Planned Parenthood is sweating bullets after what three Churches discovered in secret emails


California is a disaster thanks to the Left’s total control of state government.

With leftists’ stranglehold on the state, Planned Parenthood has realized their dreams in the Golden State.

But what three churches unearthed could bring the abortion giant to its knees.

The cultural wreckage that the Left has inflicted on California is staggering.

But even in liberal California, there are millions of people who still uphold traditional values.

Nevertheless, in 2014 the California Department of Managed Health Care issued a mandate forcing all health insurance plans, including those of Churches and other Christian organizations, to fund abortion.

Three California churches — Foothill Church in Glendora, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Chino, and The Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch — slapped a lawsuit against the Department of Managed Health for violation of federal conscience law only to be ruled against by a federal judge.

But after the Churches’ attorneys uncovered emails showing that California government officials issued the mandate at the behest of Planned Parenthood, the case is heading back to court. reports:

As revealed in e-mails that Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys who represent the churches discovered, the agency issued its mandate in response to specific demands from Planned Parenthood. Those demands asked agency officials to implement a “fix” requiring the health plans of religious organizations to include coverage for abortion, regardless of moral or conscientious objections and despite state recognition up to that point that religious groups shouldn’t be subject to such requirements.

“The government shouldn’t be forcing churches to pay for abortion, and it is shameful and inappropriate that the government did so in this case at the bidding of Planned Parenthood,” said ADF Legal Counsel Jeremiah Galus. “California officials are required to follow the law and legal precedent, not the dictates of groups that have an axe to grind against religious organizations that don’t share their views on abortion. We are asking the 9th Circuit to strike down this obviously unconstitutional mandate.”

“No state agency anywhere has the right to demand that church health insurance plans contain this kind of coverage, which clearly violates these churches’ most sincerely held religious beliefs,” added ADF Senior Counsel Erik Stanley, director of the ADF Center for Christian Ministries. “The state has no business implementing Planned Parenthood’s scheme to force religious groups to act contrary to their own pro-life beliefs under the threat of massive penalties if they don’t comply.”

In the lawsuit, Foothill Church v. Rouillard, ADF attorneys represent Foothill Church in Glendora, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Chino, and The Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch.

The fact that officials with the State of California’s supposed health insurance watchdog colluded with Planned Parenthood to force conservative Christian organizations to pay for abortion isn’t that surprising.

But with the revelation of emails proving left-wing California government officials are tied at the hip with Planned Parenthood, the courts should do the right thing and protect freedom of conscience of these religious organizations.

What do you think?

Should abortion be banned?

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A federal court issued a ruling that will make Planned Parenthood furious


Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion vendor in the United States.

And they’ve put pro-lifers in their crosshairs.

But Planned Parenthood just got derailed with this one ruling, and they’re furious.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky passed an anti-abortion bill, HB2, in 2017 mandating physicians must show an ultrasound image and play audio of the fetal heartbeat before the woman is permitted to have an abortion.

It looked as if the bill was doomed when a low-level federal judge struck down the law, citing violations of free speech.

The absurd decision resulted in an appeal, which landed in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

And now the Court struck down the previous ruling.

The Daily Caller Reports:

“We hold that HB 2 provides relevant information,” Judge John Bush wrote in the decision, according to the Journal. “The information conveyed by an ultrasound image, its description and the audible beating fetal heart gives a patient a greater knowledge of the unborn life inside her. This also inherently provides the patient with more knowledge about the effect of an abortion procedure: it shows her what or whom she is consenting to terminate,” Bush wrote in the decision, the Journal reported.

Governor Matt Bevin called the ruling a “major, pro-life legal victory.”

Opponents will say the bill is an overreach on someone’s right to privacy.

But the law is simple: if someone is to be deprived of their life, they’re afforded the right to due process.

Unborn children don’t have such luxuries, so a woman carrying an unborn baby being mandated by law to hear the heartbeat is the least society can do, to give that innocent child a chance.

But Planned Parenthood doesn’t think so.

In fact, they’re doubling down on pushing late-term abortions.

Just recently, House Republicans were denied a debate and vote on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a bill that would ensure children who survive a botched abortion would be treated the same as any other newborn.

Planned Parenthood-controlled politicians made sure it failed.

Kentucky is leading the way with several anti-abortion laws, including this Ultrasound Bill that just gave a major blow to the Abortion Lobby.

And Kentucky has only one abortion clinic left.

Do you think the rest of the country should follow Kentucky’s lead?

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Supreme Court ruling in favor of Planned Parenthood is their worst betrayal ever


Planned Parenthood is America’s leading abortionist.

They receive hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funds every year.

And the Supreme Court just issued a ruling in favor of Planned Parenthood that is their worst betrayal ever.

The Center for Medical Progress is the organization that revealed Planned Parenthood for the sick people they are.

The group released a series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood officials talking about selling parts of aborted babies.

Videos detailed doctors commenting on gruesome practices like trying not to “crush that part” of the baby because they’re “good at getting heart, lung, liver.”

One video even describes the harvesting or “procurement,” of organs from a nearly-intact late-term unborn baby aborted at Planned Parenthood.

Despite the evidence presented in the videos, the Center for Medical Progress is the one facing lawsuits – not Planned Parenthood.

Shortly after the video releases, Planned Parenthood filed lawsuits against the Center for Medical Progress.

In fact, former California Attorney General turned Senator and now Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is the one to formerly bring the charges.

Planned Parenthood claimed they committed federal conspiracy and wiretapping violations.

They also claimed the Center for Medical Progress violated California law by fraudulently gaining access to its facilities.

The Center for Medical Progress requested the Supreme Court toss out the claims made by Planned Parenthood.

Activist David Daleiden who leads the Center, argued they were exercising their First Amendment rights when they made and released the videos.

But the Supreme Court denied the request to throw out the charges brought against them by Planned Parenthood.

The decision is a huge blow to the organization’s efforts and a big win for the abortion-on-demand giant Planned Parenthood.

Abortion has become a huge topic in American politics with states like New York and Virginia fighting for policy initiatives like late-term abortion.

Trump has made it a point to paint the Democrat Party as the party of open borders, socialism, crime, and late-term abortions.

The fact that the murder of unborn children until the moment of birth is something a major political party is fighting for is beyond disturbing.

And the recent Supreme Court decision will only embolden organizations like Planned Parenthood and the politicians they control.

Do you think the Supreme Court’s decision is one of the biggest backstabs for pro-Life advocates?

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You won’t believe what Nancy Pelosi pulled when Republicans tried to make it illegal to kill born babies


Abortion has become a national firestorm in the last couple months.

States like New York have removed restrictions on late-term abortions.

So Republicans tried to make it illegal to kill born children and what Nancy Pelosi pulled will make your jaw drop.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, gruesomely described and defended the process for letting babies born during a botched abortion die on the table.

His comments disgusted many Americans.

Now, some Republican lawmakers sought to act quickly at the federal level in hopes to protect innocent newborn children.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act is a bill to ensure babies born during an abortion are given the same medical care as any other baby born.

It has strong bipartisan support among voters.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Ann Wagner (R-MO), claim “86 percent of Republicans, 70 percent of Democrats, and 75 percent of independents support this legislation.”

Why a bill that guarantees the safety of newborn children is even needed has many peoples’ head spinning.

But when states are allowing late-term abortions and even defending the murder of born children, action is required.

In an op-ed on Fox News, Reps. Scalise and Wagner write:

Abortion survivors live among us. Melissa Ohden, for example, was a victim of an attempted saline abortion in which she was burned, born, and later saved by the grace of a nurse who “couldn’t just leave me there to die” and rushed her to a neonatal intensive care unit in a hospital for treatment. Some abortion survivors, like Melissa, publicly advocate for abortion survivor protection laws, and even more survivors live quietly as regular, productive Americans. However, hundreds of living, breathing newborn abortion survivors are not given a chance at life and are left to die in utility closets, buckets, or toilets.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has blocked the bill from coming to the floor for a vote at least 25 times this year alone.

With Planned Parenthood’s cronies calling the shots in the U.S. House however, a discharge petition would be needed to mandate a vote.

And if a simple majority of House members sign it, the Born Alive bill would be brought to the floor for a full debate and vote, over objections of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The fact Democrats can’t stand for life and go against their party to protect a newborn baby is beyond disturbing.

Democrats really are becoming the party of open borders, crime, and late-term abortions.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

What do you think? Do newborn babies deserve the same protections that every American is afforded – the right to life?

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You won’t believe what Teen Vogue is telling 13-year-old girls about sex


The radicals in the LGBT movement are determined to trick children into adopting their sick ideas regarding sexuality and gender.

But this time they’ve gone too far.

And you won’t believe what Teen Vogue is doing to confuse 13-year-old girls about their bodies.

LGBT radicals are grooming the next generation of activists.

Which is why they’ve made teenage girls and boys their primary target.

Occasionally, these radicals sneak into classrooms or libraries to spread their sick ideas.

However, they’ve discovered they can have more immediate impact by infiltrating the media.

Now, Teen Vogue is telling 13-year-old girls that gender is entirely made up and that they shouldn’t identify as either a girl or a boy.

Breitbart reports:

Teen magazine, Teen Vogue, is at it again, diving headlong into contentious politics and calling it “science” — this time with a video titled, “5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender” that proposes that “binary is bulls**t.”

The video features a group of speakers telling teenagers that traditional gender roles are not “scientific.” The speakers scoff at the idea that a person with a penis has to be a boy and a person with a vagina is by nature a girl.

Some of the sage comments include that of Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele, who is seen saying, “I’m here to tell you that binary is bulls**t.” Next up, author Katrina Karkazis sneers at the idea that “sex typically refers to your biological traits.”

But Karkazis goes on to insist that gender is not about binary sexes but is instead about “ideas” about sex. “Gender is about your identity, your expression, and it’s often based on ideas about sex.”

Teen Vogue should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this sick propaganda on young boys and girls.

Teenagers are not exactly known for their wisdom or emotional maturity.

Confusing them by telling them there are an infinite number of genders is wrong.

But they are showing no signs of remorse.

Teen Vogue knows exactly what it is doing.

Parents will need to be increasingly aware of what their kids are reading or listening to online if they wish to protect them from publications such as this.

Do you agree with Teen Vogue that there are in infinite amount of genders?

Let us know in the comments section.

This Attorney General just derailed the Left’s war on Chick-fil-A with this one act


Leftist targeting of conservative and Christian organizations has been growing more and more rabid.

And if anything proves Democrats are headed for straight jackets, it’s their insane vendetta against Chick-fil-A.

But what this Attorney General did after LGBT radicals targeted one Chick-fil-A could end it all.

The Left’s war on Chick-fil-A has dragged on for years.

It’s a losing battle for Democrats. After all, Chick-fil-A is among America’s most beloved establishments.

Still, left-wing politicians keep kowtowing to LGBT radicals who’ve had their sites trained on the tasty chicken fast food chain ever since Chick-fil-A’s founders backed efforts to oppose same-sex marriage in 2011.

As we reported, the Left’s latest attempt to strike at the root of what is good in this country, by opposing tasty chicken, is happening in San Antonio, Texas.

The city council there voted to ban Chick-fil-A from the city’s airport because of the company’s traditional values.

But Texas Attorney General (AG) Ken Paxton just aimed an ICBM at the San Antonio City Council, stating “The Constitution’s protection of religious liberty is somehow even better than Chick-fil-A’s chicken.”

AG Paxton is launching an investigation into the city council for violating state law and the Constitution.

But he isn’t stopping there.

He’s also urging President Trump’s Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to get into the fight because the San Antonio Airport also falls under the federal Department of Transportation jurisdiction.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Texas attorney general announced he will open an investigation into whether San Antonio’s mayor and city council violated state law by excluding Chick-fil-A from the city’s airport.

“The Constitution’s protection of religious liberty is somehow even better than Chick-fil-A’s chicken. Unfortunately, I have serious concerns that both are under assault at the San Antonio airport,” Attorney General Ken Paxton said.

The city council voted 6-4 to block Chick-fil-A from opening a store at the San Antonio International Airport after details on the company’s political and charitable donations to anti-LGBT groups came to light.

Besides his letter to the council warning them of a state-level investigation, Paxton also sent a three-page letter to Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, asking that “the Department of Transportation open an investigation into San Antonio’s potential breach of federal law and your agency’s regulations prohibiting religious discrimination by federal grant recipients.”

Paxton alleged that the city council excluded the chain based on the religious beliefs of its leadership, which merits a federal-level probe as well.

The question is, will Elaine Chao bring the hammer down on the San Antonio City Council and Airport for violating Chick-fil-A’s religious liberty?

If so, the city council and the LGBT radicals who egged them on could see their whole gambit come crashing down.

Even if that’s the case, you know left-wing activists will just find another conservative Christian organization or business to target for holding traditional values.

Especially with how unhinged the Left has become since President Trump was elected.

The good news is, the left-wing radicals who’ve been targetting Chick-fil-A haven’t damaged the company, and they’ll be delivering tasty chicken well into Trump’s second term.

What do you think?

Will Elaine Chao defend religious liberty and investigate the San Antonio city council for violating Chick-fil-A’s rights?

Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Whoopi Goldberg just defended this top 2020 Democrat’s bizarre behavior


The Left will go to great lengths to defend their own members when they are caught up in a #MeToo moment.

For some reason their own rules don’t apply.

Which is why Whoopi Goldberg and her cohosts bent over backwards to defend this top Democrat candidate from his #MeToo accusers.

The Left went on an all-out smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh last year.

They thought they could torch his nomination by making up a #MeToo scandal.

But when it comes to members of their own party they turn the other way.

This week, Whoopi Goldberg and members of The View stood up to defend Joe Biden from his #MeToo accusations.

Biden’s creepy and inappropriate behavior with women is well-documented in photographs and on video.

But the media has never reported on it.

And now it could end his Presidential campaign.

Breitbart reports:

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain and Joy Behar defended former Vice President Joe Biden in the wake of former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores’ claim he inappropriately touched and kissed her in 2014 at a campaign rally.

Goldberg said, “Listen, in the old days we would call Joe—some folks of a certain age would say he’s overly familiar. Most politicians when they’re doing this with you, they are—Joe is a hands-on kind of guy. I’ve never heard anyone—she says she felt violated. I have to take her at her word. But it would have been nice if she turned to him and say, ‘You know what, I don’t really like this. Please don’t do this, Mr. Vice President. I’m not comfortable with this.’ Something, because he’s standing right there.”

Joy Behar said, “It’s a long way from smelling your hair to grabbing your hoo-ha. Let’s tell the truth. But she felt annoyed or uncomfortable, and we have to accept that. I don’t think it rises to the point we’ve been listening to like Harvey Weinstein and the rest of these people…

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar defending Joe Biden’s behavior is an ultimate act of hypocrisy.

These women would never tolerate this if it were a Republican politician.

But they are more than willing to forgive Joe Biden for his transgressions because he’s a Democrat.

These accusations have no doubt humiliated Biden.

They could even prevent him from ultimately announcing his candidacy for the White House.

Would you vote for Joe Biden in 2020?

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You won’t believe what this group of men is doing to fight “toxic masculinity”


The media is hell-bent on destroying traditional gender roles by attacking men in the name of feminism.

Now, a handful of men are going to extreme lengths to prove how “woke” they are.

And you won’t believe what this group of men is doing with each other to combat “toxic masculinity.”

Liberal men are buying into the message that traditional masculinity is bad for our culture.

Gillette’s outrageous commercial, blaming men for all of society’s woes, is a perfect example of men succumbing to the pressure to appease this movement.

Now, this cultural movement has taken a bizarre twist.

A group of men in Pennsylvania have decided to tackle so-called “toxic masculinity” in their own unique way – by cuddling with each other.

Breitbart reports:

Members of the “Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group” in Pennsylvania are fighting “toxic masculinity” by cozying up with one another.

According to a report from the Philly Inquirer, a group of men in Pennsylvania is getting together twice a month to cuddle. The group was formed to combat “toxic” expressions of masculinity and heal past trauma.

The cuddle group was established to allow men to be more vulnerable. According to some on the left, men have been indoctrinated to believe that showing their emotions is a sign of weakness.

“So often, we’re taught that to be an emotional stoic is the mark of manhood,” said Scott Turner, the 46-year-old co-founder of the group said. “If you show any emotional weakness or vulnerability, that’s a failure to your title of a man.”

This men’s cuddle group is designed to allow men to feel vulnerable and eliminate the perception that men can’t be intimate with one another.

The left is praising this effort and encouraging others to take part.

Currently, the group is accepting applications to join.

It remains unclear how this group is actually fighting so-called “toxic masculinity.”

Would you join – or support your husband in joining – an all-men’s “cuddle group?”

Do you think “toxic masculinity” is a problem? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

This pro-life movie destroyed all expectations and Hollywood isn’t happy


Hollywood is known as the beacon for progressive values.

They’ve made a point to shove every radical liberal idea down the throats of Americans.

But this pro-life movie blew away box office expectations and Hollywood isn’t happy.

Unplanned is the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who defected after witnessing an abortion at 13 weeks.

Hollywood tried every trick in the book and fought tooth-and-nail to have it canned.

Several TV networks refused to play ads for the movie.

It was given an “R” rating which the film’s producers unsuccessfully fought to overturn.

Even the film’s Twitter account was briefly suspended.

Despite all the roadblocks, Unplanned shattered expectations.

The film opened to a shocking $6 million from 1,059 theaters in the U.S. box office when it was only expected to bring in half that.

The faith-based distributor, Pure Flix, the same company behind the popular God’s Not Dead series, say it’s the second-biggest start for the company.

While most theaters generally see liberal behemoths like New York City and Los Angeles populate the top 20 grossing theaters, Unplanned got its backing from Trump country in places like the Midwest and South.

“We are thrilled, gratified and humbled,” co-directors Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman said Sunday in a statement. “We are so pleased that the American people have responded with such an enormous outpouring of support at the box office. It humbles us and we look forward to seeing what happens in the weeks ahead.”

The film was partially financed by My Pillow founder, Mike Lindell, who is a born-again Christian and fierce defender of President Trump.

It’s refreshing to see a movie do well at the box office that reflects the beliefs and values of so many on the conservative side.

Especially a film with a powerful backstory like Abby Johnson’s.

“To bring the story of Abby Johnson to audiences and have them show up in such large numbers shows how abortion is so important to bring to audiences,” said Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott. “We hope that those on both sides of the debate will see Unplanned and begin to have their own dialogue. This film can be that spark to bring more hearts and minds to understanding the value of life.”

Do you think more films should include messages like the one in Unplanned?

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An unhinged pro-abortion protester kicked an 85-year-old to the ground for this sick reason


Leftists are becoming more violent by the day.

They think by viciously attacking their political opponents the American people will put them in charge.

And what this pro-abortion protester did to an 85-year-old man will make your blood boil.

A senior citizen named Ron was peacefully demonstrating and praying in front of a Planned Parenthood.

Ron was trying to bring awareness to the fact that Planned Parenthood abortion mills committed 332,757 abortions last year alone.

That set off one pro-abortion protester into a frenzy.

And he was caught on video attacking pro-lifers in broad daylight.

With a vengeance, the assailant ripped Ron’s pro-life sign from his hands.

Then, thinking that wasn’t enough, he pummeled Ron to the ground, telling him “old man, stay on the ground!” before unleashing a fury of kicks against Ron.

The horrifying display was caught on video:

Sadly, this is far from the first time pro-abortion radicals have attacked pro-lifers.

As we reported, a female pro-lifer was roundhouse kicked by a male abortion supporter after answering a question he specifically directed at her.

And a group of abortion supporters at Ryerson University in Canada threw metal objects at pro-lifers and kicked the signs right out of their hands.

In another case, a 15-year-old member of Students for Life was praying outside an abortion facility in Virginia when a pro-abortion radical stormed up to her and punched her in the face.

The teenage girl suffered a concussion from this brutal attack.

Sadly, pro-abortion supporters are beginning to believe that violence is an effective tactic to shut down their opponents.

But what should we expect from a group who believe it’s acceptable to kill the most innocent among us?

Do you think abortion should be illegal?

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