Sales of this item spiked 80% the same month Biden took office


If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that Americans tend to buy out of fear.

There have been runs on everything from toilet paper to cleaning supplies.

And now, with a liberal administration taking over the White House, sales of this item spiked 80% the same month Biden took office.

According to The Washington Post, gun sales surged in January of 2021.

Over 2 million firearms were bought in January alone, marking an 80% year-over-year increase and making it the second-highest total for one month on record.

It’s no longer toilet paper and Lysol wipes.

Americans are purchasing guns in record numbers out of fear of their government.

The news of the January surge in gun purchases comes on the heels of 2020 shattering all previous national records for gun purchases in the United States.

In 2020 almost 23 million guns were purchased, which was a whopping 64% increase over 2019-gun sales.

Many first-time gun buyers said they bought because they did not believe police departments could protect them any longer.

This after many agencies were overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of riots during the summer, and of course because of “defund the police” efforts.

The incredible number of guns sold in January of this year continues 2020’s high gun sales that trended up as the country crept closer to a Biden administration sure to put harsher restrictions on gun owners.

New Jersey and Michigan saw the largest increase in gun sales in January over the same month in 2020.

Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF) chief economist Jurgen Brauer, says politics have significantly contributed to the spike seen in January 2021 gun sales.

“January 2021 certainly started off with a sales ‘bang’ due to the turmoil surrounding the confirmation and inauguration of Mr. Biden as the new U.S. President,” said Brauer.

For comparison, in January of 2013, when Obama began his second presidential term, 2,495,440 NICS checks were performed. In January of 2021, when Biden took office, a total of 4,317,804 checks were processed.

That means roughly 1.8 million more checks were performed during the month Joe Biden was inaugurated then when Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term.

America was scared in 2013, but they’re even more scared now, and rightfully so.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Pope Francis just desecrated Pope John Paul II’s legacy with a sick pro-abortion move


Pope Francis is doing his best to shift the Catholic Church to the Left. 

Not only that, but he is trying to rewrite history. 

And he just desecrated Pope John Paul II’s legacy with a sick pro-abortion move. 

Pope John Paul II is the most pro-life Pope in modern history.

He made the fight for life a priority during his life.

Pope John Paul’s entire viewpoint can be boiled down to this 1989 resolution:

“At this particular time, abortion has become the fundamental human rights issue for all men and women of good will. […] For us abortion is of overriding concern because it negates two of our most fundamental moral imperatives: respect for innocent life, and preferential concern for the weak and defenseless.”

In contrast, Pope Francis has tried to de-prioritize the fight for life, and has instead focused on issues like left-wing environmental causes, and even support for same-sex unions. 

Pope Francis made his disdain for former President Donald Trump clear, and has fully embraced now-President Joe Biden, even using Biden’s campaign slogan “Build Back Better” in a Tweet. 

Now it seems that his influence is now affecting the legacy of Pope John Paul II.

Recently, the Pope John Paul II Institute in Rome was gutted and remodeled by Pope Francis. 

And they are using their platform, in the name of Pope John Paul II, to defend Joe Biden’s support for abortion rights. 

The John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences recently posted an article on their Facebook page from the far-left Huffington Post (Italian edition), which praises the so-called “social Gospel” of Biden, which, the author claims, gave a breath of fresh air to the Catholic social teaching.

And when the page began to receive backlash, the page responded stating that “defending the right to abortion does not mean defending abortion.”

“Above all,” the Institute added, “if we have to assign Catholicity licenses based on the political positions, very few politicians could describe themselves as Catholic.”

This flies in the face of everything Pope John Paul II believed.

In his landmark 1995 encyclical Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), he said that Catholics in no way can defend the right to abortion. 

The post has since been removed from their Facebook page.

But it shows just how far Pope Francis’ influence seems to go in the church.


Hollywood is furious after a huge star said one brave thing about law enforcement


All of Hollywood is united against law enforcement. 

They constantly paint them as evil, and bolster anti-police movements like Black Lives Matter.

That’s why Hollywood is furious after a huge star said one brave thing about law enforcement. 

If there is one thing Hollywood is united in, it is their far-left views. 

A big part of that is their hatred of police. 

They have spent months calling for police to be defunded, all while living in communities guarded by private security. 

Hollywood celebrities threw millions of dollars to left-wing anti-police causes, and even donated to funds that bailed out violent rioters in cities like Minneapolis. 

Anybody who spoke out against the anti-police movement is made out to be a racist, which is why so few in Hollywood dared speak out against their violence. 

But one celebrity who has refused to back the movement, and continues to stand up for law enforcement is Denzel Washington. 

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the movie star who has often portrayed police officers, showed his support for law enforcement. 

“I have the utmost respect for what they [law enforcement] do, for what our soldiers do, [people] that sacrifice their lives,” said Washington. “I just don’t care for people who put those kind of people down. If it weren’t for them, we would not have the freedom to complain about what they do.”

The Left is going to have a hard time calling Washington, who is black, racist.

This isn’t the first time he has spoken out against the Black Lives Matter movement. 

When being asked about it during an interview in July of 2020, he pointed out that the movement should begin at home.

“I think it’s more important to make headway in our own house,” he began. “By the time the system comes into play the damage is done. They’re not locking up seven year olds.”

Washington stars as Sheriff Joe Deacon in the newly released movie The Little Things, where he helps the Los Angeles Sheriff department in a serial killer case. 

This will be the 13th time he will play a character who worked in law enforcement. 

Because of this, he has participated in police ride-alongs to prepare for roles.

He cites his time shadowing police officers in the field for his staunch support for law enforcement. 

It is refreshing to have somebody in Hollywood who will accurately portray police officers, instead of pushing Black Lives Matter propaganda on the big screen. 

Leftists are pushing President Biden to appoint “reality czar” to determine what you should believe


The Left has tried to label every opinion Right of Center as fake news.

Up until recently, they haven’t been able to keep Americans from learning the truth as to what is going on before their very eyes.

And now leftists are pushing President Biden to appoint “reality czar” to determine what you should believe.

The days of non-partisan news are long gone. 

Now the so-called “mainstream” news networks are nothing more than the Fake News Media.

They peddle lies and misinformation to push their agenda and ignore the facts whenever necessary.

And their lies and smear tactics went into overdrive when Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency. 

Thankfully, the American people saw through their lies back in 2016.

But ever since President Trump was elected, they have continued to attack anyone who is Right of John Kasich.

And over the years, their lies began to win over segments of America and ultimately lead to Joe Biden being elected President of the United States.

Now that the Fake News Media’s 78-year-old puppet won the presidency, they are pushing a scheme to silence conservatives once and for all.

The New York Times published an article this past Tuesday claiming that President Biden must appoint a “Reality Czar” to combat “misinformation.”

The Times technology columnist Kevin Roose claimed that the Biden Administration needs to do something to combat the “disinformation” about the election and the coronavirus.

Roose stated: 

The muddled, chaotic information ecosystem that produces these misguided beliefs doesn’t just jeopardize some lofty ideal of national unity. It actively exacerbates our biggest national problems, and creates more work for those trying to solve them. And it raises an important question for the Biden administration: How do you unite a country in which millions of people have chosen to create their own version of reality?

He continued his disinformation by claiming:

Several experts I spoke with recommended that the Biden administration put together a cross-agency task force to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism, which would be led by something like a ‘reality czar.’”

We all know how well a “Reality Czar” would go over for anyone who had a differing opinion with the Left.

It’s insane to think that we have reached a point in our nation’s history where a “Reality Czar” is being bantered around that will determine what speech is “truthful” and therefore acceptable.

But if we keep going down this road, nothing should be shocking in a culture that Stalin would be proud of.

Showtime’s revisionist history series about President Trump got an unbelievable honor


Donald Trump will be painted as the Democrats’ archvillain for years.

He’s already out of office and the Left is trying to move the goalpost toward “Trumpism.”

Now Showtime’s revisionist history series about President Trump got an unbelievable honor.

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a piece calling for the entertainment industry to make more anti-Trump, progressive fare.

Yes, the Hollywood elite want more propaganda.

If the limited Showtime series The Comey Rule is any indication of what’s in store, Americans need to prepare for a deluge of maudlin nonsense.

Based on disgraced former FBI director James Comey’s comically titled memoir “A Higher Loyalty,” the series does its best to sell the Russiagate lie.

And the lead actors – Jeff Daniels as James Comey and Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump – both got nominated for Golden Globe Awards.

Films and television shows that push the proper political agenda are often fêted with accolades.

But The Comey Rule is closer to science fiction than docudrama.

Director Billy Ray went in with the intention of making a propaganda film to hurt Trump in advance of the 2020 election.

Ray explained in an interview, “The tipping point in that election, the deciding factor, was the infiltration by the Russians. That came directly from James Clapper; that’s not a matter of conjecture; that’s fact. And they’re trying to do it again in 2020.”

This is ridiculous on multiple fronts.

First, it is not a fact that Russian “infiltration” was the deciding factor in the election.

Russian collusion was disproved by the Mueller investigation, and there isn’t even total consensus on whether or not the DNC servers were hacked given that they refused to turn over the servers to the FBI.

As for Russian disinformation, there were a piddling amount of Facebook ads that had virtually zero impact on the election.

Also, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was exposed for surveilling American citizens and lying about it.

He has no credibility regarding Russiagate or anything else.

The series also whitewashes seditious chatter between lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Their text exchange was dramatized as:

Page: Trump can’t become president, right? Right? 

Strzok: No. He won’t. We’ll stop him. 

Page: “We” as in the Bureau? You just gave me a boner. 

Strzok: No, “We” as in the public. 

No, “We” as in the Deep State in an attempt to pull off a soft coup.

The series also portrays Carter Page as a Russian asset when he actually worked for the CIA, information that was relayed and withheld from FISA warrant applications.

Hollywood should make a real movie about Russiagate, showing how the entire thing was orchestrated by the Obama administration relying on an opposition research file paid for by Hillary Clinton and filled with disinformation that ironically came from Russian sources, but they don’t have the integrity to tell the story accurately.

This reporter thinks it’s time the UN step in and seize property from Americans


These days all you need is access to the Internet, and you can post your uneducated opinion about almost any topic you’d like.

Reporters are especially famous for this.

And now this reporter thinks it’s time the UN step in and seize property from Americans.

Washington Post writer and NABJ Journalist of the Year in 2019, Karen Attiah, seems to think it’s high time the United Nations steps in and seizes Americans’ guns.

According to Attiah, this action is sure to settle things down in America.

So, how exactly does the UN seize law-abiding citizen’s guns from them?

Simple.  They activate the UN Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration Program (DDR).

Attiah recently Tweeted her thoughts on DDR:

“If America were another country, we would be talking about how post-Civil War America is still in desperate need of a UN-sponsored Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) program for white supremacists and segregationists.”

If you’re not sure what exactly DDR is or does, you’re not alone – most people have never heard of it.

The DDR program would allow the UN to send troops from other countries into America to remove any means of combat (weapons, ammunition, etc.) and disband any armed groups.

Once everyone has been disarmed and disbanded, they begin the reintegration process where the former combatants, everyday Americans in this case, would be reintegrated into civilian society.

None of that sounds unconstitutional, right?

In an article addressing this statement by Attiah, the National Review said, “We’ve gone from a country that papered over its past sins to one where newspaper editors fantasize about putting the United Nations, an organization teeming with tyrants, anti-Semites, racists, and terror states, in charge of weeding out wrongthink.”

The mere suggestion of this type of action is alarming, to say the least.

Left-wing extremists, many of whom work in the Fake News Media, are obsessed with limiting Americans’ freedoms.

These liberals find the constitution a nuisance and are convinced that so-called “far-right extremism” is causing the United States’ demise.

Attiah and countless other left-wing extremists consider the Right hateful. They will stop at nothing to disarm conservative Americans and remove their freedoms.

Seems these days, anyone with a Twitter account believes they know best, and it’s dangerous.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

Far-left terrorists did something in Washington that Democrats refuse to acknowledge


The Democrats have dedicated nonstop coverage to the horrific Capitol Hill riot.

But they ignore left-wing political violence at all costs.

Now far-left terrorists did something in Washington that Democrats refuse to acknowledge.

Antifa has been allowed to operate with impunity for years because the Democrat establishment refuses to hold them to account.

As a result, Antifa has escalated its tactics over the past years.

And now the authoritarian communist group took control of an entire hotel in Olympia, Washington.

The Olympia Police Department said in a statement:

“The Olympia Police Department (OPD) is in the process of clearing the Downtown Olympia Red Lion Hotel after it was forcibly occupied by a group identified as Oly Housing Now, a homeless activist group . . . OPD received reports that the employees felt under threat from the group, and that an employee was allegedly assaulted . . . Employees reported that some members of the activist group inside the hotel were armed with items such as hatchets, batons, knives and had gas masks, helmets and goggles apparently in preparation for a confrontation.”

OPD said approximately 45 members of the Antifa group took over the hotel while 40 rooms in the hotel were booked; guests were forced to shelter inside their rooms.

Some of Antifa members cursed at police officers and chanted, “Choke and die.”

This type of Antifa terrorism sadly has become commonplace.

A separate Antifa group organized a similar occupation in Fife, Washington.

In the span of a few short years, Antifa groups have occupied downtown city blocks, harassed and assaulted motorists, beat up journalists, firebombed a federal courthouse for weeks, and even executed a Trump supporter in cold blood.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and their cohort in the media either pretended they didn’t exist, or excused the violence.

Joe Biden dismissed Antifa as merely “an idea” and Congressman Jerry Nadler called them a “myth.”

It’s not a myth that Antifa is assaulting courthouses and shooting people in the streets.

Some Antifa allies in the press have even written glowing puff pieces, praising their red and black revolutionary chic attire.

Democrats simply refuse to condemn violence when the perpetrators are on the Left.

Cancel culture is coming for those who publicly quote from the Word of God


As cancel culture becomes more pervasive, it isn’t just CEOs and celebrities being stripped of livelihoods.

Left-wing extremists are attacking people from all walks of life and worldwide, especially if their beliefs align with the Bible.

Now cancel culture is coming for those who publicly quote from the Word of God.

That’s right. Even if said post happened 5 years before you were hired.

Just ask Seyi Omooba, a 26-year-old British actress, who is alleging religious discrimination after being fired by a theater company when an old Facebook post citing Bible verses became public.

Omooba was awarded the lead role Celie in the production of The Color Purple at Leicester’s Curve Theatre back in 2019.

An old Facebook post from 2014 of Omooba’s cited two Bible verses and argued the scriptural position is “clearly evident” in opposing homosexuality.

This post seems to have caused quite the controversy when found during her time working in the production of The Color Purple five years later.

People on Twitter and other social media platforms called for her dismissal from the role.  She was eventually fired.

Omooba sued the theater claiming religious discrimination.

Last week, an employment tribunal heard Omooba’s case.  

The Christian Legal Centre represents Omooba and said in a statement that her case “will expose the mechanisms of censorship at the heart of the theatre industry.”

The theater claims Omooba eventually would have refused to play Celie because the production was portraying her as a lesbian.  The legal centre pointed to the 1985 film The Color Purple as evidence the character was not lesbian. The film was based on a 1982 book.

It seems the theatre was really just looking for an excuse as to why they fired Omooba.

Omooba’s attorney Pavel Stroilov said, “It’s, with respect, absurd to suggest it’s for an employee, an actor, to go and inquire with an employer whether or not they interpret this play differently from Steven Spielberg.”

Omooba has previously starred in other productions of The Color Purple.

The comments and Bible verses that Omooba wrote were posted on her Facebook page long before her acting career had even begun.

According to the Christian Legal Centre, the theater called her only after the post became public and told her that “only through retracting the comments and publicly apologizing would she be able to continue under their management.” Omooba refused.

Once again, leftists have declared war on Christianity and gone to great lengths to destroy an individual’s life over their belief in the one true God.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Karl Rove just admitted on-air that he knew about an active gay child sexual preditor for over 30 years and didn’t say anything about it

Karl Rove

American society has been plagued with incidences of influential sexual predators over the past few years.

From Harvey Weinstein to Jeffrey Epstein many people were horrified at the stories they heard about their predatory behavior.

But now Karl Rove just admitted on-air that he knew about an active gay child sexual preditor for over 30 years and didn’t say anything about it.

Some of the top stories over the past few years have been about stunning reports and allegations of sexual predators. 

First, in 2017, famed Hollywood insider and director Harvey Weinstein had numerous reports of rape and sexual assaults on various actresses involved in his movies.

And after years of rumors of being a pedophile, rape allegations finally surfaced in 2019 against Jeffery Epstein and his elaborate scheme to prey on young girls.

Many parents watched the news in horror as they hoped nothing like this would ever happen to their children.

But just last week, reports surfaced on how one of the most influential members of the Republican Party was a gay sexual predator who preyed on young men as young as 14.

The New York Times reported that one of the Republican Party’s most influential campaign advisors, John Weaver, had targeted at least 21 boys for sexual favors.

John Weaver was one of the top campaign advisors for three presidential campaigns: John McCain (2008), Jon Huntsman (2012), and John Kasich (2016).

He also was one of the founding members of the anti-Trump group called the Lincoln Project.

But while he served in these prominent roles he used his authority to prey on young men for sexual favors.

The Times reported that one of the 21 boys targeted by Weaver was a 14-year-old boy and Weaver messaged him “Are you in HS still?”

And once the boy turned 18 Weaver reached out again claiming “I want to come to Vegas and take you to dinner and drinks and spoil you!!”

Weaver continued asking the young man for his body’s “stats” by messaging “Hey my boy! resend me your stats! or I can guess! if that is easier or more fun!”

Weaver has now admitted to targeting these boys.

But one of the most disturbing parts of this story is that Karl Rove, one of the most influential establishment Republicans, admitted on Fox News that he knew of Weaver’s predatory behavior all the way back in 1988.

Karl Rove stated:

I’ve actually known about this pattern of behavior since 1988. All I want to say is that the 21 statements from those 21 young men, who talked about how they’ve been approached by Mr. Weaver, those statements speak for itself. I don’t have anything to add to it, it’s a sad, sad chapter.

You can see Rove’s statement on Fox News below:

So in over 30 years of knowing about Weaver’s predatory behavior toward young aspiring men within the Republican Party, Karl Rove decided to keep his mouth shut?

Karl Rove and other establishment Republicans have gone out of their way to criticize Trump’s Tweets, but yet they clammed up about an active sexual predator within their own ranks? 

Maybe it’s time for Karl Rove to leave the political arena after hiding such a dark secret that has harmed so many young people. 

Democrats smeared one White House employee for a ridiculous reason


The Biden administration is already putting out lies and spin to the American people.

The so-called “mainstream” media are willing participants in the propaganda.

Now the Democrat-run media are smearing one White House employee for a ridiculous reason.

The Democrats are behaving in completely fascistic behavior.

Washington, D.C. is under a military occupation, the leader of the opposition is being subject to a show trial, and his allies are being purged from the public square.

Now the Democrats are moving forward with loyalty tests.

A White House sign language interpreter got put under the microscope by TIME Magazine because she supported Donald Trump.

TIME wrote:

“[W]hen Press Secretary Jen Psaki began her briefing on Monday by announcing that American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters would now be present at all White House news briefings, many deaf and hard of hearing Americans celebrated this historic first. But it turns out the first ASL interpreter chosen was not such a change from the previous Administration after all. Heather Mewshaw, who Psaki introduced on Monday as ‘today’s interpreter, Heather,’ also appears to manage a group of ASL interpreters who provide sign language accompaniments to right-wing videos.”

Oh, the horror that a group of ASL interpreters would provide sign language for conservatives.

Heather’s group Right Side ASL was deleted from Facebook, which then morphed into the group Hands of Liberty.

But now that group is being put through the wringer.

The TIME report continued, saying “Neither the White House nor Mewshaw responded to requests for comment, but after TIME reached out to Mewshaw on Tuesday, the Hands of Liberty ASL Facebook page was taken down.”

Mewshaw’s saga shows precisely why the Left’s calls for diversity are hollow.

They don’t want diversity – they want conformity.

Women, racial minorities, and LGBT people have discovered that their diversity only counts if they’re in lockstep with the Left.

Otherwise, they’re either ignored or viciously flogged.

For example, radical Women’s March co-founder Tamika Mallory called Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron a “sellout negro” because of his handling of the Breonna Taylor case, an epithet that was repeated on Saturday Night Live.

Mewshaw holds multiple certifications, but there are already calls from the Left for better vetting of ASL interpreters.

There have been a slew of hit pieces about Mewshaw, yet Eric Swalwell’s alleged dalliances with a Chinese spy barely made a noise in the corporate press.

The Left demands total ideological conformity at all times.