consequences for.”

Even in the Captain America universe, the Left expects America and unabashed patriots to be portrayed as the villains.