LeBron James doesn’t need to do anymore to prove he’s one of the biggest POSs in culture after this one new statement


LeBron James gave up on being the greatest of all time in basketball years ago.

The Chinese Communists’ top sports mouthpiece decided he’d rather be the GOAT saying things to make him look more and more like a piece of sh*t.

Now LeBron James doesn’t need to do anymore to prove he’s one of the biggest POSs in culture after this one new statement.

Leave it to Leftists like Lebron James to beatdown kids.

Kyle Rittenhouse is barely more than a kid now and he’s gone through hell that he shouldn’t have to go through.

The nation was in shock watching a miscarriage of justice known as the Rittenhouse trial unfold.

Time and time again his defense team proved that the charges against him are as shaky as a three-legged chair holding up Stacy Abrams.

Even the prosecution’s own witnesses are making the case for Rittenhouse’s innocence.

And the Judge in the case has given the prosecution every chance to make their case but they continue to defy the court to the point where the Judge has to scold them.

But the Left is doing everything they can to defame the trial, the judge, and Rittenhouse as this verdict heads for a ruling.

They are even attacking the Judge for having a God Bless the USA ringtone.

God Bless the USA?

That was too much for the Chinese Communists’ top sports mouthpiece

So Lebron James had to jump in and attack Rittenhouse.

In a bold move to finally end the madness of his trial, Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense which led to the prosecution brutally examining the kid.

And while he was going through his account of the day he had to defend himself, he emotionally broke down in tears over all he had been through.

Well in comes Lebron James to pick on the kid for crying on the stand

Lebron tweeted out a video of the break down claiming “What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.”

Let’s not forget that this is the same piece of dog feces who blasted a cop who put his life in danger for defending a child from a knife attack.

And let’s not forget that there isn’t a bigger pansy in the NBA than overrated Lebron James.

What do you think?