Leftists are excited as Australia is sending soldiers door-to-door over COVID restrictions


We have all been through hell over the past year due to the government-imposed lockdowns.

But it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Leftists are excited as Australia is sending soldiers door-to-door over COVID restrictions.

We have never seen anything so tyrannical in the United States during our lifetime like the government-imposed lockdowns we all went through.

Millions were forced to lose their jobs and become reliant on the welfare state.

Tens of thousands of small mom and pop shops shuttered their doors as the government allowed megastores to stay open.

And countless children miss valuable in-person learning that will set them back for the rest of their life.

But it seems like our suffering wasn’t enough for those in charge of our nation.

As COVID makes the expected comeback in the less deadly Delta variant, unelected bureaucrats are demanding that we sacrifice more.

And now leftists across the United States are jumping on board with crippling lockdowns and stripping millions of Americans of their rights.

Just look at Cuomo below cheering on private businesses to refuse to serve the unvaccinated.

But things in the United States could get a lot worse as our leftist leaders look to nations like Australia for guidance.

And as the delta variant runs through Australia unchecked, even through some of the world’s strictest lockdowns, now they are planning to use troops to enforce their tyrannical rules.

According to Reuters, at least 300 Australian army personnel will join government officials who are going door-to-door to make sure residents are following the strict lockdown.

The army personnel will be under the control of the local police departments who have the authority to enforce the lockdown orders and even to shut down businesses on site for any violation.

When asked about the army coming into his town for extra reinforcement, the Mayor of Cumberland claimed, “They’ve got no other ideas than to bring in the military as a last resort because they’re lost for answers on issues they created.”

And the Australian government has made it clear that they will impose whatever lockdowns they see fit until more Aussies get vaccinated.

Americans better get ready for the worst over here with our power hungry leftists in charge.