Pope Francis just teamed up with the UN on a far-Left scheme that will shock you


Many Catholics are extremely disappointed by Pope Francis.

He continues to parrot Left-wing talking points.

And Pope Francis just teamed up with the UN on a far-Left scheme that will shock you.

As the largest segment of the Christian population in the world, the Catholic Church has a lot of power to stand up against the Left-wing voices at the United Nations.

But Pope Francis is doing the opposite and egging them on.

He just sent a letter to the participants of the latest UN climate conference.

In it, Pope Francis urged them to spend more money to fight back against “climate change,” in order to help “the poorest and most vulnerable populations.”

Fighting climate change is all about growing government, and does nothing to help the neediest around the world.

But Pope Francis doesn’t seem to care about that.

The Pope would rather have world leaders focus on promoting “clean energy” than helping raise these people out of poverty.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Not only is Pope Francis continuing to push Left-wing politics, he is actively decrying those in the Catholic Church who support conservative positions.

In 2013, he told Catholics they need to stop focusing on issues like abortion and gay marriage.

Yet, he continues to interject his opinions on Left-wing issues like climate change.

Do you think Pope Francis should stop pushing Left-wing politics?

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Nike just made this shocking move to appease Left-wing activists


Nike executives are transforming the company into a “woke” corporation.

First, Nike hitched its wagon to anti-American anthem protester Colin Kaepernick.

But now Nike made another shocking move to appease Left-wing activists.

Nike won an Emmy for its ad “Dream Crazy,” which featured Colin Kaepernick.

After releasing the ad, Nike positioned itself as the “woke” athletic apparel company.

And their latest move just solidified that.

Breitbart reports:

People expect these types of sharp Left turns for companies from time to time.

Mattel released a Barbie doll with a hijab, fashioned after Muslim Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad.

But what’s more puzzling is the Left’s full embrace of the fundamentalist aspects of Islam.

The same Leftists who detest Christianity are quick to celebrate women like Muhammad wearing a hijab.

But the hijab is in stark contrast to the Left’s feminist ideals.

Muhammad grew up in a fundamentalist household in New Jersey where she was covered at all times publicly, even while competing in volleyball and softball.

By any other measure, the hijab would not be a symbol of female empowerment, but the Left is trying to convince everyone it is.

While feminists in the west are putting women in hijabs, Muslim women in the Middle East are protesting by taking off their hijabs, and paying a steep price for it.

But crazy American Leftists have turned society topsy-turvy.

Do you think it’s nonsensical to promote the hijab as a symbol of empowerment?

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Antifa just declared all-out war on Christmas by shutting down two parades with this threat


Radical Antifa terrorists continue wreaking havoc coast to coast.

They won’t stop until they take down every American to the right of Hillary Clinton.

And Antifa just declared all-out war on Christmas by shutting down two parades with this threat.

Christmas parades are a tradition enjoyed by millions of Americans.

But Antifa forced two North Carolina cities to cancel their parades following threats from Antifa-affiliated groups due to the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy planning to attend.

Antifa previously carried out violent attacks in North Carolina while demanding the removal and destruction of Confederate monuments, and now they are even threatening Christmas parades over the issue.

Big League Politics reports:

This is just one example of Antifa’s terrorist-style tactics.

After the election of President Trump, Antifa ramped up their assaults on conservative Americans, oftentimes putting their political opponents in the hospital.

And in many cases, Left-wing politicians stood with the Left-wing extremists, giving them the green light to continue with their terrorist actions.

President Trump is pushing to label the group as domestic terrorists, calling for an end to domestic terrorism at a rally in August of this year, writing:

“Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.’ Portland is being watched very closely.  Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

Do you think Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization?

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The U.S. Supreme Court just handed Nancy Pelosi and the pro-abortion industry their worst defeat of 2019


President Trump dealt the pro-abortion industry serious defeats in his first term.

But the Abortion Lobby just received news that will ruin their day.

That’s because the U.S. Supreme Court just handed Nancy Pelosi and the pro-abortion industry their greatest defeat of 2019.

Pro-lifers made historic gains in the fight for the right to life since President Trump took office.

States such as Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana have all passed strong pro-life legislation into law sending the radical Left into complete meltdown mode.

And the U.S. Supreme Court just rejected a challenge to Kentucky’s pro-life law requiring doctors to describe ultrasound images and play the fetal heartbeat those requesting an abortion.

CNN reports:

By rejecting this challenge to Kentucky’s pro-life law, the court is signaling a pro-life position.

There are several cases in lower courts that are attempting to challenge the tragic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

If one of these cases were to reach the Supreme Court, the most pro-life court in American history could review the 1973 decision.

Naturally, the Left is going nuts.

Politicians like Nancy Pelosi, a champion for the Abortion Lobby, is fighting tooth and nail to keep abortion legal, widely available, and subsidized by taxpayers.

The Abortion Lobby won’t publicly admit, but they are on the losing side of history.

Under President Trump, the pro-life movement can expect to continue making historic gains for the unborn.

What do you think? Will the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade someday?

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Steve Harvey had this unbelievable reaction to a climate change question


Comedian Steve Harvey has had enough.

Last year while hosting the Miss Universe beauty pageant, he caused a stir when he accidentally awarded the crown to the wrong contestant.

This year, Harvey turned heads again with his unbelievable reaction to a climate change question.

The question and answer phase of beauty pageants can produce some cringeworthy moments.

Nervous contestants can stumble on a question they weren’t prepared for, but usually they give very rehearsed and predictable answers.

That’s exactly what the eventual Miss Universe winner did at the most recent pageant.

But the moment of the night occurred when host Steve Harvey posed the question to her.

Harvey found himself forced to ask a nauseating question about climate change.

After he finished, he rolled his eyes in the most spectacular way possible.

NewsBusters reports:

Harvey could’ve rolled his eyes just as hard at Ms. South Africa’s answer.

But his reaction to reading the question was delicious enough.

Harvey’s reaction gives insight to how most people feel about the climate hysteria.

They know it’s nonsense.  But with the Left so deranged on the topic, it’s easier for some to appease them than call them out on their lies and manipulations.

There seems to be a sea change happening in the culture.

Comedians are often the canary in the coal mine.

And many of them are pushing back against the PC culture run amok.

Harvey only rolled his eyes, but by doing so he conveyed his thoughts loud and clear.

Do you think more people are as fed up as Steve Harvey is with the climate hysteria?

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The Vatican is financing a movie that will make you sick to your stomach


The Vatican has a tremendous pool of resources at its disposal.

To grow their capital they invest some of those funds in various projects deemed profitable.

But their latest investment will leave you in complete shock.

Normally the Vatican is very cautious with how it invests the Catholic Church’s funds.

They make these investments to grow their resources and then proceed to donate much of the funds to charitable causes around the world.

But this time, the Vatican decided to invest in a biopic of Elton John that includes a gay sex scene.

Breitbart News reports:

It is unclear why the Vatican is using their funds to support the production of a film containing a gay sex scene when it is clearly in violation of Biblical principles.

Either the Vatican made a grave error and failed to vet the movie . . . Or someone inside the Vatican made the decision unilaterally and should be removed.

Once Catholic Church members discover this news, Vatican officials could find themselves in hot water.

What do you think?

Is it inappropriate for the Vatican to be investing in a movie featuring a gay sex scene?

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Black Lives Matter is about to riot after getting news they never saw coming


Every time an African-American is shot, Black Lives Matter loses their mind.

The anti-police movement doesn’t care if the shooting was justified.

And now they are about to riot after getting news they never saw coming.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement formed after the justified shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Florida.

They believed that the shooting, and subsequent acquittal is proof of racism, despite the fact that Zimmerman is half-Hispanic himself.

Zimmerman’s name was drug through the mud by the media, who ignored facts, including that Martin was banging his head into the pavement before being shot.

And that’s why Zimmerman is fighting back, and just announced a lawsuit against Martin’s parents, family attorney, the attorney’s book publisher, and prosecutors who tried the case.

He claims he was defamed after they allowed a witness to give false testimony in an attempt to incriminate him.

Breitbart News reports:

Because of irresponsible reporting by the media, BLM was able to grow and eventually cause chaos around the country following Zimmerman being found not guilty.
Zimmerman finally has a chance to clear his name even further.
But if Zimmerman does win the lawsuit, you can expect BLM to again hit the streets as violent as ever.
Do you think George Zimmerman was defamed by the media?
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These high profile mayors are betraying the U.S. by issuing this threatening letter to Trump


Radical Left-wing mayors across the United States are using their local communities as experiments for their dangerous social and immigration agenda.

But they’ve officially gone too far.

Several high profile mayors issued Donald Trump a threatening letter demanding he do something that could allow terrorists to enter our country freely.

Leftists are determined to use open borders to undermine traditional American values and aid Democrats electorally.

They push these kinds of policies without any consideration for the ramifications it has on our national security.

Now a group of nearly 100 mayors issued a letter to Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, demanding they undo an executive order limiting how many refugees the U.S. accepts each year.

These mayors want to increase the number of refugees to improve the “cultural vibrancy and diversity” in our country.

They don’t care this executive order was put in place to protect the United States from inviting terrorists into the country.

Breitbart reports:

Ultimately, these politicians don’t care about our national security and believe inviting terrorists into the United States is an acceptable risk to achieve their goals.

As long as they succeed in their efforts to undermine traditional American values, they are happy to open our borders to anyone.

President Trump issued this executive order to reduce the number of refugees from dangerous countries previously accepted under Obama’s Presidency.

What do you think?

Was Donald Trump right to limit how many refugees the country accepts each year?

This anthem protestor filed a lawsuit and you won’t believe the shocking result


Anti-American anthem protests spread around the country like a virus.

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick opened Pandora’s box when he knelt for “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

But when one anthem protester filed a lawsuit, no one saw this result coming.

Washed-up quarterback turned political activist Colin Kaepernick disturbingly became a national hero when he labeled America “evil and racist” and knelt for the anthem and the flag.

On the Left, the more you hate America, the more you’re showered with praise.

His actions inspired many, many copycats in all walks of life, including college cheerleaders.

One cheerleader knelt for the national anthem and filed a lawsuit against her school shortly after.

The lawsuit is now over and the result is mind-blowing.

The College Fix reports:

America has gone so far afield that kneeling for the national anthem can now earn you six figures.

This cheerleader’s actions reflect bigger problems in our society

First, there’s a sickening sentiment of ingratitude spreading throughout the land.

These protestors live in the freest and most prosperous nation in human history and yet they protest it.

These types of protests can get people killed in other parts of the world.

In fact, pro-Democracy protestors in Hong Kong are risking life and limb fighting against an authoritarian regime.

By contrast, to the cheerleader in this suit, former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ann Ware was ostracized and punished for being open about her religious views on Christianity and chastity.

American culture is entirely upside down.

Do you think the college cheerleader deserved a six-figure settlement?

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What one star actress said about Megyn Kelly and Fox News is disturbing


Megyn Kelly is back in the news again.

This time it’s because she’s being portrayed in an upcoming movie about Fox News.

But what one star actress said about Kelly and Fox News is deeply disturbing.

Nobody denies Hollywood’s Leftist bias.

Avowed socialists are more accepted in Tinseltown than moderate Republicans.

And the level of hatred Hollywood Leftists have for people on the Right is still jarring for some.

Star actress Charlize Theron made that disdain clear once again when Theron discussed her portrayal of Megyn Kelly in the upcoming Fox News and Roger Ailes hit piece, “Bombshell.”

During an interview with Variety, Theron said:

When asked about her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster” compared to her portrayal of Kelly, Theron remakred, “This was harder.”

So for Theron, it was easier to portray a serial killer than Megyn Kelly.

This is what the Left thinks of the “deplorables.”

But they have total control over one of the most powerful weapons, entertainment media.

“Bombshell” is the second Hollywood production hitting at the late Fox News creator Roger Ailes.

Russell Crowe starred as Ailes in the Showtimes limited series, “The Loudest Voice.”

In “Bombshell,” Ailes portrayer John Lithgow said viewing Fox News was like drinking “castor oil” and couldn’t bring himself to do that.

Lithgow, too, has portrayed serial killers on more than one occasion.

While there are two takedowns of Ailes, there won’t be a single project detailing Matt Lauer’s sex crimes at NBC News and the subsequent coverup, or any other Democrat media sex scandal.

Hollywood is a one-way street.

“Bombshell” director Jay Roach, a wild Leftist, has now made movies about Katherine Harris and the Florida recount, Sarah Palin, Fox News, and communist screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

Take a guess which protagonist he portrayed in a positive light.

What are some political stories Hollywood should tell, but never would?

Let us know in the comments below.