Mike Rowe ripped the Democrats’ disastrous economic plan


The Democrats are on an economic suicide mission.

Joe Biden wants to spend the country into financial oblivion.

But Mike Rowe ripped the Democrats’ disastrous economic plan.

The student loan debt crisis is becoming unsustainable.

Collectively, students are carrying nearly $2 trillion in loans, which cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.

And the Democrats’ brilliant idea is to make taxpayers pay for it.

So people who didn’t go to college, went to college debt-free, paid off their debt, or paid off their own kids’ debt have to pay for everyone’s debt.

Higher education has been exposed as a racket, so much so that Bill Maher even called it out.

Author and reality TV star Mike Rowe has long been banging this drum, and he echoed Maher’s sentiments.

Rowe called out the “profound unfairness of making taxpayers pay the tuition of those who wish to attend a university.”

So progressive millennials saddled with enormous debt want taxpayers to foot their bill while thumbing their noses at people who didn’t go to college.

Rowe added:

“I want people to radically rethink higher education. Toward that end, I’ve always maintained that making a four-year degree ‘less expensive’ is a great symptom, but a lousy goal. The better goal is to make a four-year degree less necessary than it currently is. That’s not an ‘anti-education’ position. It’s a cry for rationality, proportionality, and common sense. The vast, overwhelming majority of jobs that require a diploma from a four-year school, should not.”

Once the government backed education loans, that meant that universities had zero risk, which allowed them to inflate tuition dramatically.

The cost of tuition has skyrocketed well above the average rate of inflation.

Baby boomers could pay college tuition by working a summer job.

Universities hiked prices, students still took out the loans because they were encouraged to do so, and the result is a glut of graduates with useless degrees in gender studies.

Ironically, professors – the chief propagandists – have seen their salaries stagnate while administrators and diversity czars have experienced a boon.

Not only do Democrats want to wipe out debt, they want to add more debt by making community college free.

Community college is already inexpensive, and making it “free” would only be a sop to the administrators and diversity czars who want to keep the gravy train going.

Eventually, the education bubble has to burst.

There simply aren’t enough jobs to justify the mountainous debt.

You won’t believe what request of Joe Biden’s the Pope denied


The Washington Post called Joe Biden “very catholic.”

But the U.S. Council of Bishops is currently meeting to discuss denying Biden communion over his very public pro-abortion stance.

And now, you won’t believe what request of Joe Biden’s the Pope denied.

Biden is currently in Europe for a number of high-level meetings, which offered the potential for the President to meet with the Pope.

The sources say that Biden’s team initially requested for Biden to attend mass with the Pope early in the morning – however, the proposal was nixed by the Vatican.

Seems the Vatican took into consideration the fact that there is much controversy surrounding Biden and Holy Communion.

If Biden had attended an early morning mass with the Pope and received communion, that could most certainly impact the Pope’s discussions with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The Catholic News Agency even issued a retraction of a previous story that had stated the Pope and Biden were meeting.

It said:

In a story June 14, 2021, about Joe Biden and Pope Francis, the Catholic News Agency, based on information provided by a source, erroneously reported that the U.S. President would meet with the Pope on June 15. According to Vatican sources June 15, there is no meeting currently scheduled between Pope Francis and President Joe Biden.

The White House denied the report.

A public affairs officer at the U.S. embassy to the Vatican tried to say that Biden just never had any plans to visit Rome.

In response to the embassy, The Catholic News Agency said:

The President’s entourage had originally requested for Biden to attend Mass with the pope early in the morning, but the proposal was nixed by the Vatican after considering the impact that Biden receiving Holy Communion from the pope would have on the discussions the USCCB is planning to have during their meeting starting Wednesday, June 16.

The U.S. bishops are slated to vote on creating a committee that would draft a document about Eucharistic coherence.

It’s about time someone stood up to Biden and his warped view of Catholicism.

The killing of innocent life flies directly in the face of Catholic teaching, no matter who you are, Mr. Biden.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Pope Francis just hit a new low as he refuses to accept the resignation of an archbishop caught up in sex abuse scandals


Few people in the world have as much influence as Pope Francis.

And he has used his influence to push the Left’s insane agenda.

But Pope Francis just hit a new low as he refuses to accept the resignation of an archbishop caught up in sex abuse scandals.

Popes have always had the opportunity to greatly influence World affairs.

And over the past several decades, Popes have tried to stay out of political fights.

But not Pope Francis.

The man has gotten his nose caught in countless radical leftist agendas.

Pope Francis started his career in the Catholic hierarchy being known for buddying up to leftists throughout central America.

And since he has been Pope, one of his biggest crusades is against “global warming” and capitalism.

Many reporters of the Vatican’s affairs will never forget last fall when Pope Francis openly attacked capitalism by saying, “[t]he fragility of world systems in the face of the pandemic has demonstrated that not everything can be resolved by market freedom.”

But those same reporters were in shock by Pope Francis’ latest blunder.

He refused to let an archbishop covered in child abuse cases resign from his position.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising has been pushed to resign by many Germans who are infuriated by his lack of response in dealing with abuse cases.

And his attempted resignation comes right before the official state report on abuse cases under his watch are supposed to come out anytime now.

But Pope Francis refused to even consider his resignation.

Pope Francis told Marx to “shepherd my sheep” and that reforms “[don’t] consist in words but attitudes that have the courage of putting oneself in crisis, of assuming reality regardless of the consequences.”

Time will tell how this all plays out.

But one can only guess that an archbishop who didn’t do anything before will just continue to turn a blind eye to issues within his domain.

Chuck Norris came out of nowhere to wreck Biden and now leftists are freaking out


Everyone remembers Chuck Norris whooping some butt on beloved shows like Walker, Texas Ranger.

But no one expected him to take aim at President Biden.

And Chuck Norris came out of nowhere to wreck Biden and now leftists are freaking out.

Very few people in Hollywood carry the name recognition like Chuck Norris does.

For decades he dominated our movie and television screens all while kicking some bad guys right square in the butt.

And to make him even more likable for middle America, he is also a strong conservative.

But over the past couple of years Norris has been missing in action.

Well, he has finally broken his silence and has come back into the public fray.

And rather than fighting the drug cartel or a serial killer, this time Norris is back to take on Joe Biden.

Norris recently wrote an op-ed for WND titled, “We owe, we owe, so it’s off to China we go (again?)”.

In this blistering op-ed, Norris dives deep into the numbers surrounding our nation’s debt and our servitude to foreign nations because of it.

He points out how our nation is at the whim of nations like China since “more than one-half of [America’s national debt is] being held by private investors in foreign lands.”

Then he points out something that should concern us all.

With our national debt edging closer to doubling our nation’s gross domestic product, Biden and his leftists pals want to spend $6 trillion we don’t have on stuff we don’t need.

And in the end his plan will hurt the economy and our nation in the long-haul.

Norris stated, “And what’s Biden’s plan to pull us out of this fiscal bondage and foreign servitude? Spend more and let China purchase more of the U.S. via its debt? It is a surreal economic nightmare that foreign investors own more of the U.S. national debt than the U.S. government itself!”

You know things are getting bad when Chuck Norris pops around the corner.

And he just gave us all a wake up call to the bad times heading our way if Biden gets his way with his excessive spending on the horizon.

Oprah was just accused of doing something troubling to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle granted an interview to Oprah Winfrey that left many speechless.

The couple threw the Royal Family under the bus with explosive allegations.

But Oprah was just accused of doing something troubling to Prince Harry and Meghan.

Meghan Markle’s estranged father Thomas Markle has not been one to mince words.

In the past, he’s called out the narcissistic behavior of his daughter, and now he’s taking aim at Oprah Winfrey.

Markle believes that Oprah is exploiting his daughter and a “weakened” Harry.

He made those claims in an interview with 60 Minutes Australia.

During the Oprah interview, Harry and Meghan accused the Royal Family of being racist, and Meghan revealed that she contemplated suicide.

Others have pointed out that Harry appears “weakened” and is regressing to an emotionally tumultuous past.

Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle believes Meghan’s behavior has contributed to Harry’s deterioration:

“I definitely see a narcissistic personality disorder. I’m not diagnosing her. She needs to see a counselor . . . I feel sorry for Harry. She pulled him away from his family, all of his friends, the life that he knew. He reminds me of one of those kidnap victims who eventually starts to believe that their life was so horrible and they’re in love with their captor.”

Oprah is one of the gatekeepers in entertainment, and now Harry and Meghan are in her inner circle.

The Sussex Royals have been eager to get into the Hollywood space after leaving the Royal Family.

It seems to be that they’re getting their wish, but it could come at a great emotional cost.

Jennifer Lawrence cut a ridiculous promo that infuriated Republicans


“Woke” Hollywood celebrities are relentless in their sermonizing.

They’re determined to shove a progressive worldview down the throats of the American people.

Now Jennifer Lawrence cut a ridiculous promo that infuriated Republicans.

Superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence, who admitted to being a Republican when she was younger and voting for John McCain in 2008, has become full “woke” during her time in Hollywood’s progressive ecosystem.

She’s now using her platform to promote H.R. 1, the so-called “For the People” Act, a radical piece of legislation that would nationalize election laws and supersede local jurisdictions.

Lawrence appeared in a PSA, which currently has a dislike ratio of 72%.

Lawrence started off her plea by pretending that she’s simply pushing a nonpartisan message.

She accused Republicans of “cheating” because of gerrymandering, but both parties redistrict in the states they control every ten years.

So some blue-state Republicans are on the chopping block.

Lawrence and other leftists are trying to hit Republicans for voter suppression because they’re in favor of voter ID laws and they’re against normalizing universal mail-in voting, a practice that Jimmy Carter and former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz warned against prior to the 2020 election.

The “For the People” Act also gives voting rights to felons and automatically registers people to vote if they enroll with any public agency.

Since voter registration is public record, that means anyone who gets a driver’s license or enrolls in community college will have their information shared.

In 1994, California passed a law banning the public distribution of personal information after an actress named Rebecca Schaeffer was stalked and murdered by someone who got her address from the DMV.

H.R.1 could potentially put people’s lives at risk.

The argument for blocking voter ID is nonsensical.

It is not a burden for an adult who isn’t entirely off the grid to acquire an ID.

And many of the Republican laws being passed provide free IDs for people who want them.

Democrats want election security as porous as possible, and there’s zero justification for it.

But they believe they can persuade people by putting actresses like Jennifer Lawrence front and center to peddle their propaganda.

Bill Maher takes on the far-left again and you won’t believe what he said this time


When most people think of Bill Maher, words like loud, inappropriate, and crass likely come to mind.

Many associate Maher with a more liberal political view, but as of late, the stand-up comedian and late-night TV host has been rather outspoken about his disgust with those on the far-left.

And recently, Bill Maher took on the far-left again, and you won’t believe what he said this time.

Bill Maher does not discriminate when he picks on people.

Left, Right, or Center everyone is a target in Maher’s world.

In May of this year, Bill Maher said that “Democrats suck the fun out of everything: Halloween, the Oscars, even childhood.”

During the same piece on his show, Maher bemoaned how the Left is becoming increasingly more rigid, and the Right seems to be loosening up.

Now Maher is lashing out at liberals and accusing them of “progressophobia.”

Maher believes that the Left is refusing to acknowledge how far America has already come.

The late-night host tweeted out to his millions of followers that those who believe America is more racist now and more sexist now than ever before should “adjust” their masks “because it’s covering your eyes.”

Maher explained that “progressophobia” is a phrase that was coined by Steven Pinker, a Canadian-American psychologist, that describes a brain disorder that strikes liberals and makes them incapable of recognizing progress.

“It’s like situational blindness, only what you can’t see is that your dorm in 2021 is better than the South before the Civil War,” said Maher.

He went on to say that the idea being peddled by the Left that things are so much worse now than they ever have been is ridiculous.

“And yet, there is a recurrent theme on the far-left that things have never been worse,” Maher said, pointing to a statement from actor and comedian Kevin Hart claiming, “You’re witnessing white power and white privilege at an all-time high.”

Maher didn’t ignore the idea that there are real problems in the world, but he continues to loudly proclaim that they are nothing like what they used to be.

“Seeing clearly is necessary for actually fixing problems,” Maher concluded.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

This former SNL star has some harsh words for the cancel culture mob


Celebrities seem to have had enough of cancel culture.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you say something that even sniffs of being offensive, you’re immediately canceled.

And this former SNL star has some harsh words for the cancel culture mob.

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Jon Lovitz recently joined the myriad of comedians talking about the current state of comedy.

Of all the people being attacked by the cancel culture mob, the comedians appear to be getting hit the hardest.

Comics are facing potential cancelation not just over present material but over past material that in some cases is decades old.

In discussing the current state of comedy, Lovitz went as far as to compare cancel culture to the Red scare, which saw many in Hollywood get blacklisted in the 1940s.

“I’ll just say it, it’s no different than McCarthyism,” Lovitz said in an interview with Page Six.

Lovitz believes that cancel culture is making it hard for him and other comedians to even do their job anymore.

A comedian’s job is to “satirize what’s going on in society and point out the hypocrisies,” Lovitz stated.

“As soon as you say to a comedian like me, ‘You can’t say that,’ the first thing in my head is, ‘Oh, and now I have to,'” the comedian explained.

The former SNL star did go on to say there is a difference between making a joke about something and “being outright mean.”

“If you don’t have the ability to laugh at yourself, don’t go to a comedy club. I’m not changing my act. If you’re watching TV and you don’t like the show, change the channel. It’s very simple,” Lovitz said.

Jon Lovitz and so many others in Hollywood are seeing the backlash over what people used to find funny and entertaining.

We are in a culture of “everything is offensive,” and it has gone too far.

Gone are the days of being able to poke fun at someone and have it garner laughs.

Now, if someone even hints at cracking a joke about another person, they’re deemed racist, sexist, or a whole host of other things.

Jon Lovitz and many other comedians who are speaking up about this issue are right – people need to loosen up.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

You will be shocked when you see what this high school did to its prom attendees


The 2020 pandemic caused kids across the country to miss out on those special high school activities like prom and graduation ceremonies.

Given that most states started easing restrictions in 2021, kids are getting to enjoy those rights of passage once again, but many of the events are coming with conditions.

And you will be shocked when you see what this high school did to its prom attendees.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate has been the root of numerous debates over the last 5 months.

Whether you stand on the pro-vaccine side or are part of the anti-vaccine group, one thing is for sure more Americans need to stand up for their right to not be forced to get the vaccine.

Unfortunately, many are forgetting these basic freedoms.

From the Democrat-controlled media to your local Walmart, everyone seems to be trying to push, bribe, and shame people into getting the vaccine.

One school went so far as to “mark” students as vaccinated or unvaccinated.

A New Hampshire high school physically marked the hands of prom attendees according to their COVID-19 vaccination status.

Those who were unvaccinated received a mark in black sharpie marker, while those who were vaccinated received some type of red mark.

The move outraged parents.

Republican State Representative Melissa Litchfield wrote on her Facebook page that she had received several complaints about the school’s actions from constituents.

Litchfield said that some parents and even some students were upset and horrified over the school’s decision to mark children as they walked into the senior prom.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that according to a statement from the School Administrative Unit, “dancing was divided among three dance floors. During the dancing, after every few songs, they were asked to raise their hands to determine who they were around.”

Representative Litchfield told WBTS in an interview that students “had to produce your papers, and if you didn’t produce your papers, you were branded with a black sharpie.”

As if being a teenager and trying to fit in isn’t hard enough, now they’re adding an extra layer of angst for these high schoolers.

One person who complained to Litchfield said the prom attendees were treated “like prisoners in Nazi Germany. Marking them, thus singling them out, and then having to raise their hands is beyond tolerable.”

According to WBTS, parents, and students who contacted Representative Litchfield refused to go on camera over fear of retaliation from the school district.

The school district doesn’t believe they did anything wrong and says this was all part of their “contact tracing protocol.”

It’s stories like these that should have Americans very afraid of the future of the nation.

Much like the “unwanted” or “unclean” have been marked in history, we are now publicly shaming children for not getting a vaccine.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

One country music station infuriated fans with their gun control campaign


The phenomenon of “get woke, go broke” strikes again.

This time the issue was the Second Amendment.

And one country music station infuriated fans with their gun control campaign.

Country music fans tend to trend a bit more conservative, so it made no sense whatsoever when CMT (Country Music Television) decided to promote a gun control campaign.

CMT tweeted in support of the #WearOrange campaign, which is being funded by several progressive organizations, including Planned Parenthood, March for Our Lives, and multiple Michael Bloomberg-funded groups.

Bloomberg is moderate on fiscal issues, but on social issues, he was a nanny-state Mayor and a notorious gun-grabber.

Unsurprisingly, the backlash to CMT was swift and severe.

The tweet was ratioed, i.e. more comments than likes and retweets combined, and responses to CMT’s page were overwhelmingly negative.

From The Los Angeles Times:

A survey of the first 100 direct responses on the channel’s page showed an overwhelming majority unhappy with the message. Among the 100, only four were supportive (i.e., “Good for you! When they wrote the second amendment all they had were one shot rifles. I don’t think they ever imagined that weapons of war could be purchased! Gun control is desperately needed, background checks and a waiting period. Those who [are] against gun control are idiots!”), one neutral, and 95 disapproving.

And of course, the message in favor of gun control was woefully ill-informed.

Background checks and waiting periods already exist.

In fact, in 2020 first-time buyers in heavy gun control areas were furious when they found out about waiting periods.

People were watching their cities ravaged by rioting, but they couldn’t get a gun immediately in order to protect themselves.

It’s mind-boggling that CMT would side with the Left against their core audience on a hot button issue like guns.

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