Leftists are freaking out as Black Lives Matter is starting to collapse from within


No group dominated the news in 2020 more than Black Lives Matter.

And at times they looked like an unstoppable force in our politics and society. 

But now Leftists are freaking out as Black Lives Matter is starting to collapse from within.

Ever since George Floyd was killed back in May, Black Lives Matter has thrived.

The once small and mismanaged group turned into a political machine that wreaked havoc on cities across America.

And the Fake News Media and politicians pushed their hate towards police officers and policies like defunding the police.

Their influence and reach was so wide in our society that even big corporations were giving millions to the growing political group.

According to Candid, a philanthropy watchdog, over five billion dollars has been pledged to Black Lives Matter’s so-called “social justice” causes in 2020 alone.

But now that the Black Lives Matter organization is flushed with cash, the group is starting to collapse from within. 

Just recently, local leaders of the Black Lives Matter chapters in Chicago, Vancouver, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia had questions about the organization’s finances and management. 

The petition signed by the leaders of some of the nation’s largest Black Lives Matter chapters claimed:

We became chapters of Black Lives Matter as radical Black organizers embracing a collective vision for Black people engaging in the protracted struggle for our lives against police terrorism. With a willingness to do hard work that would put us at risk, we expected that the central organizational entity, most recently referred to as the Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN) Foundation, would support us chapters in our efforts to build communally. Since the establishment of BLMGN, our chapters have consistently raised concerns about financial transparency, decision making, and accountability. Despite years of effort, no acceptable internal process of accountability has ever been produced by BLMGN and these recent events have undermined the efforts of chapters seeking to democratize its processes and resources.

The petition continued by calling for “transparency, accountability, and responsibility to our community, we believe public accountability has become necessary.”

Only time will tell if this division does real damage to Black Lives Matter.

But it is worth asking where all the cash went that the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization had in their pockets.

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