LeBron James just got called out for this insanely hypocritical thing he said


Leftism has been infesting sports for a long time.

The NBA has become one of the worst leagues at separating entertainment from politics.

And NBA superstar LeBron James just got called out for the insanely hypocritical thing he said.

After the murder of Minneapolis resident George Floyd, peaceful protests tragically gave way to rioting and looting.

But something much more troubling has sprung from the riots.

Far-left radicals are using the outrage over Floyd’s death to cram through a radical agenda.

That agenda includes bullying public figures and businesses to show solidarity with their cause or be castigated.

Entertainers around the world of sports, movies, and music got in on the act.

However, NFL future Hall of Famer Drew Brees committed the cardinal sin of not falling in line perfectly.

During an interview, Brees said that he did not support kneeling for the National Anthem and disrespecting the American flag.

Brees must’ve thought he still lived in a country that valued free speech and patriotism.

Instead, “wokeness” and groupthink reign supreme.

Brees was hit with a tsunami of backlash, and one of the first people to pile on was LeBron James.

James posted a lengthy Instagram post ripping Brees for his perfectly reasonable stance.

After Brees’ own teammates and his adopted hometown of New Orleans – a city in which he’s invested millions of dollars and volunteer time ­– threw him under the but, he bent the knee and apologized.

Then he apologized . . . and again.

Then his wife apologized.

But LeBron James has never been pressed on his stance about China’s suppression of protests in Hong Kong.

James chided Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey after he expressed mild support on Twitter for the pro-freedom protesters in Hong Kong.

James even told the Northwestern and MIT graduate that he needed to “educate” himself on the situation.

Also, James has been silent about the Uyghur Muslims whom the Chinese Communist Party threw into concentration camps, or the African migrants who were evicted from hotels and prohibited from entering restaurants in light of the coronavirus.

Colin Kaepernick, the pope of wokeness, has also been silent on these social justice atrocities.

The reason why is because their Nike money is more important than standing up to tyranny.

It’s easy for James and Kaepernick to run down America because they have free speech.

The people in China aren’t so lucky.

And if the radical Left keeps shredding constitutional guardrails, Americans won’t be so lucky, either.

Should the media call out LeBron James on his obvious double standard?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Their fatal flaw and mantra coincides roughly with one of the expediencies of Free Speech which is “No body can tell ME what to do. But unfortunately this seems to make them feel entitled to defy all leadership including their own which is why they muster some complicity through conspiracy but no real unify can be deduced or trusted by their very membership.

  3. How important is basketball? Would the press give him the time of day if he weren’t a basketball player? Celebrities and sports stars are over rated as are thier opinions or comments.

  4. Are these radical leftists using George Orwell’s 1984 as a guide?
    The similarities between Big Brother, and the left’s actions and goals are uncanny.

  5. Of course,
    These two Black Idiots keep believing that it’s their way or the highway, ONLY over my dead body.
    Both are closeted transgenders !!

  6. LeBron is just another big mouth player who actually thinks people care what he says but Brees is a real hero by all he does for everyone. But I lost a lot of respect when Brees backed down over what he stands for just because some morons didnt like it. When people can change what they value just because they get threats then your values no longer are worth the words behind them. So many people in government have made fools of themselves bowing down to these left liberals hate. If you believe in something like your country, you must never back down. Otherwise you have no values, only the ones people tell you you can have. Welcome to North Korea.

  7. Lebron James needs to stay out of thing he doesn’t know crap about and just play basketball because he is to stupid to do anything else.

  8. LB James get the hell out of the United States, Just because YOU THINK you are the greatest, does not give you the right to tell other people how they should feel or think . You don’t like it here in America, the country who gave you everthing. then GET OUT . If it was not for basketball where would you be? Just get out move to China and run your mouth. Wonder how long you will live, good chance we would never see you again, Stand for America and the American Flag, and American people or get out.

  9. Since I am a racist White privilege (actually brown skinned minority) hateful Rightwinger, I do not allow black racists, sports/shows/movies programs in my casa!

  10. Leave LeBron alone. He is a stupid little game player heading to one hell of a painful future . So just let him whine for now.

  11. Lebron, You may not be old enough, but google the iconic picture of Tianimen Square and the tank vs protester in China. If you feel no need to criticize your beloved Chinese for their level of “POLICE BRUTALITY,” you should be praising our law enforcement for their restraint! My hope is the police departments in and around your home town are disbanded so when the “non violent protesters” you so identify with come to your neighborhood there will be no law enforcement member to call or respond and be threatened with harm by the non violent protestors marching, looting and burning your entitled neighborhood to the ground! Maybe you, Colin and token Greg Pop can take a knee and wash Al Sharpton’s feet?

  12. Scamdemic….wake up America this virus is overblown….isolate those that should be let the other 99.8 per cent go back to the real normal….

  13. Mr.James why Don’t you try to fix the racism problem in this country instead of fueling it.You sir could do a lot of good.You are perhaps one of the most powerful Black men in this country.I would love to see you throw effort into healing this great nation.You have the power to mend fences.Ask yourself what would Kobe do!

  14. i repeat all you people that are complaining about james and greedy hollywood actors give up sports and movies for one year and watch their fat bank accounts shrink.

  15. LeBron is too big for his own pants! Drew needs to recall his apologies… they were not necessary. He had it right the first time around!

  16. I grew up in Akron Ohio, graduated from The U of Akron in 1966….also am a retired US Army officer. I was so proud of Lebron…now I am disappointed. The US Army fights for our right to be free and express our opinions…that is a basic principle. It is sad to see that men and women who have so profited by our system have now turned against the very system that gave them the rights to achieve.

  17. I think Lebrun James is a hypocrite, he bows down to the Chinese, they own him, to talk about racism here when in China they jail people unless they do as told, but big Mr. James wouldn’t say a word against his Chinese owners. He would soon learn about Free Speech if he moved there, of course if he was there he would keep his big mouth shut.

  18. The black left are all communists and always have been. James is a dumb fu** wo never even finished high school, yet is treated like someone special because he can play a stupid kids game.

  19. lebron james never fails to show his ignorance. He’s also an unsavory blowhard.

  20. So ol 6’7″ Lebron can toss a SMALL ball through a large round ring…..what else can he do…..how about zippo….the guy is brain dead and a major hypocrite.

  21. LeBron and BLM are the real racists!! Get these Demoncrats out of office and maybe we can get our country back to semi normal. Trump 2020!!!

  22. That’s rich! A High School grad telling someone with a REAL education to educate themselves! What an idiot!!!

  23. LeBron James is a mean spirited , do nothing for others, but himself, blow hard!! Grow up James & try reading some history books!

  24. I was born 77 years ago in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…I never moved, yet that is not where I live anymore. When something like Le Goon can draw more attention than someone who knows what they are talking about, FOLKS WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE ! Personally I think he should play B BALL AND SHUT THE HELL UP.The Rockets had a man from china on their team for years , he played very good ball and never mentioned politics…that’t the way it should be done…..SHUT UP Le Goon

  25. LeBron has become a BIGOT. He can only look at one side and then run his mouth. He forgets how he got where he is. Yes he’s talented but help is help. But in his eyes all whites are racist. Typical bigot!!!!!

  26. Why do you pay any attention to LeBron? Don’t give him this soapbox to Express his twisted views. He does not represent any group of people but the rich, arrogant, selfish who have forgotten anyone but themselves.

  27. China has a magnificent heritage which has been obliterated by communism. The Communist Manifesto: divide and conquer. Communist China seeks to implode the U.S. by disease, destruction, deceit, diversion. Not a coincidence regarding the vehement attacks against Trump, as the Clinton/Obama era was extremely profitable for Communist China which will be restored with biddable Biden.

  28. nobody listens to LJ anyway, and i lost a lot of respect for Drew Brees when he backed down was he lying initially or is he lying now?

  29. Funny, none of you showed such outrage when Kaepernik exercised his right to free speech; and not one of you acknowledged or even considered that it might not be about disrespecting the flag at all, which it wasn’t. You folks are professionals at projecting blame to others for your own actions, but I do understand you’re just following your dear leader’s lead.

  30. LeBron is just another overpaid idiot fortunate enough to be able to shoot a basketball. . Shame on Drew Brees for backing down. What a wimp.

  31. Never been a basketball fan but there will never be another like Michael Jordan or a Kobe Bryant. Screw LeBron WHO

  32. What these idiot athletes , celebrities and politicians do not realize is that taking a knee is a sign of respect. It always has been from the beginning of government authorities of past times and history. I am laughing away at these stupid low-life pieces of sewage that think they know everything and can rule the way we live and think.

  33. LeBron, You are following the agenda that China has laid out for the demise of America. There is an outline of how it goes down available to view with very little research. Educate yourself and rally for the cause of the very future existence of our United States of America. A savvy enemy is very aware of said outcome. Divide and conquer is a tactic that has been initiated successfully with highly effective results over hundreds of years. Disinformation and discord are the enemy’s ally. Unless we pull the load as ONE we will be defeated. Meanwhile, brushing up on the Chinese language might serve you well…

  34. The left needs to be very careful about what they’re asking for. With no police, law abiding citizens will have no choice but to take the law into our own hands, and since we on the right are firm believers in the 2nd Amendment, I can guarantee we’re heavily armed. Police have to show restraint, and I promise you, we will not.

  35. Chris Hines said it perfectly. The BLM is a cult and terrorist, just like Antifa. Names are very deceiving. They name a group something so the aholes will believe that’s what they stand for. Antifa and BLM started those riots. Anyone who says they were peaceful needs a check of reality. LeBron is a racist along with Kaepernick. They hypocrites. I wish someone would ask Le Bron about China and then ask why he doesn’t feel that are racist. We need to get China out of USA. I lost total respect for Brees too. If his grandfather are dead they’re rolling in the grave. It’s amazing that people give up their values for pressure. I would never bend a knee if I was told. I only do that for God. It made me sick that people were apologizing for being white and having white privilege. I grew up poor and worked to get everything I have. I didn’t have “white privilege”. I support equal rights but they don’t want equal rights, they want us to be slaves. Nobody teaches where slavery came from. It was the black tribes in Africa warring with each other. They stole people from enemy tribes and sold them to Muslims who brought them here. So they have theirselves and Muslims to blame yet neither gets the blame. The democrats are ruining the US and that is what George Soros’ wants. He’s the one giving millions to BLM and Antifa.

  36. I have nothing to add. Most of the comments are spot on. LaBron James is nothing but an overpaid sports star. That is is.

  37. How is it that every article written someone has to come back and make a jab at our President. Must be terrible to have this much hatred in their heart that they can’t see straight. I’m reminded regularly about Jesus’ words, don’t worry about the mote in your brothers eyes, worry about the beam in your own eye.
    For this article, you could not pay me to go watch arrogant selfish men double dribble down the court, walk a few steps, and then shoot a ball into a basket and make millions. I am a lover of b-ball and teach kids how to really play the game and all I hear is that is the way LeBron or someone else does it. I then ask them what has any of the professional players Done for them or anyone and never can they explain anything. Let each of these arrogant crybabies go to another country and see how much they get paid or stay here, keep their mouths shut, and have to work a real job. From a former Marine who has served and worked his entire life and is owed nothing from anyone, let’s make America great again.

  38. Black lives only matter to the rioters, and BLM when a white cop kills a black man.
    18 people were killed on May 31st, Sunday, in Chicago, and not a single BLM activist or rioter came out for them. Their black lives don’t matter. The only time black lives matter is when the left can use it for propaganda and pushing their racism narrative.

  39. “James even told the Northwestern and MIT graduate that he needed to “educate” himself on the situation.”
    James doesn’t care about the people of Hong Kong or for that matter he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. The reason he denounces the Hong Kong protests has nothing to do with politics or who is right and who is wrong. He only cares because the Communist Chinese Party told the NBA that if they talked out against the CCP would no longer allow the NBA games to be shown in China. This would cost the NBA MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. James’ righteous indignation is fueled by GREED, just like the Elitest in Hollywood. There’s a new Top Gun movie coming out. And Maverick is wearing the same leather jacket – only this time it’s Communist Party of China-approved, so the Japanese and Taiwanese flag patches are gone bowed to the CCP.

  40. To the black baller:
    Ball through hoop
    Shut the mouth
    Ball through hoop
    Shut the mouth
    Dribble the ball
    Not words from your mouth
    Dribble dribble dribble
    Ball through hoop
    Sleep and repeat

  41. People should just stop supporting the major sports venues. As many people are in financial difficulty-they just announced the NBA will playing a shorter season with less games but players will receive their full pay just like for a regular season. Gosh-those players are REALLY taking a hit. HYPOCRITES. But on this decision-they really AREN’T WORKING THEIR BUTTS OFF FOR THEIR POSITIONS ON THE TEAM.

  42. James is just a big dumb Zero,And Screww Drew Brees too,His Grandfathers were True Hero’s who fought in a war,His punk-ass can’t even stand up for his beliefs.

  43. Where is the moral character, the right and wrong lessons taught to us all in life. That it is acceptable to turn a tragedy of a loss of life into RIOTS, PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL ATTACKS AND BULLYING?

    Beating someone for protecting their small business is a crime, getting away with stealing and burning property is unacceptable. Group think and herd actions are causing loss of life, horrible injuries to people and the destruction of our country.

    I for one will continue to stand up for our country, Accept others, treat them with respect and value their differences as a foundation of humanity.

    What I won’t accept is the horrific behavior of bullies, attacks or down right criminal activities disguised as protest in order for people to steal and damage property.

    Kudos to those who voice their opinion, don’t back down when attacked because that is your right. It takes guts and character to stand your ground.


  44. I have to agree to a point that James should speak out about the terrible conditions inflicted on the workers in China.

    I’d suggest that he start looking into Ivanka’s sweat shops, then get into the ones that make all the MAGA merchandise we see. That will show them.

  45. My biggest wish, is that when sports is allowed to come back, that fans will bail by the millions! Let these loud mouthed traitors get jobs flippin burgers!

  46. Lebron James has been full of himself for years. Next time you see him play – notice how many times he looks for the camera and then stares into it. Never liked him before and certainly not now.

  47. What drivel! No sense of objectivity at all. Use of inflammatory connotative language is actually hilarious. The comments section provides ample evidence of the racism still rampant among the readers of this blog.

  48. @Tom…………… But, But, But, these folks are all ‘Christians’, or so they say. If so, I can only imagine what kind of church they go to, and what their Pastor says. Pretty scary, ain’t it.

  49. 50 years ago, Americans listened to Mother Theresa and Billy Graham. Today, they listen to Lebron and Snoop Dogg…Enough said.

  50. I have the best photo of James sitting on the beach with his finger far up his nose. My eternal image of James.

  51. I have no respect for James. If he couldn’t play basketball he’d be working at McDonalds. He didn’t even go to college. He never shows up in the playoffs. I don’t watch basketball anymore, or football . These same MORONS that think I care what they say don’t have a clue. These same idiots who push this crap, are the same ones who would never give a dime of their own money to support any of this garbage. James is a LOOSER!!!

  52. James should join with the other escapee from the planet of the apes
    Maxine Waters. What a brilliant pair
    that would be. Bet they wouldn’t be
    able to pour pis- out of a boot with
    Instructions on the heel.
    haha haha

  53. IT should but it won’t. LJ thinks his poop don’t stink cause he is worth a lot of money. Guess what honey, it still stinks and you are a big mouth hypocrite! You know the truth……………………..just face the facts!

  54. When people like this chose thugs over communities you know China, Obama, Clinton, Soros, Gates, Democrats, Iran and crocked officials are all involved in hurting America and Americans. Why don’t they put their money where there mouth is. No because they don’t want black communities to succeed like they have. They all made their millions off the backs of hard working people and now they aim to hurt us. These are the privileged people. Why don’t the thugs and BLM go after them? Lock and load Americans.

  55. NFL moved the Goal posts from the touchdown line for ,No one knows why, but they did. That added yardage to make a good goal. When I was young the average height of a Basketball Player was 6 ft. When these players started getting taller they didn’t move the basket higher. They should have . I believe that the Basket should be at least 8/10 inches higher, Tired of the Dunking and if it were higher as it should be, These guys couldn’t shoot above 50%. Move it up.

  56. @Donald, do, you are advocating that people use fire arms to revolt against the elected Government of the United States of America? To overthrow it and set up a form of Government that ‘you’ desire?

    You might want to check with some Southern States to see how that worked out for them.

  57. Mr. Palmer, the NFL moved the goal posts from the goal line because too many players were injured slamming into them.

  58. This is just plain ridiculous. I clicked on an article about Justin Timberlake and get something about LeBron James. This has happened to me in the past. I even re-clicked on Timberlake and still get LeBron. Is there something wrong with the system. Or is it that someone at the HQ is just stupid?

  59. James is just another thug!! Professional sports is full of more of the same! Frankly they’re just a bunch of useless wastes of DNA!

  60. Just another idiot ,make millions off americas,playing with a ball and turns on the hand that feeds him..try china..knell to their flag ,u wont be getting back up..u’d be fish bait.

  61. Never apologize to these low IQ gorillas. Ted Nugent refused to apologize for calling Obama a “mongrel”. Ted Nugent for President 2024!

  62. The bottom line for most of the famous folks is the money. What they think will give them more. There are many of us who love our country and stand for the freedoms our men and women served to protect. Uh, protect the citizens not procure a box seat at the stadium or movie. These men are the worst ‘role models’ ever for our youth. Shut up and play ball or leave and go where what you say doesn’t matter or cost you. Follow the money. That’s where most of these people are. I’m 75 and am no longer a sports fan or a movie goer. They fixed that for me. I’ll put my money elsewhere. Wanna talk? Let’s talk ”privilege.”

  63. LOL He thinks putting on a suit and glasses will make him look smart. Did he even finish high school ? he needs to shut up and dribble

  64. Labron James snorts like an ingrown hemmroid !!! Who cares about the NBA anyway ?? It’s not about basketball anymore ,,, it’s just a bunch of POLITICAL PINCHAS’ !!!


  66. Money buys everything including silence and hypocrisy as evidence by politicians to journalist to sports figures all sacrifice integrity, honesty and respect for their true deity, money.

  67. Another rich thug causing more racist remarks. I would not walk across the street to watch him play a racist game’

  68. It looks to me that EVIL reigns supreme these days.A slow of brain washed wannabe humans have gone off the deep end.It is sad and at the same time very scary to see and hear these Democrats talk and their violence.

  69. James has absolutely no credibility as he really is ignorant on world affairs or even issues that America. He found it was so easy to take a stance on the black lives matter issue as anyone could have picked up any newspaper and read for five minutes to get an uneducated idea of what led up to the all the looting and crimes committed as a result of the black man who was killed by a police office. How about the fact that this man was being arrested in the commission of a crime. Oh, by the way, James also said he would never play games if fans were not permitted in the arena and he said fans are the only reason he plays the GAME of basketball. Soon after he changed his mind because he was chasing Micheal Jordan’s championship titles and thought that was much more important than his fans. He’s a clown and I’m so happy he left Cleveland as Cleveland deserves so much more than James.

  70. Jordan was the greatest player of all time….. everyone wants to be a victim…except hard working Americans …of any color

  71. james is nothing!!! He thinks he invented the game. Without basketball he would be working at car wash or McDonalds & competing with all illegals. He bows to china because they give this sorry A-HOLE money. He is main reason I don’t watch this sport anymore. Same with nfl & now nascar. People are finding other things to do with their time. (Just look at numbers). I have lost all respect for brees. Move to China all of you POS. Take blm & antifa with you & give my country back!!!

  72. LeBron is a talented player who if not for basketball would be counting screws in a factory somewhere if his stupid mind can even do that .SHUT UP LEBRON AND SHAME ON YOU DREW BREES AND WIFE.

  73. Yes he is a genius basketball player, he does not have the life experience, or education or common-sense to make such protestations. Basketball yes, world events NO, economy NO, justice NO……he is WAY to cozy with the China commies to make may statements with credibility due to the NBA ties. LB you are NOT Thomas Sowell, don’t try that thought-leader hyperbole.

  74. LeBron is a great and talented athlete – stay in that arena. You are not a political expert and no-one really cares about your views. Want to do something great, donate your time to building relationships in your hometown of Indianapolis and investigate areas that need help to grow in strength. You have the power to have a huge impact, but not with your mouth.

  75. James is the biggest jackass in all professional sports. I hope his teams lose very game and that he is fined his annual salary and thrown out of the league for the next five years. Let’s hear his stance on all his good friends in China. He should go back and get his GED.

  76. LeBron is just another useful tool of the Communist Chinese! Let him go to China and live if he doesn’t like the USA and the people that go to his games that pay his salary! Another ungrateful overpaid athlete that thinks he’s actually important! The reason I quit watching professional sports a long time ago!

  77. Lebron James you should stop uses you platform to spreed hatred and racism. Because your hurting your own people. ( The ones you claim you care about)

    And you Drew Bree’s you should never apologize for your belief, you stood strong for standing for the flag then you backed down, grow some balls and stand up for what you truley believe.

  78. Screw LeBron and all these over payed NBA players and coaches. The same goes for the NFL..

  79. The point this article is trying to make is COMPLETELY ASININE. There’s a big difference between LeBron James expressing his opinion about issues that directly effect him and his own people, and going half-way around the world to give his opinion (if he even has one) on the internal affairs/politics of another country that he is visiting As a Guest. Do we really believe that the same American sports writers and journalist whop are currently criticizing Mr. James’ silence on the political affairs of China/Hong Kong would welcome someone like Yoa Ming or Hakeem Olajuwon offering their two cents on the political and social affairs of the American Body Politic? If so, when have these writers and journalist solicited such opinions? This article and the majority of the comments are Complete NONSENSE.

  80. @Frederick ………..A well thought out, intelligent, and articulate response. Sadly, it will be lost on 98.93% of the posters on here.


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