LeBron James made one move signaling “woke” culture is going to get worse


Far-left nonsense is becoming more and more inescapable these days.

It’s becoming increasingly obnoxious in the world of sports.

Now LeBron James announced one move that signals “woke” culture is about to get a lot worse.

“Woke” capitalism has become a plague on society.

One of the healthiest aspects of America was that personal politics didn’t matter in your daily routine.

However, leftists believe that everything is political, which is the nature of countries around the globe that are beset by political strife.

In certain countries, belonging to the wrong tribe or ethnic group could mean denial of basic services, or far, far, worse.

America largely conquered that divisive mentality, but the Left is doing everything it can to bring it back.

NBA superstar LeBron James is doing his part to reach into the dustbin of history and retrieve the idea of group discrimination.

James launched SpringHill Co., a new media company with $100 million investment from other wealthy businessmen.

According to a Bloomberg report, “[James and business partner Maverick Carter] describe it as a media company with an unapologetic agenda: a maker and distributor of all kinds of content that will give a voice to creators and consumers who’ve been pandered to, ignored, or underserved.”

This is code for leftist propaganda.

James openly campaigned for Hillary Clinton, constantly rips Donald Trump, attacked Drew Brees for saying he would stand for the anthem, among other political statements.

There’s no doubt James’ company will push the ascendant militant Left’s narrative that America is evil and racist and must be uprooted.

Earlier in his career, James said he wanted to be a “global icon.”

The easiest way to do that is to pander to the woke Left, which controls the media companies and institutions that give out awards and accolades.

James is playing the game, but it’s Average Joe who will suffer from this corrosive left-wing marriage.

Conservatives need to learn a lesson from James.

He and other left-wingers are willing to pour money into these causes to move the culture.

Meanwhile, people on the right are giving money to think-tanks that promote squishy Supreme Court justices like John Roberts.

Contributing to think-tanks is fine, but until conservatives seriously engage in the culture, dwindling electoral victories won’t matter.

Do conservatives need to fight for the culture by creating art?

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  2. Its funny how these black athletes demonize white people by calling them racist, or privileged, but still expect them to buy tickets to watch them play.
    You’re a privileged white racist but we still want your money.

  3. LeBron James, you mean the guy that couldn’t graduate high school without constant tutoring from other students and teachers including black, white and asian students! The guy that went straight to the NBA because he knew he couldn’t cut it in a college environment! Yeah, his opinion is just so important!

  4. I am sick of the MSM, the DemonRats and these over paid athletes attacking white ppl. It’s purely evil! Who cares about that James person.

  5. The luciferian delusion of the Woke revelation is going to end professional football and basketball by 2024. Our national pride and past times will end by the fascist rule of the Marxists politicizing every professional player and force a break in their contracts by the social justice warriors.

  6. I am sick of these people thinking that they rule… because they can play sports. If all races wake up to what is happening to “One Nation Under God” indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL”… they won’t buy another NFL or Professional ticket or any of the junk that they are making their millions on, that make them think they are supreme. If the people stick together and ban them from our way of life.. It is easily done… they are taking away everything else from us… so let’s take back. Do not wear another one of their friggin’ shirts or shoes that put money in their pockets… And, what on earth is a “Black National Anthem”? I thought this was the United States of America… where we all live and work together… not a country being racist by the 14% of black people that live here. And they are better off percentage wise than any other race in the US. Turn on your tv you will see them in every show on every channel and yet they are suppressed. Read Psalm 94 it totally relates to what is happening here right now…

  7. Lebron James needs his damn head blown off and I would be willing to bet that before all this is over he will get just that. I certainly hope so as he is a disgrace to the colored race as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Another BLACK MONKEY Attempting to turn this nation into a Somalia and being revered by a group of left wing brain fried lunatics !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hollywood, the land of homos and other deviates with inherited genetics that are not even found in the animal kingdom … in other words, ‘liberal democrats’! A pigpen full of ‘hams’ that actually believe they are credible ‘actors’! And those plastic-boobed airheads that strut around like they’re God’s gift to the world just don’t realize those just like them are found on the streets of every democrat-rundown city and called ‘sluts’! Why don’t you ‘hams’ improve yourselves and come up to curb level and get out of the gutter for once? BLM is proof of your intellectual capacities when you side with a worthless moron like James, who would, just like his followers, only be up to the level of monkey-swatters in Africa. If James took an IQ test he would most likely fail because I don’t think he’s smart enough to spell IQ. Amazing how worthless welfare-raised bums like him never seem to leave the country they have so much trouble living in … could it be leaving all the free-bees they’re used to gives him second thoughts as well as all the undeserved attention and freedom of causing unacceptable trouble because ‘liberal laws’ allow them special rights to do so? Be careful s**thead+-! Rumor has it that whites are getting to the boiling point and, if it ever gets to the point of another ‘civil war’, it may be a reversal of the last one!

  10. Art used to REFLECT traditional Western values and thought. From great paintings to network tv, you could find plenty of Western content…Christianity, patriotism, work ethic, family, etc….all these things were on display in the art of the past, in virtually every format. But today, all the venues are tightly controlled by THEM. So it would have to be made possible by someone with money….a good example would be the film about the crucifixion that was made by Mel Gibson….nobody wanted to finance it, so he just used his own money. But unfortunately, most of us don’t HAVE that kind of money. Sadly, many who DO, seem to be too cowardly to do anything with it.

  11. Labron sniffs HEMMROIDS !!! I’m tired of Nigerians saying how this country show be run. If black Trash matters has all the answers , then they should take thier candy asses to Africa and build thier own RADICAL zone .

  12. They’re so stupid they don’t even know how stupid they are. The majority of whites are who make them rich. That’s coming to an end. More and more are saying I’m done watching pro sports. I hope Mark Cuban has to eat his Maveric’s.

  13. Wow! Just pile on the lies! It’s the right wing, especially the alt-right evangelicals that are being divisive. They’re complaining about being persecuted because they can’t force their beliefs on others. They try to deny women access to healthcare, deny service in business to those who don’t hold their same beliefs, force taxpayers to pay for religious indoctrination in public and parochial schools, and establish a religion-based government in violation of the Constitution and the founders’ desires.

    Americans are guaranteed the right to worship whatever gods they choose or to not believe in mythology if they choose. However, that right does not extend to denying others the right to believe as they choose nor does it mean that businesses don’t have to observe the laws especially those protecting citizens from discrimination. Worship as you choose, but keep the separation of church and state strong to ensure a lasting democracy.

  14. They are racist and want a civil war as they call it, they think white people will just set and let them have their way. Just like this BS of black anthem, where is the white anthem, they should play the US anthem and stay off their damn knees.

    If you don’t like this country, that is your right, then get the hell out no ne cares if you leave. All sports can leave as for as I am concern, NASCAR, basketball, baseball and football, the black racist have ruined them all, I am going fishing and to hell with them.

    It is time to fight back!!!!

  15. HCB: Women have perfect access to ‘health care’. But they have no right to demand that I pay for their birth control pills. Let them pay for their own, as any sane person would….or let them do without. And your collective dread of Christianity is insane, and pathetic….Christians have been culturally castrated, already, and yet you guys are still terrified of them. Kind of revealing…

  16. So, Lebron James wants to be a world dictator. He needs to stand in line as the list is long.

  17. What incredible “hatred and fear” expressed in the response to this MAN expressing hi srights to speak what he thinks…as ya’ll did. What made him “rich” is his ability to make $$$ for the owners of the teams, the commercial entities and his intelligence…which is what is evident and what “pisses ” you off because you have none of that!! Go back into your cave.

  18. Intelligent Responder: That’s just it….he’s NOT intelligent…he’s just a big, simple guy who likes to feel like an important world figure. This kind of foolishness allows him to do so. He gets to play the part, to be the Muhammad Ali for this generation….but it’s all a masquerade. If any reporter had the guts to confront him with the fact that the cops almost never kill ANYBODY…that your chances of being killed by police are barely better than being struck by lightning…that black men are almost always killed by OTHER hoodlums, not the police….he’d be helpless. He has given the matter no substantive thought…but among his peer circle, none is REQUIRED.

  19. Anybody remember Lebron HIDING during his first title series? Against Dallas? Jordan, Bird, Magic…with the game on the line, they’d have all been DEMANDING the ball…not Lebron…I swear, a man his size, he found a way to completely DISAPEAR…he got in the middle of a crowd, and he REMAINED there…pathetic…made no effort to get open whatsoever…he showed his colors then…and nothing has changed….

  20. LeBron can play roundball but he can’t string words together to form a sentence. He can take his BB money and opinions and go to hell.

    How oppressive is a country that makes a millionaire out of a nothing that was socially promoted out of high school?

  21. If these igorant black communist don’t like America, then why don’t they take themselves, their family’s, and their money elsewhere.

  22. HCB…WOW!! You sure do pile on the lies. Nothing you ever say is true. You come to a conservative Christian site and make a fool of yourself. You have no clue of the truth. You just spew the sick lies of your lib leaders which you believe without question

  23. HCB…There is no separation of church and state. Read history if you know how. Our founding fathers made no mention of it in any of their documents. It was only in a private letter. Our founders gave us the right to worship God when and where we want and Congress could not suppress it. They themselves did not observe it. They attended church services in the Capitol Building, required Bible in schools and installed Chaplains in the military. Yes, you have the right to deny God, but that makes you a fool. And we are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic

  24. “intelligent” responder…hatred and fear??? So the truth is hate and fear? And he has no intelligence, which it seems, neither do you. Time for a new screen name

  25. The culture of the left will cease to exist when Jesus comes back to rule. They cannot fight God and win. They are in satan’s army and satan and all who follow him will be banished for eternity

  26. Well James , maybe you should have graduated from high school before solving the worlds problems. There is some hope, if you can READ. The documented book” MAO, the untold story “ . May enlighten you as to where you are headed, and where you are taking your friends. Good luck!!!

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