One teacher let slip the Left’s jaw-dropping new tactic in their war on children’s innocence


America’s public schools have become a battleground for the minds and souls of our children.

The number of teachers with a twisted sense of right and wrong is truly astonishing.

Now one red state is responding after one teacher revealed the Left’s jaw-dropping new tactic in their war on children’s innocence.

Unhinged teachers using a new way to share pornography in the classroom

A new red state law is responding to how far unhinged leftist teachers will go to share pornography in the classroom.

A wholesome and healthy education has been pushed to the wayside in many classrooms in favor of pushing a political sexual identity confusion agenda—and it’s happening in even the most conservative of states.

Now a mother in Oklahoma is calling for her child’s former teacher to face criminal charges and the state’s education secretary wants to ban her from teaching in the state.

The outcry comes after high school teacher Summer Boismier admitted she gave her students a QR code to access banned books in a Brooklyn Public Library digital database.

Laney Dickson says she did—and was immediately confronted with an invitation to join an “event” reading the book Gender Queer.

Dickson was holding the book when Fox 25 interviewed her, but she refused to read from it saying, “​​I’m not sure if I can even say these things on camera to be honest with you.”

That book, filled with pornographic content, is part of a body of “literature” gender confusion advocates have been pushing aggressively.

GOP lawmakers taking action

That type of content has caused Republican lawmakers to create laws dissuading teachers from essentially enticing students into inappropriate conversations about sexuality.

“If you were living alone down the street from me, and my kids went to your house, and they walked in there and you hand them this book, I bet the DA would press charges against you,” state Republican Senator Rob Standridge told a reporter with the local Fox station.

Meanwhile, the teacher has resigned from her job, but still claims she has “no regrets, would do it again, will do it again.”

“In response to unfounded calls from state leadership for widespread censorship, I did share a library-linked QR code with my students. Immediately after this, I was removed from my position and placed on leave,” Boismier told Fox 25. “Teachers across the district have been told by administration to either remove or restrict student access to classroom library texts for fear of a potential accreditation downgrade associated with any perceived violations of HB 1775.”

School officials stood behind the former teacher

“Like many educators, the teacher has concerns regarding censorship and book removal by the Oklahoma state legislature. However, as educators it is our goal to teach students to think critically, not to tell them what to think. We addressed the issue and expected the teacher to return to class as normal Wednesday. At no point was the teacher ever terminated, suspended or placed on administrative leave but, unfortunately, we understand the teacher has publicly expressed their intent to resign,” the school explained in a written statement.

But Oklahoma’s Secretary of Education isn’t buying that nonsense.

“The best and brightest and good teachers do not want to indoctrinate kids; that goes against the very fabric of what it means to be a good teacher,” Education Secretary Ryan Walters said. “If that’s what a teacher is trying to do, they’re not a good teacher. In the state of Oklahoma, we want teachers that are there to empower students, not indoctrinate them or brainwash them.”

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that there’s a hostile takeover of America’s youth happening right now—and even the most conservative Republican administrations have their work cut out to even have a chance at turning the tide.

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Mike Tyson went on with Greta Van Susteren and revealed the one thing they hoped he’d never discuss


The backlash against cancel culture is on the horizon.

But people are still censoring themselves for fear of retribution.

Mike Tyson went on with Greta Van Susteren and revealed the one thing they hoped he’d never discuss.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has never been scared to speak his mind.

However, the current climate has made him reticent to talk about political issues.

During an appearance on Newsmax with Greta Van Susteren, Tyson said with a smile, “Listen, if I start talking politics, my friends aren’t going to like me. Let’s just not do that, okay? Let’s just not do that.”

The country is more split than it has been in decades, and Joe Biden and the Democrats are making the fissures worse.

Nobody wants to talk publicly about politics.

“They stole my freedom of speech”

Tyson added, “My family gets mad, my friends get mad when we talk politics…When I was younger, I was all-out liberal. But as I get older and I look at my children and I see what’s out there in the world, I get a little conservative…It’s common sense, looking at the world we have now. You want safety.”

Tyson is speaking to a phenomenon experienced by millions, especially over the last two years with the rise of violent crime across the country.

Tyson, now a Florida resident, was asked his thoughts about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, and he responded, “I can’t talk names…[T]he last time I tried to talk politics [publicly], wow, did [the media] give me a beating…I [now] stay away from politics and religion. They stole my freedom of speech.”

Earlier this year, Tyson was seen holding a copy of renowned economics professor and conservative author Thomas Sowell’s Basic Economics.

Tyson possessing the book makes more sense now in context with his recent Newsmax interview.

Sowell has written dozens of books over the last few decades that completely decimate most of the arguments made by the Left.

Instead of contending with Sowell’s ideas, most leftists simply choose to ignore him and pretend he doesn’t exist.

Training to knock out insanity of government schools and economic central planners

Sowell was first alerted to the errors of Big Government when he actually worked in the government and figured out that minimum wage laws increase unemployment.

Sowell also debunked the gender wage gap myth 40 years ago, yet the leftist narrative persists today.

Sowell’s most recent book Charter Schools and their Enemies took aim at the teachers’ unions that do their best to undermine, downplay, or discount the success of charter schools that are closing the achievement gap, something that leftists claim to care about.

In the current moment of mass censorship, there’s nothing more dangerous than people with big platforms speaking out against the establishment.

Eventually the dam will break, and Tyson and others will be able to freely speak their minds.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

A “rebellious” rocker attacked Trump supporters and it blew up in his face


Left-wing propaganda is radicalizing people to condemn half the country.

And entertainment celebrities are some of the worst offenders of divisive rhetoric.

But it didn’t go well for this “rebellious” rocker who attacked Trump supporters and it blew up in his face.

It’s no surprise that celebrities in Hollywood and in the music industry hate Donald Trump.

The entertainment industry is overwhelmingly left-wing with some conservatives and libertarians mixed in.

Leftists’ weird MAGAT obsession

But these celebrities and their acolytes are crossing the line when they attack millions of Trump voters around the country.

And Dee Snider of Twisted Sister did exactly that in a ridiculous rant.

Snider tweeted, “ATTENTION QANON, MAGAT FASCISTS: Every time you sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” remember it was written by a cross-dressing, libtard, tree hugging half-Jew who HATES everything you stand for. It was you and people like you that inspired every angry word of that song! SO FUCK OFF!”

The problem for Snider is that he was singing an entirely different tune in 2016.

Back then, a TMZ reporter approached Snider on the street, and Snider said, “You should ask me about Donald Trump because he’s using ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as his campaign anthem.”

The reporter asked Snider if he supported Trump’s candidacy, and he replied, “Donald Trump is a good friend, great guy, and I support him turning the political system on its head. The song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take it’ is a song about rebellion, and there’s nothing more rebellious than what Donald Trump is doing right now.”

The reporter then asked if Trump worked out a licensing agreement to use the song, and Snider said he let him use it for free.

Snider relayed that he told Trump, “You’re a buddy of mine, I like what you’re doing, so go for it.”

In addition to that, Snider previously performed onstage at a Trump event.

Snider is one of many celebrities that once supported Trump—or at the very least was friendly with him—only to turn his back when the pressure from the establishment got too hot.

What happened to this “rebel” in rock?

Ironically, Snider’s entire persona was built around being against the establishment.

In the 1980s, he was battling Tipper Gore on the issue of censorship in music.

Now Snider is a mouthpiece for a regime that’s even more censorious.

The Daily Wire reported that “Snider appeared before the Senate in 1985 after a pro-censorship group known as the Parental Music Resource Center (PMRC) published a list of problematic bands and tunes that included Twisted Sister. Although the Senate was controlled by Republicans at the time, the drive to censor music was largely a Democrat project. The PMRC itself was spearheaded by Tipper Gore — who would be second lady just seven years later — and suggested that ‘We’re Not Gonna take It’ should be slapped with a warning label because it promoted ‘violence.’”

It seems as though Snider is going to take it after all.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Outraged SJW’s are coming after a Hollywood bombshell for the most insane reason


Cancel culture is similar to cancer in many ways. It’ll destroy anything it latches onto.

And for anybody in the public eye, the standards have become so insanely high that nobody is safe from the woke mob.

However things have reached a new level of crazy after SJW’s made it clear that they are coming after this Hollywood bombshell for the most insane reason.

Absolutely nobody is safe from the woke mob

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to do anything without offending somebody, especially if you are in the public eye.

This was made very obvious when Hollywood bombshell Sydney Sweeny came under attack for a birthday party she threw for her mother.

Sydney Sweeny, has risen to super stardom over the last couple of years for her major role in the hit HBO show

Talent doesn’t matter, only toeing the line

She is widely regarded as a superb actor and undeniable sex symbol, and if you have seen a picture of her the it is not hard to see why.

Sydney Sweeny decided to use some of her Hollywood profits to throw her mother a 60th birthday bash she will never forget.

The party was Cowboy themed and many of the guests sported hats that said “Make 60 Great Again”, and one man was photographed with a pro-police Thin Blue Line shirt.

As you can imagine, it did not take long for the woke mob to come after Sydney Sweeny.

Fortunately, she had the guts to stand up to these liberal maniacs.

On Twitter, Sweeny said “You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone ♥️ and Happy Birthday Mom!”

Good for her for not giving in to the mob, who will consume anybody who is not perfect in their view.

It is about time to cancel “cancel culture”

Cancel culture has become one of the most toxic elements of modern culture, and it is time for people to put an end to it.

If something offends you then simply look away and keep scrolling.

Nobody is perfect, and it is not right to hold people to ridiculously high standards that nobody could possibly live up to.

People should be allowed to celebrate their differences without worrying about offending somebody.

Cancel culture is consuming American culture, and the only way to fight back is by ignoring these liberal losers.

Every time any public figure goes onto social media to apologize and grovel to the woke mob they lose.

Apologizing is never enough for the mob.

What Sydney Sweeny did was the right thing, and more celebrities should learn to stand up to Social Justice Warriors like she did.

Too many in society, especially in younger generations, have completely lost their backbone.

If more young Americans don’t toughen up, the future of America will look very bleak to say the least.

One thing is for certain and that is Russian and Chinese children are not sitting at home looking for things to get offended over.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Bill Maher made this Hollywood director look like a clown with one question


Trump Derangement Syndrome has eaten the brain of countless celebrities.

But some cases of TDS are more incurable than others.

And Maher had this TDS-afflicted Hollywood director look like a clown with one question.

Bill Maher has a bad case of TDS, but even Maher was shocked by how much Hollywood director Rob Reiner had been destroyed mentally by Donald Trump.

Meathead left stammering

During a discussion about the so-called mainstream burying the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” scandal, Maher asked if it was appropriate for the media to suppress the story.

Reiner played dumb as if he didn’t know that the press had throttled The New York Post’s story right before the 2020 general election.

The conversation was kickstarted based on comments made by liberal author Sam Harris, who might have the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome ever recorded.

During a podcast interview, Harris argued that the media companies were justified in doing what they did to stop Trump.

Harris explained, “That doesn’t answer the people who say, ‘It’s still completely unfair to not have looked at the laptop in a timely way and to have shut down The New York Post Twitter account; that’s a left-wing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump.’ Absolutely it was, absolutely. But I think it was warranted.”

Archie Bunker son-in-law tried dodging

When Maher posed the question to Reiner as to whether or not the suppression was justified, Reiner responded, “No, you know what’s not justified? Using armed violence to try to kill people in the Capitol. That’s not justified.”

The non-answer got some applause from the left-wing audience, but Maher refused to allow him to duck the question.

Maher persisted, “Was it appropriate to bury the Hunter Biden story?”

“Are you talking about the press doing this?” Reiner questioned.

Maher said, “[Sam Harris] is saying that’s what they did. And this is what they did. They buried the Hunter Biden story before the election because they were like, ‘We can’t risk having the election thrown to Trump, we’ll tell them after the election.’”

Reiner queried, “And we know for a fact that that’s what they did?”

“Of course! You don’t follow this?” Maher shot back.

“You know for a fact that’s what they did? I don’t know what they did,” Reiner replied.

Maher retorted, “I know because you only watch MSNBC,” which drew huge applause from the audience.

Reiner insisted, “No, that’s not true. That’s not true.”

“Well, then you would know about this,” Maher said.

Reiner changed his tune and claimed, “I do know about that! I do know about that. And I do watch Fox. But the point is—we’re going to prove now that the press played, you know, tried to—”

“They’re admitting it!” Maher interjected.

“The press is admitting it?” Reiner asked.

Maher hit back, “Yes, that’s not even an issue anymore! They’re saying, yes, we basically did this because we didn’t want this to throw the election.”

Reiner had nothing left after that.

It’s stunning when Bill Maher is the least-Trump deranged person in the room.

Even he cannot deny the media corruption that took place regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop at the end of the 2020 election.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Jeff Bezos never expected this Democrat Senators’ insane reaction to one of his new TV shows


Between Amazon, The Washington Post, Whole Foods, and Ring home security, Democrat mega donor Jeff Bezos’ business empire is massive.

Now he’s expanding into syndicated television in a massively creepy way.

But he never expected this Democrat Senators’ insane reaction to one of his new TV shows.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has expanded into television in a major way with his recent purchase of MGM Television.

Now, he’s leveraging that with some of the most worrying parts of his Big Tech empire for a major new syndicated show.

Nowadays, Big Tech is involved with almost every single aspect of life whether it is home security, grocery shopping, or connecting with loved ones.

Although this technology can be convenient at times, there is a tremendous cost that many people don’t see.

However, some of Jeff Bezos’ customers are in an uproar over his latest move.

Despite being involved in every aspect of life, Big Tech should not be trusted

Part of Bezos’ Big Tech empire has left traditional home security services becoming more and more outdated by the day.

Millions of Americans have instead opted to use services such as Amazon’s Ring which places a camera at your doorbell, or anywhere for that matter so that you can watch what is going on at your home while you are away.

At first this seems inviting and convenient, however having a camera on your home invites Amazon to keep a very close eye on you and your family.

This was made painfully obvious when Amazon announced a new television show hosted by Wanda Sykes called “Ring Nation”, which features clips of Ring cameras that are especially outlandish.

Immediately, people from both sides of the political aisle voiced their concern and outrage over this creepy television show.

One of those was liberal Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts who said on Twitter “The Ring platform has too often made over-policing and over-surveillance a real and pressing problem for America’s neighborhoods, and attempts to normalize these problems are no laughing matter,”

Senator Markey then went on to say “Amazon must focus instead on making strong safety and accountability commitments to Ring users and ensure that neighbors aren’t robbed of their privacy and civil liberties.”

For once, many are saying Ed Markey is right.

Amazon’s huge NSA contract

Bezos’ “Ring Nation” show isn’t just about cheap laughs and self-promotion for Amazon’s security camera company, they’re trying to normalize a total surveillance state where massive corporations and Big Government work hand-in-hand to control citizens.

Amazon has built a massive working relationship with the Biden National Security Agency.

Nextgov reported in April on a secret $10 Billion contract awarded to Amazon with an NSA spokesperson confirming the “NSA recently awarded a contract to Amazon Web Services that delivers cloud computing services to support the agency’s mission.”

Why you should think twice before putting a camera in your home

That’s giving many Americans pause about having an internet-connected camera installed inside or outside their homes.

More often than not, tech companies load a bunch of legal caveats in their extensive terms and conditions, which most people often agree to without reading a single word.

Giving tech companies the right to keep an eye on your home invites a lot of problems, and is leading America down a very troubling path.

Having said that, if it were not for out-of-control crime, and including property theft, then millions of American households would not feel as if they desperately needed a Ring camera to protect their property.

Local police departments used to do a fine job protecting from crime without intrusive surveillance.

And Ring camera footage is often completely useless since even petty criminals now know to cover their face when they steal your packages, rifle through your car, or worse.

So before you go buy a new Ring camera, prepare to give all of your privacy away to Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

All hell broke loose when Ben Shapiro showed up at this leftist event


The Left have radicalized at a jaw-dropping rate.

They are attempting to drive all conservatives out of public life.

And all hell broke loose when Ben Shapiro showed up at this leftist event.

The “tolerant” Left have become increasingly intolerant toward anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

Anything but tolerant

Even liberals who step out of line can get thrown under the bus.

And conservative commentator Ben Shapiro showed how unhinged leftists are when he showed up at a convention called Podcast Movement.

The event, which took place in Dallas, Texas, hosts various big podcasts that set up exhibition booths.

The Daily Wire, one of the biggest podcast networks in the world, paid for a booth at the convention, but apparently Shapiro was not welcome at the event.

Shapiro made a brief impromptu visit to The Daily Wire’s booth, stood for a few pictures, and shook a few hands.

That triggered someone at the event, which spurred Podcast Movement to offer a groveling apology.

Podcast Movement wrote, “Hi folks, we owe you an apology before sessions kick off for the day. Yesterday afternoon, Ben Shapiro briefly visited the PM22 expo area near The Daily Wire booth. Though he was not registered or expected, we take full responsibility for the harm done by his presence. There’s no way around it: We agreed to sell The Daily Wire a first-time booth based on the company’s large presence in podcasting. The weight of that decision is now painfully clear. Shapiro is a co-founder. A drop-in, however unlikely, should have been considered a possibility.”

The Left have become so deranged, they don’t want conservative podcasts to show up to a podcast convention.

The fact that Podcast Movement felt the need to apologize is mind-boggling.

The mewling apology continued, “Those of you who called this ‘unacceptable’ are right. In 9 wonderful years growing and celebrating this medium, PM has made mistakes. The pain caused by this one will always stick with us. We promise that sponsors will be more carefully considered moving forward. Just to clarify, no TDW representatives were scheduled to appear on panels, and Shapiro remained in the common space and did not have a badge. If you have questions, we’re here to talk. Thank you for reading, and we hope you’ll continue to join us from here on out.”

A dangerous man

The Left has reached a point where many of them refuse even to be in the presence of someone who disagrees with them.

Back in 2017, Shapiro famously went to Berkeley to give a speech, and the school had to spend $600,000 on security to ensure the Left didn’t riot at the event.

This has become the dominant ethos on the Left.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Hollywood is really seething after Shia LaBeouf dropped this truth bomb


Hollywood is a hot bed for every type of new-age humanistic religious drivel.

Which means Shia LaBeouf just upset the apple cart with his recent revelation about one inspirational movie role that literally saved his life.

And now Hollywood is really seething after Shia LaBeouf dropped this truth bomb.

Actor was suicidal before finding the Gospels

Actor Shia LaBeouf credited reading the Gospels as he prepared for leading role in Padre Pio with saving his life at a time when he was suicidal.

Back in 2021 LaBeouf’s career was in shambles as he faced numerous allegations including a lawsuit from a former girlfriend accusing him of abuse.

The actor says he was in an extremely dark place when he was offered a role in Padre Pio.

“I had a gun on the table. I was outta here,” the star told Bishop Robert Barron in an interview the DailyWire reported. “I didn’t want to be alive anymore when all of this happened. Shame like I had never experienced before — the kind of shame that you forget how to breathe. You don’t know where to go. You can’t go outside to get like, a taco. But I was also in this deep desire to hold on.”

That tenuous desire to claw back to a better place helped him take a role that could restart his career seriously—even when the director told him he would have to go to a Catholic seminary for research.

A Catholic Priest, Brother Jude, told him he needed to read the gospel to properly prepare for his role—and that became a life changing experience.

“It stops being this prep of a movie and starts being something that feels beyond all that,” he said. “The reach-out had happened. I was already there; I had nowhere to go. This was the last stop on the train. There was nowhere else to go — in every sense.”

God used his ego, LaBeouf says

“I know now that God was using my ego to draw me to Him,” LaBeouf added. “Drawing me away from worldly desires. It was all happening simultaneously.”

While he says the entire experience was something he desperately needed, he never would have taken the first step if he hadn’t thought, “Oh, I’m gonna save my career.”

Shia LaBeouf has denied allegations of sexual abuse in a lawsuit filed by former girlfriend FKA Twigs, but has openly admitted he has done plenty wrong over the years.

According to BuzzFeed, “Although LaBeouf is now sober, he said that when the allegations went public he ‘wanted to hit Twitter and be like, “Look, I got receipts.”’ Though LaBeouf did not name Twigs throughout the interview, he called the accuser a ‘saint,’ explaining: ‘Had she not intervened in my life and not created the avenue for me to experience ego death, I’d either have a really mediocre existence or I’d be dead in full.’”

A trial date has been set for LaBeouf to face his former girlfriend’s charges in 2021, but DailyWire reported the actor revealed in his interview with Bishop Barron that he’s already made significant spiritual progress.

“It was seeing other people who have sinned beyond anything I could ever conceptualize also being found in Christ that made me feel like, ‘Ok well, that gives me hope,’” he said. “I started hearing experiences of other depraved people who had found their way in this, and it made me feel like I had permission.”

Now he says his conversion to Catholicism has completely changed his outlook and future.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Planned Parenthood hated this letter the House Oversight Committee just dropped


The abortion agenda has never been about protecting women.

And all the leftist corporate fuss over providing “abortion access” is nothing more than a political play.

And the abortion lobby hated this letter the House Oversight Committee just dropped.

A Republican Representative on the House Oversight Committee is going after corporations he fears are bullying pregnant women.

When news broke that the Supreme Court was poised to overturn Roe v. Wade’s unconstitutional abortion-on-demand edict, the Left revealed it’s true colors.

Apparently, there’s nothing more important to fringe Democrats and many members of the corporate-controlled media than killing unborn babies.

But there’s another aspect of the whole situation that hasn’t been getting enough attention: the impact pro-abortion lefitsts in corporate culture may be having on women and families.

Growing corporate trend: paying for travel to get abortions

In response to the recent ruling that puts the legality of abortion access up to each state, the latest corporate trend is actually pay to fly employees and their dependents into other states for the life-ending procedure.

Now, Republican Representative Michael Cloud of Texas is trying to drill into what’s happening behind the scenes at American workplaces.

As a member of the Republican House Oversight Committee he’s sent letters to Google, Facebook, Disney, and Warner Bros. Discovery probing for the substance of their “expanded abortion coverage.”

“I’m concerned that major corporations are pressuring women to receive abortions rather than taking time away from work through maternity leave,” he told Fox News Digital. “Women should feel supported in their decision to balance their family with work.”

“If these companies are exploiting women under the guise of abortion access, then we have a serious problem,” Cloud added.

Many corporations had an over-the-top dramatic response to the United State’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade with Google going as far as telling staff after the ruling that they’re now allowed to relocate to another area without explaining themselves.

Cloud says he’s concerned the situation is morphing into a new wave of one of the oldest forms of discrimination against women.

“Women have historically faced discrimination for being pregnant due to the number of days women will be absent from the workforce due to the birth and care of their children,” Cloud explained. “They should not feel coerced into seeking an abortion instead of taking time off to have their child, especially since women are already having fewer children than they want.”

When Fox News confronted the corporations about those accusations, they got nothing but crickets.

That’s because Cloud is jabbing a sore spot.

Abortion is about worse lives for women

Abortion has never been about women’s rights or making women’s lives better.

It’s always been about control and shaping culture through leftist ideology.

In the decades since Roe v. Wade countless women have been pressured to get abortions only to suffer emotional trauma for decades afterward.

And that’s a tact dyed in the wool leftists intend to keep up no matter whether it’s legal—or ethical—or not.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Disney is jumping for joy after Dave Portnoy got owned in this fight with one top conservative?


ESPN went completely “woke” with its sports coverage.

That left a vacuum for Barstool Sports and its founder “El Presidente” Dave Portnoy.

So why is Disney jumping for joy after he got owned in this fight with one top conservative?

Portnoy and Disney both got owned

Portnoy and Disney are both regretting fights they picked with conservatives.

But while many seemed to have moved on from Disney’s “don’t say gay” fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Dave Portnoy just did one thing that left his fanbase in stunned silence.

And that’s good for Disney-owned ESPN, which Barstool has been stealing market share from for years.

But now, the idea of “barstool conservatism” in sports media is dead, and Dave Portnoy killed it.

Portnoy was never a rock-ribbed conservative, but he was willing to call out the establishment Left and not pander to the “woke” mob like so many other high-profile individuals.

Completely beholden to a degenerate-dependant corporation

But ever since gambling company Penn National bought a stake in Barstool for $500 million, Portnoy has suddenly fallen in line with the Left.

Portnoy recently criticized anti-establishment performance artist Alex Stein, who has quickly built a brand by trolling politicians of both parties in person, and at city council meetings.

Blaze Media writer and podcast host Jason Whitlock torched Portnoy for his cowardice and hypocrisy.

Whitlock said on his show, “Barstool’s Twitter feed posted a hilarious video of Stein trolling members of the Las Vegas City Council. Within hours, Barstool deleted the post. Stein called out Barstool’s cowardice, tweeting, ‘It’s so cute that Barstool Sports is owned by Stool Presidente who is accused of the most heinous things, but they are too afraid to keep my content up.’”

Portnoy was embroiled in a #MeToo scandal when he was accused by girls in their early 20s of sexual misconduct.

No criminal charges were filed, but the allegations were enough to damage Portnoy in the court of public opinion.

Whitlock put Portnoy in his place

Whitlock continued, “Portnoy struck his tough-guy pose, responding: ‘Buddy shut the f*ck up. We are owned by a gambling company. We’ve had roughly 9,000 training sessions not to post sh*t like this cause regulators don’t like it…Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.’ Via DM, Portnoy offered to have Stein on a podcast, but quickly changed course. Portnoy is a fraud. He has no core values. No defined set of beliefs. He has no redeeming qualities other than his wealth. Remove his money, and he wouldn’t have a friend in this world.”

Portnoy lost many supporters when he went on an insane rant about abortion after the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

Nobody expected Portnoy to be pro-life, but he sounded indistinguishable from a rabid, “woke” leftist.

Portnoy fumed, “At what point do you look at the Constitution and say, ‘Hey, this was written by people who had slaves?’ Maybe not everything is exactly to a T in the Constitution. Like, a million years from now, you’re going to use a document written in…? It’s just nuts. In what world? The world evolves. People evolve. Technology evolves. You gotta evolve. You can’t stick with this document and look at that and be like ‘that’s the end-all, be-all.’ It’s literally crazy pills.”

Portnoy claims to be a common-sense centrist, but calling for the abolition of the Constitution puts him in league with the wokest of the woke Left.

Penn National is now slated to take 100% ownership of Barstool, so expect “El Presidente” to be even more on-narrative in the future.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.