What imprisoned abortionist Kermit Gosnell said about New York’s new law will leave you disgusted


Kermit Gosnell is a convicted abortionist.

He rots in a prison cell for first degree murder in 2013 for killing infants that survived his botched abortions.

But what he said about New York’s recent late-term abortion laws will make your jaw drop.

New York and Virginia have come under fire for their push to legalize late-term abortion.

And in an email obtained by the Daily Caller, Gosnell expressed his “doubts” that “rural conservatives” in his home state of Pennsylvania would consider laws making abortion up until birth legal.

Not only was Gosnell charged with murdering infants, he was also charged with involuntary manslaughter after a woman died that he was supposedly caring for.

At the time of his conviction, Gosnell claimed that his murderous practices would be “vindicated.”

He said:

“It helps that I very strongly believe myself to be innocent of the heinous crimes of which I am accused,” Gosnell said at the time.

“I sort of understand the circumstances and I continue to feel optimistic of the eventual outcome … the vindication of what I’ve done, why I’ve done it and how — [it] will all become accepted within my lifetime. It’s out of sight and out of my control. But I feel strongly that that will occur.”

Now it seems states like New York are helping Gosnell become vindicated.

The fact of the matter is Gosnell should rot in prison.

He ran an abortion clinic for 30 years.

During that time, he routinely delivered babies alive and then cut their necks with scissors and severed their spinal cords.

Gosnell isn’t doctor. He’s America’s biggest serial killer.

And now the Left is making late-term abortion one of their key platform pushes and passing laws legalizing the murder of babies out of the womb.

The issue of late-term abortion is gearing up to be a centerpiece of the 2020 presidential election.

And Trump is proving to be one of the most pro-life candidates the Republicans have seen in some time, making him uniquely qualified to take on the radical abortionists.

The 2020 election will be the fight for America’s soul.

What do you think? Should Trump make abortion a focal point of his campaign and force the Democrats to own up to allowing the murder of children?

Let us know in the comments.

Google banned this Christian video that they don’t want you to see


Google has joined Facebook and Twitter in a collective effort to silence Christian and conservative content.

But this time they went too far.

And the reason they gave for banning this Christian video on YouTube will leave you scratching your head.

Christian radio host Dr. Michael Brown produced a video on the Christian view of same-sex marriage.

Dr. Brown explains that every practicing Christian struggles in some area with sin.

In the video, Brown tells people that homosexual men and women are welcome to be Christians like anyone else.

But the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin and you cannot in good conscience be a practicing Christian and engage in homosexual behavior.

Google’s Silicon Valley employees deemed that message hateful and banned the video from YouTube.

The Daily Caller reports:

Google banned a video explaining Christian teaching on same-sex marriage from advertising on YouTube after backlash from upset employees, according to internal Google communications reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The video was flagged in June 2018 in an internal listserv, “Yes at Google,” which is run by Google’s human resources department, according to those communications and other internal documents, which a source shared with The DCNF on the condition of anonymity.

The listserv has more than 30,000 members and is devoted to policing “microaggressions” and “micro-corrections” within the company, according to its official internal description.

The internal backlash to the video grew large enough to merit a response from a Google vice president, who said the video would no longer be eligible to run as an advertisement, the human resources team announced to the listserv.

Google’s left-wing culture is hostile to Christians and conservatives.

During the 2016 election, Google employees were even caught disrupting Google searches to suppress conservative content.

Now, they are setting their sights on Christian content.

Determining if the video is offensive or not is a rather subjective debate.

It’s clear that Dr. Brown made an effort to welcome homosexuals to the faith but stood his ground on the Christian perspective concerning same-sex marriage.

Google is sending a message that it values censoring content they disagree with over free speech.

You can watch the video for yourself below:

Do you agree with Google’s Silicon Valley employees that this is hateful and should be banned? Let us know in the comments section.

Nancy Pelosi was stabbed in the back by the last Senator she expected


The radical left wants to force their transgender agenda down the throats of every American.

Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled a bigot.

But a fellow Democrat shut down Nancy Pelosi’s transgender dream bill with this statement.

At the beginning of this Congress, Nancy Pelosi promised LGBT radicals she’d ram their dream legislation into law.

The Left has been increasingly pushing the LGBT agenda on our children.

They’ve also been using the military as a playground for social experiments for decades.

Now Pelosi’s so-called “Equality Act” would force these disasters all over America.

It would make companies cater to the every whim of those confused about their gender or they’d be put out of business.

Hospitals and health insurers would be forced to provide and pay for “transitioning” of confused individuals causing everyone’s healthcare costs to skyrocket.

Pelosi is going to ram her transgender dream bill through the House any day now.

But the bill is far too radical for at least one of Pelosi’s fellow Democrats.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia issued a statement concerned with “students transitioning between genders in public schools.”

LA Weekly Reports:

While the Equality Act needs to pass not only the Democrat-controlled House but also the Republican-controlled Senate, and then be signed by President Trump, according to Pelosi there is bipartisan support. In an op-ed for The Advocate, Pelosi and Rep. David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island), the chief author of the bill, write, “We have the bipartisan support of members of Congress and the strong support of the business community. And most importantly, we have the overwhelming support of the American people — 71 percent of whom support the Equality Act.”

As we reported, reversing the Obama policy of taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgeries and transitioning hormones for military personnel diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” was a major Trump campaign promise.

And the American people overwhelmingly supported Trump’s military transgender ban.

But Nancy Pelosi and the radical left don’t care.

They want to force their transgender agenda on all Americans regardless of how harmful it will be.

That’s because their real motive is expanding their power by using it to divide the American people.

And the fact is, sexually confused people already have Civil Rights just like everyone else.

So by just saying these people need to be included, the Left is insinuating they don’t have rights.

Ironically, if enacted, the so-called “Equality Act” would harm women — one of the Democrats’ favorite identity politics targets.

It would dismantle women’s sports altogether, allowing biological males to compete in any womens’ athletic competition they want.

Worse, as we’ve reported, such sexual orientation and gender identity laws open up bathrooms and locker rooms to deviants and enable sexual assault.

What do you think?

Is Nancy Pelosi’s transgender dream bill destined to fail?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Jerry Falwell Jr. just took a stand on his granddaughter’s gender and LGBT activists are having a meltdown


Jerry Falwell Jr. is not exactly known for capitulating to LGBT and social justice activists.

However, this may be the most upset they have ever been with him.

Jerry Falwell said something about his granddaughter’s gender that is enraging LGBT activists.

Falwell has been very open where he stands on gender issues.

As President of Liberty University, the largest Christian college in America, he’s never been afraid to make statements defending his values or Christian faith.

Even in the face of backlash from the mainstream media and student protestors.

This time, Jerry Falwell had the nerve to say that he is raising their granddaughter as a girl.

And all hell broke loose when protests by radical LGBT students erupted.

The Christian Broadcasting Network reports:

Some pro-LGBT Liberty University students protested on campus recently after the university’s president and his wife said their granddaughter will be raised according to her God-given gender.

The News & Advance reports Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his wife Becki, were speaking at a satellite CPAC event alongside Donald Trump, Jr. when the couple said they would raise their granddaughter as a female.

“She’s our granddaughter, and we’re raising her as a girl,” Mrs. Falwell said. “We’re not letting her have a choice. God makes the choice of what the babies are going to be and God decided she would be a girl.”

The Falwells went on to explain that their granddaughter always carries a baby doll with her, while their own sons grew up around firearms.

About 30 Liberty University students responded to the Falwells’ remarks by waving gay pride flags and carrying signs supporting transgender rights on the steps of the campus’ student union.

Once LGBT students caught wind of Falwell’s statement, they began protesting outside of the student union.

The students expressed that they believe everyone has a “choice” when it comes to their gender.

Falwell made it clear that he believes God has already made that choice and he will abide by it.

Christian leaders have experienced a new wave of attacks from LGBT leaders for refusing to buy into the transgender hysteria.

While there may be backlash by the mainstream culture, many Christians are grateful for individuals such as Falwell who aren’t afraid to stand up for their values.

Do you support Jerry Falwell Jr. raising his granddaughter as a girl?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

This radical Feminist was triggered over a display of Christian crosses, and what happened next will shock you


Pro-abortion radicals have been sensing the tide moving in the Pro-Life Movement’s direction.

So not a day goes by that pro-life students aren’t terrorized on college campuses by leftists.

But how this one radical Feminist attacked pro-life college students is simply unhinged.

At the University of Michigan, the school’s Students for Life group put up hundreds of little pink crosses to commemorate the lives lost to abortion at the hands of Planned Parenthood every day.

But pro-abortion radicals weren’t having it, and one pink-haired feminist started to rip up the pink crosses to throw them in the trash can.

And when she was confronted by the Students for Life group, she said she was stealing the crosses because she “didn’t like them.”

That’s when campus police got involved.

As soon as she realized she was in trouble, she high-tailed it out of there.

Life Site News reports:

Students for Life set up the 1,000 crosses around 9 AM, with permission from the school, on the Diag on campus and throughout the day pro-abortion activists, presumably students although that is unclear, kept pulling crosses out of the ground, placing them in trash bags, or putting them on top of trash cans. Around 12:50 PM, Kaylena Wiederhold, Students for Life’s Michigan Regional Coordinator, confronted several of the students and questioned them on why they were stealing Students for Life property.

Campus police were nearby supervising a climate change protest, when one student went to get them. Upon being approached by police officers, the students dropped the crosses and left.

Wiederhold noted, “Free-speech on college campuses continues to be an issue. The abortion activists on campus should be ashamed of themselves for trying to disrupt a peaceful memorial to not only babies harmed by abortion, but also women, men, and families harmed by abortion. We hope the University of Michigan will come out strongly in defense of free-speech on campus.”

Radical Leftists don’t have a real argument to be made against the pro-life cause.

So they try to shut down pro-lifers’ right to free speech entirely.

And unfortunately, this is just a microcosm of the violence pro-lifers are met with on college campuses.

In fact, at the University of Windsor in Canada, a student was even faced threats of assault and rape because she simply held pro-life views.

And the worst part is, university officials did nothing to protect her.

Sadly, America is quickly headed in that direction as well.

But the good news is, President Trump recently signed an executive order to promote free speech on college campuses.

Trump’s Executive Order will help protect pro-life students and their First Amendment right to free speech on campus.

Do you think college campuses are hostile to pro-life students? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

You can watch what happened below:

This California school’s disgusting sex-ed plan for children will leave you speechless


California is a liberal’s dream.

Few things they do surprise the more Conservative wing of the United States.

But the way this California school is using its sex-ed curriculum on students will leave you disgusted.

For years, conservatives cautioned of the slippery slope of the LGBT agenda.

And they’ve warned how the left will use it to infiltrate public schools under the guise of “equality” and “inclusivity.”

Conservatives saw through the charade.

But now, their worst fears are coming to fruition.

A California school board is scolding parents for daring to oppose California’s new sex-ed curriculum that uses drag queens in school functions.

One activity in particular that was opposed was using a drag queen for makeup lessons for 11-14 year-olds – including boys.

The new curriculum covers a wide-array of gay, lesbian, and transgender issues, which has some parents furious.

“All these people were asking for was a say, a chance to be involved, to be heard and to be active participants in the education of their children,” wrote Townhall’s Kira Davis, who attended the meeting.

The meeting, she said, was mostly “concerned and frightened parents in the heavily Hispanic district.”

Parents complained and alleged that the school board was purposely leaving them in the dark because they knew the community would not give its approval of more graphic and explicit content, and especially the issues related to gender identity and sexuality.

“One mother said she only learned about the school’s ‘LGBT Fair’ after it had happened,” Davis wrote.

“She was shocked to learn that a local drag performer had been offering make-up application lessons to the students during the fair and did not feel it was appropriate for any school-approved activity to include make-up lessons for 11-14-year-olds regardless of LGBT issues.”

Concerned parents voiced their disapproval. But what the school board told the parents shocked them all with what was described as “contempt and disrespect.”

“Liars” and “fear-mongers” one told the mostly Hispanic crowd.

Board members continued to scold parents who dared question the Board’s decision.

The situation in California is hitting a breaking point.

Do you think what is happening in California could happen elsewhere in the United States?

How should conservatives fight back? Let us know in the comments!

Elizabeth Warren issued this jaw-dropping warning to Southerners in Mississippi


Elizabeth Warren is running for President.

She’s also one of the snobbiest politicians in America.

And she crossed the line when she issued this jaw-dropping warning to a bunch of Southerners.

CNN hosted Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren for a televised townhall-style event.

“Mississippi’s the only state that still has the Confederate battle emblem on the state flag – do you think Mississippi should adopt a new flag?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Warren.

Warren didn’t hesitate.

“Yes,” she replied.

Warren is from the most northeastern region of the United States.

It’s easy to see why she doesn’t grasp southerners’ desire to keep what they see as their heritage. Many Mississippians have ancestors who fought in the war.

Warren is also in favor of removing Confederate monuments, memorials, and symbols because she claims they’re a symbol of white supremacy.

Warren has been a darling to the left.

Many wish she ran against Donald Trump in the 2016 primary as they saw her as the best option to beat him – not Hillary or Bernie Sanders.

Nonetheless, her name was still brought up in the 2016 election as she made a point to be a vocal critic of Trump’s.

She quickly grabbed Trump’s attention and Trump gave her one of his most famous nicknames: Pocahontas.

Warren earned the nickname after she claimed Native American ancestry because of her “high cheek bones,” as a desperate identity-politics ploy to advance her career.

The problem? She’s 1/1000th Native American.

Trump rarely refers to her by her real name, preferring instead to use “Pocahontas.” Bad news for Warren as it seems to have stuck.

Warren is a co-sponsor for a bill that would remove Confederate statues in the National Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol.

This is what the left has demanded for years.

A whitewashing of history because it’s deemed “offensive.”

But some leftists are even going a step further, with demands to remove not just Confederate statues and monuments but Founding Father monuments as well.

The reason? Some Founding Fathers were slaveholders like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

This is the problem when you go down this slippery slope.

But some say the removal of symbols of American history is the Left’s attempt to transform the foundation that America is built on.

Do you think Mississippi should change its flag? And if they do, will the Left’s next step be to remove statues of leaders like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington?

Let us know in the comments!

Beto O’Rourke gave an answer to one question that ended his presidential campaign


In order to win the nomination, Democrat presidential candidates have to appeal to their increasingly radical base.

So they’re trying to one-up each other with outrageous policy positions to build up their “progressive” street cred.

And what this Democrat presidential candidate just said about abortion will make your jaw hit the floor.

Many pundits view Rep. Beto O’Rourke as the Democrat frontrunner despite the fact he lost his race for Senate last year.

Now he’s feeling the pressure to demonstrate how far left he is.

And he just came out in support of third-trimester abortions.

You can watch the video of O’Rourke stating his support for abortion up until the moment of birth:

Beto’s betting that by adopting this radical stance on abortion, he can compete with the field’s most left-wing candidates.

But his position is completely out of touch with everyday Americans.

A Gallup poll shows only 13% of Americans are in favor of third-trimester abortions.

Democrats are not winning any new voters by supporting killing unborn babies.

The debate regarding third-trimester abortions has recently blown up in the news.

The state of New York recently legalized abortion up to the moment of birth.

But when legislators in Virginia proposed a similar law, it blew up in their faces and became a national scandal.

Then, in a desperate attempt to “save” the bill, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed infanticide on live radio, to the detriment of his political career.

Beto O’Rourke may attract voters from California and New York, but his stance on abortion won’t fly in a general election.

The Democrats believe that by going further to the left, they can win the 2020 election.

But they are just playing right into Donald Trump’s hands.

In fact, many Trump voters cite his 2016 debate where he called out Hillary Clinton for her support of third-trimester abortions as their reason for voting for the President.

The more Democrats make moves to appease their radically progressive base, the more they risk losing states such as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Beto O’Rourke may have just sealed his fate in 2020.

A radical Feminist professor gave a jaw-dropping assignment to her class


It’s no secret America’s colleges and universities have morphed into leftist echo chambers and indoctrination camps.

But one professor just crossed the line.

And your jaw will hit the floor when you see what she forced her students to do.

At Towson University, professor Lillian Carter is an outspoken feminist who teaches “Sexuality in Diverse Societies.”

According to several students, Carter has told her students to tell her “what turns them on” as an “entrance ticket” to the class.

She has also asked them to draw themselves naked as an assignment in class.

As if that wasn’t enough, Carter also shoves pro-abortion propaganda down her students’ throats by making pro-abortion answers the answers on tests.

In other words, if you hold pro-life views as a student, you will fail.

In one instance, she gave the class an assignment to “pick their own” class paper topic.

But when a few students asked to write a paper on a pro-life topic, she refused.

Students for Life of America reports:

A pro-abortion feminist professor at Towson University has a unique way to make students in her class feel uncomfortable; she asks them to tell her what turns them on (and off) and then asks them to draw themselves naked. According to several students at Towson University, Professor Lillian Carter does this in her “Sexuality in Diverse Societies” classes. In fact, within the first few weeks, the students were required during one of the classes to present a list of what turns them on and off this as their ‘entrance ticket’ to her class.

Additionally, Carter prevented a pro-life student from writing about her pro-life beliefs, though students are encouraged to write about why Planned Parenthood should not be defunded. Two syllabi for the class even say, “You may make your own topic” with the professor’s approval. And that’s exactly what two students did. According to one student who spoke to Students for Life of America, they were told that as long as no one else had chosen their same topic, they could write about it. So, the student and her class partner asked to write about “pro-life positives” but were denied without reasoning and told to write about their second option, which was “Obsessive love is dangerous.”

There’s no doubt that any students who disagree with her leftist propaganda are doomed to flunk her course.

Lillian Carter is a prime example of how leftist professors often have unchecked free rein in their classes.

What Carter is subjecting to her students is sickening.

But even though Towson is a public university, the school administration won’t do anything about it, especially if Carter is a tenured professor.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, the professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, has warned about this dangerous indoctrination.

Appearing on Fox News, Peterson noted that liberal colleges are political activist grounds, not educational institutions.

He also said that students are “being taught by ideologues, not by educators.”

Do you think America’s colleges are too far left?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

This public library is in hot water after one truth was revealed about “Drag Queen Storytime”


Radical progressives have been preaching their “social justice” agenda on college campuses for years.

But now they’re targeting children and toddlers with so-called “Drag Queen Story Hours.”

And a public library just landed in a world of hurt after the truth was revealed about one drag queen they entrusted with children.

Alberto Garza, who calls himself “Tatiana Mala Nina”, was given the opportunity to read a book as a part of the Houston library’s “Drag Queen Storytime” program.

But there was one just big problem the library did not count on.

Alberto Garza was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy.

Breitbart reports:

A registered child sex offender was allowed to read to children during the Houston Public Library’s Drag Queen Storytime.

In other news, the Houston Public Library — the city government, y’all — sponsors a thing called Drag Queen Storytime, where troubled men put on women’s clothes and read books to small children.

The lunatics who promote Drag Queen Storytime claim the idea is “to promote love and acceptance.” Rational and caring parents, who understand that protecting your child’s innocence, especially from things like adult sexuality, are suing the city to stop this madness. They claim that the government sponsoring “secular humanism” violates the Constitution’s Establishment Clause on religion.

And now we learn that a six-foot, 200-pound sex offender managed to slip through the library’s screening system, slip on a dress, and read to small children — all of it sponsored by the government.

Naturally, once parents discovered this fact they were outraged.

The library issued a fake apology and stated that he would no longer be invited to participate in Drag Queen Storytime.

The lack of a real apology or any action is astounding.

This public library used taxpayer dollars to host a sex offender that sexually assaulted an 8-year-old boy.

No one is being fired and “Drag Queen Storytime” isn’t being shut down.

Fortunately, a small handful of parents have decided to take legal action against the library for putting their children in danger.

The reality is, events like these are inevitable when the left is given free rein to indoctrinate children in public schools and libraries.

Do you think “Drag Queen Storytime” should be shut down?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.