This liberal talk show host just put liberals in their place over this hypocritical stance


Over the last several years, the Left has moved so far to the Left that even many liberals cannot keep up with what is woke and what can get you canceled.

This has made the Left’s agenda unpalatable, which has alienated many people who used to identify as liberals.

So much so that this liberal talk show host just put liberals in their place over this hypocritical stance.

The Left is becoming more radical by the second

At the end of the day, the entire agenda of the Left, which becomes more extreme by the day, is entirely based on hypocrisy.

When it comes to liberals, their woke agenda is all fine and dandy until problems such as homelessness, illegal immigration, and crime arrive on their front doorstep.

This hypocrisy has been on full display in many liberal cities lately, namely when it comes to the problem of illegal immigration.

For quite some time border state governors such as Greg Abbott of Texas have sent illegal aliens to so-called sanctuary cities such as Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

These liberal-dominated cities are supposed to be safe spaces for illegal aliens; however, now that they are at their front doorstep, the tone has changed.

From the beginning, those on the right recognized the hypocrisy here, but now even some liberals are starting to scratch their heads.

One such liberal is Bill Maher, who is the host of HBO’s late-night talk show Real Time, and just the other night he made a surprising statement that has drawn the attention of liberals and conservatives alike.

In regards to the outrage many liberal mayors are displaying in regards to the bussing of illegal aliens, Maher claimed, “It is an interesting question for liberals to be like, hey, let’s have open borders or close to it, and then when they come, but it’s not in our states. And the Texas Governor kind of called their bluff. He was like, well, you like immigrants so much? Have some of ours.”

Maher then went on to claim, “This is about, there seems to be some hypocrisy about welcoming them, but not in my backyard. That’s what seems different about this.”

Maher nailed it

Bill Maher, who is an outspoken liberal, nailed it on this one.

He is exactly right to point out just how hypocritical this change in tone from the Left is.

This hypocrisy underscores how the Left operates.

Everything they do and believe in is completely impractical and they know it.

Making cities havens for illegal immigrants, among other ridiculous policy ideas, is never intended to improve the lives of their constituents, but rather to make them feel good about themselves while actually doing nothing to help.

That is the entire premise of the Left’s worldview – create change through radical policy proposals, not through actually doing good things and works.

Fortunately, it seems like more and more people on both sides of the aisle are becoming aware of this, and with any luck, a day of reckoning is on the horizon for the radical Left.

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Leftists are seething after Hollywood Republicans flexed their strength with this audacious move


Hollywood is dominated by leftists.

But there are some people in the industry who lean conservative.

And the Left is seething after Hollywood Republicans flexed their strength with this audacious move.

There have always been leftists in Hollywood, but they didn’t always have complete control of the industry.

But over the past several decades, nearly all of the power brokers in Hollywood have become left-wing.

For every Mel Gibson there are fifty left-wingers in the industry.

But there are more conservatives than many would believe.

Hollywood conservatives flexed the muscle with new premier

Another outspoken conservative in Hollywood is actor Robert Davi, who recently directed the film My Son Hunter, which delves into the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” scandal.

The industry has become so “woke,” the My Son Hunter screening had to take place in secret.

Newsweek reported that “some of Hollywood’s politically conservative insiders — a small group in famously liberal Tinseltown — gathered Wednesday for a secretive invitation-only screening of My Son Hunter, a film that promotes the accusation that President Joe Biden profited from his son’s allegedly dubious dealings with foreign powers. Among those attending the gathering at a private screening room in Los Angeles were Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman star Dean Cain and Nick Searcy, star of TV’s Justified. Some others said they did not want their attendance revealed, fearing it might hurt their careers. The secrecy underlined what right-wingers say is an atmosphere of fear over expressing conservative views in Hollywood.”

Davi, who has been in many films including Die Hard and Goonies, explained, “I don’t believe any voice should be held down in America, as the left is doing…In Hollywood today, most conservatives are afraid to speak up. That has got to change.”

The film stars Gina Carano and English actor Laurence Fox, both of whom faced “cancellation” for expressing views that ran counter to the Left.

Conservatives needed to keep a lid on the secret gathering

The veil of censorship over Hollywood is real.

In 2018, Ted Cruz was asked by a TMZ reporter about Hollywood conservatives and he replied, “There are actually a surprising number, but they’re afraid to speak out…I spoke several years ago at Friends of Abe, the group of conservatives in Hollywood, and I’ve never seen people so afraid of being caught. I mean, they literally would not allow any photographs, any videos because—you know, for the bigger stars, for someone like a Jon Voight, who’s an outspoken conservative, his career could handle it. But if someone is a gaffer, if someone is a writer, if someone is lower down on the totem pole, they’d be blackballed and lose their career for it coming out that they’re conservative. I really think that’s a messed up scenario…I’ve never spoken to any other group where people are terrified, ‘don’t take a picture of me because it could literally end my career’ because Hollywood has this ideological intolerance.”

Liberals talk about the horrors of the Hollywood blacklist when there were actual communists all over the film industry, the media, and even the state department, but they have spent the last several decades creating a new blacklist for anyone on the Right.

But things in Democrat-run America have gotten so bad, more Hollywood conservatives are speaking up.
Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

A “rebellious” rocker attacked Trump supporters and it blew up in his face


Left-wing propaganda is radicalizing people to condemn half the country.

And entertainment celebrities are some of the worst offenders of divisive rhetoric.

But it didn’t go well for this “rebellious” rocker who attacked Trump supporters and it blew up in his face.

It’s no surprise that celebrities in Hollywood and in the music industry hate Donald Trump.

The entertainment industry is overwhelmingly left-wing with some conservatives and libertarians mixed in.

Leftists’ weird MAGAT obsession

But these celebrities and their acolytes are crossing the line when they attack millions of Trump voters around the country.

And Dee Snider of Twisted Sister did exactly that in a ridiculous rant.

Snider tweeted, “ATTENTION QANON, MAGAT FASCISTS: Every time you sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” remember it was written by a cross-dressing, libtard, tree hugging half-Jew who HATES everything you stand for. It was you and people like you that inspired every angry word of that song! SO FUCK OFF!”

The problem for Snider is that he was singing an entirely different tune in 2016.

Back then, a TMZ reporter approached Snider on the street, and Snider said, “You should ask me about Donald Trump because he’s using ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as his campaign anthem.”

The reporter asked Snider if he supported Trump’s candidacy, and he replied, “Donald Trump is a good friend, great guy, and I support him turning the political system on its head. The song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take it’ is a song about rebellion, and there’s nothing more rebellious than what Donald Trump is doing right now.”

The reporter then asked if Trump worked out a licensing agreement to use the song, and Snider said he let him use it for free.

Snider relayed that he told Trump, “You’re a buddy of mine, I like what you’re doing, so go for it.”

In addition to that, Snider previously performed onstage at a Trump event.

Snider is one of many celebrities that once supported Trump—or at the very least was friendly with him—only to turn his back when the pressure from the establishment got too hot.

What happened to this “rebel” in rock?

Ironically, Snider’s entire persona was built around being against the establishment.

In the 1980s, he was battling Tipper Gore on the issue of censorship in music.

Now Snider is a mouthpiece for a regime that’s even more censorious.

The Daily Wire reported that “Snider appeared before the Senate in 1985 after a pro-censorship group known as the Parental Music Resource Center (PMRC) published a list of problematic bands and tunes that included Twisted Sister. Although the Senate was controlled by Republicans at the time, the drive to censor music was largely a Democrat project. The PMRC itself was spearheaded by Tipper Gore — who would be second lady just seven years later — and suggested that ‘We’re Not Gonna take It’ should be slapped with a warning label because it promoted ‘violence.’”

It seems as though Snider is going to take it after all.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Bill Maher made this Hollywood director look like a clown with one question


Trump Derangement Syndrome has eaten the brain of countless celebrities.

But some cases of TDS are more incurable than others.

And Maher had this TDS-afflicted Hollywood director look like a clown with one question.

Bill Maher has a bad case of TDS, but even Maher was shocked by how much Hollywood director Rob Reiner had been destroyed mentally by Donald Trump.

Meathead left stammering

During a discussion about the so-called mainstream burying the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” scandal, Maher asked if it was appropriate for the media to suppress the story.

Reiner played dumb as if he didn’t know that the press had throttled The New York Post’s story right before the 2020 general election.

The conversation was kickstarted based on comments made by liberal author Sam Harris, who might have the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome ever recorded.

During a podcast interview, Harris argued that the media companies were justified in doing what they did to stop Trump.

Harris explained, “That doesn’t answer the people who say, ‘It’s still completely unfair to not have looked at the laptop in a timely way and to have shut down The New York Post Twitter account; that’s a left-wing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump.’ Absolutely it was, absolutely. But I think it was warranted.”

Archie Bunker son-in-law tried dodging

When Maher posed the question to Reiner as to whether or not the suppression was justified, Reiner responded, “No, you know what’s not justified? Using armed violence to try to kill people in the Capitol. That’s not justified.”

The non-answer got some applause from the left-wing audience, but Maher refused to allow him to duck the question.

Maher persisted, “Was it appropriate to bury the Hunter Biden story?”

“Are you talking about the press doing this?” Reiner questioned.

Maher said, “[Sam Harris] is saying that’s what they did. And this is what they did. They buried the Hunter Biden story before the election because they were like, ‘We can’t risk having the election thrown to Trump, we’ll tell them after the election.’”

Reiner queried, “And we know for a fact that that’s what they did?”

“Of course! You don’t follow this?” Maher shot back.

“You know for a fact that’s what they did? I don’t know what they did,” Reiner replied.

Maher retorted, “I know because you only watch MSNBC,” which drew huge applause from the audience.

Reiner insisted, “No, that’s not true. That’s not true.”

“Well, then you would know about this,” Maher said.

Reiner changed his tune and claimed, “I do know about that! I do know about that. And I do watch Fox. But the point is—we’re going to prove now that the press played, you know, tried to—”

“They’re admitting it!” Maher interjected.

“The press is admitting it?” Reiner asked.

Maher hit back, “Yes, that’s not even an issue anymore! They’re saying, yes, we basically did this because we didn’t want this to throw the election.”

Reiner had nothing left after that.

It’s stunning when Bill Maher is the least-Trump deranged person in the room.

Even he cannot deny the media corruption that took place regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop at the end of the 2020 election.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Walmart just betrayed its conservative customer base with one jaw-dropping announcement


Leftist policies have taken corporate America by storm.

America’s largest employer seemed to be staying out of the fray.

But Walmart just betrayed its conservative customer base with one jaw-dropping announcement.

All-American brand tarnished beyond repair?

Walmart may have just tarnished its supposedly all-American brand beyond repair.

The retail giant betrayed its conservative customer base with a revealing policy on abortion, angering many in the small urban population centers in rural states all over the nation that helped build Walmart into one of the biggest retailers in the world.

Walmart took America by storm in the 90s grabbing a lion’s share of all retail sales in the country with its aggressive pricing strategy driving smaller competitors out of business.

The business started by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas went on to make his heirs billionaires many times over.

Considering the company’s Bible belt roots—and extensive customer base in red states—you’d expect a fairly conservative approach to hot policy issues.

But the retail giant just proved once again it’s willing to jump right on the leftist bandwagon—even if it wants to do it quieter than openly leftist competitor Target.

Now news just broke that Walmart is expanding abortion coverage for employees.

Expanded support for abortion

The company, which employees 1.6 million people, announced that it will pay for covered employees and their dependents to get abortions in certain cases including a health risk to the mother, rape, incest, ectopic pregnancy, or “lack of fetal viability.”

That’s according to an internal memo that was leaked to the press.

According to the new policy, when abortions aren’t available within a 100 miles of an employee’s location the company will cover travel expenses along with the abortion.

Of course, what amounts to a “health risk” gets interpreted by the patient’s doctor.

“People Officer” defends fewer people abortion policy

Donna Morris, Walmart’s “Chief People Officer” claims the changes were made after “listening to our associates about what’s important to them,” and says that “we strive to provide quality, competitive and accessible health coverage that supports you and your families.”

More likely the changes were prompted by the leftist corporate hobnobbing that results in most of what’s broken in corporate America.

Leftist culture has somehow washed from Silicon Valley—in San Francisco’s wildly leftist Bay Area—to almost every big business in the nation.

Clearly, Walmart has drifted far from its roots in Arkansas and is now trying to emulate culturally corrupt companies like Disney, Microsoft, Apple, and Meta (Facebook).

In the process, they’re betraying millions of families who made them wildly successful in the first place.

Supreme Court Justice just got slapped with the ultimate insult — and the reason is beyond ridiculous


The Left’s fury against SCOTUS Justices hasn’t subsided.

One leftist group just proved the lengths they’ll go to.

Because they just slapped a Supreme Court Justice with the ultimate insult — and the reason is beyond ridiculous.

Institutes of “higher” education are becoming increasingly useless as the woke agenda takes over.

But one alumni group just came up with a stunt that really takes the cake.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s college alumni group just slapped her with a ridiculous insult.

Justice Barrett is a conservative who leads a lifestyle that backs up her convictions.

The Supreme Court Justice who helped overturn Roe v. Wade has given birth to five children and adopted two.

Their brood includes one child adopted from Haiti who had to overcome severe physical challenges and her youngest has Down’s Syndrome — proof Barrett’s pro-life stance is no idle policy statement.

But because she sided against leftists by affirming that Roe v. Wade’s universal abortion-on-demand model is unconstitutional, a noisy and nosey group of former students from Rhodes College are demanding that Barrett be removed from the school’s “Hall of Fame.”

Incredibly, an entire group has apparently been created to take on the cause.

Now the “Rhodes College Alumni for Reproductive Rights” are throwing a fit claiming than Barrett has violated the Rhodes Honor Code through how she testified during her Senate confirmation hearings and her work as a Supreme Court Justice.

Of course, that’s nothing more than a load of garbage.

They’re trying to argue that she’s somehow violated her own claimed approach to judicial decision making because of the recent decision.

But even during her Senate confirmation hearing Barrett made it clear she didn’t consider Roe v. Wade to be a “super-precedent.”

“To define cases that are so well-settled that no political actors and no people seriously push for their overruling. And I’m answering a lot of questions about Roe, which I think indicates that Roe doesn’t fall in that category,” Barrett said at the time.

The fact is, an honest reading of Roe v. Wade has always revealed one of the weakest Supreme Court decisions ever made.

It’s shocking that a case that never even dealt with whether it’s constitutionally acceptable to kill an unborn baby was decided in a way that allowed children to be legally killed in the womb for decades.

But logic aside, her leftist peer group is committed to punishing her for crossing them politically.

“And we believe that Justice Amy Coney Barrett is one of the biggest current threats to our fundamental rights, the stability of our nation, and our democracy,” the alumni group wrote in a letter. “Moreover, as Rhodes alumni who pledged the same fealty to truth, loyalty, and service’ as she did, we find her actions to be a clear—and perhaps history’s most destructive to date— violation of the Honor Code we all hold dear.”

When protecting the lives of untold numbers of innocent babies can be interpreted as an “honor code” violation we’re all living in a word unacceptably corrupt.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Rick Harrison just took a blow torch to Joe Biden’s lies


There’s no low that the Biden administration won’t stoop too.

But a legendary TV show boss is exposing the Democrats.

Because Rick Harrison just took a blow torch to Biden’s lies.

Joe Biden’s economic policies have put the squeeze on the American people.

Democrats are doing their best to pretend as if the economy is just fine, but people can feel the crunch in their wallet regardless of what talking heads say.

And Rick Harrison of the popular reality TV show Pawn Stars just highlighted the problems many Americans are facing, explaining that people have had to sell off items to stay above water.

Harrison appeared on Fox News and said, “Twenty percent of the adult population do not have a bank account, they don’t have normal banking. If they need a little money, this is what they have to do… Gas prices are killing people, the price of food has gone … inflation has gone nuts… And I really believe lower-income people it affects much worse than it affects upper-income people.”

Inflation is usually a hidden regressive tax.

But it’s anything but hidden right now.

And while inflation hits the poor and the middle class the hardest, Democrats are acting like no one is being hit by inflation.

Rich people can afford to pay higher prices for everyday goods and services, and they tend to own assets that appreciate in value.

Meanwhile, people are paying twice as much at the pump and the checkout line, and their wages have not kept up with 40-year-high inflation.

Harrison added, “Rents in Vegas alone are up 24 percent in one year…You know, you take the gas prices, the food prices and everything like that: it’s much harder to make a living… There’s a lot of people, especially young people who work in the gig economy and things like that…I live in the poorest county in Oregon like four months a year. I help out a lot down there. And when you’re talking rural places, it’s even worse because these people have to drive so much more.”

Thus far, the Democrats’ response to 9% inflation and an economic recession is to spend even more.

Inflation is more dollars chasing fewer goods, so Biden and the Democrats are actively making the problem worse.

Harrison said as much, explaining, “We just have a government dead-set on creating more inflation and less jobs I mean, that’s the only way I can think to say it.”

There is no other way to say it when being honest.

That’s why the Biden White House has to lie so much and change the definition of words like “recession.”

Worse, they want to sic 87,000 new IRS auditors on already struggling middle class Americans.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Cracker Barrel just went woke with this food item and customers are furious


It’s hard to find good homestyle food when you are out on the road traveling.

But thankfully for most of us you can find a cracker barrel near any major exit on the highway to fill that hole in our hearts.

Well, Cracker Barrel just went woke with this food item and customers are furious.

Americans all love a good vacation.

Spending time with the family in the car is always a good time.

But we have all been in that situation when things turn ugly.

Kids are screaming in the back for being trapped in the car for more than three hours.

And the wife just hit a new level of demonic anger after being “hangry” for thirty minutes.

Then that fun family trip turns into a witch hunt trying to find somewhere good to stop and eat to appease everyone.

Thankfully, Cracker Barrel seems to be at nearly every other interstate off ramp.

The food chain is known for having rocking chairs to relax, an oversized gift shop, hundreds of random pictures and household items on the wall, and good old southern homestyle food.

But with one move, Cracker Barrel has been able to piss off most of their customers.

When you go to Cracker Barrel you go there for some southern food covered in fat, sodium, and butter.

No one goes to the place for a healthy food option.

Welp, Cracker Barrel just put a food option on their menu that is for the woke customer they don’t have.

Cracker Barrel just announced that they are introducing plant based “impossible” sausage to their breakfast menu.

Cracker Barrel’s “director of menu strategies” claimed, “Our new breakfast menu innovations provide a personalized experience with delicious breakfast choices to satisfy every taste bud – whether guests are nostalgic for homestyle food, hungry for a nutritious plant-based option or have a craving for a sweet treat. At morning, noon or night, we want guests to enjoy craveable breakfast favorites at a compelling value.”

And the backlash from customers was quick and swift with most being pissed about the new fake sausage option.

Cracker Barrel might learn the hard way that when you go woke, you go broke.

What do you think?

Chick-fil-A just dropped news on their menu that is driving customers insane


Few food chains are loved more than Chick-fil-A.

And the following the chicken king has amassed is unmatched with its dedicated customer base.

Well Chick-fil-A just dropped news on their menu that is driving customers insane.

The only thing Americans love more than football is fast food.

Ask any American on the street who the first president was and many would give you a blank stare.

But ask them what their favorite fast food was and they would blurt out an answer in a heartbeat.

But one fast food chain stands above the rest to many red-blooded Americans.


The KFC with Jesus and unmatched customer service is second to none for many even though they aren’t one of the biggest food chains compared to others like McDonalds.

Just drive by any Chick-fil-A around lunchtime and the 20-plus car deep drive through line will be running like clockwork.

And their waffle fries are to die for.

But just when you thought Chick-fil-a couldn’t get any better, they make our lives even better with pleasure.

Chick-fil-A might not have a secret menu but they just told customers how to make orders better with “cheat” options.

Just take a look.

First suggestion by the Jesus chicken franchise is Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese which is nuggets, mac and cheese, a pack of buffalo and ranch sauce.

Heaven in your mouth.

They also suggest a dessert option called Double Cookie Milkshake.

It’s simply a Cookies & Cream Milkshake with a crumbled cookie in it.

So simple but so delicious.


Just when you thought Chick-fil-A is perfect they prove you wrong and become even more amazing.

Beyoncé removed one word from her latest album for an insane reason


The entertainment industry has gone mindlessly “woke.”

Political correctness rules the day and anyone can be “canceled” at any time.

Now Beyoncé removed one word from her latest album for an insane reason.

R&B star Beyoncé recently released her new album Renaissance, which is on track to underperform compared to her surprise 2016 release Lemonade.

However, the soft sales numbers are not the biggest story surrounding the album.

The singer removed the word “spaz” from the album amid accusations that the word is ableist.

The Associated Press reported that “‘the word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced,’ a spokeswoman for Beyoncé wrote in a statement… The song ‘Heated,’ which was co-written with Canadian rapper Drake among several others, uses the word ‘spaz,’ which is considered a derogatory reference to the medical term spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy.”

People are searching for reasons to be offended.

Guardian writer Hannah Diviney, “So Beyoncé used the word ‘spaz’ in her new song Heated. Feels like a slap in the face to me, the disabled community & the progress we tried to make with Lizzo. Guess I’ll just keep telling the whole industry to ‘do better’ until ableist slurs disappear from music.”

This is the malignant narcissism of the Left on full display.

Heated, the Beyoncé song in question, could have been written and mixed a year ago, and it’s unlikely that she and other artists were sitting around following the Lizzo controversy with bated breath.

But leftists believe that the world revolves around them.

Pop star Lizzo recently got in trouble for the same reason, and issued a groveling public apology.

Lizzo wrote on social media, “It’s been brought to my attention that there is a harmful word in my new song ‘GRRRLS’. Let me make one thing clear: I never want to promote derogatory language. As a fat black woman in America, I’ve had many hurtful words used against me so I understand the power words can have (whether intentionally or in my case, unintentionally). I’m proud to say there’s a new version of GRRRLS with a lyric change. This is the result of me listening and taking action. As an influential artist I’m dedicated to being part of the change I’ve been waiting to see in the world. Xoxo, Lizzo.”

The “woke” mind virus is spreading quickly.

Every time a celebrity bends the knee for a foolish reason, it only emboldens the “woke” brigade further to go after regular people.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.