One TV show is pushing a radical anti-police message that left viewers stunned


Hollywood movies and TV shows have become unbearably “woke.”

Entertainment media has leaned Left for years, but the political propaganda is off the charts today.

Now one TV show is pushing a radical anti-police message that left viewers stunned.

The television series All American is the latest show to demonize police officers.

In the episode called The Bigger Picture, a black character named Tamika is killed by presumably racist white cops while sleeping off a hangover on the side of the road.

Olivia, whose mother is the DA, steals the bodycam footage and releases it to the public.

The show cuts away from the footage, but from the audio, the incident escalated in absurd fashion and ended with a gunshot.

After releasing the footage, Olivia goes on a Black Lives Matter-inspired rant:

“[Tamika] dreamt of being an engineer and was headed back to Spelman this fall…But she never made it there because the cops, who are meant to serve and protect, saw her as a ‘y’all,’ as less than. And my label, as the white D.A.’s daughter, likely saved my life in a similar run-in. But her label, as just another black woman in America, cost Tamika hers, and that is unacceptable.”

First, Olivia is biracial – her mother is white and her father is black – so her “privilege” was based on the fact that the police officers ostensibly knew who she was, not on her mother’s skin color.

Second, in the audio of the encounter, the police officers were comically evil, but Tamika also resisted arrest, which is a common theme in almost all of the police shootings that go viral.

Olivia continued:

“Policing in this country evolved from slave patrols. It never was and it never will be neutral. There has to be a better way to serve and protect. I mean, there has to be a better system that allows us to make mistakes and still get to live, and it’s time to fight for that better system. It is time to burn down the house and rebuild it to look like the non-punitive programs, the community-based violence prevention programs, mental health programs, education. Education, education, education. It’s time to defund the police . . . And it’s time to really get justice for Tamika.”

Leftists have been parroting the talking point that the police evolved from slave patrols, but that’s a lie.

Policing predates slave patrols and goes back millennia.

Its current form is rooted in British common law from the 17th century.

And calls to “defund the police” are not popular at all – a Gallup poll from 2020 showed that 81% of black citizens wanted the same level or more levels of policing in their communities.

The Left talks about new systems of justice, but they can’t explain how they would work.

For example, sending unarmed social workers on calls to deal with violent felons in the midst of a mental health crisis will present its own problems.

The bottom line is that the Left doesn’t have any real solutions – they just want to “burn down the house.”

Pope Francis just went full Communist with a horrifying globalist message


Since taking power, Pope Francis has been pushing far-left policies on the world.

Generally, they have been coded messages.

But Pope Francis just went full Communist with a horrifying globalist message.

Pope Francis is a hero to the radical Left.

While the Catholic Church has long been a bulwark against the far-left, he has instead used his position to promote their policies.

During his trip to the United States, which was largely funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation he promoted socialist talking points, so much so that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders praised him.

Generally his socialist messages have been based around fighting for economic “equality,” along with attacks on capitalism.

But over the weekend he gave a video message to participants at the “Vax Live” concert in Los Angeles, where he spoke about the “common good” and rejecting “individualism.”

“Creator God would infuse in our hearts a new, generous spirit to abandon our individualism and promote the common good,” Pope Francis said. “I beg you not to forget the most vulnerable.”

The event in question was hosted by pop star Selena Gomez and Prince Harry, and featured messages from Joe and Jill Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with Hollywood stars including Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Sean Penn.

The term “common good” may come off as innocuous, but in reality, it is at the core of Communist philosophy.

Karl Marx summarized Communism as, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” which is a longer-winded way of describing the “common good.”

Along with his call to “reject individualism” his use of the term “common good” is even more insidious.

Rejecting individualism is at the core of the Communist ideology.

It is impossible to have Communism if people have individual will and the right to the fruits of their own labor.

Individual freedom is what makes America, and the broader West unique from Eastern philosophy.

America was founded on individual freedom.

Once those freedoms are ripped away, it gives governments full power over people, which has been seen in every Communist dictatorship in human history.

If there’s one thing globalists want more than anything, it is a population they can control, as it is the only way to implement their ghastly plans.

And Pope Francis is helping them along the way.

The woke outrage mob is going after Snow White and you’re not going to believe why


First, they went after Dr. Seuss.

Then it was automatic soap dispensers.

And now the woke outrage mob is going after Snow White and you’re not going to believe why.

In Anaheim, California, Disneyland reopened last week after being shut down for more than a year due to “COVID concerns.”

The amusement park wasn’t open a week before the woke outrage mob found something they didn’t like about it.

A revamped version of Disneyland’s famed Snow White ride has come under fire from the left-wing extremists.

What’s the offense?

It appears people are upset about the “true love’s first kiss” scene that they believe undermines lessons about consent by portraying the Prince kissing Snow White while she is asleep.

If you didn’t already believe the “woke” leftists were absurd, this should seal the deal for you.

These people are upset over a cartoon and its portrayal on a ride.

It is hard to fathom that any child would get the idea it’s okay to sexually assault a woman from a ride.

Once again, the Left has taken something meant to be very innocent and turned it into something absolutely ridiculous.

The ride previously focused on the wicked Queen and was known as “Snow White’s Scary Journey.”

In the revamp, the creators were looking to take a more lighthearted approach to the fairytale.

The ride ends with the Prince, believing that Snow White has died, kissing her, which in turn breaks the Queen’s curse.

One leftist said that it could not “possibly be true love” because Snow White did not give her consent.

Another stated, “It’s hard to understand why the Disneyland of 2021 would choose to add a scene with such old fashioned ideas of what a man is allowed to do to a woman, especially given the company’s current emphasis on removing problematic scenes from rides like Jungle Cruise and Splash Mountain.”

No, what is really hard to understand is how grown men and women actually think it’s okay to conjure up these bizarre scenarios about fairytales.

It is a sick world when adults are no longer able to enjoy the innocence of a story from the 1930s and instead must make a political matter of it.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

“Woke” outrage mob just went after one Jeopardy! contestant and the reason why will make your blood boil


Cancel culture has reached a point that’s beyond parody.

Far-left radicals are scraping the bottom of the barrel in pursuit of “problematic” persons.

And the “woke” outrage mob just went after one Jeopardy! contestant and the reason why will make your blood boil.

Radical leftists have shown that they don’t even need a reason to “cancel” someone.

Jeopardy! contestant Kelly Donahue found that out the hard way.

During his fourth appearance on the show, Donahue held up three fingers to signify his three victories.

But the insane mob accused Donahue of flashing the “okay” symbol, which the Left insists is a hand gesture that signifies “white power.”

First, the “okay” hand gesture as a supposed symbol of white power started as a joke on the deep web site 4chan.

Users wanted to see if the corporate-controlled press would run with the joke, and they did.

Second, Donahue was very clearly holding up three fingers to signify his wins.

He expressed as much in a Facebook post:

“That’s a 1. That’s a 2. That’s a 3. No more. No less . . . There wasn’t a hidden agenda or any malice behind it.”

That sober description didn’t satisfy the mob, and Donahue was hit with a deluge of hate.

Donahue then issued another statement that was more sympathetic to the insane Left:

“I’m truly horrified with what has been posted about me on social media. I absolutely, unequivocally condemn white supremacy and racism of any kind . . . I deeply regret this terrible misunderstanding. I never meant to hurt a soul and I assure you I am no friend of racists or white supremacists.”

Unfortunately, a small number of cultists have been given outreached social power.

Only a lunatic fringe could believe Donahue was flashing a hate symbol (which isn’t even a real hate symbol) during an appearance on the most recognizable game show in the world.

Californians were shocked at the news that Governor Newsom is going to release over half of the state’s inmates


California is known by most of the United States as a leftist wasteland.

But things in California are about to get a lot worse.

And Californians were shocked at the news that Governor Newsom is going to release over half of the state’s inmates.

The golden days for California have long passed.

A state that used to be the number one destination for Americans looking for new opportunity is now the number one destination for illegal aliens and the homeless.

And many of the failed policies that have made California so unlivable were passed by the leftist politicians Californians voted for.

Now California has some of the highest taxes in the state with the worst policies you can imagine.

But even in the current state of darkness, California is in its about to get a heck of a lot worse.

As Governor Newsom is facing a recall vote in the Golden State, he did the one thing any good leftist politician would do to win votes: make new voters.

According to The Associated Press, California, under the guidance of Newsom’s administration, is planning on issuing early release credits for 76,000 inmates.

The Associated Press
reported that of the 76,000 eligible inmates, “more than 63,000 inmates convicted of violent crimes will be eligible for good behavior credits that shorten their sentences by one-third instead of the one-fifth that had been in place since 2017.”

In addition, “[a]ll minimum security inmates in work camps, including those in firefighting camps, will be eligible for the same month of earlier release for every month they spend in the camp, regardless of the severity of their crime.”

And in response Republican state Sen. Jim Nielsen stated that Governor Newsom is “doing it on his own authority, instead of the will of the people through their elected representatives or directly through their own votes. This is what I call Newsom’s time off for bad behavior. He’s putting us all at greater risk and there seems to be no end to the degree to which he wants to do that.”

But is anyone really surprised at Governor Newsom’s action to ease the sentences of thousands of prisoners right before his recall vote?

It’s just another slap in the face to Californians and another nail in the coffin for the state of California.

And unfortunately, even if Newsom loses to the Republicans it seems like the GOP frontrunner is Bruce Jenner, who thinks he is a woman.

Conservatives erupted at the hypocrisy of Biden banning travel from India to the United States


Trump was called nearly every name in the book for trying to stop travel from China from entering the United States in the early stages of the pandemic.

Leftists just couldn’t miss the opportunity to attack the President as he tried to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

But now conservatives erupted at the hypocrisy of Biden banning travel from India to the United States.

Contrary to what the Left wants you to believe, former President Trump did everything he reasonably could have done to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

And one of the biggest moves Trump made to slow the spread was to ban travel from China.

When the ban took effect in late January of last year, China’s cases were on the rise and no one knew exactly what we were dealing with.

But of course leftists, who many of them are bought and paid for by Communist China, went on a warpath against Trump’s travel ban.

Pelosi claimed that the Chinese travel ban amounted to “scare tactics about people coming back into our country.”

When then Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was asked if he would have enforced a Chinese travel ban, he responded, “No. What you don’t want to do right now when you have a President who has propagated xenophobic, anti-immigrant sentiment from before he was elected. What we need to do is have the scientists take a hard look at what we need to do.”

And last but not least, when Joe Biden commented on the travel ban he tweeted out “A wall will not stop the coronavirus. Banning all travel from Europe – or any other part of the world – will not stop it. This disease could impact every nation and any person on the planet – and we need a plan to combat it.”

In other settings, Biden even called Trump xenophobic for issuing a Chinese travel ban.

But now that Biden is President, one of his biggest moves so far against the coronavirus is to ban travel from India.

Biden’s ban on travel to India will affect non-United States citizens as India gets hit with the hardest wave it has had of a coronavirus so far.

And when this news became public, many conservatives were right to point out the hypocrisy.

Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted Friday, “As Biden bans flights from India, perhaps he should be reminded of a tweet he put out last year. Also, I thought travel bans were xenophobic.”

Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller of Illinois tweeted out the hypocrisy saying “Never Forget” with a picture of Biden’s old criticism of travel bans and news of his new India travel ban.

It’s amazing that the Left pounced on Trump when he issued a travel ban but then praises Biden for doing the same exact thing.

It’s almost as if the Left and the Fake News Media’s rage over Trump’s handling of coronavirus was just made up entirely for political reasons.

This former college football coach is suing over being fired and it all has to do with Stacey Abrams


Stacey Abrams may forever be known as the thorn in Georgia’s side.

Abrams single-handedly destroyed thousands of jobs when she forced MLB to move the All-Star game out of Georgia.

And now this former college football coach is suing over being fired, and it all has to do with Stacey Abrams.

Chris Malone, a former college football offensive line coach for the Chattanooga Moc’s, has filed a lawsuit in hopes of getting his job back after he was let go for a derogatory tweet about failed politician Stacey Abrams.

In the lawsuit, Malone contends that his First Amendment rights were violated when he was fired on January 7 for the now-deleted tweet.

The tweet came amid the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

Malone’s tweet read:

“Congratulations to the state GA and Fat Albert @staceyabrams because you have truly shown America the true works of cheating in an election, again!!! Enjoy the buffet Big Girl! You earned it!!! Hope the money was good, still not governor!”

Malone did state that he deleted the tweet after some former players responded negatively to it.

He also says that he heard nothing about the tweet until his firing on January 7.

Doug Churdar, Malone’s attorney, says that the school cannot “ignore the First Amendment.”

Malone has gone on to say that he has been unfairly treated by the media.

“Calling politicians liars and cheaters is a proud American tradition. Nobody’s got a problem with it until [it’s] ‘their’ politician. And fat jokes might be unkind, but they aren’t uncommon. Just ask Chris Christie and Donald Trump,” Malone stated in his complaint.

Athletic Director Mark Wharton and Head Coach Rusty Wright rebuked the tweet in a statement saying:

“Our football program has a clear set of standards. Those standards include respecting others. It is a message our players hear daily. It is a standard I will not waiver on. What was posted on social media by a member of my staff is unacceptable and not any part of what I stand for or what Chattanooga Football stands for. Life is bigger than football, and as leaders of young men, we have to set that example, first and foremost. With that said, effectively immediately, that individual is no longer a part of my staff. The sentiments in that post do not represent the values of our football program, our athletics department or our university.”

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has not commented on the situation due to pending litigation.

While Malone’s tweet may not have been in the best of taste, there is no arguing he has the freedom to speak his mind.

But the Left doesn’t want anyone on their side being picked on, and they will ruin the lives of anyone who tries to stand up to them.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Leftists are furious after one Disney+ show took an unexpected turn


Movies and television shows have become unbearably “woke.”

Any time a popular cultural touchstone defies the left-wing narrative, dozens of think-pieces bubble up.

Now leftists are furious after one Disney+ show took an unexpected turn.

Disney proved itself to be one of the most superficially “woke” companies going after it fired The Mandalorian star Gina Carano effectively for voting for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Disney has been mum on its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and its numerous human rights abuses.

Nonetheless, Disney churns out plenty of “woke” fare, but it still isn’t enough for members of the Left.

Disney’s most recent show, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, hits many of the progressive beats to satisfy the Left, but it had just enough patriotism to sicken them.

One of their chief complaints was that the villains in the series were akin to the radical terrorist organization Antifa.

Inverse, a popular blog for millenials, complains:

“Yet another example of the MCU’s antagonists who would be heroes if not for their bloodlust, the Flag-Smashers also carried with them the aesthetics and evocation of antifa. Never mind that antifa and the Flag-Smashers have little in common outside a preference for black clothing, in Falcon and the Winter Soldier they looked and behaved exactly like the kind of imaginary anarchists Fox News uses to scare racist geriatrics.”

The Flag-Smashers were open borders extremists who were willing to commit acts of terror in order to further their political aims.

The show bent over backwards to be sympathetic to the group, but that still didn’t satisfy the Left.

Also, leftists were furious that temporary Captain America substitute John Walker was redeemed.

Walker failed in his role in Captain America and executed one of the Flag-Smashers after they killed his best friend, but later reclaimed his moral compass with a heroic act.

The “woke” Left wanted the blond-haired, blue-eyed Walker to be an unmistakable villain, which would go against the comic book canon.

Gizmodo wrote:

“Walker became the show’s equivalent to a trigger-happy cop attacking someone they deemed to be a threat and using an obviously excessive and lethal amount of force—something he ultimately faces no real consequences for.”

Even in the Captain America universe, the Left expects America and unabashed patriots to be portrayed as the villains.

Vogue Magazine officially crosses over the ridiculous line with this bizarre headline


The ideas of the Left are undeniably totalitarian.

Oftentimes the propaganda they spew makes many scratch their heads.

And just when it couldn’t get any weirder, Vogue Magazine officially crosses over the ridiculous line with this bizarre headline.

British Vogue recently published an article asking the question, is having a baby in 2021 “pure environmental vandalism?”

The author of the article believes that the resources a child consumes could contribute to the “strain on the earth’s resources.”

Nell Frizzell, the author of the article, is a so-called journalist who writes on gender, politics, and art.

Frizzell also has a book out called The Panic Years, in which she explores what happens when a woman begins to ask herself if she should have a baby or not.

In her recently published Vogue article, Frizzell says that before she got pregnant, she worried “feverishly” about the strain on the earth’s resources another “Western child” would add.

Worrying about your baby’s strain on the earth’s resources is likely something most Mothers don’t take into consideration.

In the article, however, Frizzell goes on to state that she “worried about the sort of world that I would bring my child into . . .”

No doubt many parents have had this same concern and worry, but again Frizzell takes this “worry” to a place most people don’t go.

Frizzell worries that she might be bringing a child into a “dry and barren earth.”

“I also worried about the sort of world that I would bring my child into – where we have perhaps just another 60 harvests left before our overworked soil gives out and we are running out of freshwater. Could I really have a baby, knowing that by the time he was my father’s age, he may be living on a dry and barren earth?”

This is the crazy rhetoric the Left is teaching people.

These left-wing extremists believe children are a burden.

Fox News Contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy had some strong words for Frizzell.

“If you really care about the environment, drop the pointless, virtue-signaling Western guilt and work toward holding the worst polluters in the world, China and India, accountable – not your beautiful, innocent baby!” Campos-Duffy stated.

Campos-Duffy is right, leftists like Frizzell are doing nothing more than virtue signaling.

The Left is so far out of touch with reality, and they don’t even know it.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

YouTube got caught red-handed censoring conservatives while their CEO receives an award for freedom of expression


Everyone knows that Big Tech has been on a mission to censor conservatives.

But no one predicted it would be this bad this fast.

Now YouTube got caught red handed censoring conservatives while their CEO receives an award for freedom of expression.

Ever since the 2020 election kicked it into high gear, Big Tech censorship has been in overdrive.

For Big Tech it’s been open season on conservatives.

Tens of thousands of conservatives were kicked off of social media platforms for just raising legitimate questions about the election’s integrity.

And conservative YouTubers like Steve Crowder have been booted off of YouTube for nothing more than showing the truth on issues that the Left refuse to acknowledge.

But through it all YouTube’s CEO was given an award for freedom of expression.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki received the “Free Expression” award from the Freedom Forum Institute.

Wojcicki claimed in an interview after receiving the award that:

I’ve just seen the real benefits that freedom of speech has, as well as representing people of all different backgrounds and all different perspectives, and that the freedoms we have, we really can’t take for granted. We really have to make sure that we’re protecting them in every way possible.

She must have ignored the blatant levels of censorship, like taking down hundreds of ads for then-President Donald Trump, that YouTube is known for.

But to make the hypocrisy worse, now we know why YouTube has been directly targeting and deleting conservatives off of their platform since the start of the election cycle.

According to Judicial Watch, California and Big Tech companies, including YouTube, worked directly together to find and delete posts that raised valid questions about the election process.

Judicial Watch’s report stats that:

The Office of Election Cybersecurity in the California Secretary of State’s office monitored and tracked social media posts, decided if they were misinformation, stored the posts in an internal database coded by threat level, and on 31 different occasions requested posts be removed. In 24 cases, the social media companies agreed and either took down the posts or flagged them as misinformation, according to Jenna Dresner, senior public information officer for the Office of Election Cybersecurity.

One of the posts deleted by YouTube was a video from Judicial Watch where they were investigating ballot harvesting schemes before the November election.

And to make matters even worse, the report states that one of the organizations that provided lists of unwanted conservative election posts was a company called SKDK who worked for the Biden campaign on tech matters.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The further away we get from the election the more we realize just how big the war on conservatives really was during the election cycle.