POLL: Is Islam a “religion of peace”?


In days following the horrific 9/11 attacks, members of both parties in the Washington, D.C. establishment couldn’t stop telling Americans that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Their hope, of course, was that a more “mainstream Islam” would emerge and turn on Al Qaeda and other radical elements who advocate killing “infidels.”

But nearly 18 years later, Islamic terrorism is still a major security threat around the world — and video just leaked of children at an Islamic center in Philadelphia singing about conquering Jerusalem and beheading people!

Ban “God Bless America”?


QUICK POLL: Ban God Bless America?

Over the past few weeks, the New York Yankees BANNED the playing of “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch — a practice that began shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Other professional teams are following suit, arguing the singer in the popular recording — Kate Smith — sang other pop songs that would be considered politically incorrect today.

There’s no doubt many liberals are excited about banning the song recognizing God and asking for His blessing on our country.

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WATCH: Duck Dynasty star Willie Robinson just revealed what makes America great


The hit A&E TV show Duck Dynasty was a thorn in leftists’ sides.

They couldn’t stand that a show featuring a family of conservative hunters and entrepreneurs would resonate with the American people.

And now Duck Dynasty star Willie Robinson just revealed what makes America great in his new book.

Willie Robinson recently went on Fox Business network to discuss his new book “American Entrepreneur: How 400 Years of Risk-Takers, Innovators, and Business Visionaries Built the U.S.A.”

In the interview he discussed his childhood days and how he first developed his business savvy.

Fox Business reports:

Robertson, himself, has quite the story to tell. His journey began years ago with a worm farm.

“Have you ever farmed worms?” Robertson asked FOX Business’ Stuart Varney Opens a New Window. on Monday. “That was real labor intensive and the checkout was really long but I started that and my inventory kept getting stolen by my brother.”

But he also learned a lot about entrepreneurship Opens a New Window. watching his father start the duck calling business, Duck Commander, which he now heads as the chief executive officer.

“Watching my father start this duck calling business,” he said. “I was watching how that went, which was really slow at the time and he was also a fisherman as well.”

Willie Robertson is the CEO of the family owned Duck Commander store in Louisiana.

It sells Duck Calls by the same name.

His book, “American Entrepreneur,” was just released on November 20.

According to the description, “American Entrepreneur tells a most American tale, of those among us who through their vision, ingenuity, and good old-fashioned hard work, made something that changed the world.”

NPR turned down six figures so they could hide the truth about Kermit Gosnell


National Public Radio stooped to a new low.

They don’t want their listeners to know the truth about abortion.

And you won’t believe the absurd “business decision” they made to keep Kermit Gosnell’s atrocities secret.