WATCH: What these anti-Kavanaugh protesters just did will make you see red


The Left can’t wait to shove their “tolerance” down people’s throats.

And Christians are their favorite targets.

What these anti-Kavanaugh protesters did to a woman who was praying will make you see red.

Protesters swarmed the Supreme Court after Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote.

But not everyone was there to protest.

One woman got down on her knees to pray for Justice Kavanaugh.

She even prayed for the protesters.

That’s when an angry mob surrounded her.

They mocked her with wild eyes and crazed, feral expressions.

One crazed protester even beat a drum obnoxiously in her face to intimidate the woman so she would stop praying.

Watch below:

Nothing is sacred to liberals.

Even peaceful, uplifting actions such as prayer are not off limits.

They will attack anything and anyone in the name of “tolerance.”

Do you think the left has lost their minds?

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Supposed “Christian” group is telling other Christians to do this during the mid-terms


Leftists are doing everything they can to try and steal back Congress.

They’re even trying to disguise themselves as Christians.

And what this supposed “Christian” group is telling other Christians to do is shocking.

A liberal Christian organization by the name of “Vote Common Good” is holding rallies to tell Christians to vote Democrat.

The explicitly tell other Christians to ignore candidates’ position on abortion.

The Christian Post writes:

Led by Minnesota pastor Doug Pagitt and fueled by opposition to Trump administration policies, “Vote Common Good” rallies will be held in at least 10 states before the Nov. 6 midterm elections. The rallies will feature live worship music and a rotating cast of mostly left-leaning Christian leaders, authors and activists who will attest to why Christians should vote for the Democrats.

The stated goal of Vote Common Good, which is the brainchild of a meeting of anti-Trump evangelical leaders that took place in Colorado in May, is to “flip Congress for the common good.”

Considering that many conservative Republicans voted for President Donald Trump and Republicans in 2016 because of promises to advance pro-life policies, Pagitt refuted the notion that conservative Christians are voting for “someone else” when they support candidates with pro-life policy stances.

“Some people use that as an easy block because some of these people have been voting this way since 1972 and abortion is still legal in this country,” he said. “So, it is not a very wise voting standard. If that is what you are doing, it is not really working. Making abortion illegal and reducing the number of abortions are not connected to one another.”

They admit that their goal is to oppose the Trump Administration in whatever way possible.

Yet Trump has confirmed two justices to the Supreme Court that could be the votes needed to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Vote Common Good also insists making abortion be illegal would actually lead to more abortions.

Keeping abortion-on-demand legal signals implicit endorsement of this travesty by our society.

These are just radical leftist wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing.

You won’t believe what happened to this five-year-old girl due to transgender bathrooms


Radical transgender activists waged an all-out war to force private businesses to have “gender neutral” bathrooms.

Major corporations like Target caved despite warnings from conservatives.

And what happened to this five-year-old girl because of a transgender bathroom policy is sickening.

Pascha Thomas is a mother of a little five-year-old girl.

She recently described an event where her young daughter was sexually assaulted in a government school bathroom.

This was only able to happen because of a new “gender neutral” bathroom policy.

The Christian Post writes:

Pascha Thomas, the Georgia mother in question, shared her testimony on Wednesday in a video with the nonprofit legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom. She explained that her daughter was assaulted in November 2017 at an elementary school that is part of the City Schools of Decatur.

“My daughter stated to me that she was in class, and she asked the teacher if she could go to the bathroom. And the teacher said yes,” Thomas described.

“So she was in the bathroom and she was pulling up her pants, when one of her classmates came into her bathroom, a little boy. She tried to leave the bathroom, [but] the little boy pushed her against the bathroom stall. Basically pinned her up against there. She asked him to stop, he wouldn’t. He took his fingers and he was penetrating her through her pants. She asked him to stop, and stated several times that it hurt. He refused,” the mother continued.

“Once he was done, she went to class. I asked her if she told anyone about it. She started crying and said ‘No mama, I didn’t tell nobody, but I didn’t ask him to come in the bathroom with me. I didn’t know he was going to do that.'”

ADF explained that the school had implemented a policy in 2016 to allow students who identify with the opposite sex to use bathrooms, locker rooms and showers that corresponded with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex. Meaning that boys who identify as female are allowed to enter girls’ facilities.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, the school never informed parents of the new policy.

Radical “progressives” don’t care about the consequences of their agenda.

They only care about forcing acceptance of their anti-Christian lifestyles by any means necessary.

Even if that means endangering young girls.

In this case, a five-year-old little girl became the victim of their agenda.

As of this story, the school has yet to change their transgender bathroom policy.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, The Office for Civil Rights has launched an investigation.

You can watch the full story below:

Radical atheists just attacked this school over what they did for a sick girl


Radical atheists have distorted the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of religion.

They demand it be interpreted by courts as freedom from religion.

And they’ll stop at nothing to enforce their view, including attacking a school for what they did to support a sick four-year-old girl.

A rural Michigan high school was forced to remove a video of a “family circle” to support the football coaches daughter who is fighting a serious illness in the hospital.

The community came together to hold hands in support of the little girl at the high school football field.

Later, the school had posted a video of the event on social media.

But, because the event included a prayer over the loudspeaker, the radical atheist “Freedom From Religion Foundation” sent several letters threatening legal action unless the video was removed.

7 & 4 News reports:

“The school district can get involved in a number of ways but if it involves sponsoring religion they can’t be involved,” said Freedom From Religion Foundation Legal Fellow, Colin McNamara.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says the family circle involved a prayer over the loud speaker, which is unconstitutional for a public school.

“The first amendment establishment clause forbids government actors from endorsing religion,” said McNamara. “They’re required to be neutral with respect to religion. They cannot endorse or promote it in anyway.”

Community members say they’re frustrated.

“Outside factors should stay out of our community,” said [Bruce] DeBoer. “At that point in time this was to help a young girl everyone supported it.”
“We pray for the young girl,” said DeBoer. “We hope that she gets better soon because for anybody to be ill like that is one thing but for a little child it goes a lot deeper.”


This public school just forced six-year old students to do something despicable


School administrators continue to show their true colors.

Radical so-called “progressives” want everyone to fall in line or face the consequences.

And what they are making these six-year old students to in school will leave you fuming.

A primary school in Britain is making its students write “love letters” for an LGBT fairytale.

Christian Headlines reports:

A British primary school was recently spotlighted by the BBC Radio Manchester, for making its students, some as young as six, write love letters inserting themselves into an LGBT fairytale.

According to video spotlight published by the BBC, the network chose to observe a class at Bewsey Lodge Primary School where teacher Sarah Hopson requires her students to place themselves in the role of Prince Henry and write a love letter inquiring Henry’s male servant Thomas to “marry” him.

“This school teaches children about LGBT relationships from an early age,” text over the video said. “This class of 6-year-olds is learning about gay marriage […] all ages take part in LGBT lessons,” it continued.

Children are “going to go out into that world and find this diversity around them, and they’ll find that at a young age as well,” Hopson told the BBC. “And the more they can be accepting at this age, you’re not going to face it further on because the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them.”

Bewsey Lodge has gender-neutral uniforms and policies that promote LGBT relationships and diversity. The schools website declares that “any form of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia is unacceptable,” and enforces a code of conduct declaring “respect” for everyone’s “gender identity,” “marriage,” or “sexual orientation.”

This is another case of radical LGBT activists trying to sexualize children.

They state their goal is to stomp out “homophobia” or “transphobia,” but what six-year old even knows anything about homosexual relationships?

But this isn’t only happening overseas.

More American public schools are sponsoring LGBT support clubs in high school and even middle school.

Public libraries are hosting transgender childrens’ book readings.

Planned Parenthood is forcing their way into public schools to teach their “sex-ed” programs to pre-teens.

And colleges and universities alike are often offering class credit for Planned Parenthood internships.

Meanwhile, they shelter young people from what they label as “dangerous” conservative and traditional views.

It’s not enough to “tolerate” their personal views.

They want to force “acceptance” on everyone – whether you like it or not.

You won’t believe the shocking new male fashion “trend” the Fake News media is pushing


The Fake News media has turned into a print version of the Jerry Springer show.

They push absurd stories and try to pass of freakish behavior as “a growing trend.”

Now they’re claiming this new male fashion trend is taking the world by storm.

The left-wing Daily Beast published an expose of men who wear high heel shoes.

They say that men are purchasing Stilettos at an alarming rate.

The Daily Beast reports:

Shaobo Han put on his first pair of heels at age 11. The pair wasn’t Han’s, exactly—he’d stolen them from his mother, to practice “prancing around the house when no one was around.” Han thought that boys weren’t supposed to wear heels, so he made sure to play with them in private…

Han grew up to be a graphic designer, along the way running the femme footwear line Syro with business partner Henry Bae. The Brooklyn-based company sells heels and boots in men’s sizes 5-14. The styles are chic and trendy—plaid, patent, over-the-knee—but not gaudy à la Kinky Boots.

Whether a customer is male, trans, or non-binary, the mission of Syro is to promote femininity and encourage a fluid sense of style.

“We get emails where kids are saying how grateful they are to discover us, which is really heartwarming,” Han said. “They tell us that they’re wearing them to prom, or to a wedding. Those spaces are so gender-confirming so it’s nice to provide them a way to express themselves and challenge norms.”

This “trend” comes on the heels of the resurgent drag queen movement.

Radical Feminists and “gender fluid” activists push this narrative to undermine masculinity.

Sadly, this isn’t confined to adults.

Two pre-teen boys, whose “drag names” are “Lactacia” and “Desmond is Amazing” have become icons in the drag scene.

They have garnered endless fawning media coverage.

The “progressive” media can kill two birds with one stone.

First, they get to disgustingly sexualize children.

Second, they can use this filth to attack all traditional gender norms.

Do you think men should wear Stilettos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

This survey showed just how badly public schools are failing Americans


American public schools are failing to teach the basics.

They spend more time handing out participation trophies and ramming their leftwing political ideology down our children’s throats.

And a survey was just released that showed just how bad it really is.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation recently conducted a survey to see how many Americans would pass a U.S. citizenship test.

They found that only 1 in 3 Americans, and only 1 in 5 age 45 and younger, could pass the test which only requires a 60% passing score.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Just a third of Americans can pass a multiple choice “U.S. Citizenship Test,” fumbling over such simple questions as the cause of the Cold War or naming just one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for.

And of Americans 45 and younger, the passing rate is a tiny 19 percent, according to a survey done for the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

Worse: The actual test only requires that 60 percent of the answers be correct. In the survey, just 36 percent passed.

Among the embarrassing errors uncovered in the survey of questions taken from the U.S. Citizenship Test and conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies:

• 72 percent of respondents either incorrectly identified or were unsure of which states were part of the 13 original states.

• 24 percent could correctly identify one thing Benjamin Franklin was famous for, with 37 percent believing he invented the lightbulb.

• 12 percent incorrectly thought WWII General Dwight Eisenhower led troops in the Civil War.

• 2 percent said the Cold War was caused by climate change.

In an era where all human knowledge is just a few clicks away, this is very disturbing.

Many Americans are uneducated on the most fundamental facts regarding American history “thanks” to failure on the part of public schools.

And it’s only getting worse.

The study found Millennials were even less educated on simple questions than their parents.

If they don’t understand the basics of American history – especially the fundamental principles our country was founded on – it could lead to political disaster.

The old saying goes: “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

What do you think about these findings? Let us know in the comments below.

Radical atheists just attacked Christians in the worst way


Atheist leftists do everything they can to silence Christian conservatives.

They try to control the education system to institutionalize the younger generations.

And their latest attack targeting Christians is their worst yet.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is a radical atheist group that wants no part of God in our schools across the nation.

And they just pressured a school district in Massachusetts to kick God out of “school-sponsored events.”

The Christian Examiner reports:

Last month, Canton Public Schools Superintendent Jennifer Fischer-Mueller informed the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation that “steps have been taken to ensure that there will be no prayers or religious rituals” included as part of any school ceremony or school-sponsored event, including graduation ceremonies.

Fischer-Mueller’s letter came after FFRF, which advocates for a strict separation of church and state and regularly pressures school districts and local government entities across the nation to drop all types of religious activities and cooperation, sent a demand letter to her in late June.

The letter complained about the fact that the Rev. John Tamilio III of the Congregational Church of Canton was invited to give a prayer at the 2018 Canton High School graduation ceremony last spring.

The Christian Post reached out to Fischer-Mueller for clarification on the school district’s policy. She was asked how schools in the district were informed of the policy and whether students who want to offer a prayer in their graduation speeches would be allowed to do so. A response is pending.

The atheist group’s go-to schtick is to threaten schools and other organizations with fines and lawsuits if they say or do anything even remotely Christian.

In the past, the FFRF even forced a Veterans center in Michigan to remove a bench that featured two crosses – or face massive legal fees.

But Americans have the First Amendment to defend their freedom of speech and religion.

Anyone can mention God whenever they want knowing that they won’t face consequences as a result of exercising their free speech.

It is why America was founded in the first place, as many Christians fled persecution from Europe.

This is just another example of leftist groups targeting Christians.

You can be sure that if a Muslim was invited to pray at a “school sponsored event” FFRF would have no issue with that.

Do you think Christians are targeted for their faith? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

What this leftist college professor said about the GOP will make you sick


The left is completely unhinged.

Leftwing academics are more militant than ever.

And now this radical college professor just advocated taking it to the next level.

Dr. Carol Christine Fair, a professor at Georgetown University, suggested murdering members of the Republican Party.

She said this of Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and other ranking members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in a disgusting, hateful tweet.

But she didn’t stop there.

She also called for castrating their corpses and feeding them to swine.

After garnering hundreds of retweets, Twitter banned her account.

Fox News Reports:

Dr. Carol Christine Fair, an associate professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown, said white Republican senators, specifically Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, who defended Kavanaugh in a fiery speech, “deserve miserable deaths.” Fair went on to say in her Saturday message that the living should “castrate their corpses and feed them to swine.”

“Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement,” she wrote. “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

Maxine Waters (D-CA) set off a ticking time bomb when she called for the open harassment of Trump administration officials and supporters.

It wasn’t long ago when a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on Republican elected officials at a practice for a charity baseball game.

That attack left Rep. Steve Scalise (R-TX) clinging to life.

Luckily he fully recovered and is back in the House.

But the Left has only turned up the volume on their violent rhetoric since that day.

There is nothing the left won’t say or do to further their “tolerant” ideology.

Do you think Dr. Fair should be fired for what she said?

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Ted Cruz’s opponent just stepped in it with what he said about women


Radical “progressives” found their golden boy they think can bring down Ted Cruz in Texas.

But Beto O’Rourke just made a huge mistake.

And what he said about women could come back to bite him.

Beto O’Rourke was just recently let out of the dog house for equating illegal Mexican immigrants to pre-Civil War slaves in a Q&A session.

But he just stepped in it again.

This time for his shameful descriptions of women’s breasts and buttocks when writing a review for the Columbia Daily Spectator.

Breitbart Reports:

Beto O’Rourke apologized for once writing that the only qualifications of actresses in Broadway’s The Will Roger’s Follies were their “phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks.”

Beto O’Rourke is the pro-gun control Democrat challenging Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the coming November midterms.

Politico reports that O’Rourke wrote the comment about The Will Roger’s Follies actresses in 1991 while working for the Columbia Daily Spectator.

An archived version of O’Rourke’s column shows that he described the performance as “one of the most glaring examples of the sickening excesses and moral degradations of our culture.” In summary, he said the Broadway show consisted of a lead actor “surrounded by perma-smile actresses whose only qualifications seem to be their phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks.”

O’Rourke is trying to cast himself as a squeaky-clean family man.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

O’Rourke was arrested for a DUI when he was 26 years old and police reports say he tried to flee the scene.

The Left is also revealing its hypocrisy.

They are attacking Judge Brett Kavanaugh for drinking beer in college while turning a blind eye to Beto’s DUI and attempted flee from the scene.

They also are ignoring Rep. Keith Ellison’s (D-MN) use of his ex-girlfriend as a punching bag.

Instead of facing consequences, Ellison has been elevated into a Democrat Party leadership position as Deputy Chair for the DNC.

Leftists will stoop to any low to protect their own – as long as they have a “D” by their name.

Do you think Democrats should be removed from office for their hypocrisy?

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