Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made one eye-rolling pledge to radical environmentalists


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to find controversy.

The couple dropped a bomb on the Royal Family after accusations of racism.

Now Harry and Meghan received an award after making one eye-rolling pledge to radical environmentalists.

There’s a Malthusian belief among the Left that overpopulation is going to destroy the planet.

Tracy Stone-Manning, Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Land Management, wrote in her graduate thesis that children were an “environmental hazard.”

That’s a common thought on the Left, and that’s why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a pledge only to have two children.

During an interview with extreme environmentalist Jane Goodall, Harry said:

“Two, maximum! But I’ve always thought: this place is borrowed. And, surely, being as intelligent as we all are, or as evolved as we all are supposed to be, we should be able to leave something better behind for the next generation.’”

The radical organization Population Matters announced that they would be giving the Royals an award.

A Population Matters announced:

“In choosing and publicly declaring their intention to limit their family to two, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are helping to ensure a better future for their children and providing a role model for other families . . . Having a smaller family reduces our impact on the Earth, and provides a better chance for all our children, their children, and future generations to flourish on a healthy planet. We commend the Duke and Duchess for taking this enlightened decision, and for affirming that a smaller family is also a happy family.”

There’s nothing wrong with having concern for the environment, but leftists have this bizarre paganistic worship of the planet that concludes human beings are essentially parasites.

Pro-life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha asked an important question on Twitter:

The virtue-signaling of Harry and Meghan knows no bounds, and because they’re mouthpieces for leftist ideas, they’re constantly showered with praise.

But the cringeworthy idea that families having kids is a drag on the planet should not be commended, and certainly not rewarded.

The chaos of 2020 caused the sale of this to skyrocket even among those previously opposed to it


There is no doubt a lot changed in 2020.

Between a worldwide pandemic and the astronomical rise in crime rates across the nation, people have been making decisions they never thought they would have to make just to get by.

And the chaos of 2020 caused the sale of this to skyrocket even among those previously opposed to it.

It’s no secret that firearms are being bought up in rapid fashion.

Reports from the last 18 months show Americans purchasing guns like never before, and the rush doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

One of the more interesting facts about the surge in gun sales is that a significant portion of those purchasing firearms over the last year are not just first time buyers – but many were staunchly anti-gun before 2020.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reported that 21 million background checks were performed in 2020 to purchase firearms.

This number shattered the previous record of 15.7 million, which was set in 2016.

Even more shocking is that NSSF estimated 8.4 million of those checks were done for first-time buyers.

That means 40% of all firearm purchases in 2020 were made by people who had never purchased a gun before.

And the icing on the cake is the number of previously anti-gun people that are now changing their tune.

The Washington Post did a piece on these people asking why they have changed their minds on the issue of gun ownership.

Shakima Thomas of New Jersey told The Post that she is a lifelong Democrat who previously wanted no part of owning a gun.

However, she said, seeing the violence that erupted across the country in the summer of 2020 made her change her mind about owning a gun, and she is now the proud owner of a new pistol and AR-15.

“I never felt like I would want to own a gun because of the damage I thought they do to people. But when I started feeling unsafe, all of that changed,” Thomas stated.

Karen Williams-Adir, a resident of Los Angeles, told The Post she now owns four guns.

Williams-Adir said, “It just felt like we needed to be able to defend ourselves. And I’m not bringing a knife to a gunfight.”

The common thread tying together all these new gun owners together is safety.

Americans watched as protests turned violent and crime hit cities all across the country during the summer of 2020.

It made a number of folks realize that if they wanted protection, they were going to have to take matters into their own hands.

Charrie Wexler, a firearms instructor from Florida, stated fear was the motivating factor for most people she has worked with over the last year and a half.

“We got a massive increase in women, Blacks, Asians, transgender people. They started coming in when there was all that talk of defunding the police and when people didn’t know what COVID would mean and worried that people might come to their homes trying to get their supplies,” Wexler stated.

Wexler said that for the most part, it was women who come to her for training saying they don’t like guns or even “believe in guns” but that the world has gone crazy and they need protection.

And as for 2021, gun sales don’t appear to be slowing down.

Biden and the Democrat Party are clueless about how the tyrannical lockdowns of 2020 and the liberal battle cry to defund the police have caused Americans to purchase more guns than ever before.

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert from Colorado recently thanked Democrats during a speech on the House floor for the astronomical surge in the purchase of firearms.

Americans aren’t dumb.

They know that what this administration is doing is destroying the country, and soon it could be every man for himself, so they better be prepared.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

A Republican Senator triggered leftists with one statement about Taylor Swift


The entertainment industry has gone full “woke.”

Pop singers have become some of the worst mouthpieces for the establishment.

And a Republican Senator triggered leftists with one statement about Taylor Swift.

Pop diva Taylor Swift had been bullied for years to be more vocal about politics.

Swift finally spoke up in 2018 and parroted standard Democrat talking points.

She endorsed former Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen for Senate in his race against Republican Marsha Blackburn, but Swift’s endorsement did nothing – Blackburn crushed Bredesen by ten points.

Swift also called Blackburn “Trump with a wig.”

Now Blackburn is hitting back at Swift’s promotion of leftist ideas.

In a recent interview, Blackburn said:

“Taylor Swift came after me in my 2018 campaign . . . But Taylor Swift would be the first victim of that because when you look at Marxist socialistic societies, they do not allow women to dress or sing or be on stage or to entertain or the type music she would have. They don’t allow protection of private intellectual property rights.”

This triggered a deluge of criticism from many leftists.

The most shameless attack came from Never-Trump neocon Matthew Dowd:

But lost in the Left’s furor is the fact that Blackburn is generally correct.

In a socialist society, free speech rights would be nonexistent.

Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff explained what it was like performing standup in the Soviet Union.

Smirnoff said:

“Yep. There’s a Department of Jokes. Actually, the Ministry of Culture has a very big department of humor. I’m serious now. Once a year they censor your material, and then you have to stay with what they have approved. You can’t improvise or do anything like that. You write out your material and mail it to them, and they send it back to you with corrections. After that, you stay with it for a year.”

The same goes for musicians in Cuba who have to practice in secret.

The Chinese Communist Party pressured actor John Cena to apologize for acknowledging the independence of Taiwan – it’s not difficult to imagine what happens to dissident artists within the country.

The Left can ridicule Blackburn all they want, but her larger point was accurate.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

COVID is behind this PGA superstar withdrawing from The Open but not because he had the virus


COVID has caused scores of issues over the last year and a half.

One industry hurt the most by it has been sports as tournaments have been canceled, games forfeited, and fans banned from viewing the athletes they love.

And COVID is behind this PGA superstar withdrawing from The Open but not because he had the virus.

The world of golf was shocked this past Sunday when PGA superstar and fan-favorite Bubba Watson announced he would miss The Open Championship, which was slated to take place at the Royal St. George’s Golf Club in Sandwich, England.

Many are appalled at the decision and furious over the blatant hypocrisy.

Bubba Watson stated he would not be participating in the major tournament because of COVID.

Not because the golfer has COVID, mind you.

No, instead, he’s withdrawing because he was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID.

But here comes the real kicker: Watson is vaccinated.

Watson said in a statement:

“I am disappointed to announce I will not compete at The Open Championship next week due to having direct exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. While I am vaccinated and have passed the required pre-travel COVID test, not enough time has passed for me to comfortably join the charter flight and risk exposure to the other players and personnel on board. I appreciate the R&A’s guidance and help navigating U.K. policy for such situations.”

The hypocrisy is nauseating.

What exactly does the vaccine that Joe Biden is insisting EVERY American get do?

By forcing Watson to withdraw from his exposure to someone with COVID even though he is vaccinated it sends a message to Americans that the vaccine may not work.

That runs counter to the message the government is trying to send when they tell everyone to get a vaccine.

After all, according to Fauci, American’s who aren’t getting the vaccine just need to “get over it” because it is effective and will protect you from the horrific, totally survivable COVID-19.

There is the fact that COVID regulations in the U.K. are far stricter than here in the United States, but still, the vaccine either works or doesn’t.

Vaccine hesitancy by and large doesn’t come from misinformation – it’s coming from the government’s mixed messaging.

Social media, of course, blew up after Watson’s announcement, with many wondering why everyone is being told the vaccine will help us all get back to “normal life” if we’re still banning athletes who’ve been fully vaccinated from participating in tournaments.

As one Twitter user stated, “That’s just crazy. That’s the purpose of being vaccinated.”

Another went even further, echoing what many are feeling right now, “So you are vaccinated, have no symptoms, and have a negative COVID test, and that’s still not enough? When does the insanity end? We will miss watching you – but wish you would call out these crazy nonsensical rules.”

Once again, this is nothing more than a government power grab.

These absurd and arbitrary guidelines are not protecting anyone. They’re stripping citizens across the world of their freedoms.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Toyota has declared open war on conservatives in America


Rarely does a foreign company announce its intent to politically target Americans.

But Toyota just showed they could care less about the norms and what Americans think.

And now Toyota has declared open war on conservatives in America.

It isn’t exactly the best business model to attack and alienate the average American when you are trying to sell your products in the United States.

Americans are already tired of domestic companies attacking them and their beliefs.

Numerous companies told conservatives to take a hike after they tried to beat Georgia into submission for passing voter integrity laws.

For example, both Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola basically defamed Georgia to the point where leftists were grinning ear to ear.

But now we have to worry about a foreign-owned company targeting us.

Toyota just announced that they will stop all donations to politicians who questioned the 2020 election results.

Corporations like this usually try to pacify both parties to stay in their good graces.

But Toyota is basically done with Republicans in Washington, D.C.

And in Toyota’s statement they claim:

Our bipartisan PAC equally supports Democrats and Republicans running for Congress. In fact, in 2021, the vast majority of the contributions went to Democrats and Republicans who supported the certification of the 2020 election. We understand that the PAC decision to support select Members of Congress who contested the results troubled some stakeholders. We are actively listening to our stakeholders and, at this time, we have decided to stop contributing to those Members of Congress who contested the certification of certain states in the 2020 election.

In total, over 140 conservative lawmakers in Congress objected in some form to the election results and sought clarity as to what the hell happened that night.

This is a bold move by Toyota.

Many American have questions about the results of the election.

But Toyota could care less, and would rather try to just silence anyone who questions the Left’s control over Washington, D.C.

Now let’s see how Toyota’s stance will affect their truck and SUV sales in middle America.

Dr. Fauci tells the unvaccinated to suck it up and stop playing politics with the vaccine


With the rise of COVID-19 came the rise of the biggest tyrannical bureaucrat in our nation, Anthony Fauci.

He has played politics and lied to the American people numerous times to keep his control over our nation.

And now Dr. Fauci tells the unvaccinated to suck it up and stop playing politics with the vaccine.

One thing has plagued our society over the past year and a half that we may never recover from: Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Fauci is by far the most tyrannical and powerful unelected bureaucrats our nation has ever had to face.

He has been caught lying numerous times.

Who can forget when he went on one of the most watched news programs in the nation during the beginning of the COVID-19 panic to tell the American people not to wear masks then to just switch it to ‘you must wear a mask’ the next week.

Not to mention that for a while he eventually wanted us to wear two masks, even after vaccinating, because that makes a lot of sense.

But probably the worst part about Dr. Fauci is just how much of a political hack he is for the Left.

Just days before the 2020 election, Fauci sidestepped the Trump administration to attack President Trump.

He went directly to The Washington Post to claim that the United States “could not possibly be positioned more poorly.”

But Fauci is now claiming everyone else is playing politics.

Fauci went onto MSNBC to claim, “We’re not asking anybody to make any political statement one way or another. We’re saying try and save your life and that of your family and that of the community.”

He continued, “Here we have a vaccine that’s highly, highly effective in preventing disease and certainly in preventing severe disease and hospitalization. It’s easy to get. It’s free and it’s readily available. So, you know, you’ve gotta ask, what is the problem? Get over it. Get over this political statement. Just get over it and try and save the lives of yourself and your family.”

Can anyone really take Fauci seriously at this point?

People have legitimate concerns about taking a new vaccine that it now appears may not be as effective as previously thought.

But since it doesn’t fit with his politics of control he tells concerned Americans to stop playing politics and to just “get over it.”

One Hollywood actress caught flak for the radical thing she did to her son


Hollywood celebrities are notorious for virtue-signaling.

The worst is when their children become part of a public performance.

And one Hollywood actress caught flak for the radical thing she did to her son.

Megan Fox from the Transformers series and many other projects recently came under fire because she allows her eight-year-old son to wear dresses.

According to Fox and her ex-husband, fellow actor Brian Austin Green from Beverly Hills, 90210, their son has been choosing to wear dresses since age four.

Fox broke down into tears talking about the subject during an interview.

InStyle writes:

And when it comes to her “babies,” all that matters is protecting them, especially her oldest, 8-year-old Noah, who has been subject to “mean, awful people and cruel people,” online. “I don’t want him to ever have to read that shit because he hears it from little kids at his own school who are like, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses,’” she says.

Mean comments online are regrettable and can be harmful, but they’re also the unfortunate reality of being a public figure.

And dressing a four-year-old in a dress is the parent’s choice, not the child’s choice.

Unsurprisingly, Fox sends her kids to a far-left school.

Fox said in 2019, “Sometimes, he’ll dress himself and he likes to wear dresses sometimes . . . And I send him to a really liberal, hippy school, but even there — here in California — he still has little boys going, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses,’ or ‘Boys don’t wear pink.’”

No, the child doesn’t dress himself, just like he doesn’t feed himself.

If kids were left to their own devices, they would eat ice cream and Happy Meals all day, every day.

Green told People in 2017 about his son:

“And it’s dresses or goggles or slippers or whatever. It’s his life, they’re not my clothes . . . I feel like at 4, at 5, that’s a time when he should be having fun . . . He’s not harming anyone wearing a dress. So if he wants to wear a dress, good on him.”

This bizarre, progressive, new-agey parenting is absurd.

Four-year-olds don’t have the capacity to make significant life decisions.

That’s what parents are for.

It’s no coincidence that the wokest parents magically have the wokest kids.

But authors like Abigail Shrier, who’s written about the exponential uptick in transgender cases among teenage girls, are chronicling the plight of parents – many of whom are progressive – who are watching their kids being encouraged to transition to the opposite sex at younger and younger ages.

Democrats are claiming any parent who opposes CRT is part of this extremist group


Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become one of the most divisive issues in America today.

The Marxist-style teachings are being forced on unsuspecting children in schools across the country, and parents are furious.

And now Democrats are claiming any parent who opposes CRT is part of this extremist group.

CRT has been around for decades, but only in the last few months has it become the topic of discussion around the dinner table.

The curriculum is being pushed in schools across the country, and children are being indoctrinated by liberals teaching them that “white is evil.”

One of the most widely known proponents of Critical Race Theory, Ibram X. Kendi, is set to headline the American Federation of Teachers Conference.

Some teachers have gone as far as to pledge that even if it is against the law, they will still teach this horrific, anti-American, anti-family propaganda to their students.

There is no doubt this movement is here to brainwash the minds of America’s most vulnerable.

And the latest left-wing talking point is the idea that the massive uprising by parents opposed to CRT occurring across the country is all part of the QAnon movement.

According to Democrats and their allies in the corporate-controlled media, these parents are obviously part of a white nationalist movement because they oppose CRT.

NBC News ran a story claiming that because Donald Trump lost the election, QAnon has decided the new plan is to run for school board.

Or maybe, NBC, it’s because parents care about what their children are being taught and are, in fact, nothing more than concerned about this Marxist-style teaching.

Seems the liberals think QAnon’s big plan is to gain back control by running for the school board.

Sure everyone needs to start somewhere, but it’s hard to believe the school board is the way to “take over the world.”

Of course, in NBC’s article, they only cite one example of someone running for school board, and the gentleman states quite clearly that he doesn’t “subscribe to Q theories.”

Beyond this one instance, what NBC is referring to is patently false.

Parents are voicing their concerns, opinions, and disapproval of this push by schools to indoctrinate their children.

There is no indication of a “Q takeover” of schools.

But in the mind of these left-wing extremists, everyone on the Right is clearly a subscriber to the “Q” way of thinking.

Everyone’s favorite MSNBC host, Joy Reid, calls people standing up against school systems “radicalized parent activists.”

If she thinks it’s “radical” that parents are trying to protect their children, it’s a wonder what she thinks of real activists trying to save this country from people like her.

Reid also claims that these people are fueled by none other than the Left’s favorite punching bag, Fox News.

Because if it smells like a GOP move, it clearly came from Fox News because obviously, conservatives can’t think for themselves.

Hello, pot calling the kettle black.

The Left is notorious for following whatever crazy idea CNN or MSNBC spews without thinking for themselves or asking questions.

If one is to actually read or listen to the stories about these genuinely concerned parents, they would see that most of them don’t even fit the mold of a “white conservative.”

But doing that would certainly not help the Left’s cause, so they must deem them all racists for not agreeing with CRT.

The Left will never let actual facts get in the way of a perfectly good narrative.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Leftists are starting to demand Americans do this or else


Everything hasn’t gone to plan for the government over the COVID vaccination rollout.

They thought that they would just make it “free” and then everyone would rush to get one.

But now leftists are starting to demand Americans do this or else.

Like everything else they get involved with, the government has dropped the ball on COVID.

First they forced small mom and pop shops to close down during lockdowns while big chain stores were allowed to stay open.

And then they were in shock when the family-runned businesses didn’t open back up forcing millions onto unemployment.

But they really thought they had everything fixed when they came out with the COVID vaccine.

It was the government’s crowning achievement.

A fix-all vaccine that would stop COVID in its tracks.

And to make sure everyone got the shot they made it free for all.

But everything hasn’t gone to plan.

Even with an extensive government “marketing” campaign and making the shot free they are still missing their goal of having 70% of the population vaccinated.

Well, government elitists and leftists are starting to get fed up with the push back on the vaccine.

They don’t understand why anyone would not want to take a rushed vaccine that bypasses many layers of safety that has been reported to have crippling side effects to stop a virus that will likely have no effect on their health.

So now Leftists are starting to demand that you be forced to get vaccinated or else.

Just listen to what this mayor from Lancaster, California had to say about making the vaccine mandatory for anyone who wants to enter town hall and staff.

Can you imagine your elected official denying you access to a town hall because you chose not to get a vaccine for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate?

Even Fake News Media outlets like CNN are jumping on the forced vaccination route.

CNN political contributor Julian Zelizer claimed in an editorial column that “It is time to impose vaccine mandates and passports.”

He continued to claim that “Easy, accessible and attractive are important; nobody should face barriers toward receiving vaccines. But citizens must also not see this as an optional inoculation.”

Seems like leftists are getting desperate to force you to get the vaccine.

And this is all going on while new studies from Israel are showing that the Pfizer vaccine is only 64% effective rather than the high 90s claimed by Fauci.

It makes you think about what is Biden’s real motivation to go “door-to-door” for those who haven’t taken the vaccine.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just took another swipe at the Royal Family


The ex-Royal couple of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made it clear that they are just concerned about themselves.

Every chance they get they ruthlessly attack the Royal Family.

And Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just took another swipe at the Royal Family.

It is without a doubt that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were the most selfish people of 2020.

They went from being Royals to wanting even more.

And to get their fame and wealth they personally attack the Royal Family.

Who can forget the tell-all interview Meghan and Harry had with Oprah?

Queen Elizabeth was personally defamed by her favorite grandson Prince Harry over claims of bigotry and racism.

Claims like the Royal Family were allegedly worried about the skin color of Meghan and Harry’s baby boy.

Such claims have been denied by the Royal Family but the damage was already done.

But even with all the fame coming their way over that famed interview, the ex-royal couple just took another swipe at the Royal Family.

The couple has made a website for their son, go figure.

And on the website they are urging their fans to submit their own personal story about their struggles and compassion.

And the website states:

To us, compassion means more than the dictionary definition. It means listening with open ears to the suffering and celebrations of communities and people beyond ourselves. It means taking the time to understand their perspectives, experiences and needs based on what they say, rather than assuming what they need. Compassion is at the core of everything we do. We hope you’ll join us in building a better world, one act of compassion at a time.

Royal experts are seeing this push for stories of “compassion” as a direct attack on the Royal Family and the Queen after Meghan claims they denied her compassion and help after her supposed suicidal thoughts.

Meghan had told Oprah that she “didn’t see a solution” and that she “didn’t want to be alive anymore.”

And when she sought help from the Royal Family they were not compassionate with her and her thoughts.

It’s just amazing how much they are milking their accusations against the Royal Family.