A professor was threatened with rape after she opposed this transgender bill


Radical leftists will threaten anyone who dares disagree with them.

They will even threaten their own leftist friends who aren’t “progressive” enough.

And this professor was threatened with rape after she opposed this transgender bill.

At Reading University in the U.K., professor Rosa Freedman opposed a transgender reform act that would allow people to change their legal gender at a whim.

And as a result, Freedman says her door was covered in urine and was told she “should be raped.”

Christian Headlines writes:

A United Kingdom professor says her office door was “covered in urine” after she criticized a proposal that would make it easier for people to change their gender.

Rosa Freedman, a professor of law at Reading University, said she received threats and verbal abuse on social media and over the phone.

The government is considering changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would allow people to change their legal gender by mere self-identification. The current law allows a person to change his/her gender, although it’s more cumbersome.

Freedman opposes the changes and says they would harm women’s rights.

“I am deeply concerned by how the conflation of sex and gender is leading to subjugation of women and is undermining the specific protections guaranteed to women under international and national human rights law,” she has said.

She was called a “Nazi” and told she “should be raped,” the BBC reported.

“I’m pretty public and open about the fact that I’m Jewish,” Freedman said. “I’m pretty public and open about the fact I’ve survived sexual violence – I have been throughout these debates.

The professor is by no means a conservative. She even claims to be pro-LGBT.

There is no appeasing the Social Justice Warriors.

If you express anything other than 100% compliance with their radical agenda, you will be publicly shamed.

Sadly, this is nothing new on college campuses.

As we reported, a teacher in Virginia was fired for “misgendering” a so-called “transgender” student during class.

The SJWs want to completely eradicate anyone who opposes their radical agenda from education so they can brainwash the upcoming generations for decades to come.

And this is exactly why the defense of free speech is crucial.

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A college professor put God in the #MeToo movement with this blasphemous comparison


One of liberal academia’s favorite pastimes is coming up with new lies about Christianity.

They indoctrinate America’s youth with this propaganda.

But one professor said something about God that would make Satan proud.

Dr. Eric Sprankle, a Minnesota State University-Mankato psychology professor just compared God to a sexual predator on Twitter.

He says God impregnated the Virgin Mary without her consent.

He followed that with a sarcastic “Happy Holidays” quip:

But someone explicitly showed where God asked Mary for consent in Luke 1:38.

Dr. Sprankle instead doubled down on his sickening rhetoric to say that God was behaving in a “predatory” manner, comparing it to the #MeToo movement.

On Tucker Carlson’s show, Mark Steyn exposed him for the world to see.

Steyn, a Canadian political and cultural commentator, called the professor “banal and shallow.”

He said:

Basically, the idea that God has gotten the Virgin Mary back to his pad and she’s saying “I really must go” and He’s saying “baby it’s cold outside!” and puts some records on while [He] paw(s).

I miss the days when atheists were at least intelligent enough to take seriously what they were porting to knock down.

The stupidity and banality and shallowness and reductiveness of this is a dismal comment on the state of atheism in America.

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Watch the interview below:

A High School teacher was handed a pink slip for this outrageous reason


Leftists have an iron grip on Academia.

They are trying to eradicate anyone who holds Christian or conservative beliefs.

And now a High School teacher was handed the pink slip for this outrageous reason.

A French teacher at West Point High School in Virginia was unanimously fired by the school board for misgendering a so-called “transgender” student during class.

He said in an interview with NBC affiliate WWBT that he would not violate his “good conscience and faith” by calling the student a gender that does not correspond with their biological sex.

The school board didn’t like this.

The Daily Caller reports:

Vlaming has referred to the student as a female, according to the Times-Dispatch.

Misgendering refers to using biological pronouns for a transgender person as opposed to pronouns that accord with their new gender identity. Deadnaming refers to using the “dead name,” the name they used before transitioning, to describe or address a transgender person.

Vlaming’s avoidance of pronoun use made the transgender student feel singled out, according to the report.

“That discrimination then leads to creating a hostile learning environment. And the student had expressed that. The parent had expressed that,” West Point schools Superintendent Laura Abel said, the newspaper reported. “They felt disrespected.”

Following a complaint about Vlaming’s behavior, school administrators claimed that Vlaming had transgressed school harassment and nondiscrimination policies. “Mr. Vlaming was recommended for termination due to his insubordination and repeated refusal to comply with directives made to him by multiple WPPS administrators,” Abel said in a statement.

This high school teacher was fired for standing up for the biological truth established by our Creator.

The “repeated refusal to comply” was simply the act of refusing to bend to the will of a single transgender student and ignore the rules of biology.

Meanwhile, just down the road in Gloucester, Virginia, a federal judge is forcing Gloucester County Schools to allow transgender students use the bathroom of whatever gender they feel.

Even though, as we previously reported, a so-called “transgender” male sexually assaulted a classmate in the female bathroom.

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The war on Christmas reached new heights with this attack on a town’s nativity scene


Christmas is under attack every year by the radical Left.

They do everything they can to take Christ out of Christmas.

But now the war on Christmas has reached new heights with this attack on the Ten Commandments and a town’s nativity scene.

In Dover, Ohio, city officials say they were forced to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments and a nativity scene from the city property after receiving threats from the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

FFRF has said the removal of the religious scene was in “defense of the First Amendment.”

Fox 8 Cleveland News writes:

DOVER, Ohio — Season’s greetings in Dover will look different this year after the mayor says the city was threatened with a lawsuit if they refused to move a statue of the Ten Commandments and a nativity display off city property.

“We have freedom of religion and they’re saying that we’re endorsing one religion,” said Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen.

In a January letter, a Wisconsin based group — the Freedom from Religion Foundation– wrote the Dover mayor, stating an area resident reported about the displays including a large “Latin”cross.

The foundation stated the displays were a conflict, citing the separation between church and state. The mayor says the displays nearby city hall were moved to a nearby church property as a result this holiday season.

“Twenty-seven years been mayor, nothing like this has ever happened,” said the mayor. “Never imagined it would happen.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation thinks they are “defending” the First Amendment.

But in reality they are attacking the very purpose of it, that anyone can exercise Freedom of religion.

No one can take that away as a constitutionally given right.

Unfortunately, this is not FFRF’s first rodeo with an attack on Christmas.

As we reported, they recently set up a “secular nativity scene” that depicts Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington watching the Bill of Rights in a manger.

In doing so they flat-out disrespect the purpose of Christmas in the birth of Jesus.

But they also show their true colors by demanding that religious displays be removed, and simultaneously demanding that they be allowed to set up their own atheistic displays.

This shows the hypocrisy of the radical left.

They want to completely disregard the Constitution unless they can twist it in their favor.

Do you think there is a war on Christmas? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

POLL: War on Christmas?



America’s public schools are banning everything from Christmas concerts to the colors red and green because of their association with Christmas. Cities are removing nativity scenes from public spaces after receiving threats from atheist groups.

The Left constantly attacks Christianity and mocks the most important event in the history of the world — the birth of Jesus Christ.

Yet the media dismisses any talk of a “War on Christmas” and says Christians should talk a back seat to “diversity.”

This transgender just outdid Bruce Jenner with this news


Americans were up in arms when Bruce Jenner was awarded “Woman of the Year” by ESPN in 2015.

That emboldened transgender activists.

And the latest award to be handed out to a transgender person will make your jaw drop.

A transgender woman (biological man) is favored to win the Miss Universe pageant.

Angela Ponce, a biological male who underwent so-called “gender reassignment surgery” to “become” female is the odds-on favorite to win the contest.

The 2018 Miss Universe Spain pageant winner is set at odds of 600+ to 1, compared to the Miss USA winner Sarah Rose Summers, who is set at 2000 to 1 odds.

The Daily Wire Reports:

As the gamblers put money on Ponce, the trans contestant has been using the press leading up to the December 16 contest to promote the transgender movement.

Asked by Time if the inclusion of a transgender contestant in this year’s competition would send a message to Trump, the former owner of Miss Universe, Ponce said, “More than a message to him, it would be a win for human rights.”

“Trans women have been persecuted and erased for so long. If they give me the crown, it would show trans women are just as much women as cis women,” said Ponce, who claims to have identified as female at the age of three.

Miss Universe announced in 2012 that it would allow biologically male contestants who identified as women after a successful lawsuit by a Canadian transgender model, Jenna Talackova, the Daily Mail notes.

Transgender activists want people to forget what they learned in biology class: that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

They instead want people to follow a so-called “gender identity” system where biology is kicked out the door and there are an unlimited number of genders.

Do you agree with Miss Universe that beauty pageants should accept so-called “transgender” contestants?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

“Dirty Jobs'” Mike Rowe just gave one Good Samaritan the surprise of his life


Mike Rowe is beloved by blue collar Americans.

His show Dirty Jobs was a massive success and he’s since launched other new projects.

And you won’t believe the blessing he just gave to one Good Samaritan.

Mike Rowe recently launched a Facebook series called “Returning the Favor.”

The series follows Rowe as he travels across America to find people who are giving back to their communities.

On the latest episode, he surprised Good Samaritan Billy Mayhall with a $10,000 check and $30,000 worth of sports equipment to support his non-profit, STL Youth Sports Outreach.

STL Youth Sports Outreach is a non-profit whose goal is to ensure no child in the St. Louis area will be unable to participate in youth sports due to a lack of equipment.

KMOX reports:

STL Youth Sports Outreach is a not for profit, community based organization located in Overland, Mo., try to make sure no child in the St. Louis-area will be unable to participate in youth sports due to a lack of equipment.

Owner Billy Mayhall says some families are literally being priced out of their kids sports due to increasing team fees and rising prices for baseball gloves, soccer balls, footballs and golf clubs. So he and his volunteers spend two days per week giving out used equipment to kids and families who can’t afford it.

Now TV host Mike Rowe and his Facebook show “Returning the Favor” have helped make Mayhall’s job a little easier. The show’s goal is pretty simple. They find good people, doing good things and give them some help.

Rowe surprised Mayhall at his store in St. Louis and asked him to attend a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. But that wasn’t the surprise.

Not only were Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright and Blues forward Vladimir Tarasenko at the game to give Mayhall a check for $10,000, but awaiting outside Busch Stadium was a truck with $30,000 worth of athletic equipment ready to be used by young athletes in the St. Louis area.

Sports teach children valuable lessons of teamwork, sportsmanship and more.

After this episode was released, Mayhall’s company made an additional $1,500 donation to his non-profit.

It’s actions like these that are often lost in today’s culture.

But they remind us all of what’s most important in life.

You can watch the latest episode of Mike Rowe’s “Returning the Favor” below:

An elementary school stooped to a new low with its war on Christmas


The attack on Christmas is reaching unprecedented levels.

Radical leftists are trying to completely erase Christmas.

But this elementary school just crossed the line with this attack on Christmas.

Manchester Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska has all but banned Christmas entirely from the school grounds.

The faculty were sent a letter reminding them what would not be acceptable on school grounds including singing Christmas Carols, playing Christmas music, and passing out candy canes.

They even went as far as to ban “Christmas colors” – red and green.

And now the school could be facing legal issues as a religious liberty group, Liberty Counsel, has urged the school to overturn the ban noting that it violates the First Amendment.

Christian Headlines writes:

A legal organization that specializes in religious liberty issues is urging a Nebraska school principal to overturn her directive that banned anything related to Christmas – including Christmas music, Christmas carols, Christmas trees, candy canes and the colors red and green.

The banned items involve not only religious symbols but secular ones, too, including Santa.

Liberty Counsel, a legal group that specializes in First Amendment issues, wrote the superintendent of Elkhorn Public Schools, urging him to overturn the policy.

“The ban violates the U.S. Constitution by showing hostility toward Christianity,” the letter read. “The ban also violates Elkhorn Public Schools board policy; the academic freedom rights of teachers; and it violates the First Amendment right of students to receive information.”

The banned items include:

• Santas or Christmas items (clipart) on worksheets.
• Christmas trees in classrooms.
• Elf on the Shelf.
• Christmas carols.
• Christmas music.
• Scholastic books that are Christmas related.
• Making a Christmas ornament as a gift.
• Candy canes.
• Red/green items.
• Reindeer.
• Christmas videos/movies and/or characters from Christmas movies.

Most of the banned items actually have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.

The idea that candy canes are representative of Jesus’ sacrifice is a myth, there is no connection between reindeer and Christianity, and the colors red and green can be used for anything.

The school even twists the First Amendment to support their outrageous Christmas ban.

But what the principal and the school administration doesn’t understand is that the First Amendment extends religious freedom to all Americans.

It doesn’t extend freedom from religion.

This just goes to show that so-called “progressives” don’t want Christians to be able to celebrate Christmas at all.

They don’t even want Christians to be able to help others during Christmas.

As we reported, Operation Christmas Child, the international event to give shoe boxes of gifts to poor children all over the world, is under attack because the people donating are Christian.

The Left will not stop until they see their fantasy of a Christmas-less holiday season.

Do you think the school should reverse its ban on Christmas? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

A church just erected a “nativity” scene with an absurd anti-Trump message


Liberal “Christians” are often more dedicated to their political beliefs than to Christ Jesus.

They will even twist the Scriptures to support their politics.

And this church just attacked the birth of Jesus with this crazy nativity scene.

In Massachusetts, a church has decided to put a twist on the nativity scene.

They depict Jesus inside a cage under a sign that reads “Peace on Earth?”

And there’s a sign pointing to the wise men who are beyond a fence that says “deportation.”

The church says the move is to start a “conversation” about immigration.

But the reality is they’re just using Jesus’ birth to attack President Trump and make a twisted political statement in support of open borders.

The Daily Wire writes:

A church in Massachusetts has set up a nativity scene in which the baby Jesus is inside a small steel cage, under a banner that reads “Peace on Earth?”
The nativity scene at St. Susanna Parish in Dedham also has the three wise men barricaded from Mary and Joseph by a fence-like structure.

The church says it is hoping to spark a conversation about how immigrants are being treated at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Boston Globe reports.

“We thought we would kind of put a mirror image of what it would look like if this happened 2,000 years ago,” Father Stephen Josoma told the Globe. “It’s kind of a mirror image of where we are at today.”

The church says they want to promote “peace and justice” in their community, but the move is overtly mocking the birth of Christ Jesus.

This is yet another example of how so-called “progressive” Christians would rather be loyal to their politics than to Jesus.

It shows what they truly value the most.

They value making a political point more than accurately sharing the Gospel.

This is nothing new for Social Justice Warrior Christians, however.

As we recently reported, Hillsong church is planning a live show where they depict the three wise men greeting Jesus at an inn where there is a lot of drinking and dancing.

If these Christians won’t take Jesus’ birth seriously, they ought to take His words from Matthew 7.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in Heaven”

What do you think about the nativity scene? Let us know in the comments below.

You’ll never guess who just stabbed the pro-life movement in the back


The Midterm elections were bad news for Republicans in the House.

With the shift in power, conservative legislation could come to a halt in 2019.

But you’ll never guess who just stabbed the pro-life movement in the back.

GOP legislators are in for a ride after the Democrats gained 40 seats in the Midterms.

As a result, some pro-lifers were trying make one more push for pro-life legislation, including defunding Planned Parenthood, before the new Congress takes the reins.

But it seems as though that has been stopped in its tracks, as most GOP legislators are afraid to “rock the boat.”

Politico writes:

Congressional Republicans are giving up on years of promises to cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood as Democrats prepare to take control of the House, a major setback for the conservative movement after controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House for the past two years.

The futility of the congressional efforts was clear as the lame-duck session of Congress convened this week and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) briefly tried — and failed — to rally support for one last bid to push through Planned Parenthood cuts, Obamacare repeal and other conservative priorities. But most Republicans, already rattled by the possibility of a shutdown next week triggered by President Donald Trump’s border wall demands, dismissed his bid.

That’s infuriated anti-abortion groups, who plan to take their fight to state legislatures and the courts.

“They had two years to defund Planned Parenthood, and they failed,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of the anti-abortion group Students for Life of America. “It’s a huge frustration. We worked so hard to elect supposedly these pro-life Republican officials, and we expected results.”

House Republicans who’ve repeatedly voted to defund Planned Parenthood — a priority since Vice President Mike Pence served in the chamber — say there is no point using their remaining days in power passing a bill that’s sure to die in the upper chamber. Next year, the dynamic will be reversed, with conservative bills that might get traction in the Senate sure to collapse in the Democratic-led House.

Weak-kneed GOP House members are often more dangerous than hardline Democrats.

They make campaign promises to get votes from pro-lifers, but refuse to lift a finger once elected.

As the President of Students for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins, pointed out, the Republican dominated Congress had every opportunity to pass legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and end abortion.

But instead, these so-called “pro-life” Republicans avoided pro-life legislation in hopes they could appease liberals and be elected to another term in 2018.

Their plan backfired, however, as the Democrats gained nearly 40 seats, most of those taken from faux pro-life representatives.

On a positive note, Kristan Hawkins of SFLA did urge President Trump to reject any bill that keeps Planned Parenthood funding in-tact.

And as we know, Trump is not afraid to hold out for a deal that he likes.

What do you think about these Republicans failing to support the pro-life movement? Let us know what you think in the comments below.