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The United Nations is trying to create this sick new “human right”


The UN is a medium for the globalists’ so-called “progressive” agenda.

Like the radical left, their goal is to get everyone to conform to their ways.

And now they’re trying to create a sick new “human right” out of thin air.

The UN Human Rights council is trying to claim abortion and doctor-assisted suicide as “human rights.”

A draft of the proposal states that UN member nations must guarantee “safe, legal, and effective” forms of abortion and “facilitate the termination of life of afflicted adults.”

Crux reports:

An advanced, unedited version of a ‘general comment’ on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by the United Nations Human Rights Committee wants to define abortion and assisted suicide as a human right.

“Although States parties may adopt measures designed to regulate voluntary terminations of pregnancy, such measures must not result in violation of the right to life of a pregnant woman or girl, or her other rights under the Covenant,” says the draft, placing the life of the mother ahead of that of the unborn child.

The comment also says that States must guarantee “safe, legal and effective” access to abortion when the life of the pregnant woman is at risk, or when carrying the pregnancy to term could cause her pain or suffering, “most notably where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or is not viable.”

It also says that governments should guarantee “boys and girls” access to a wide range of affordable contraceptive methods, and prevent the stigmatization of girls seeking abortion. Furthermore, they should guarantee girls have access to post-abortion health care “in all circumstances, and on a confidential basis.”

In addition, the draft comment Crux had access to also calls on States to allow medical professionals to provide treatment to “facilitate the termination of life of afflicted adults, such as those who are terminally ill, who experience severe physical or mental pain and suffering and who wish to die with dignity.”

The globalists’ goal is to cement abortion-on-demand on an international level.

The so-called “Human Rights” Council is trying to erase the basic right to life.

But without the right to life, no other rights can exist.

The globalists at the United Nations have no regard for the value of human life.

This is the same organization that named Israel as the worst human rights violator in the world.

In 2017, the UN Human Rights Council adopted five times more resolutions condemning Israel than for any other country in the world.

This is why President Trump ordered then-Ambassador Nikki Haley to withdraw the U.S. from the UN Human Rights Council.

Do you think Trump made the right move in withdrawing the U.S. from the UN Human Rights Council?

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The Pope made a surprising decision about the Church’s sexual abuse scandals


The Vatican has been playing damage control ever since the clergy abuse scandal was uncovered.

Catholics all around the world have been calling for change right now.

But the Pope may have just shot himself in the foot with this move in the aftermath of the scandals.

The U.S. Catholic bishops were set to vote on proposed protocols to help prevent any sexual assault cases in the future.

But Pope Francis and the Vatican just told the American bishops to delay a vote on any action.

The Vatican said we don’t want the victims to “heal on our timeline.”

The Guardian writes:

In an abrupt change of plans, a US conference of Catholic bishops has delayed any votes on proposed new steps to address the clergy sex abuse crisis following an intervention from the Vatican.

The president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops opened the group’s national meeting on Monday by announcing it will delay any votes on the issue that has been rocking the church for at least several months.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, of Galveston-Houston, said the delay was requested by the Holy See, which asked that the US bishops wait until after a Vatican-convened global meeting on sex abuse in February.

The church, he said, should not revictimize survivors “by demanding they heal on our timeline”.

DiNardo expressed disappointment at the delay on the vote but also told the US bishops: “I remain hopeful that this additional consultation will ultimately improve our response to the crisis we face.”

The delay in the voting drew some skeptical and critical reactions.

“We had this agenda, we were moving forward on these documents, this was our goal,” said Bishop Christopher Coyne, of the Vermont diocese of Burlington, and the communications chair for the three-day conference. “And now … it will look like we don’t have to come up with much.”

There is no detriment to allowing the US bishops to enact real change to prevent this from happening in the future.

But Pope Francis’ goal in doing this is to make himself look good after all is said and done regarding the abuse scandals.

He wants to make it seem as though he is reforming the Catholic Church from the top down, instead of the bottom-up.

But he isn’t exactly getting away with it.

Many of the bishops were critical of the move by the Vatican to delay the vote on protocol changes.

Catholics all across the world want serious change to accountability within the Church.

But it appears Pope Francis just wants to ensure that his legacy isn’t tainted by this massive scandal.

Do you think the Vatican has been handling the abuse scandals properly?

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This Democrat Senator-elect is the Left’s new hero and the reason why is insane


Kyrsten Sinema seized Arizona’s Senate seat from GOP contender Martha McSally by a mere 1.8%.

But that won’t stop the left from hailing it as one of the greatest victories of all time.

And you won’t believe why the fake news media trumpeted that Kyrsten Sinema “made history.”

The liberal media claims Sinema “made history” by becoming the first openly bisexual member of the U.S. Senate.

To the left, an individual’s sexual preference is more important than their ability to make good policy decisions.

NBC News Reports:

Nearly one week after Election Day, Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema was declared the apparent winner of Arizona’s nail-biter of a Senate race. In addition to a win for Democrats, Sinema’s hard-fought victory also adds to the spoils of the so-called rainbow wave that ushered in a record number of LGBTQ political candidates this year.

Sinema’s high-profile win is particularly historic. She is the first out bisexual person ever elected to the U.S. Senate and only the second openly LGBTQ person, behind Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., who is a lesbian. Sinema is also the Grand Canyon State’s first female senator and its first Democratic senator since 1995.

What is particularly absurd about this latest news narrative is the notion that someone’s sexual preference is of national importance.

As Culture Watch News previously reported, the Democrat Party thought a transgender candidate would deliver them the governorship in Vermont.

The candidate was clobbered because policy should matter more than identity politics.

Not to mention the fact that voters don’t want to hand over the reins of power to someone who can’t come to grips with fundamental truths.

Should sexual preference be more important than making good policy decisions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

A parent was kicked out of a High School Sex Ed class for this one crazy reason


The radical leftists are using Sex Ed courses to institutionalize our children.

Their goal is to teach promiscuous behavior, and so-called “progressive” trends so that they can change society.

But this parent was just kicked out of a Sex Ed course for this one crazy reason.

Planned Parenthood is finding its way into high schools and middle schools all across the nation.

At Ferndale High School in Washington State, Whatcom Teen Council, a representative of Planned Parenthood, is in charge of teaching Sex Ed courses.

Parent Jill Sawicki was concerned about the course so she asked the teacher if she could sit in, and the teacher agreed.

But after Sawicki took issue with a few of the teachings – including pushing infinite genders and teaching the students that natural family planning is ineffective – she was barred from sitting in again.

The Daily Caller reports:

A teacher at Ferndale High School in Washington State sent a letter home to all the parents in November, informing them that his health class would be beginning sex ed class and that several of the lessons would be taught by Whatcom Teen Council members. The letter did not note, however, that Whatcom Teen Council is an arm of Planned Parenthood.

After receiving the letter, parent Jill Sawicki sought to look into what the council would actually be teaching, and asked the teacher if she could sit in one of the sexual education classes. The teacher agreed.

While the student council covered topics like birth control, sexual orientation, and gender identity, Sawicki said they knew almost nothing about the subjects. Sawicki recounted that the students simply read off script cards, and when members of the class asked them questions, they could not answer competently.

The Whatcom council members also provided faulty information, including listing Natural Family Planning as having a low effectiveness rate, failing to classify which types of contraception protects against STDs and not explaining the risks of using hormonal contraception, according to Sawicki.

After her experience, Sawicki met with a Planned Parenthood representative to discuss the course. After disagreeing about statistics and teaching methods, the representative successfully lobbied the teacher to get Sawicki kicked out of the classroom. Sawicki was barred from sitting in on subsequent sex education classes, according to Planned Parenthood employee Jill Sprouse.

The parent was kicked out of the classroom simply because she objected to propaganda being pushed by Planned Parenthood.

Government schools want to hire Planned Parenthood “counselors” to teach children about everything from STDs to anal sex.

And they want to shut out concerned parents from the classroom.

The grip that Planned Parenthood has on schools is sickening already, and it continues to grow.

More school districts across the country are implementing Planned Parenthood’s “Sex Ed” curriculum.

Their goal is to ensure they always have a pipeline of new customers to keep their abortion business raking in the dough.

Do you think Planned Parenthood should be kicked out of the classroom? Let us know in the comments below.

This school district is making a policy change that has parents up in arms


LGBT groups are targeting children with their propaganda.

They know the sooner they can sink their teeth into children the more they can spread their morally void ways.

And the policy change this school district just made has parents up in arms.

The Washington, D.C. swamp is a cesspool of radical so-called “progressives”

If they can’t impose their views on the federal government, they do so locally.

And now the Washington D.C. school district is going to allow students select “non-binary” on their enrollment forms instead of “male” or “female.”

The Washington Post writes:

The District’s public school system is slated to become among the first in the nation to let families select “non-binary” — rather than male or female — when indicating the gender of their child on enrollment forms.

The option is scheduled to go into effect for the next school year, and school system leaders said it is part of a broader effort to ensure that transgender and non-binary students feel welcome in classrooms in the nation’s capital.

“We value the whole child at [D.C. Public Schools], and have worked diligently to ensure our schools are safe and inclusive for all students, staff, and families,” interim chancellor Amanda Alexander said in a statement. “Whether through policies, programs, affinity groups, or our enrollment forms, [D.C. Public Schools] is proud to be a leader in affirming, supporting and welcoming LGBTQ students.”

The D.C. enrollment forms will allow teachers to know which students in their classrooms identify as non-binary without families having to inform them. School officials said collecting data on how many students identify as non-binary will ensure that the school system has enough resources available for those students, including access to gender-neutral bathrooms and extracurricular activities.

This move is yet another attack on the fundamentals of our American society.

It was one thing for a private company like Target to allow transgenders to enter whatever bathroom they please regardless of the biological sex.

It’s another thing to impose this nonsense on our children.

The decision to move to the option of being “non-binary” is indefensible biologically, and is a direct attack on what makes a society function.

This may leave parents with no recourse if their daughters are forced to use the same bathroom as a biologically male classmate.

Recently, a five year-old little girl was sexually assaulted by another boy because of transgender bathrooms.

These are real issues that arise from allowing this insanity in our school systems.

And instead of acknowledging them, the leftist LGBT groups will just resort to calling concerned parents ignorant hateful bigots.

A student at UC Berkeley is under attack for defending her faith


America’s universities have become increasingly more hostile toward Christians.

School administrations and student bodies alike are forcing Christians to shut up – or else.

And now this university student senator is under attack for defending her faith in this simple way.

Isabella Chow is one of the only Christians on the Student Body Senate at UC Berkeley. And now she is facing threats from radical LGBT protesters for simply defending her Christian beliefs.

The Associated Students of the University of California Berkeley, a student governing body, recently had a bill to vote on regarding “transgender rights.”

The bill was brought to them by the “Queer Alliance Resource Center,” and it asks the student body to condemn Trump for defining gender by sex.

Chow simply abstained from voting for the bill, and now her fellow classmates are demanding that she resign.

Some are even calling her a “horrible person” and an “imbicile.”

The San Francisco Chronicle writes:

A student senator at UC Berkeley abstained from a vote supporting transgender rights last week, then took a moment to explain her thinking. Now, more than 1,000 people have signed a petition demanding that she resign from student government or face a recall.

Hundreds packed a Senate meeting Wednesday night to insist that she go. On social media, students labeled her a “horrible person” and a “mental imbecile.” Her campus political party severed ties with her. And the Daily Californian, UC Berkeley’s storied student newspaper, ran an editorial critical of her statements and refused to publish her written defense.

The uproar began Oct. 31, when the Queer Alliance Resource Center asked the student Senate to pass a bill condemning the Trump administration for considering a legal definition of gender that would require it to match a person’s sex at birth…

Reading a five-paragraph statement explaining her decision, Chow told her 18 fellow senators, who all voted for the bill (another was absent), that discrimination “is never, ever OK.”

“That said,” Chow continued, voting for the bill would compromise her values and force her to promote groups and identities she disagrees with.

“As a Christian, I personally do believe that certain acts and lifestyles conflict with what is good, right and true,” she said. “I believe that God created male and female at the beginning of time, and designed sex for marriage between one man and one woman…”

Student Senator Chow was never given the opportunity to defend herself.

The campus newspaper would not publish her op-ed defending her position and her beliefs.

Leftists are engaging in a campaign to “de-platform” Chow so they can have free rein to smear her and rile up their “mob” protesters.

In an interview with a local TV news station, one protestor even said Chow’s beliefs are “not valid.”

The school administration – which at one time professed to support the First Amendment – has not taken any action to condemn protesters threatening Chow for her religious beliefs.

UC Berkeley recently updated their “Free Speech” policy with the stated claim to protect First Amendment rights of all students and faculty.

Yet once again, the radical left is getting their way in censoring anyone that disagrees with them.

Do you think Isabella Chow should be forced to resign from the UC Berkeley Student Government for her Christian beliefs?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Tim Tebow just landed a new gig on national TV


Tim Tebow is proof a person can be a Christian and unashamed.

He started his career in football but has branched into baseball and Hollywood.

But his next career move will leave you ecstatic.

Tim Tebow will host the upcoming CBS physical competition series Million Dollar Mile.

The show centers around a physically challenging obstacle course which contestants attempt to complete for a 1 million dollar prize.

Deadline Hollywood Reports:

Matt “Money” Smith and Maria Taylor will join Tebow as sports commentators in the 10-episode high-stakes physical competition series where contestants will have the chance to win $1 million every time they run the Million Dollar Mile. Standing in their way is the most challenging course ever designed and a group of elite athletes with one mission – to stop the contestants from winning the money at all costs. The series is in production in Los Angeles for broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

“Watching good people compete at their highest ability is always inspirational to me,” said Tebow. “Million Dollar Mile is a show that does just that – it motivates, thrills and is aspirational, and I’m excited to be hosting this show.”

CBS inking Tim Tebow shows how popular he is with the general public.

As we previously reported, Tim Tebow partnered with Roadside Attractions to release the film Run The Race which he produced with his brother, Robby.

He is beloved by Americans because he is unafraid to stand up for what he believes in while being respectful and courteous to everyone.

CBS has not yet released a premiere date for Million Dollar Mile but the series is currently in production in Los Angeles.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

WATCH: This pro-Planned Parenthood ad is downright evil


The pro-abortion left can’t wait to promote Planned Parenthood’s bloody agenda.

After all, abortion is a profitable business.

But this pro-Planned Parenthood video will make your blood boil.

The pro-abortion left wants to make it easy and convenient to murder an unborn child.

In fact, they will openly advertise that people should have a right to choose to murder their unborn child.

And their evil rhetoric was on full display in the form of a pro-Planned-Parenthood video by The Agenda Project saying an unborn baby is a life “choice.”

The video features a beautiful baby girl.

Interspersed with footage of this adorable creation of God are the following texts:

“She deserves to be loved.”

“She deserves to be wanted.”

“She deserves to be a choice.”


To the pro-abortion left, babies in the womb have no right to life.

They think an unplanned, unborn baby is deserving of nothing more than being murdered.

To them, an unborn child is simply a faceless, nameless clump of cells that doesn’t deserve to be loved, defended, or even given basic human rights.

And they’ll do whatever is necessary, use whatever language necessary, and lie however much they need to in an attempt to keep murder of unborn children legal.

What are your thoughts on this vile ad? Let us know in the comments.

A movie theater is banning a movie with the Bible in it for the most insane reason


So-called “progressives” want to rewrite the history books.

They hate the fact that Bible-believing Christians are responsible for the success of the Western world.

Now this movie about the Bible is being banned for this absurd reason.

The Bible Society is a non-profit organization that translates and distributes bibles all across the world.

They recently made a short film about how the Bible was crucial to the perseverance of many British soldiers during the first world war.

British theater “Empire Cinemas” had agreed to run the short film in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the WWI armistice.

But now they are going back on their agreement.

The British movie theater “Empire Cinemas” now refuses to run the film, saying it’s “too religious for the public.”

The Guardian writes:

A UK cinema chain has rejected a short film highlighting the comfort some first world war soldiers found in the Bible.

The film by the Bible Society was intended to be shown in 125 screens around the country in the run-up to the armistice centenary this weekend, but was vetoed by Empire Cinemas, which does not accept religious or political advertising.

Over footage of soldiers in trenches, the three-minute film informs viewers that all British troops were given a Bible as part of their kit. “To many it was a source of hope, for eternal peace,” reads caption material.

According to the Bible Society, the cinema advertising company Pearl & Dean agreed to distribute the film. But in an email sent to the society last month, Pearl & Dean said Empire Cinemas, which has 125 screens at 14 venues across the UK, had declined to show the film.

“The reason for this is in the contracts with our exhibitors, they get veto over any sort of religious or political ad. I am sorry to deliver this news, but unfortunately they do get final say,” said Pearl & Dean’s email.

Paul Woolley of the Bible Society said: “The Bible is not a ‘religious’ document, just for Christians or just for ‘religious’ life; it’s a book for everyone. It’s an historical fact that the Bible was a core part of a British soldier’s kit and that, to many, it was a source of hope.

So instead of allowing the public to decide whether they think the short film is too religious for their tastes, they just cut the showing altogether.

This is just another example of how the movie theater industry wants to censor anything remotely Christian or conservative.

And it’s not just happening overseas.

Here in America, Hollywood is more emboldened than ever in making fun of Christians and conservatives.

As we reported, a liberal comedian tried to depict Jesus as a pansexual hippie that “curses all the time.”

So-called “progressives” show their true colors when they try to get away with these antics.

Their goal is to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

But it will continue to backfire on them just as it did in 2016 when Trump won the presidency.