The new details on Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship are worse than you thought possible


Since news broke that Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for child sex trafficking, the media is doing everything they can to cover up the truth for Clinton family.

But the truth is getting out.

And these new details on Bill Clinton’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein will make you cringe.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have strong ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein has been a multi-million-dollar contributor to the Clinton Foundation for years.

But Bill Clinton is denying his friendship with Epstein and avoiding the media at all costs.

Now we know why.

Flight records show that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet, the “Lolita Express,” 26 times.

On five of these occasions, Secret Service members were not present with Bill Clinton and no one knows what happened.

Breitbart reports:

Former President Bill Clinton distanced himself on Monday from Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire financier and former donor who was arrested for child sex trafficking over the weekend.

Clinton, who has taken a lower public profile since the 2016 presidential race, issued a statement through his press secretary, Angel Ureña, claiming to know “nothing about the terrible crimes” Epstein is purported to have committed.

“President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York,” the statement reads. “In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: One to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation.”

Clinton has made claims that these trips were for work related to the Clinton Foundation.

What is not clear is why he needed to fly on Epstein’s private jet and what happened on those flights.

Bill Clinton’s record of sexual misconduct is something to be concerned about.

The fact that Bill Clinton is a great friend of Jeffrey Epstein, a likely child molester, does not bode well for the former President’s public image.

Clinton denies knowing anything about Epstein’s disgusting behavior.

But it is difficult to believe a word he says.

What do you think?

Did Bill Clinton know anything about Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of children?

Let us know in the comments below.

Mark Zuckerberg let this truth slip that is bad news for Donald Trump in 2020


It’s no secret Mark Zuckerberg uses Facebook’s giant social network to rig elections and sway public opinion for his left-wing agenda.

But this time he went too far.

And what Zuckerberg accidentally admitted to could be bad news for President Trump in 2020.

In an interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Facebook’s CEO was asked about what he is doing to comply with governments in regards to free speech and elections.

He stated that many countries don’t have laws that pertain to this issue so he makes the determination on what the company will do.

Which is when he dropped this bombshell.

In 2018, Ireland had a referendum to legalize abortion in the entire country.

Facebook chose to ban ads from pro-life organizations so that legal abortion could pass.

Breitbart reports:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted during a recent talk that the social media network banned a number of pro-life advertisements ahead of the Irish abortion referendum.

PJ Media reports that during a recent interview at this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began to explain how the social media firm is attempting to work with the governments of other countries to determine what political speech should be allowed on the site. Zuckerberg gave an example of Facebook’s interaction with the Irish government ahead of a 2018 referendum on the legalization of abortion in the country.

“We ended up not allowing the ads,” Zuckerberg stated.

This is nothing new for Facebook.

The social media network was caught favoring radical left-wing candidates in the 2016 election and suppressing content from Republican candidates and causes.

Republicans in Congress demanded that he testify and defend these unfair practices.

Senator Ted Cruz grilled him and left Zuckerberg totally defenseless.

But that hasn’t stopped him from exerting his influence around the globe.

This does not bode well for the 2020 election.

Facebook could double-down on their efforts and potentially sabotage Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

Other tech giants such as Google and Twitter have been caught doing the same thing.

But Facebook may be the most dangerous one of them all.

What do you think?

Should Facebook be punished for interfering with free speech and U.S. elections?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

White people were forced to do something despicable to attend this music festival


Left-wing social justice warriors often control music festivals put on around the country.

And the AfroFuture festival is not an exception.

But what they did at this music festival will make your jaw drop.

Many Leftists have been calling for reparations for black men and women who can trace their family tree back to slavery in the United States.

But one music festival took it upon themselves to serve their own bizarre version of racial justice.

The AfroFuture music festival decided to charge white people double the cost of a ticket that a black person was asked to pay.

Now, attendees and musicians are learning of this racist practice and all hell has broken loose.

Breitbart reports:

The AfroFuture music festival in Detroit is charging white people double the price for a ticket compared with people of color, in a move they claim will ensure marginalized groups are given “equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community.”

The festival, scheduled to take place August 3rd, offers different pricing structures depending on whether the attendee is white or a “person of color.” For white people, or “non-persons of color,” early bird tickets cost $10, compared with $20 for people of color. For those purchasing tickets closer to the event, white people will pay $40, compared with $20 for people of color.

The organizers of the event explain the reasons behind their discriminatory system in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of their website, although it is still unclear how they intend to validate the race and identity of ticket purchasers.

Upon hearing the news that the music festival was charging white people double, one of the rappers, Tiny Jag, decided to cancel her appearance.

She stated she did not support such a discriminatory practice.

The organizers of the music festival have naturally received a great deal of backlash.

Now, they have reversed their policy and are charging black and white people the same price.

What the Left doesn’t understand is that their so-called “solutions” to racial inequality are in fact racist.

If a music festival attempted to charge black men and women double the ticket price, they would be met with legal action and pay tremendous consequences.

What do you think?

Should the AfroFuture music festival face legal charges for discrimination?

Let us know in the comments below!

Maxine Waters is smiling ear-to-ear after what liberal activists just did to two theater owners


When Maxine Waters told liberals “to push back on” Trump supporters and “tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere” many thought nobody would take her seriously.

That’s when the media stepped in to rally the liberal thugs to her side.

And you’ll be shocked when you find out the horrible thing that liberal activists just did to these theater owners.

First, two theater owners in Canada were doing what any theater owner in their position would: showing a movie backed by popular demand.

But some liberal activists didn’t think they should be allowed to show popular films in theater.

So they turned to violence, calling in death threats to the two theater owners.

Why? Because they screened the pro-life movie Unplanned, the story of Abby Johnson – a former Planned parenthood Director who became a pro-life activist after learning the truth about abortion.

The two theater owners had to shut down their showings of the pro-life movie because of the threats, fearing their families are in danger.

Christian Headlines reports:

Canadian police are investigating two separate incidents of theatre owners receiving death threats because they scheduled screenings of Unplanned, a pro-life movie which tells the story of Abby Johnson leaving her job with Planned Parenthood to become a spokesperson in the pro-life movement.

B.J. McKelvie, a pastor and the president of Cinedicon, the Canadian distributor of the film, told LifeSiteNews that two independent theater owners received death threats and contacted police. McKelvie said the owners believed the threats were credible and were “fearful for their families.”

The movie’s producers had previously set up a website listing the 46 theaters where the movie would be shown in Canada, but they took down in response to the threats.

There’s no act too vile for Maxine Waters and her liberal activist thug pals.

Tucker Carlson’s life was put in danger by Antifa thugs.

They showed up at his doorstep and threatened his family. . . multiple times

And Trump supporters have been beaten by liberal thugs and protestors.

At London in June, a group of protestors violently attacked Trump supporters who were peacefully showing their support for the President.

And on Halloween in 2018, an 11 year old boy was threatened for simply dressing up as the President.

So it only makes sense these thugs would defend abortion and infanticide through death threats.

Do you think theater owners should fear for their lives for showing pro-life movies?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

CNN just admitted a racist secret about the Democrat Party


The Democrat Party continues to be exposed for their racism.

This is resulting in historic levels of minority voters becoming Republicans.

And CNN just admitted a racist secret about the Democrat Party.

This year has brought a ton of bad news to the Democrat Party when it comes to racist scandals.

Most troubling was the scandal relating to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who was caught having a yearbook picture featuring him in either Ku Klux Klan robes or black face.

Along with that, a number of Democrat politicians have been caught in anti-Semitism scandals.

But CNN just said something on the air that should raise a lot of red flags.

Talking about migrant detention centers, a panel of left-wing hosts talked about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that they are in abysmal conditions.

And in making that claim, they all agreed that the only reason conditions won’t improve is that those being detained are not white.

NewsBusters reports:

On Monday’s CNN Newsroom, co-founder of The Beat DC, Tiffany Cross joined co-host Poppy Harlow and CNN analyst Molly Ball to take Ocasio-Cortez’s side and to declare that the poor conditions at the border are due to the fact that the migrants are not white.

Cross began by arguing that the division between Pelosi and the four Democratic congresswomen who voted against the initial House funding bill for the border was, “an ideological and a tactical division.”

Despite the near non-stop coverage of the crisis and the conditions at the border detention facilities, Cross declared that, “They’re all four women of color who voted against this bill. And the reality, that I think there’s trouble reconciling within this country, if these were white babies being treated this way in these detention facilities, if these were white women being held in overcrowded facilities, being told to drink from toilets, there certainly would be more of a national outcry.

CNN seems to ignore the fact that it is the Republicans trying to not only improve the conditions in the detention centers, but prevent so many from needing to be held there.

Republicans have been pushing multiple bills to increase funding for border patrol so they can improve the conditions in the overcrowded centers.

But it is Democrats preventing the funding from passing.

So CNN seems to be stating that it is the Democrats who are racist, and refusing to help non-white migrants.

Do you think CNN is fake news?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Mike Rowe silenced Colin Kaepernick over the Betsy Ross flag with just four words


Colin Kaepernick truly hates America.

After igniting the infamous national anthem protests, he most recently pressured Nike to cancel a shoe featuring the Betsy Ross flag.

And when Mike Rowe heard about it, it only took four words for him to silence Kaepernick.

On top of being the host of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe is one of the most reasonable figures in Hollywood.

He speaks his mind, and isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers when necessary.

So when he was asked about Kaepernick forcing Nike to pull a shoe over America’s first flag, Rowe wasn’t afraid to make his opinion clear.

Rowe said that his argument about the Betsy Ross flag being racist is “completely void of logic.”

Kaepernick claims that because there was slavery at the time the Betsy Ross flag was originally flown, it is racist.

Rowe simply points out that if the flag is racist for being around while slavery was legal, then countless other symbols like crosses and bald eagles must also be racist.

The Daily Caller reports:

The 57-year-old former host of “Dirty Jobs” shared that Kaepernick absolutely had the right to his opinion as well as the sneaker company having the right to recall the shoes when responding to a fan on Facebook about the issue, per the Washington Times in a piece published Tuesday. But he followed that up with all the reasons the former San Francisco 49ers QB’s argument was flawed.

“In other words, we can’t deny Kaepernick’s right to speak his mind, but we shouldn’t ignore the flaws in his thinking,” Rowe explained. “He has argued that the Betsy Ross flag is ‘racist,’ because it flew at a time when slavery was legal in America.”

“By that definition, aren’t crosses are also racist,” he added. “Weren’t they on churches attended by slave-owning congregants? Why not demand their removal? What about the Bald Eagle? Wasn’t our national bird flying around when slaves were held? Why not protest it as well? ”

This is a part of a broader effort to make every historic American symbol racist.

The Left hates the values America was built on, so therefore historic figures must be put on the chopping block.

Do you agree with Mike Rowe’s statement?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

A new poll just dropped that has millions of Christians rejoicing


2019 has been a good year for American Christians, following the passage of a number of pro-life bills across the country.

But the year is far from over.

And now a new poll just dropped that has millions of Christians rejoicing.

For decades, the pro-life issue has been fluctuating when it comes to approval polls.

In recent years, for the most part, polling has shown that most Americans support abortion, or at least the “right” to have one.

But a brand new Gallup poll shows that is turning around.

The poll shows that 49% of Americans consider themselves pro-life to only 46% who consider themselves pro-choice.

Along with this, the polling shows the percentage of people who believe abortion should be illegal in either all circumstances, or in most cases, has risen from 53% last year to 60%.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Last week, Gallup released its annual public-opinion poll on abortion policy, and its results contain some good news for abortion opponents. According to the survey, a plurality of Americans now identify as pro-life, with 49 percent of respondents calling themselves “pro-life,” and 46 percent calling themselves “pro-choice.” This is the first Gallup poll since 2013 in which a higher percentage of respondents identified as “pro-life” rather than “pro-choice.”

The new survey also found that the percentage of Americans who think abortion should either be “illegal in all circumstances” or “legal in only a few circumstances” increased from 53 to 60 percent between 2018 and 2019. A Gallup poll conducted in May, meanwhile, found that the percentage of Americans who consider abortion immoral reached 50 percent for the first time since 2012.

While there is no definitive way to know the exact cause of this rapid increase in pro-life support, it can likely be attributed to the Democrats’ extremism.

Over the past year, they have ramped up their pro-abortion rhetoric to the point that they are actively supporting infanticide.

This is causing reasonable people to question the entire issue more intently.

Do you consider yourself pro-life?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

What happened at a “child drag queen show” will make you sick to your stomach


The LGBT lobby is pushing harder than they ever have before.

They are even getting children involved in pushing their radical agenda.

And you won’t believe what just happened at a “child drag queen show.”

Over the weekend in Denver, a local comic book shop hosted a “drag show” open to those of all ages.

So at the event, there were young boys wearing dresses and dancing in front of grown men.

And outside the event, there were a number of protesters.

But instead of reporting the truth, the media painted the entire show as fun and innocent, and went after the protesters, painting them as evil and bigoted.

CBS4 Denver reports:

Protesters were kept behind a fence with a strong police presence outside an all ages drag show in Denver on Sunday. About a dozen young people participated in the show which caused some controversy.

The show on Sunday was organized by Mile High Comics and the spotlight quickly turned away from the stage and focused on the controversy.

Children making their way into the venue were escorted by adults, many of them wearing earphones to drown out the protests.

“These kids are so brave. To be able to share their gifts and their talents,” said Elizabeth Mitchell. “I am a Christian and because I am a mother of a gay child and because my granddaughter is performing in this today. There is a lot of emotion and a lot of conflict for me.”

To the Left, there is no such thing as reasonably disagreeing.

They demand that everybody follow their radical agenda one hundred percent of the time, or they become an enemy.

Protesting children dancing provocatively on a stage surrounded by adults is disgusting to any reasonable person.

Drag shows became popularized in gay bars and feature intense sexual displays.

Adding children to the mix is despicable.

Are you opposed to child drag queen shows?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

John Legend just threw Joe Biden under the bus in a way that could end his entire campaign


Joe Biden’s campaign has been a total disaster.

Even the Fake News Media is reporting on how poorly he’s doing.

But he may never recover from how John Legend just threw him under the bus.

Before Biden launched his campaign, videos of his inappropriate and creepy touching of women surfaced.

That alone nearly sank his chances at the Democrat nomination.

Then, he bombed on stage at the first Democrat debate after being relentlessly attacked by Senator Kamala Harris.

Now, he’s playing defense and doing everything he can to repair his damaged reputation.

That’s when celebrity singer and songwriter John Legend made things ten times worse for him.

Legend tweeted that Biden was “playing to impress panels on Meet the Press and Morning Joe,” rather than winning back the “elusive factory worker.”

Breitbart reports:

Singer John Legend launched a scathing rebuke of former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, accusing him of trying to impress the media rather than winning back that “elusive factory worker” who backed Donald Trump in 2016.

“Republicans play to win. Biden plays to impress a panel on Meet the Press and Morning Joe,” Legend tweeted on Saturday in response to Biden’s claim that he would renominate Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

Legend then went on to rip Biden’s position as a continuity Obama candidate, inferring voters are still crying out for change.

“Everyone thinks Biden will win back the elusive factory worker in Pittsburgh or Youngstown,” he wrote. “But there is literally no constituency in those places for “nothing will fundamentally change” and nominate Merrick to the Supremes.

The musician later goes on to assail the idea that Biden is the continuation of Barack Obama’s vision for America.

Legend tweeted that voters want change and do not want to go back to the days of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

He’s right.

The days of the Obama Presidency are over.

Since leaving office, the Left has become so radicalized that it will not tolerate a candidate like Joe Biden.

There is no room for him in the race and John Legend is one of the few left-wing celebrities with the common sense to point it out.

What do you think?

Is Joe Biden’s political career finally over?

Hillary Clinton’s best friend just got arrested for the most unthinkable crime


Hillary Clinton and her Deep State pals couldn’t hide this secret forever.

Sooner or later, they knew the cops would come a-knockin’.

And her best friend was just arrested for the most unthinkable crime.

First, Clinton’s friend Harvey Weinstein was arrested for rape and sexual abuse.

Several women came forward to tell their story and it destroyed Weinstein’s career.

He pleaded “Not Guilty,” and will face trial.

Then, Hillary Clinton denied knowing anything and began separating herself from her public relationship with Weinstein.

Now, Hillary Clinton’s friend Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and we’ve heard nothing but silence from her.

Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire and major Democrat donor, was arrested for sex trafficking children to his private home in the Caribbean over the weekend.

Breitbart reports:

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York City on Saturday on sex trafficking-related charges, according to multiple reports.

NBC 4 New York, citing sources, reported court documents state that Epstein allegedly had sexual encounters with dozens of underage girls at his Palm Beach, Florida residence. According to authorities, the politically connected hedge fund manager employed “female fixers” who sought out the girls from all over the world for such encounters. Some of the girls were allegedly transported to his homes in New York City, New Mexico, and a private Caribbean island, according to court documents.

Law enforcement sources told NBC 4 New York that Epstein is expected to appear in federal court in Manhattan on Monday.

This news does not come as a surprise to many Trump supporters.

Jeffrey Epstein has avoided consequences for his actions for a long time.

The worst part is that his friends helped conceal his disgusting sexual depravity.

In a predictable and dangerous turn of events, the media has already begun to flip this story around onto Donald Trump to protect Hillary Clinton.

An old picture and statement from Trump shows he knew Epstein from his business days in New York.

All they are trying to do is take the heat off Hillary Clinton.

The media should be demanding an interview with Hillary Clinton to find out exactly what she knew about Epstein’s actions and when.

What do you think?

Did Hillary Clinton know anything about Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking?