Leftist Catholic groups are cheering on Pope Francis’ radical crusades


Pope Francis has a new vision for the Catholic Church.

He’s taken radical actions to turn it into just another Social Justice Warrior organization.

And these leftist Catholic groups can’t get enough of his new crusades.

Pope Francis has long advocated for stopping climate change.

In fact, he called climate change “a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods.”

And sadly, he’s not alone in his support for radical leftist political causes.

The leaders of 19 Catholic organizations just signed an “urgent appeal” against climate change.

The organizations include the Center of Concern, based in the United States, among others.

Every signing organization is a member of Coopération Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité (CIDSE), an international alliance of Catholic development agencies based in Brussels.

Breitbart reports:

The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano reported Sunday that the 19 agencies work in over 120 countries around the globe to promote social justice. The groups have launched their climate appeal in response to the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the newspaper said.

The Catholic development organizations have seconded the IPCC’s demands for radical changes in behavior by western nations.

Governments “must absolutely and swiftly set themselves more ambitious goals: the reality is that we are on a warming path of 3.5 degrees or more, so there is a huge gap from the 1.5 degree target set at Paris,” their appeal states.

“Now more than ever we need leaders to recognize and take action to curb our current trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions,” it reads. “It is a moral imperative in the face of the dramatic risks for people and the planet, risks that unfortunately are already a reality for the populations of the most vulnerable countries.”

Despite the moral certainty of certain Catholic agencies, not everyone is persuaded of the accuracy of the IPCC’s climate predictions.

Last week, celebrated atmospheric physicist and MIT professor emeritus Richard Lindzen, stated that current climate projections are not only deeply flawed, but also ideologically driven.

Pope Francis heartily approves.

He has also scolded oil companies for using natural gas.

This is just one of the SJW crusades waged by the Pope.

He’s also expressed support for homosexuality and is once reported to have told a gay man, “God made you like this.”

And, in April, a French priest claimed Pope Francis approved of his marrying of same-sex couples.

But there’s one cause Pope Francis has kicked to the curb.

He’s so busy fighting SJW battles that he’s not lifted a finger to stop abortion.

When Irish Catholics fought to keep Amendment 8 of their Constitution from being overturned by Amendment 36, the Pope was silent.

Ireland wound up passing the amendment to repeal the abortion ban and Pope Francis said nothing.

Should the Catholic Church call a convention to remove Pope Francis from the chair?

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  2. If the Pope is nor against abortion and homosexuality he is anti-Christ, pure and simple. He is not THE anti-Christ spoken of in Revelation, but he is an anti-Christ.

  3. In case someone wants to chastise Jerry for the dressing down of Pope Francis, read what the Bible says about the subjects. Jerry is not giving his opinion. He is sharing his knowledge of The Bible which is universal truth to those who have received Christ. Jerry starts off with a very important word; “If”. This is important because it is difficult in this day and age of who is telling the truth about what someone said and what someone thinks.

  4. Our Lady of Fatima said the church would suffer from within starting with the Pope. Could this be the anti-christ?????

  5. he not religious he’s a child malesting dem. in the church thats been blackmailed and or bought off by dem. and people like soros and hillary and obamas another words scum of the earth he right in there with them they need to get rid of him one way or the other…go trump 2020

  6. could be but i think it’s the man his self being bought off and or blackmailed they need to get ridof him and get a priest that really knows GOD and will follow his word instead of being bought off by these radicals go trump

  7. First and foremost the pope is a man and errs because he is just that a mortal man. When the Son Of God said His Church would suffer by those within and there would be antichrists appearing all throughout the world the pope very well could be one of the antichrists. If one goes back to the Bible reading it and praying for Holy Spirit’s wisdom to interpret read how many times “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is mentioned. Abortion is wrong and murder. To all who believe in the LGBT movement read what God said about Sodom and Gamora and what was said by His divine son Jesus Christ in the New Testament regarding the Sacrament Of Marriage per Gospel of Matthew.

  8. Not listening to church due to Priests abuse. Donating to Republican Party to get rid of Democrats forever.

  9. My question is simple: Is there such thing as “A left Catholic”? That is like corrupting the Catholic Principles into Leftist tenets, reducing the TEN COMMANDMENTS to a “multiple choice” plan, diluting the spirit and letter of what means TO BE CATHOLIC. In other words, to my understanding, that is not Catholic!
    Two real life examples:
    -One woman, living “in sin” (no sacramental Marriage in Church) for 20 years, is a daily communicant. (???)
    -A widow, also “living in sin”, is proud to say that she is a member of “Couples for Christ”. (???)

  10. I am a retired priest. I do not believe everything a priest might say when he has broken Church rules.

    The Pope honestly believes what he says about climate change. I guess you would prefer him to lie. Many very intelligent people more knowledgeable about climate than you ir I believes as he does or he believes what they say. I personally do not agree with the Pope. But, I prefer to know the truth and not for him to lie about his beliefs.

    Homosexuality that is a hard one. You find it easy and comforting to just say the devil did it, freewill is responsible, home environment is responsible or some nasty queer changed them. How do you really know are you Gay? This conversion crap we Christians have tried has done more harm than good.

    It was difficult for me and I spent countless hours on my knees at night alone in front if the altar. Pope Benedict was clear DO NOT GIVE THEM COMMUNION. DO NOT LET THEM HAVE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN THE PARISH.

    I know what scripture says about homosexuality so do not send me scripture. I also know what the Holy Spirit put on my heart .

    It is not my church; it is not my Sacrement, it all belongs to God. Do I, a mortal man, have the right to deny a person who professes Christ as Savior God’s gifts? Do I, a mortal man have the right to deny a person the opportunity to use their God given talents. I felt led to believe, no I do not. You do not know a persons heart nor do I. There are many in your denomination snd mine that do not have the heart they claim. ONLY GOD KNOWS.

    We cut our hair, shave our beards; women use makeup; women wear jewelry, we no longer fast as they once did ; we no longer observe Saturday as the Sabbath; the list us long what WE decided to follow or not.

    We would prefer hell (if we believe all homosexuals go to hell) than enbrace then in God like love. Oh, what hypocrites we are.

    Read those replies on those sites by people who claim to be Christians and tell me if that is truly what a Christian is and if it is do you want to be one.

    Just on the Internet today my Christian brothers and sisters posted these remarks: “kill all those ????? before they rape our babies; there is not one ???? that believes in God. If they claim to they are liars; God said kill the evil ones among you. If every man killed just one we would get rid of their as—- real quic,”and it goes on only gets worse than better. They feed off one anothers filthy words.

  11. Get out and vote for the GOP in Nov. to save the country from NAZI Commie Demoncrat liberal mobs!They want to make America into another Venezuela!Obama almost got us there! Now that America is great again because of Pres.Trump let’s keep it that way!

  12. This pope seems intent on destroying the basic tenets of the Catholic church, once a stalwart of this country. I wish he could be impeached and replaced with a truly holy man.

  13. To late for the Catholic church. It has become infected infiltrated invaded by the enemy. Same enemy that has taken over the democrat party. Same enemy that has taken over the U.N.. As long as people can think clearly and know that. Then they will be fine and fooled no more. It is when people are lied to or pretend all is well.


  15. Ann I really think you are right in saying that. I to believe that he just may be the antichrist.That the Bible talks about.


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