A public library crossed the line by inviting this adult performer to a children’s event


It’s no secret that LGBT activists are looking to propagandize young children for their sick political gain.

But their latest move goes way beyond just politics.

And when you see what this adult performer is doing with kids in Pennsylvania, you’ll be red in the face.

In Lansdale, Pennsylvania, a public library put on “Drag Queen Story Fun Time” for kids.

The “story time” was hosted by Eric Torres, a man who goes by the name of “Annie Christ” – a play-on-words to make his name sound like Anti-Christ.

Torres read a book to kids in his drag attire about “bullying, diversity, and discrimination,” obviously to brainwash the kids into agreeing with the LGBT agenda.

CNS News reports:

A story time event at a Lansdale, Pa., library that was organized by drag queens was the target of protests on Saturday. Counter-protesters also turned out in support of the story hour.
The event, called “Drag Queen Story Fun Time with Annie,” featured a drag queen named Annie Christ – which can be interpreted to mean the anti-Christ, a local Fox affiliate reported.

The Pennsylvania Pastors Network protested the event, saying Annie Christ is “clearly attacking Christianity by wearing satanic symbols. They pointed out the drag queen also performs lewd sexually charged nightclub shows and shouldn’t have been allowed to present a story time for children,” CBN News reported.

“The LGBTQ agenda demands dominance and wants to silence those who would dare speak out on cultural issues. The public library is not a place for activism, and a children’s story hour certainly isn’t the place to push a confusing message delivered by a confused individual,” Pastor Gary Dull of Faith Baptist Church of Altoona was quoted as saying.

The Lansdale Public Library’s director, Tom Meyer, refused to cancel the event, citing the library’s “Bill of Rights,” which says if a meeting room is available to the public, it is available to everyone, Fox 29 reported.

Eric Torres has also been known for mocking Christians for their faith, including wearing an upside cross on his forehead.

Torres clearly isn’t the most mentally stable person. And yet, he is being invited to share “story time” with dozens of kids on a regular basis at the library.

The reality is, little kids shouldn’t be exposed to this hyper-sexualized adult performer all in the name of “diversity.”

They don’t even understand what gender is, much less what it means to think you are a gender that you are not.

The LGBT activists’ double standard is on full display here.

All across the country Christians are being forced out of the public space, being told that their “faith” doesn’t belong anywhere except their churches.

God is even being banned from public schools.

But when someone from the LGBT “community” comes along to impose their demented worldview, they are praised as “brave” and “courageous.”

In fact, the liberal media even fawned over an 11-year-old boy, Desmond Napoles, for being paraded around on stage at a gay bar where gay men threw dollar bills at him.

The Left said that the “acceptance” of gay marriage and gay relationships was about “just letting people do what they want.”

However, like with anything else, it was a slippery slope that quickly turned into using helpless children to push their sick agenda.

Would you take your child to a story time hosted by a drag queen called “Annie Christ?”

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Christian mega-star Chris Pratt was just attacked by this LGBT actress for his faith


Actor Chris Pratt has come under a barrage of attacks from the Hollywood elite because he is vocal about his Christianity and conservatism.

Most recently, he was attacked for being an avid hunter and going on a 21 day Daniel Fast to focus on his devotion to God.

But now the Hollywood elite think they have the smoking gun that could destroy his career.

Outspoken Christian conservative actor Chris Pratt (from Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy) just came under fire for quoting his pastor.

He appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert after his religious fast that is based on Daniel 1:12.

When he cited his pastor as a source of inspiration, Hollywood got triggered.

“I was inspired by my pastor,” Pratt said. Then he quoted the supposedly damnable sentence that caused a Hollywood meltdown:

“If the spotlight that is shining on you is brighter than the light that’s within you, it will kill you.”

But sadly, not everyone was inspired by Pratt’s message.

Ellen Page, an openly lesbian actress, shot off a tweet that the secular fake news media called a “truth bomb.”

Hollywood is incensed that one of the most successful actors in the world is a proud Christian.

So the elitists constantly lob attacks to try and bring him down.

As we previously reported, the Hollywood Elite sunk their teeth into Pratt for having the unmitigated gaul to say that God loves everyone and eating meat is ok.

Now, the mere fact he believes in the Word of God as opposed to Hollywood’s very skewered worldview was enough of an excuse to try once again to destroy the man’s career.

The moment a person stands up for Christianity, for truth, Hollywood thinks their career should go up in smoke.

But Pratt clearly won’t be shaken from his faith by Hollywood liberals.

What do you think? Should Chris Pratt be destroyed for attending church and being outspoken about his faith?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

How a Democrat Governor’s new abortion law just helped a murderer will disgust you


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Democrat-controlled New York Legislature rammed Planned Parenthood’s dream into law in the Empire State.

The so-called “Reproductive Health Act” ensconced late-term abortion-on-demand in the New York State Constitution.

And what the outrageous law now means for an accused murderer will break your heart.

The Left lost its collective mind in jubilation when New York Democrats rammed the most radical pro-abortion legislation in the country into law.

Now, the outrageous law that makes abortion a “fundamental right” is being cited by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown to justify dropping charges against a man alleged of murder.

Anthony Hobson was arrested following the murder of his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn child.

But now that New York has enacted Planned Parenthood’s dream law, Hobson is getting to skate on the criminal abortion charge that prosecutors initially leveled against him for the child’s death.

The New York Post reports:

Prosecutors initially included a charge of abortion against the Queens man arrested Friday in his pregnant girlfriend’s murder — but rescinded it because of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new Reproductive Health Act.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown sent out a press release saying Anthony Hobson, 48, would be charged with second-degree abortion as well as murder in Sunday’s fatal stabbing of Jennifer Irigoyen, 35.

But a DA spokeswoman later told The Post that the abortion charge “was repealed by the Legislature, and this is the law as it exists today.”

Cuomo signed the RHA into law on Jan. 22, the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

The law removes abortion from the state’s criminal code and puts it into public health law.

It faced fierce opposition, with the New York State Catholic Conference warning that it “removes accountability for those who would harm unborn children outside the context of medical termination of pregnancy.”

Sadly, murder suspects evading criminal abortion charges because of this law isn’t the least bit surprising.

Last year, a man was sentenced to 22 years in prison for spiking his pregnant girlfriend’s drink with an abortion-inducing drug. Would he have also gotten off scot-free under this new law?

The Democrats who passed the most radical pro-abortion law in the country almost certainly knew this would be among the many tragic results.

But abortion-on-demand has become a sacred tenet for leftists.

And pro-abortion activists admitting that such wanton disregard for human life is wrong when committed on the streets puts their dark enterprise at risk no matter if it takes place in a clinic or not.

We want to know how you feel about it. Should abortion-on-demand be allowed?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

An Ivy League school just published an anti-white article that will infuriate you to no end


Recently, at the University of Georgia, a teacher was caught saying racist comments like “some white people might have to die” for black people to have equal rights.

But now, Yale is trying to one-up that professor with this anti-white racist article in the student newspaper.

And what the article tells people to do to white people will leave you speechless.

At Yale University, a student named Isis Davis-Marks (yes, that is her real name) wrote an op-ed in the student newspaper about how she and other students should treat white classmates.

She says she is “watching them” for anything that they do so she can bring them down decades later.

She also asks in the op-ed if “white boys should be allowed to share their opinions,” to which her response was “hell no.”

Yale then published the op-ed with no questions asked about the racist remarks.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

“Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions. He could be in Grand Strategy or the Yale Political Union. Maybe he’s the editor-in-chief of the News. He takes his classes. He networks. And, when it comes time for graduation, he wins all the awards,” the article begins.

Davis-Marks continues on to say in the future, she will be watching that white boy, who by then will be a white man, on CNN. She explains that she will “remember a racist remark that he said, an unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a frat party during sophomore year. I’ll recall a message that he accidentally left open on a computer when he forgot to log out of iMessage, where he likened a woman’s body to a particularly large animal. I’ll kick myself for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.”

“But I can’t do that anymore — I can’t let things slip by. I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot,” the racist rant concludes.

The incredibly racist article says “should white boys still be allowed to share their ‘opinions’? Should we be forced to listen? In honor of Black History Month, I’m gonna go with a hell no.”

Several news outlets have reached out to Yale, and they have refused to comment on the op-ed.

This is 100% blatant racism.

But the Left won’t acknowledge it.

They play the identity-politics game where your skin color decides whether you’re guilty or innocent.

And their disgusting identity politics have been on full display the past few months.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh was attacked with the full force of the Radical Left for being a straight white male.

And Davis-Marks even refers to him saying “I’ll see him sitting down for his Senate Confirmation hearing,” as if to say Kavanaugh was guilty just because he is white, and that any other white males like him should be barred from career success.

The Covington High School kids at the March for Life were smeared on ALL the major news networks as racists just because they are white and had MAGA hats on.

The kids weren’t even given the chance to defend themselves before everyone assumed they were Native-American hating, alt-right Neo-Nazis.

If any student wrote an op-ed like Davis-Marks, that student would be expelled and harassed for the rest of their life.

But because Davis-Marks is black, the Left turns a blind eye to her blatant racism.

Do you think Isis Davis-Marks should be expelled? Sound off in the comments below.

What Ilhan Omar just said about transgender athletes will make you shake your head in disgust


Pro-Sharia Law Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has thrown plenty of bombs in the short time she’s been in Congress.

Along with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, Omar is a hero to the radical Left.

But what she just claimed about transgendered athletes was her most ludicrous thing yet.

USA Powerlifting recently faced backlash from LGBT activists for simply acknowledging the fact that men and women are different.

As the sanctioning body in the United States for the growing competitive weightlifting discipline known as powerlifting, USA Powerlifting sends America’s men’s and women’s national teams to participate in the World Games.

The Minnesota-based organization had the audacity to ban men from competing in its women’s weightlifting competitions.

With the biological differences in men and women, USA Powerlifting’s move is easily understandable.

But not for Minnesota Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

The pro-LQBT radical thinks so-called “trans women” (biological males) should be allowed to compete alongside women.

Omar says it’s a ‘myth” that men competing in women’s weightlifting contests would have a “direct competitive advantage.”

She’s demanding that USA Powerlifting reverse course.

Ilhan Omar told Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison to launch an investigation into USA Powerlifting, insisting the transgender ban violates the state’s so-called “Human Rights Act.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar recommended Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison investigate USA Powerlifting for barring biological males from women’s events, according to a Jan. 31 letter she sent USA Powerlifting.

Omar called it a “myth” that men who identify as transgender women have a “direct competitive advantage” and copied Ellison on the letter, “with a recommendation that he investigate this discriminatory behavior.”

USA Powerlifting in late January announced that men who identify as transgender women aren’t allowed to compete as women.
. . .
“Men naturally have a larger bone structure, higher bone density, stronger connective tissue and higher muscle density than women,” the weightlifting association notes in an online explainer. “These traits, even with reduced levels of testosterone do not go away. While [male-to-female athletes] may be weaker and less muscle than they once were, the biological benefits given them at birth still remain over that of a female.”

Omar’s letter accuses USA Powerlifting of violating the state’s human rights laws.

“Under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, discrimination against anyone based on their gender identity is illegal. This includes in public accommodations, and in Minnesota, organizations such as USA Powerlifting. In fact, just last month a Minnesota jury awarded Ms. Christina Ginther $20,000 after the Independent Women’s Football League refused to allow her to participate because she is transgender,” Omar warned.

“I urge you to reconsider this discriminatory, unscientific policy and follow the example of the International Olympic Committee. The myth that trans women have a ‘direct competitive advantage’ is not supported by medical science, and it continues to stoke fear and violence against one of the most at-risk communities in the world,” wrote the congresswoman.

Sadly, it’s a pretty safe bet that USA Powerlifting’s in Ellison’s crosshairs.

Ellison, a former Democrat Congressman from Minnesota, is Omar’s predecessor in the U.S. House and was the first Muslim elected to Congress.

He’s also the former deputy chair of the Democrat National Committee and called for boycotts of the NFL for prohibiting protests during the National Anthem.

So there’s good reason to believe that Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar are ideological fellow travelers when it comes to transgender activism.

But whether they’re confused about their gender or not, it’s common sense that men naturally tend to have greater physical strength than women.

What Omar is calling for is anything but fairness in sports, and it hurts women.

Nevertheless, leftists like Omar claim to be champions of “women’s rights,” but their twisted kowtowing to LGBT activists shows their true colors.

Should biological males be allowed to compete in women’s sports?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Nancy Pelosi gave an answer about late-term abortion that will make your jaw drop


After New York passed an abortion-up-until-birth law, millions of Americans all across the nation were disgusted and voiced their concern.

And now the Democrat party is trying to save face by distancing themselves from the uproar.

But what Nancy Pelosi just said about late-term abortion has her in deep trouble.

After President Trump delivered his State of the Union address where he defended unborn babies, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was visibly upset.

She was found scurrying her way through Congress and a Daily Caller reporter asked her what she thought about Trump calling for the end of late-term abortions.

Her response was: “It’s really quite a sad thing.”

The Daily Wire reports:

While rushing through the halls of Congress, a reporter with The Daily Caller confronted the House Speaker to get her thoughts on President Trump’s call for a ban on late-term abortions. Her answer was typical Nancy Pelosi.

“It’s really quite a sad thing when you know that we’ll be talking about something that applies to the health and life — health and ability to have other children of women,” said Pelosi. “I hope that in his family, he never has to face that crisis and apply his attitude toward it.”

Nancy Pelosi really stepped in it this time.

President Donald Trump received a 76% approval rating for his State of the Union address.

And millions of Americans agree with his sentiment from the speech that late-term abortion is simply immoral and disgusting.

But Pelosi thinks banning late-term abortion is “really quite a sad thing.”

Pelosi isn’t alone, however.

The Democrat Party’s platform is unfettered abortion-on-demand up until birth.

So they see any restriction on abortion as outrageous.

They cry for “bodily autonomy” for the mother, but don’t provide that same autonomy to the baby within the womb.

And some Democrats, like the disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, are even saying women should be able to leave their babies to die after they are born.

The fact of the matter is that Americans are starting to see the evil of abortion.

And you may be surprised to hear that it is actually the millennial generation that is leading that revolution.

According to a recent poll, only 7% of millennials agree with the Democrat Party’s platform on abortion and they support more pro-life laws than their parents.

That is bad news for Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who are in bed with Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Lobby.

Who do you agree with on late-term abortion: Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi?

Let us know your answer in the comments below.

What happened to this married couple could spell trouble for Christians everywhere


Christian persecution is at an all-time high worldwide.

And reports are piling up of Western Secularists trying to socially engineer Christianity out of existence through government schools.

But what happened to this Christian couple just exposed the pervasive anti-Christian bigotry of the west for the world to see.

An Ontario, Canada Christian couple was denied being foster parents because they believe the entire Bible is true and homosexuality is morally wrong.

Ontario’s government agency in charge of Child, Youth and Family Services condescendingly asked if the couple believed in “some of the more outdated parts of the Bible.”

When the couple answered they believe in the whole Word of God, they peppered the couple with questions regarding homosexuality.

Then, when the couple answered they believed homosexuality to be morally wrong but would treat the children under their care with respect, dignity, honor, and unconditional love, the agency derided the them as “oppressive.”

Life Site News Reports:

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF.ca) has sent a legal demand letter to Simcoe Muskoka Child, Youth and Family Services (“Child Services”) calling upon it to reverse its decision to dismiss the application of a loving couple seeking to become foster parents.
. . .
The social worker asked L questions regarding his religious beliefs, including whether his church “still believes in some of the more outdated parts of the Bible.” He responded that his church believes and adheres to all of the Bible. The social worker then commented that her son is gay and that her son had been told by churches in the past that homosexuality is a sin. L explained that although the Bible does identify homosexual behaviour as a “sin,” he believes all people are created in the image of God and are worthy of respect, dignity and honor. He further explained that, in accordance with their beliefs, he and his wife would provide any child in their care with unconditional love, respect, and compassion regardless of the child’s sexuality.

The couple heard nothing from Child Services for the next six months. Then, on October 24, 2018 they received a letter from Child Services communicating its decision to dismiss their application to foster. The letter stated, “we feel that the policies of our agency do not appear to fit with your values and beliefs and therefore, we will be unable to move forward with an approval for your family as a resources home.”

On the morning of October 25, L phoned their social worker and asked for clarification about which “values and beliefs” had disqualified him and his wife. Ms. Batt responded that Child Services’ “anti-oppressive” policy conflicted with the couple’s views regarding homosexuality. L reiterated the couple’s commitment to treating any child in their care with unconditional love, respect, and compassion regardless of their sexuality, gender or anything else, but Ms. Batt did not offer any recourse.

The only oppression going on here is the oppression by the Secular Left on children waiting for foster parents.

When a perfectly loving, peaceable, and well-adjusted couple applied to be foster parents, the government-run adoption agency decided to put their anti-Christian agenda ahead of public good.

Not only is this a direct attack on Christian values and ethics, but it shows the disgusting course the Secular West has charted.

They think the unconditional love and human dignity that Christianity teaches is “oppressive.”

But the real oppression is denying loving foster parents to kids desperately trying flee abusive or unsafe homes.

Do you think Christians should be denied being foster parents simply because they’re Christians?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Planned Parenthood is fuming at what Trump did to stop this sick practice


The abortion industry loves scraping every bit of profit out of aborted babies and taxpayers alike.

Planned Parenthood was caught red-handed on video dealing aborted baby body parts.

Now what the Trump administration is doing to stop them has the abortion industry in an uproar.

Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood earn additional profits by selling the broken bodies of aborted infants.

In a 2015 Center for Medical Progress video, one Planned Parenthood executive even joked, “I want a Lamborghini” with the cash she was going to pocket from selling aborted baby body parts.

Now, recently exposed documents have pulled the curtains back on some of what’s being done with those babies’ organs.

“Researchers” are conducting twisted experiments, including implanting aborted baby body parts into rodents.

What’s more, they’re doing it at taxpayer expense.

In fact, the National Institute of Health (NIH) put 98 million dollars into using aborted baby parts in the name of “science.”

President Trump froze the use of tax dollars to supply aborted infants’ parts in Government backed research projects.

But the abortion industry’s allies are bending over backwards to explain why using aborted baby parts for research shouldn’t be banned.

The Sun writes:

ABORTED babies are being used in macabre experiments in the US that involve grafting dead fetus parts onto mice which are then used to test drugs.

Documents seen by Sun Online outline procedures that involve cutting out glands and livers of unborn children and then fusing them onto lab rodents.

Abortion clinics have been supplying researchers in the United States with terminated fetuses, parts of which are then fused with rodents as part of a bid to stamp out diseases and save millions of people

The use of aborted baby body parts and stems cells has sparked anger among anti-abortion groups in the United States and it has been dubbed “Frankenstein” science.

And shocking undercover footage has led to the Donald Trump administration to reassess if the practice should be continued at all.
. . .
But in December the Trump administration halted buying any more fetal material and is currently reviewing the practice.

Government backed research projects are now having to rely on frozen stocks.

The Department of Health and Human Services cites “serious regulatory, moral, and ethical considerations” for the move.

Planned Parenthood is clamoring to convince Americans that using aborted infants’ organs in research is just promoting science and will cure diseases.

Science should always be geared toward not only curing and understanding diseases, but also conducting studies in an ethical way that does not exploit aborted babies.

Sadly, Planned Parenthood’s propaganda about these sick “science” experiments could help some mothers justify their abortions.

The Trump administration has halted new purchases of fetal materials for research.

But aborted baby parts are still being used in research conducted by numerous organizations, including the U.S. Government.

We care what you think – should the use of aborted babies’ organs and tissues for experiments be banned? Should taxpayers be funding this? Or should we ban any use of taxpayer dollars for anything related to abortion?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

These Christians were just attacked by pro-abortion radicals in this despicable way


Democrat Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is facing massive backlash from Virginians for his outrageous statements supporting post-birth infanticide.

But radical pro-abortion extremists praised him as “brave” and “courageous” for that stance.

And what they just did to this Christian pregnancy help center will shock you.

In Culpeper, Virginia, a Christian crisis pregnancy center was the victim of a hate crime after their building was vandalized late at night.

The criminals spray painted “Jesus hates this (expletive)” and “You hate women” on the side of the building, and threw rocks through their windows.

In the 20 years the pregnancy center has been serving the community, they have never seen anything like this.

Fox 5 News reports:

Police in Culpeper, Virginia are investigating a possible hate crime that happened overnight after someone spray-painted disturbing messages on a local pregnancy center and damaged windows.

The Pregnancy Center has severed the small farming community for 20 years and has never experienced anything like this.

Everyone is shocked. The community embraces this place,” town councilman Jon Russell said. “We love babies, we love mommas. That’s what they do here at the pregnancy center.”

The suspect spray-painted in red on the sign and the sides of the pregnancy center along Sunset Lane messages such as “you hate women” and “Jesus hates this (expletive).”

Authorities said a large rock was also used to smash the front window. Police told FOX 5 they received a call at about 3:30 a.m. from someone driving by who noticed the damage.

Crews have since boarded up the broken glass and removed the spray paint. Investigators have also taken molds of any footprints found in the snow.

A town councilman Jon Russel even said of the CPC, “The community embraces this place. We love babies, we love mommas. That’s what they do here at the pregnancy center.”

The perpetrators were emboldened by Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s insane comments.

After Delegate Kathy Tran’s abortion-until-birth bill went down in flames, they took out their aggression on the CPC.

This is a prime example of how the radical leftists don’t want anyone in the way of Planned Parenthood getting their bloody claws on women who are facing unplanned pregnancies.

There was even a Supreme Court case on the matter.

In California, leftist lawmakers were trying to require all pregnancy centers to refer women to abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood.

But the CPCs weren’t having it and took the case to the Supreme Court.

And in the summer of 2018, the Supreme Court ruled on NIFLA v. Becerra in favor of CPCs with a 5-4 decision that meant CPCs would no longer have to refer women to abortion facilities to keep their doors open.

The Abortion Lobby won’t be stopped so easily, however.

While the pro-life movement is seeing great progress in many ways, more violent acts like these are sure to come.

Do you think Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers are under attack?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

32 Christian student groups were banned at this University for the most absurd reason


Liberals will stop at nothing to ensure everyone gets in line with their totalitarian social justice agenda or they’ll make an example of them.

Nowhere is this move more prevalent than American college campuses.

And what these campus tyrants just did to 32 Christian groups is downright maddening.

The University of Iowa just put 32 religious groups on probation for being Christian.

This means the groups are not entitled to campus funding for events and also are not showcased as an organization that new students can connect with during orientation.

Ironically, the no-holds-barred ban happened because the university claims the groups violate the school’s “anti-discrimination policy.”

The university claims it’s “discriminatory” to exclude people from a club, even though multiple clubs and interest groups at the school have been doing exactly that for years to the hearty approval of university administrators.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

In November 2017, the university revoked BLinC’s campus registration, claiming the requirement that group leaders sign a statement of faith affirming the group’s religious beliefs violates the school’s antidiscrimination policy.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is acting as counsel for the student group, notes that the university “supports the rights of other groups to select leaders who share and live by their mission.” Fraternities are permitted to admit only men, the Feminist Union can require members to agree “on issues of contraception and abortion,” and Students for Life mandates that members are pro-life.

In January 2018, a federal court reinstated BLinC on campus and gave the university 90 days to either allow all groups to select leaders affirming their mission or prevent all groups from restricting leadership. BLinC’s reinstatement was extended to last throughout the course of the case after the university failed to apply its policy consistently.

In December, the Justice Department filed a Statement of Interest supporting BLinC with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa. According to the Statement of Interest, the university violated the Constitution in three ways…

One would expect such virulent, anti-Christian activism and bigotry to present itself in liberal bastions such as New York and California.

But this happened in Middle America, in Iowa.

If nothing is done, then what happened at the University of Iowa will only be the beginning.

Leftists in Universities will use it as a blueprint to evict Christianity from their campuses.

They view Christianity as a cancerous mole on their secular-humanist breeding ground.

And until every budding young man and woman turns into another of their secular-humanist drones, they will stop at nothing to push their poisonous and oppressive ideology.

Do you think colleges should ban Christianity?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.