Colin Kaepernick just signed a deal with Netflix that will make you sick


Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American protest has gone mainstream.

Leftists and brainwashed lemmings are following his lead in disrespecting the country.

Now Kaepernick just signed a deal with Netflix that will make you sick.

It’s been almost four years since Colin Kaepernick first disrespected America by refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Since then, he’s signed an endorsement deal with Nike, inked a book deal with Random House, received humanitarian awards, and garnered all sorts of glowing press.

Even after he insulted the NFL and sued them for colluding against him, the NFL paid him a settlement and set up a personal workout showcase for him.

Kaepernick sabotaged the workout himself by moving to a different location at the last minute.

Despite all of the attention Kaepernick has received, he still considers himself a victim.

During his final season in the NFL after he had been radicalized to the far Left, Kaepernick had the audacity to say during an interview that he faced oppression growing up.

Kaepernick was adopted by a white family and grew up in an upper middle class suburb in Northern California.

He was recruited by Dartmouth to play baseball before eventually attending the University of Nevada on a football scholarship.

This isn’t exactly a story of oppression.

However, Kaepernick’s life story will be coming to Netflix in scripted form courtesy of far-left activist filmmaker Ava DuVernary.

DuVernary recently completed the revisionist history of the Central Park Five in When They See Us, so she’s sure to do the same for Kaepernick.

Kaepernick’s story is a familiar one.

He grew up in a well-to-do family, then became indoctrinated to the Left.

The only difference is he didn’t get radicalized as an undergraduate student at Berkeley, he got radicalized while taking summer classes there during the off-season.

It’s both interesting and infuriating that oftentimes the most financially well-off are the ones most eager to destroy America in the name of “justice.”

Socialists of the 19th and 20th century were exasperated by the fact that the American working class wasn’t on board with their radical program because life was pretty good.

Despite its supposed concern for the poor and downtrodden, socialism has always been a philosophy for the elite.

While Kaepernick gets showered with praise for preaching about how America is terrible, the dispossessed in America will only suffer more.

Will Netflix try to turn Kaepernick into a folk hero with a misleading series?

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Joe Biden just cashed in big after Hollywood gave him a massive win


Hollywood has become nothing more than a cesspool of liberal propaganda.

Above all, they want to get rid of President Trump.

And Joe Biden just cashed in big after Hollywood gave him a massive win.

Having control of most of the entertainment that Americans consume is a powerful thing.

And Hollywood wastes no time pumping in as much left-wing propaganda they can.

It is so left-wing that even the Obama family has a movie production company that pumps out films and television shows to the masses.

So it should be no surprise that they are all-in for Joe Biden as he runs against President Trump.

After all, Hollywood stars have been working for months alongside Michelle Obama to hold voter registration drives designed to get more anti-Trumpers registered to vote.

And while this is happening, Joe Biden is sitting down with the elites of Hollywood to rake in the cash.

Just this weekend, Biden was able to rake in $6 million during a virtual Hollywood fundraising, according to a report from Deadline.

The online event was hosted by former DreamWorks and Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is one of Hollywood’s biggest Democrat fundraisers who twice helped get Obama elected.

During the event, Biden reportedly repeatedly attacked President Trump over his plans relating to coronavirus, and on his efforts to re-open the economy.

It’s not surprising that Hollywood executives would be supportive of keeping the economy closed, as they have an opportunity to make a lot of money streaming their movies to people sitting at home living off of unemployment, and government stimulus checks.

“Just imagine if Trump actually had a plan to reopen the economy safely instead of just ordering his staff to hide the truth,” Biden reportedly said.

It is ironic that Biden is talking about Trump “hiding” anything, considering he has been hiding in his basement for months.

He also reportedly claimed that President Trump “hasn’t done any of what needs to be done, and now he’s sending even more people back to work without a plan to safely reopen, hanging the open sign in the economy, crossing his fingers and telling his staff to slow down testing.”

“You know, you can’t wish this away,” Biden continued. “Cases are still rising. People are still dying. Frontline workers will unfortunately be on the front lines a long, long time. And as president I’m going to make sure I have their backs.”

So while President Trump is talking directly to the American people, Biden only seems interested in talking to elites.

Do you think President Trump will win re-election in November?

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Israel has done something shocking to this Christian TV channel that will leave you speechless


Israel is America’s greatest ally in the Middle East and is one of the few countries that is willing to tolerate the existence of Christians within their borders.

But something terrible has happened that could change everything for Christians in the nation of Israel.

That’s because Israel is doing something no one ever expected to this Christian TV station that will leave you speechless.

The Middle East is widely known as a hostile area of the world toward Christians.

Fortunately, Israel has offered Christians a welcoming environment and Jews and Christians live in peace together.

However, Israel has done something unexpected that could be an alarming trend.

The nation has officially pulled the plug on a Christian TV channel named, “GOD TV”.

GOD TV is a Christian TV channel that promotes the Gospel and targets Christians living in the area as well as Jewish and Muslim viewers in hopes of converting new followers to Christ.

However, Israel has officially put an end to the channel in a move that could be a major setback Christian and Jewish relations.

Israel has not given a clear reason as to why they pulled the plug on the channel.

This is the first time the country has ever made such a bold move against Christian media.

Supporters of GOD TV on social media are speculating this decision has to do with internal politics and appeasing radical Islamists within the country’s borders.

The threat of radical Islam in Israel is legitimate and puts many lives in danger.

However, giving up and choosing to appease terrorists by silencing Christian media will only embolden radical Islamists and make the situation worse.

GOD TV has stated they still support Israel and are appealing the decision in hopes of returning to the air soon.

As one of America’s greatest allies, Christians will most certainly lobby the government to put GOD TV back on the air in hopes of spreading the Gospel in a region of the world where it is desperately needed.

What do you think?

Why do you think Israel decided to take GOD TV off the air?

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One famous Hollywood mega-producer just released ridiculous “woke” guidelines for his company


The murder of George Floyd has been fully seized upon by opportunistic leftists.

For weeks, they’ve used his death as a pretext to push forth their radical agenda in all walks of life.

Now one famous Hollywood mega-producer just released ridiculous “woke” guidelines for his company.

Bad Robot founder J.J. Abrams has a plan to “dismantle white supremacy,” and he’s doing so with a checklist for his company.

The resources include instructional videos and links to films and series like John Singleton’s Boyz N the Hood and Ava DuVernay’s The 13th and When They See Us.

These are odd choices because Boyz N the Hood focuses on the impact of fatherlessness and gang violence in South Central Los Angeles, and When They See Us is revisionist history about the Central Park Five.

A review of the court transcripts or interrogation videos paints a much different picture.

For example, Raymond Santana, one of Central Park Five, pleaded to cops on the way to the precinct, “I had nothing to do with the rape. All I did was feel the woman’s t*ts.”

Since the Left controls culture, their falsehoods and misleading interpretations often go unnoticed or the rebuttals are drowned out.

Ironically, Abrams is going “woke” after doing his best to undo the social justice pandering of Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, which was savaged by the fans.

The Bad Robot resource guide also included the writings of far-left author Ta-Nehisi Coates, but of course excluded the prolific writings of Thomas Sowell.

Coincidentally, Coates participated in a History Channel documentary on Ulysses S. Grant, so one wonders what he thinks about the rabid leftist mobs defacing his statue.

Will Abrams’s pandering guidelines and resources backfire?

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John Wayne is in Democrats’ sights as the Left goes fully unhinged with these attacks on the “Duke”


As “cancel culture” leftist radicals attempt to tear down or rename anything they don’t like, they’ve now set their sites on America’s all-time favorite actor.

But the people of Orange County, California are drawing a line in the sand onthis one.

Because now John Wayne is in Democrats’ sights as the Left goes fully unhinged with these attacks on the “Duke.”

As recently as 2016, the most popular film actor of the 20th century, John Wayne, remained in the top five on The Harris Poll’s annual list of “America’s Favorite Movie Stars” (he dropped to number 7 in 2017) but remains in the top 10.

Not bad for a man who passed away in 1979.

More than 40 years after his death, Wayne is the only late actor in the top 10 who has never fallen out in over well two decades.

“John Wayne was more than just a movie star, he was an American icon,” said Ethan Wayne, son of John Wayne and President of John Wayne Enterprises.

“His personality on and off screen embodied honorable virtues that continue to resonate with the American people today. We are proud that he remains an emblem of all that it means to be not only a good citizen but a good person.”

While he is most famous for his Western roles, Wayne in fact starred in just about every genre of film. In all he appeared in more than 175 films during a 5-decade acting career.

His breakout role came in the John Ford classic Stagecoach in 1939 and Wayne appeared in more than 20 of Ford’s films throughout his career including The Quiet Man and The Searchers, which fans continue to argue were two of his finest performances.

Over his career, Wayne starred alongside some of the biggest name in Hollywood including Maureen O’Hara, Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, and Natalie Wood. He was nominated three times for the Academy Award, winning the Oscar for Best Actor in 1969 for True Grit.

Wayne was also well-known for his strong patriotic and conservative views and counted Ronald Reagan as a close friend.

While his name lives on through his life’s work in Hollywood, he continues to make an impact through The John Wayne Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to bring courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer.

Ethan Wayne continued, “It means so much to us that the world continues to hold the John Wayne name in such high regard.Our hope is that his legacy will be used to help those in need. At the heart of everything my father did, he understood that the most important part of the fame he was given was to find ways to help others.”

But now, the Democrat Party of Orange County wants to send the “Duke” packing.

Party leaders are demanding the removal of his name from the John Wayne Orange County Airport due to “racist and bigoted statements” that the Hollywood legend allegedly made in a 1971 magazine interview.

Last week, in a strongly worded resolution, Democrat leaders called for John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana to scrap the John Wayne moniker and revert back to its original name, Orange County Airport.

“Orange County is now a diverse region far different from the time when JohnWayne was chosen as namesake for the airport,” the Democrats said in their resolution.

While there have been several failed attempts to rename the airport, never before have racial tensions and cancel culture hysteria been so high.

It seems renaming syrup and pancakes, rice, and tearing down statues of Catholic saints and U.S. presidents isn’t enough for these “heroes” of the revolution.

The party said the removal of racist symbols “provides a necessary process for communities to remember historic acts of violence and recognize victims of oppression.”

John Wayne Airport was given its current name in 1979 in honor of the True Grit actor who died that year just after his final movie The Shootist. He was along-time local resident with a home in Newport Beach.

Wayne’s children are working with thousands of fans to stop the renaming efforts, but this may be a battle already lost.

Orange County was once a conservative Republican stronghold but has turned drastically to the Left in the last two election cycles.

That, combined with the rush to tear down and rename anything not approved by the Antifa mobs, could spell the end to John Wayne Airport.

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One sports writer is calling for this famed golf tournament to do something outrageous


The cultural demolitionists remain on the warpath.

Leftists are scouring every American institution and looking to uproot it.

Now one sports writer is calling for this famed golf tournament to do something outrageous.

The radical Left is feeling emboldened, and they’re making a big move.

Monuments are falling, food brands are disappearing, and television productions are shuttering because the cultural deconstructionists of the Left feel they have enough clout to push forward a decades-old agenda.

Sadly, politicians and businesses have bent the knee to these radicals who wish to tear apart the country.

The next target in the crosshairs is the Masters golf tournament, one of the four major events of each year.

Far-left sports writer Rob Parker, who recently called for the national anthem not to be played before NFL games, now wants to see the Masters name removed because it connotes slavery.

Parker argued, “The name ‘The Masters’ must go. The heralded golf tournament…needs to go back to its original name — the Augusta National Invitational. It became the Masters in 1939…Tiger Woods, other big-time golfers and corporate sponsorships should demand it. In the current climate, with all the sweeping changes, it’s only right and just.”

Parker has been critical of Woods in the past because he hasn’t been outspoken enough on social issues for Parker’s liking.

Parker had previously been fired from ESPN for calling NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III a “cornball brother.”

Parker remarked about Griffin, “I keep hearing these things. We all know [Griffin] has a white fiancée. There was all this talk about he’s a Republican.”

This is the mindset of the activists masquerading as journalists who are desperate to find cultural targets to attack.

A similar move was recently made in the NBA to change the phrase team owner to team governor.

This language policing has been a tactic of the Left for 50 years.

They use clever rhetorical tricks to shift the meaning of words to fit their agenda.

At the end of the day, it’s a form of control.

Nobody other than race-obsessed leftists think about slavery when they think about the Masters tournaments, particularly when Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters last year in dramatic fashion.

Will figures and sports finally stop bending the knee to the “woke” mob

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POLL: BAN the Star-Spangled Banner?


Mike Huckabee is slamming Shaun King for demanding statues of Jesus Christ be torn down and what he said will inspire Christians everywhere


The Black Lives Matter movement has taken a break from looting small businesses and turned their attention to tearing down statues and attempting to erase American history.

But activist Shaun King crossed a line when he labeled Jesus, “a symbol of white supremacy” and called for his image to be torn down across the country.

Now, Mike Huckabee is slamming Shaun King for his outrageous demands and what he said will inspire Christians everywhere.

King’s claim that Jesus Christ is a symbol of racism is simply an outright lie and naturally upset millions of Christians.

It does not take an expert to read the Bible and find that Christ loved everyone and even died for them.

However, the truth is not a part of Shaun King’s agenda.

Fortunately, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee decided to call him out and made national headlines by doing so.

Huckabee chose his words wisely. After dispelling any idea that Jesus is a symbol of racism, he chose to offer Christians hope.

“You can take down the images and the art of depicting Jesus,” Huckabee said, “but you can never take the true spirit of Jesus Christ out of the lives of his followers. And historically, under oppression and persecution, the true faith begins to show even more dramatically. It’s because in the midst of darkness, light becomes more obvious.”

What Shaun King does not realize is that many Christians are sympathetic to the cause of criminal justice reform.

However, by implying all Christians are racists because Jesus Christ is a symbol of white supremacy he will lose a tremendous amount of support in the court of public opinion.

The Black Lives Matter movement is losing any chance of securing policy changes by looting, rioting, demanding the police be defunded, and calling Jesus a white supremacist.

Shaun King has yet to apologize for his statement and doing such a disservice for the movement he claims to be a part of.

What do you think?

Should Shaun King apologize for calling Jesus a symbol of white supremacy?

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Al Sharpton and Jemele Hill are making shocking claims about the NASCAR noose hoax


NASCAR was steeped in controversy after the company came to grips with an alleged hate crime.

In the end, it turned out to be nothing more than a wild noose chase.

But Al Sharpton and Jemele Hill are making shocking claims about the NASCAR noose hoax.

Civil unrest is high after the tragic murder of George Floyd and subsequent rioting and looting perpetrated by agitators and opportunists.

With everyone on edge regarding race issues, NASCAR was rocked by the scandal of a noose allegedly found in the garage of Bubba Wallace, the sport’s only full-time black driver.

The incident came shortly after Wallace called for the rebel flag not to be displayed at events.

Wallace received overwhelming support from the media at large and the NASCAR community.

All of his fellow drivers joined together in a show of unity to push Wallace’s car to the starting line.

The gesture brought Wallace to tears.Fifteen FBI agents were brought into investigate the noose incident, they quickly determined that the rope was not a noose but a garbage pulldown string, and it had been in the garbage since at least October 2019, well before Wallace had been assigned the garage for this race.

Everyone was relieved that there was no racist incident, except for the left-wing activists who thrive on stoking racial division.

Al Sharpton, who somehow has a show on MSNBC, said after the FBI’s findings, “It was a noose, so the question is even if they did not know that Bubba Wallace was going to use that stall, why was a noose in the stall? I do not think we’ve seen closure in this particular inquiry.”

This is truly absurd.

The rope unequivocally was a pulldown string with a loop knot tied in the end for pulling up a garage door.

Jemele Hill, who went full “woke” before leaving ESPN for The Atlantic, echoed Sharpton’s sentiments with a tweet:

“It. Was. A. Noose. They (the FBI) just don’t believe it was directed at Bubba Wallace.”

The idea that some secret racist left a noose in a garage for months is complete nonsense, but this is the game radicals play.

Instead of the simplest and obvious solution, they immediately jump to the most uncharitable and inflammatory conclusion.

People like Sharpton and Hill are willing to tear the country apart for personal gain, which is truly appalling.

After the embarrassing Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax, one would think the Left would be more careful about jumping to conclusions, but they can never pass up the opportunity to divide the country.

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Bubba Wallace was finally forced to apologize after NASCAR’s noose hoax goes one lap too far


NASCAR is reeling as thousands of fans flee the sport after it kowtowed to Bubba and the Fake News Media over what most knew was clearly a hoax.

And though Wallace tried to drive the story home even after the FBI ruled it aphony, things got just a bit too uncomfortable for NASCAR execs.

Finally Bubba Wallace was forced to offer a weak apology after the noose hoax went one lap too far.

As a sport, most popular among blue collar, southern “rednecks” and car guys, NASCAR has survived the gas shortages of the 1970s, multiple attempts at “diversification,” new car designs, changed formats, and changed sponsorships.

Yet, in the last week the sport’s executives have seemingly done everything in their power to destroy this icon of American culture.

After alienating loyal fans by banning the rebel flag, NASCAR announced someone “found a noose” hanging in Bubba Wallace’s garage at Talladega.

This finding of “unfortunate symbol of racism” was followed closely by a tear-jerking show of solidarity with the black driver, as owners, pit crews and drivers lined up behind Wallace as he made his way to the starting line of the Talladega race.

But then, as was predicted by most astute observers, the FBI on Tuesday released the findings of its investigation into the “noose” allegedly found in the biracial drivers’ garage.

No hate crime was committed.

The supposed hate symbol was actually a loop handle tied into a piece of rope used to open and close the garage door. This very same rope handle had been there since at least October 2019.

Wallace went on CNN to announce he had evidence it was a “straight up noose,” but eventually was forced to admit by NASCAR it wasn’t.

In our current era of “cancel culture” and fake news, this outcome was completely predictable.

The media and BLM narrative of hordes of white hooded KKK members and neo-Nazis roaming the nation looking for minorities to lynch is just the stuff of Hollywood movies and Fake News Media reports.

The United States isn’t perfect, and yes, racism does exist (it always has and always will) but actual died-in-the-wool racists committing violent acts are few and far between.

Bubba Wallace, just like Jussie Smollett, lives a life of privilege few Americans of any color are able to afford.

Wallace’s father owns his own industrial cleaning company and his mother is a college-educated professional.

Wallace’s net worth is said to be around $3.5 million, a figure sure to go up as the noose hoax has raised his profile even higher in elite media and sponsorship circles.

Just look at the parade of every NASCAR driver and pit crew member at the Talladega Speedway walking behind Wallace’s car as it entered the track.

What many saw as a touching demonstration of support for a driver who fell victim to racism, may turn out to be a funeral procession for a once proud icon of Americana.

And saddest of all, NASCAR executives in a macabre dance of delight, fell right in line to help speed up their own death.

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