This daycare is being sued after employees were caught doing this one despicable thing


So-called “progressives” say it takes a village to raise a child.

They want to teach them the ways of the secular world.

But this daycare is facing a lawsuit after employees were caught red-handed doing this one thing.

A mother is suing a daycare in Missouri after a video surfaced showing kids in the daycare forming a “fight club.”

Daycare employees can be seen cheering and egging on the toddlers to throw punches.

CBS News reports:

A disturbing video taken at a St. Louis daycare shows toddlers punching each other in a ring as the adults in the room encourage the violent fighting. The December 2016 incident is being described as a “daycare fight club” and the mother who obtained the video is now suing the school.

Nicole Merseal says one of her her sons, who was 10 years old at the time, filmed the fighting with his iPad, KTVI reports. Her son was worried about his little brother, who was in the next room being beaten up by his classmates. He began filming the bizarre fighting and sent the video to Merseal.

The video shows a child wearing hulk fists and punching another boy in the head as a teacher jumps up and down in excitement. Another teacher is also present in the video, and is seen putting the toy fists on a child and teeing him up for a fight.

“He doesn’t understand why his friends were fighting him. Why he was beaten up by his best friends,” Merseal said.

Both teachers in the video were fired, according to a police report, KTVI reports. Inspections of the Adventure Learning Center were increased after the incident, and other violations were found. Merseal, however, believes more has to be done.

“I want them to be held accountable and I don’t want this to happen to any other child,” the mother told KTIV. She is now suing the school.

You can see bits of the video below.

CBS reports the teachers in the video have been fired.

This behavior is a direct result of despicable encouragement to fight on the part of the employees.

It is completely normal to see young kids play rough, but to see daycare employees encourage full on fighting is unthinkable.

This is why there are some mothers who insist on staying at home with their children.

But some radical leftists have disdain for those women.

As we reported, a Democrat candidate for Senate attacked stay-at-home moms, saying they are leeches.

So-called progressives think it is the responsibility of the “village” to raise a child.

They want to get their claws on young kids to teach them their morally deficient and godless ways.

But it is ultimately up to the parents to decide how they raise their child.

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You won’t believe what happened because ABC executives canned Roseanne Barr


ABC stepped in it when they fired Roseanne Barr.

They bent the knee to the PC Police and their viewers responded.

And you won’t believe what happened as a result.

ABC’s “Roseanne” made a comeback in 2018.

The first episode of season 10, released in late March, garnered an impressive 18 million viewers.

Nine episodes later, it was 10 million viewers strong.

Despite high viewership, ABC cancelled the reboot and fired Roseanne Barr over the PC Police’s outrage over a controversial tweet.

As we reported, ABC realized it was a major mistake and tried to backpeddle their decision.

Realizing their fate, they scrambled to win back their angered “Roseanne” fanbase by making a spinoff titled “The Connors.”

The show is flopping.

It was the lowest rated television serial for the week of October 26.

And it also had the smallest audience share, even in their key demographic.

ABC executives thought they could kill off the beloved main character of their top sitcom and still rake in the ratings.

But the damage was done.

The fans are not pleased.

Showbiz 411 reports:

“The Conners” dropped in everything last night–total viewers, key demo. In the nightly ratings battle. the “Roseanne” spin off continues to trend downward.

Last night, “The Conners” was beaten by everything- “NCIS,” “The Voice,” etc. This was their first really objective run, no World Series, nothing to distract potential viewers.

But the key demo sank, which isn’t a good sign. And the total viewers were down by 180K, which is a lot, frankly. People are leaving and they’re not coming back.

Do you think ABC should have fired Roseanne Barr and cancelled hit show “Roseanne”?

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Chip and Joanna Gaines just revealed plans for a new addition


Former “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have never been shy about their faith or traditional family values.

But it’s made them a target of radical leftists.

And what Chip just revealed may paint an even bigger target on their backs.

Chip and Joanna Gaines just welcomed their fifth child, Crew, into the world in June.

But Chip tells People Magazine they may not be done yet.

Already parents to Drake, 13, Ella, 12, Duke, 9, and Emmie, 8. “It’s hard to believe this little turkey will only be 10 years old when Emmie is graduating from high school,” says Chip.

“I think we have to have another one because I’m particular about the only child thing. Crew needs a sister to manage this whole thing out. Don’t be surprised if No. 6 is in the cards!”

Joanna isn’t so sure, admitting her pregnancy was a bit more difficult this time around.

“When I first got pregnant I kept telling everyone at the office, ‘Guys, I am my best self when I’m pregnant.’ And then, for whatever reason, I was limping into work and I couldn’t breathe. At 40, it’s definitely a little different.”

Either way, Joanna says she and Chip are enjoying this “sweet season” with baby Crew.

In today’s culture, pro-abortion radicals at Planned Parenthood would counsel women like Joanna Gaines to have an abortion as a solution to an “unexpected” pregnancy.

It’s refreshing to see a couple that not only embraces the “unexpected” but is now considering having another child to keep their youngest from growing up alone.

What are your thoughts?

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School Prayer Poll


Anti-religious zealots have fought for decades to ban any sort of prayer in government schools.

Radical atheists threaten and harass schools with lawsuits for allowing prayer for sick children, or even before football games.

But many Americans are beginning to push back against the radical atheists’ efforts to force Christianity into the shadows of American culture.

Wait until you see what these posters in New York City have to say about conservatives


Since the 2016 election, radical leftists have been foaming at the mouth.

They see Trump and everyone who supports him as “deplorables” who are second rate citizens.

But wait until you see what the “tolerant” posters plastered around New York City have to say about conservatives.

In New York City, posters have been put on trash cans saying “Keep NYC Trash Free” with a picture of a white man with a “Make America Great Again” hat on and a Chick-fil-a cup in hand.

Another poster depicts a white woman with a “Make American Great Again” hat holding a Bible.

The Blaze reports:

Posters blasting President Donald Trump — particularly his “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing supporters — have been spotted on New York City buildings and trash cans.

The posters were titled “Keep NYC Trash Free” and used the NYC Department of Sanitation logo, WPIX-TV reported — but the agency said it didn’t create or issue the posters and doesn’t condone “unlawful defacement of City litter baskets or public property. We are looking into this matter.”

What else is on the posters?

One poster depicts a white man wearing a white tank top and a MAGA cap. He also has a confederate flag “heart” tattoo and is holding a Chick-fil-A cup, if the stereotypes weren’t sufficient enough.

View this post on Instagram

East 9th and Avenue A. #keepnyctrashfree

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Another poster shows a white woman wearing a MAGA cap and clinging — bitterly, no doubt — to a Bible. No gun in sight, however.

It is unknown who put these posters up, but it clearly shows the “tolerant” views they have toward their fellow Americans.

Radical leftists regularly encourage this type of behavior against conservatives.

Recently, CNN’s Don Lemon went on live television to tell everyone that “white men” are the biggest threat to America.

The leftists keep saying they embrace “diversity” and “tolerance” to create a more “inclusive” society.

But then they turn around and demonize the 63 million Americans that voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

Conservatives are tired of the virtue signaling and being preached to about “civility” when the left doesn’t know two things about morality, or how a civil society works.

Do you think radical leftists have gone too far in their disdain for conservatives?

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Ben & Jerry’s just launched a brand new ice cream that many Americans will find sickening


Ben & Jerry’s often makes good — albeit outrageously expensive — ice cream.

But the dynamic duo behind the Vermont-based ice cream company are also avowed socialists.

And their latest ice cream is going to make many Americans sick to their stomach.

The new ice cream is called, “Pecan Resist,” a flavor to support social justice warriors across the country to oppose President Trump.

Ben & Jerry’s announced the new product on Facebook.

Today we launch Pecan Resist! This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump’s regressive agenda.

We cannot be silent in the face of the President’s policies that attack and attempt to roll back decades of progress on racial and gender equity, climate change, LGBTQ rights, and refugee and immigrant rights – all issues that have been at the core of our social mission for 40 years.

The limited-time product description reads:

This pint packs a powerful message under its lid: together, we can build a more just and equitable tomorrow. We can peacefully resist the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies and build a future that values inclusivity, equality, and justice for people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and immigrants.

USA Today reported Ben & Jerry’s intends to donate $25,000 each to radical leftist groups, including the “Women’s March,” “Color of Change,” “Neta,” and “Honor the Earth.”

What are your thoughts about the company’s decision to mix politics with its ice cream?

Will their announcement change your decision about whether or not to buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

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Auburn University’s football team is under attack by radical atheists


The atheists’ one goal is to completely eradicate Christianity from society.

They hide behind the guise of “separation of church and state” to antagonize Christians.

And you won’t believe why they’re attacking Auburn University’s football team.

Football and prayer go together like peas and carrots.

But according to the radical atheists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), college football players shouldn’t be allowed to pray as a team before games.

FFRF sent Auburn University a letter “reminding” them that having a Chaplin pray before each game is “unconstitutional.”

WTVM reports:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has once again set its sights on Auburn University’s football chaplain.

The group began looking into the chaplain position in 2014 then requested that the chaplain be fired in 2015. Following a video posted, the group claimed it is “redoubling its efforts” to stop what it calls “unconstitutionally excessive piety” in Auburn University’s football program.

The video the group references shows Chaplain Chette Williams, a former Auburn linebacker, leading the team in a pregame prayer in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The team locked arm in arm circled around the interlocking university at the 50 yard line. The prayer has become a tradition. Players circle each week for the prayer. The video also shows players leading prayer following Williams.

In a three-page letter from the FFRF, representative Christian Line says “We’d like to remind AU that employing a chaplain and giving him unfettered access to a captive audience of football players is unconstitutional.”

The University claims that Williams is not a university employee despite the fact that he is listed on Auburn’s athletics staff directory and has a university phone number and email address. Investigating further, News Leader 9 searched university financial records and found that Auburn has never paid Williams in any capacity.

“I think it is important that we keep the chaplains there,” said Auburn University student, Kody Ehlers.

This is not FFRF’s first rodeo with Auburn University, however.

As WTVM noted, FFRF previously attacked the University in 2015 when they were looking for a Chaplin to lead the prayers.

To date, none of the football players have complained.

But, FFRF believes that just watching someone pray is infringing on your rights.

This is nothing new for them.

As we reported, FRFF also attacked a group of high school football players for praying for a sick girl before a game.

FFRF’s true colors are on full display here.

They don’t care about protecting “Freedoms” at all.

Their goal is to threaten and fear monger Christian conservatives until Christianity is relegated to the shadows of this once great, God-fearing nation.

Do you think football players should be allowed to pray as a team before games? Let us know in the comments below.

This university took indoctrination to a whole new level with this class


Donald Trump is the bane of the left’s existence.

No stoop is too low for their attacks.

But this propaganda class shows just how desperate the left is to stop Trump.

San Diego State University, a taxpayer-funded public school, is offering a class focusing on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The class, formerly titled “Trump: Impeachment, Removal or Conviction,” will focus on the major events surrounding Trump’s presidency.

The university changed the name and dropped “Trump” from the title in response to backlash.

But the syllabus reads like it was written by Rachel Maddow.

Trump’s name is mentioned numerous times and virtually every subject focuses on the Trump administration or his campaign.

The College Fix reports:

The College Fix obtained the fall 2018 course syllabus through a California Public Records Act request after SDSU did not return emails and phone messages seeking the document.

The syllabus appears not to have been proofread carefully. Under “Special Counsel Investigation,” it says the FBI “conducted an investigation or [sic] Russian interference with the election and lings [sic] to Trump’s campaign” after the 2016 election.

The course includes Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey on the grounds that Comey announced “an investigation into Hillary Clinton shortly before the election” and “was not doing a good job.”

It covers the appointment of Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI, as special counsel to investigate “any links or coordination between the Russian government and Trump’s campaign.”

Without fully naming the “former British intelligence operative,” the syllabus refers to Michael Steele and his “dossier.” It says he did an “investigation” on Trump’s dealings with Russia that was turned over to the FBI and made public.

The rest of the special-counseling heading deals with Republican challenges to the FBI subpoena to track a person who worked on Trump’s campaign, and the cooperation of a “Trump Aide” with the special counsel.

The “Indictment and Pleas” heading returns to the Trump campaign: “A number of those connected with the Trump campaign have been indicted, including Russians.”

This is a textbook example of the liberal bias in academia.

The class does not mention Bill Clinton, who was impeached for lying under oath.

It also doesn’t mention Andrew Johnson, the first president impeached.

In contrast, Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump and his campaign have come up empty.

Yet taxpayer-funded public schools are drawing up classes based on anti-Trump conspiracy theories.

Do you think colleges should teach classes on impeaching Donald Trump?

Let us know in the comments section below.

You won’t believe why these Christian cake bakers are forced to appeal before the Supreme Court


Liberals have a message to Christians: toe the line or lose your business.

They will stop at nothing to tear down freedom of conscience.

But now a new case could be heading to the U.S. Supreme Court to stop them.

Melissa and Aaron Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes By Melissa, were fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding.

The couple was forced to close down their business due to the fine and multiple death threats they received.

The couple has been fighting for their livelihood in the Oregon judicial system.

The Oregon Supreme Court declined to take their case.

Now the couple is clinging to the hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will stand up for Christian morals and freedom of conscience by deciding to hear the case.

The state of Oregon told them that they cannot decline to cater certain events that go against their religious convictions.

Oregon says they were discriminating against homosexuals.

But the couple have baked cakes for multiple gay clients in the past, with some being repeat customers, but have never baked a cake for a gay wedding.

The legal battle has raged on in the Oregon court system for years.

Recently, they spoke to Fox News’ Shannon Bream to explain everything.

WATCH the interview:

This isn’t the first time liberals have sought to shut down Christian businesses.

The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Colorado baker Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who had a very similar situation.

The ACLU and State of Washington also filed legal proceedings against Florist Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers because she declined to provide flowers for a gay wedding.

Should Christian bakers be forced to cater gay weddings?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Wait until you see what the LGBT tyrants are forcing this middle school teacher to do


So-called “progressives” are targeting our children with their radical leftist agenda.

They want to institutionalize our younger generations for their political benefit.

But what they are forcing this middle school teacher to do is crossing the line.

In Port Richey, Florida, Chasco Middle School administrators are forcing a male P.E. teacher to supervise a transgender boy (a biological girl) shower or face consequences.

The teacher is even being threatened with potentially losing his job if he refuses to supervise the girl showering.

Christian Headlines writes:

A male P.E. teacher could lose his job at a Florida middle school because he refused administrators’ demands to supervise the showers where a biological girl could be showering with boys, according to a legal group.

The biological girl at Chasco Middle School in Port Richey, Fla., claims to be a transgender boy and was given access by the administration to the boys’ bathroom and locker room “with no forewarning” to the boys or their parents, Liberty Counsel said in a letter to the Pasco County School Board. Liberty Counsel is urging the board to change the policy. The letter was dated Sept. 28 but was released to the public this week.

Both P.E. teachers, Robert Oppedisano and Stephanie Christensen, objected to the biological girl being allowed in the bathroom and locker room without accommodations being made.

Boys came out of the locker room to express their concern but were told by Oppedisano and Christensen that nothing could be done. Administrators “had placed a gag order on them, and told them that they could not answer the boys on these questions,” the letter says.

Administrators further demanded that Oppedisano walk into the locker room and supervise the students, “despite a girl potentially being nude or undressed in that area.”

Oppedisano, the letter says, has been told by administrators “he will be transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.’”

The middle school boys that were forced to share their showers with the girl even expressed concern about the situation. Some boys were embarrassed after they were caught changing by the girl.

School admins placed a gag order on them to stop the boy’s objections.

This is a new low for the radical leftists.

So-called “progressives” are using middle schools for their sick social experiments.

They are damaging our younger generations by attacking the foundations of a functioning society.

The move to expose kids to LGBT agendas is nothing new, however.

As we reported, recently a public school forced six year old students to write LGBT “love letters.”

All the while they hide kids from conservative and traditional views, labeling them as “dangerous.”

They want to force everyone to accept their radical LGBT agenda whether you like it or not.

Should the male P.E. teacher be fired for not complying with orders to supervise a girl showering with boys?