Denzel Washington gave one speech that made leftists squirm


Hollywood celebrities seem almost universally in lockstep with progressive values.

But some buck the trend promoting leftism.

And Denzel Washington gave one speech that made leftists squirm.

Megastar actor Denzel Washington isn’t bashful about his Christian faith.

In a town that’s openly hostile toward Christianity, Washington has always been forthright about his belief in God.

Washington gave a speech at the Better Man Event sponsored by First Baptist Orlando where he reflected on his four decades in Hollywood.

Washington said:

“What I played in the movies is not who I am, it’s what I played . . . I’m not going to sit or stand on any pedestal and tell you about what I had in mind for you or your soul. Because the fact of the matter is, in the whole 40-year process, I was struggling for my own soul.”

That’s a far cry from the leftist homilies from celebrities who lecture Americans about climate change or socialism or any other trendy cause.

Jet-setting multimillionaire celebrities have the audacity to preach down to the rest of the country while they fly privately around the world.

Washington added:

“[The Bible] says in the last days we’ll become lovers of ourselves. The number one photograph now is a selfie. So we all want to lead. We’re willing to do anything – ladies and young men – to be influential . . . Fame is a monster and we all have these ladders and battles, roads we have to walk in our given lives. Be you famous or whoever’s out there listening, we all have our individual challenges. It’s cliché [but] money, don’t make it better. It doesn’t. Fame just magnifies the problems and the opportunities.”

Those are strong words in the face of a celebrity culture that reveres fame.

Not only does Washington not preach about politics, he goes out of his way to keep his politics close to his chest.

In 2016, Washington told a reporter on the red carpet that it was none of his business who he voted for.

Washington has also said many times that fatherlessness is the biggest obstacle in the black community, which is verboten on the Left.

Democrats want every single problem to be attributable to American racism from decades and centuries past.

Regardless of Washington’s politics, it’s refreshing to hear a celebrity who doesn’t believe it’s his mission to tell everyone else what they’re supposed to think about political issues.

Rapper 50 Cent has had it with Joe Biden’s upcoming tax plan and made a stunning announcement


One of the big stories no one is talking about is the radical tax plan Biden’s administration is pushing.

The new plan would stifle the economy and tax many Americans out of existence.

And rapper 50 Cent has had it with Joe Biden’s upcoming tax plan and made a stunning announcement.

One thing leftists love to do is raise your taxes.

They have wet dreams about taxing the middle class out of existence.

And it looks like their dream might become a reality.

Biden’s proposed tax plan would hurt nearly every taxpayer.

For the rich, they will be taxed well beyond what they have ever before with a raised federal income tax and severe reductions in exemptions for estate taxes.

And the middle class and the poor would suffer greatly through, not only raised taxes, but through corporations being taxed out of existence with the rise of the corporate tax rate and new taxes added to businesses.

All this has Curtis James Jackson III, known professionally as rapper 50 Cent, up in arms.

50 Cent made headlines nearly a year ago after he endorsed Trump solely off of his tax plan.

This sent the Left into a frenzy as they viciously attacked him for it.

But 50 Cent is at it again as he now claims he is moving out of the progressive hell-hole of New York City to the safer conservative waters of Texas.

The rapper went on MSNBC and claimed, “His tax plan, I didn’t realize I would be paying 62% of my income back to the IRS.”

He continued, “New York City will change dramatically. Like, they’re going to end up moving to different territories. You look, all of Silicon Valley is now in Austin, Texas. So you will start to see people moving from these places to new places that make sense for them to hold on to what they’re earning, not have it just taken from them by the government.”

Then he broke the news that he was moving to Texas.

50 Cent added, “I don’t like New York City that much. I don’t like the people enough to stay. I will move, Ari. I’m going to Texas. I got me a cowboy hat and everything. And everything is bigger in Texas. It’s a really beautiful people. It’s nice people in Texas.”

You can watch his full exchange on MSNBC below:

You know it’s getting bad when leftists themselves are starting to face reality and ditch support for Democrats and their radical agenda.

Woke college students attacked white classmates for being white in a “multicultural” center


Another day in our woke culture means another day of some leftist losing their minds over the dumbest things.

And the latest viral tirade is over white students being, well, white.

That’s because woke college students attacked white classmates for being white in a “multicultural” center.

If you have ever wondered just how far our nation has fallen, look no further.

Our society used to thrive and be the envy of the world.

Now we can’t go through a day without the world laughing uncontrollably at us.

And one of the main reasons for the constant source of laughter for the world is the Left’s obsession with Critical Race Theory.

You can’t deny the fact that Black Lives Matter’s narrative has gained major traction throughout our nation.

During the Black Lives Matter riots, the leftists who supported Critical Race Theory came out of the woodwork as they set fire to cities across America.

But the advancement of Critical Race Theory didn’t die out with the end of last summer’s riots.

It is now in nearly every college and public school around the nation.

And here is just a primary example of it.

A video was posted on social media last Thursday of two white guys at Arizona State University just minding their own business in the “multicultural” center when they started to get harassed by a group of radical leftists.

One leftist came at the two guys for having a “police lives matter” sticker on their laptop.

Rather than backing down as the Left would expect, the guys came back with “We’re just trying to do school.”

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

The leftists started to throw out insults like “you’re making the space uncomfortable . . . You’re white” and “White is not a culture! Say it again to the camera! You think whiteness is a culture? So anyways, this is the violence that ASU does, and this is the type of people that they protect. Okay?”

The back and forth went on for a while and you have to see it all in the video below:

Howard Stern took one unbelievable cheap shot at Joe Rogan


Howard Stern is way past his prime.

The former shock jock now just shills for the establishment.

And Stern took one unbelievable cheap shot at Joe Rogan.

Howard Stern rose to prominence because of his irreverent and edgy show that sometimes crossed the line.

But during the Trump era, Stern essentially issued a mea culpa and apologized for his sleazy past.

Now Stern is attacking Joe Rogan, who has the number one podcast in the world.

Stern’s beef with Rogan is that he didn’t take the vaccine.

Stern has joined the ranks of the unhinged COVID zealots who are one step away from throwing the unvaccinated in gulags.

During a recent radio broadcast, Stern said:

“I heard Joe Rogan was saying, ‘What are you busting my balls [for]? I took horse dewormer and a doctor gave it to me.’ Well, a doctor would also give you a vaccine, so why take horse dewormer?”

First, Rogan did not take horse dewormer.

The drug in question is Ivermectin, which some physicians have used to treat COVID-19.

According to them, Ivermectin has shown to reduce the severity of COVID.

Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for its effectiveness in treating River Blindness, yet the corporate-controlled press has smeared the drug as horse dewormer because there is a version of the drug that’s regularly used for animals.

Rogan did not take the horse version, yet the press insists on calling Ivermectin horse dewormer to discredit anyone who takes it.

Rogan even floated the idea of suing CNN because of their blatant lie about him taking horse dewormer.

Stern added:

“We have no time for idiots in this country anymore . . . We don’t want you . . . [S]tay home, die there with your COVID. Don’t take the cure, but don’t clog up our hospitals with your COVID when you finally get it. Stay home, don’t bother with science, it’s too late. Go F— yourself, we just don’t have time for you.”

This is the authoritarian mindset of the Left.

If people don’t do what the establishment wants, then they can just die.

Stern has become a COVID hysteric.

In a previous broadcast, he said he couldn’t go next door to play chess, but that doesn’t make any sense.

If he’s vaccinated, he can go wherever he wants.

But Democrats and dishonest public health officials are perpetuating the lie that the unvaccinated are the ones spreading COVID and vaccinated people must be afraid.

That’s nonsense.

Dr. Anthony Fauci himself said vaccinated individuals have the same amount of virus in their nasopharynx, so they can spread COVID all the same.

Stern is only serving to further divide the country by attacking Rogan for no good reason at all.

Major shortages led this popular big-box retailer to begin limiting purchases on essential products


Who can forget the great toilet paper shortage of 2020?

It seems like years ago, an overreactive public was buying up toilet paper like it would never be made again.

But now major shortages led this popular big-box retailer to begin limiting purchases on essential products.

If the shelves in your local stores have been looking a bit empty lately, you’re not imagining things.

Massive supply chain delays are causing stores across the country to run out of items and not be able to restock them for weeks.

A supply chain disruption that was thought to only be temporary now looks like it will last well into 2022.

Many manufacturers are suffering from shortages of key components, high energy costs, and higher raw material costs forcing the companies into bidding wars for space on shipping vessels.

In response to the worldwide issue, big-box super giant Costco has announced that it will limit purchases of paper goods, water, and high-demand cleaning products.

Looks like a 2020 redux is on its way.

“We are putting some limitations on key items like bath tissues, roll towels, Kirkland Signature water, high demand cleaning-related skews related to the uptick in the delta-related demand,” said Costco chief financial officer Richard Galanti during a company call.

Costco is suffering from port delays, higher labor and freight costs, and shortages on everything from shipping containers, trucks, drivers, and raw materials.

Of course, Costco isn’t the only company facing these issues, but they appear to be the first to announce limitations on what customers may purchase.

Both Costco and its suppliers are paying two to six times more for containers and shipping.

Products like oil, coffee, and nuts are at a five-year high, meaning consumers will be seeing this supply chain issue hit their wallets very soon – if it hasn’t already.

Experts say global exports are booming, but the ability to ship the goods still has not recovered from the losses incurred during the 2020 lockdown.

For example, The Logistics Managers Survey, which measures U.S. transport and warehousing growth, says the U.S. shipping industry still struggles to build back the capacity it had before the 2020 pandemic.

Companies worldwide are suffering, which is causing consumers to suffer, but for some reason, Joe Biden still wants to try and lock people down.

If this entire disaster doesn’t prove to liberals that the Democrats do not, in fact, want to help the economy, then nothing ever will.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Hollywood liberals are teaming up with John Kerry in a left-wing scheme you won’t believe


Hollywood is as far-left as you can get.

So it isn’t shocking that they team up with the Democrat Party.

And Hollywood liberals are teaming up with John Kerry in a left-wing scheme you won’t believe.

Few figures in Washington, D.C. are as untrustworthy as John Kerry.

While serving as Joe Biden’s “climate czar,” he continued to fly around the world on private jets.

And as he pushed Democrat mask mandates, he continued to be caught in public places maskless, including in airports, where Biden has ordered everyone be forced to wear them.

He believes that the rules he and his friends create don’t apply to him.

So it isn’t shocking that he fits right in with the liberal elites in Hollywood.

They scream from the rooftops for left-wing regulations on everyone’s lives, while they themselves do whatever they want.

And just this week, a ton of the biggest names in Hollywood teamed up with John Kerry to push the far-left’s climate change agenda.

Kerry teamed up with Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, James Cordon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Samantha Bee, who have a collective net worth of roughly $388 million, for “climate night,” which involved them devoting their shows to promoting climate change.

“All of us at #LNSM are excited to join @fallontonight, @thedailyshow, @colbertlateshow, @latelateshow, @jimmykimmellive and @FullFrontalSamB for #ClimateNight tomorrow! Check out @SethMeyers’interview with @JohnKerry on 9/22,” Late Night with Seth Meyers tweeted Tuesday.

Jimmy Kimmel stated that he was participating because he “[doesn’t] want to die.”

“I’m thrilled to participate in ‘Climate Night,’” Samantha Bee said. “But maybe we should move it up a few days? Just because, you know, it’s urgent?”

Late show host Stephen Colbert said that he is “proud to dedicate one entire night of my show to the climate, so I can say I wasn’t part of the problem, I was 1/365th of the solution.”

During the event, late show host Seth Meyers interviewed Kerry.

With all of these figures being hyper-rich leftists, it isn’t surprising Kerry joined him.

They are all major hypocrites.

While screaming about inequality, they all live in multi-million dollar homes.

Kerry himself has flown his family jet at least 16 times this year alone, despite him constantly warning about a dire climate crisis.

Pope Francis’ top critic dropped a truth bomb that leftists don’t want you to hear


There’s one major Catholic figure Pope Francis is terrified of above all.

He was even forced out of his position in the church over that.

And that top critic just dropped a truth bomb that leftists don’t want you to hear.

Today, most religious leaders simply feed people what they want to hear.

They know that they can retain membership in their church if people are constantly hearing things that make them feel good.

But there are some who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

And former Cardinal Robert Sarah is one of those people.

Sarah has for decades spoken the truth, and exposed evil no matter where it rears its ugly head.

He has often criticized Pope Francis, which is why many believe the Pope accepted his resignation last year.

It is customary for Catholic Cardinals to submit resignation letters to the Pope on their 75th birthday.

But if they state that they wish to remain in the Church, the Pope generally doesn’t accept the resignation.

In the case of Sarah, Pope Francis quickly accepted his resignation.

And with that he said this week, it isn’t surprising why.

Speaking to Catholic Arena, Sarah warned that Christianity is on the decline and western society is “lost” because people have “forgotten how to be silent.”

“In our churches there is too much noise, so it’s not a place where you can encounter God silently,” said Sarah, adding that “silence makes man more similar to God because God is silence, he talks in silence.”

He goes on to assert that the number of people holding the Christian faith is declining because people spent too much time “talking” and “there is no silence.”

“Without God, without silence, we are lost . . . western society seems to be lost because when we are cut from God, we are lost,” said Sarah.

“It’s like a tree without roots, it’s like a river without the fountains, God is our fountains, if we are cut from God, we are lost and God is silent,” he added.

He goes on to state that “western civilization is in a profound state of decadence and ruin” due to people’s obsession with materialism and that the situation is similar to right before the collapse of the Roman Empire.

“The elites care for nothing but increasing the luxury of their daily lives, and the people have been anaesthetized by ever more vulgar entertainments,” said Sarah.

One left-wing actress just made a stomach-churning statement about abortion


A recent Texas law has brought out the abortion zealots.

The Left has a fit whenever their “right” to kill babies is threatened.

And one left-wing actress made a stomach-churning statement about abortion.

Actress Uma Thurman recently wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post where she revealed that she had an abortion in her late teens.

The part that was most chilling about her confession was that she viewed having an abortion as the only option to allow her to achieve her life goals.

Thurman wrote:

“The abortion I had as a teenager was the hardest decision of my life, one that caused me anguish then and that saddens me even now, but it was the path to the life full of joy and love that I have experienced. Choosing not to keep that early pregnancy allowed me to grow up and become the mother I wanted and needed to be.”

In essence, Thurman sacrificed her baby for a “life full of joy and love.”

Thurman isn’t the only actress to make this argument.

Academy Award-nominated actress Michelle Williams made similar statements while accepting a Golden Globe award.

Actress Busy Philipps said all of her success was due to having an abortion.

Thurman said her decision caused her “anguish” and “saddens” her even to this day.

But Harper’s Bazaar wrote a pro-abortion piece in 2020 that argued everyone should “stop expecting women to regret their abortions.”

Harper’s, though despicable, is at least ideological consistent.

If fetuses are just a clump of cells and not actual human beings, then there really shouldn’t be any anguish or sadness.

Missing from Thurman’s self-reflection is that she could’ve given her baby up for adoption if she felt she wasn’t in a position to raise a child.

At the very least, that child deserved an opportunity to grow up to pursue his or her dreams and “life full of joy and love” too.

Governor Newsom made it clear that kids will suffer now that his recall election is over


In a last ditch effort to save California, the conservative base in the Golden state mobilized to vote Governor Newsom out of office.

But now that the recall election is over and he won, Newsom is looking for payback.

And Newsom made it clear that kids will suffer now that his recall election is over.

We all know that California is a lost cause.

It is the leader in the Left’s push towards radical socialism.

But some conservatives in California made their last ditch effort to save the once prosperous state.

They successfully launched a recall vote against Governor Newsom to take one last shot at the tyrannical leader.

Unfortunately, the Democrat machine in California was too much for conservatives to overcome.

And as a result, Newsom won by a huge margin.

So now that the dictator’s throne is safe from the peasants, he made it clear he will make them pay.

And one of his first targets are their kids.

Newsom was on CNN on Thursday and was asked if school-aged children would be mandated to get the vaccine to get an education.

Newsom responded, “We want to continue to be vigilant, we want to continue to lean in. We still have a lot of work to do. I worry about a winter surge. So yes, it’s now back on the table to get our kids vaccinated 12-17. We’re not seeing the numbers we’re seeing for other age cohorts. The decision will be made over the course of the next few days.”

Pray for California as they will now feel the wrath of a petty tyrant.

Disney took woke to a new level and just removed one of its main characters from Disneyland


Disney has done everything they can to cater to the Left’s agenda.

But even some radical leftists are in shock about this move.

That’s because Disney took woke to a new level and just removed one of its main characters from Disneyland.

The classic of Disney that we all grew up loving is long gone.

Now Disney can’t go by a week or two without pandering to the Left.

Just this past spring, they were slammed for forcing employees to sit through Critical Race Theory training that taught them that all white people were racist.

And over the summer they removed their famous opening at their parks that used to be “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls.”

But this is a new low even for Disney.

Many of us grew up crushing on Disney’s Jessica Rabbit.

But it seems like Disney just couldn’t stand her smart, ultra-feminine character anymore.

Jessica was one of the first things spectators saw during the “Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin” at Disney.

Instead, they literally replaced her depiction with barrels of acid.

The reason was due to Disney deciding to “reimagine” Jessica Rabbit’s portrayal as that of a female detective in a baggy trench coat.

This had people on social media going nuts.

Who knows what Disney will decide to trash next in the name of wokeness.