Leftist teachers are worried about online teaching for one BIG reason


The radical Left is relentless in its pursuit of its agenda.

K-12 education has become a cesspool of teachers who are dedicated leftists protected by powerful teachers unions.

Now these teachers are worried about online teaching for one BIG reason.

Government schools often do more harm to students than not.

Many kids are subjected to abuse because violent students are often given umpteen chances to remain in class and terrorize the other students out of some misguided sense of compassion.

Due to teachers unions that are more concerned with protecting the teachers than protecting the students, it can take years to fire a bad teacher, even those that abuse children.

School is also compulsory; as Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris locked parents up for their children being truant.

But worst all, K-12 education has become a breeding ground for leftist indoctrination.

Conservatives long ago ceded territory on university campuses, so it has been understood for decades that college professors and administrators are left-wing.

However, the average American is slowly beginning to figure out just how left-wing they are.

One study showed that 40% of professors in the humanities and social sciences are avowed Marxists.

At Harvard, 80% of professors identify as liberal or very liberal, 19% identity as moderate, and only 1% identity as conservative.

The consequence of that type of imbalance is indoctrinated college students spread to every walk of life, including K-12 education.

And now teachers are fretting over online education because they don’t want parents to hear their radical lesson plans and lectures:

Libby Emmons, a writer for The Federalist, wrote a piece about how she was appalled by her 10-year-old’s teacher lecturing the children about white privilege.

These smug and meddlesome teachers actually see parents as obstacles to their goals:

This is just one of the reasons why homeschooling is growing in popularity.

The stigma around homeschooling was that kids wouldn’t be able to socialize with other kids, but there are a growing number of activities and social clubs they can join.

And it’s no surprise the leftists are now after homeschooling, too.

Harvard Law professor Elizageth Bartholet wrote that homeschooling should be banned (as it is in Germany) in the United States.

The Left wants control of your children’s minds all day.