Meghan Markle did one shameless thing after the death of Queen Elizabeth


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have done plenty to scandalize the Royal Family.

They eventually broke away from the family in a very public fashion.

Now Markle did one shameless thing after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle renounced their titles and broke away from the British Royal Family after claims of psychological abuse and racism.

In a viral interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple accused someone in the family of racism, and Markle said that she contemplated suicide but only chose not to do so because Harry’s mother Princess Diana died tragically when he was young.

But now that Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, Markle was front and center to lap up the attention from the press and the throng of mourners.

Now she’s appreciative

It was galling for many to hear Markle refer to the family as “we” when she made such scurrilous claims against them and apparently hated the life of being a princess.

There was also an awkward moment where it appeared that Markle refused to give up ceremonial flowers.

Prior to Harry and Meghan’s disastrous interview with Oprah, Harry had always had a positive favorability rating amongst the British public.

But after the interview, public support for Harry plummeted below 50%.

Meanwhile, Markle’s had already been underwater due to her combative nature with the press.

Many people were turned off by Markle’s public display

One online user wrote, “The blatant audacity, arrogance & insensitivity of Meghan Markle to insert herself into the walkabout to meet mourning British citizens. She’s libeled the RF & Britain repeatedly &, IMO, accelerated HM’s demise. She’s just a vile predator.”

Another commenter said, “It was this woman who said someone from the British press called her son the N word. We should never forget the lows this woman will sink to for press coverage.”

Yet another user drew a parallel to the queen’s death and health issues involving Markle’s own father, writing, “Meghan Markle’s own father nearly died of a stroke and she hasn’t even bothered to call or see him…watching her swan around Windsor shaking hands pretending to be sad after making the Queen’s final years a misery is sickening.”

It is true that Markle never visited her father, who has been critical of her behavior regarding the Royal Family.

One commenter added, “[Harry and Meghan] weren’t bothered about going to see the Queen when she was alive, many invites but refused them all! But they dare turn up to ‘look at the flowers’ when she’s died.”

Markle has been accused of being a spotlight hog in the past.

After the horrific shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Markle appeared for a photo op despite having zero connections to the community.

She also coordinated a puff piece and a photo shoot with feminist activist Gloria Steinem after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision.

Apparently Markle is determined to be a star one way or the other.

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This liberal talk show host just put liberals in their place over this hypocritical stance


Over the last several years, the Left has moved so far to the Left that even many liberals cannot keep up with what is woke and what can get you canceled.

This has made the Left’s agenda unpalatable, which has alienated many people who used to identify as liberals.

So much so that this liberal talk show host just put liberals in their place over this hypocritical stance.

The Left is becoming more radical by the second

At the end of the day, the entire agenda of the Left, which becomes more extreme by the day, is entirely based on hypocrisy.

When it comes to liberals, their woke agenda is all fine and dandy until problems such as homelessness, illegal immigration, and crime arrive on their front doorstep.

This hypocrisy has been on full display in many liberal cities lately, namely when it comes to the problem of illegal immigration.

For quite some time border state governors such as Greg Abbott of Texas have sent illegal aliens to so-called sanctuary cities such as Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

These liberal-dominated cities are supposed to be safe spaces for illegal aliens; however, now that they are at their front doorstep, the tone has changed.

From the beginning, those on the right recognized the hypocrisy here, but now even some liberals are starting to scratch their heads.

One such liberal is Bill Maher, who is the host of HBO’s late-night talk show Real Time, and just the other night he made a surprising statement that has drawn the attention of liberals and conservatives alike.

In regards to the outrage many liberal mayors are displaying in regards to the bussing of illegal aliens, Maher claimed, “It is an interesting question for liberals to be like, hey, let’s have open borders or close to it, and then when they come, but it’s not in our states. And the Texas Governor kind of called their bluff. He was like, well, you like immigrants so much? Have some of ours.”

Maher then went on to claim, “This is about, there seems to be some hypocrisy about welcoming them, but not in my backyard. That’s what seems different about this.”

Maher nailed it

Bill Maher, who is an outspoken liberal, nailed it on this one.

He is exactly right to point out just how hypocritical this change in tone from the Left is.

This hypocrisy underscores how the Left operates.

Everything they do and believe in is completely impractical and they know it.

Making cities havens for illegal immigrants, among other ridiculous policy ideas, is never intended to improve the lives of their constituents, but rather to make them feel good about themselves while actually doing nothing to help.

That is the entire premise of the Left’s worldview – create change through radical policy proposals, not through actually doing good things and works.

Fortunately, it seems like more and more people on both sides of the aisle are becoming aware of this, and with any luck, a day of reckoning is on the horizon for the radical Left.

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Brad Pitt got caught being a major hypocrite with one move


Hollywood celebrities love to wag their fingers at the masses.

But they exempt themselves from the rules that they culturally enforce.

And Brad Pitt got caught being a major hypocrite with one move.

The list of climate hypocrites in Hollywood is extensive

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt is one of many in the entertainment industry who does not practice what he preaches.

Pitt has been a “green” warrior, railing against the evils of climate change.

But that hasn’t stopped him from flying around in private jets that emit tons of CO2.

Breitbart reported that “climate change alarmist actor Brad Pitt — who once claimed ‘there is no future’ after President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement — was recently spotted boarding a gas-guzzling private jet with friends in Los Angeles, California. Pitt, who was clad in an orange suit, rainbow shoes, and a white bucket hat, was seen boarding the jet…with his belongings in a backpack and a guitar on his back…”

Pitt once appeared as a doom-and-gloom weatherman on Comedy Central.

Breitbart added that “in 2018, Pitt and fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio were featured in a NowThis video encouraging midterm election turnout by highlighting several left-wing causes such as climate change and gun control…Similarly, DiCaprio — who earlier this year claimed that planet Earth has ‘literally’ nine years left on its ‘ticking clock’ — is relentlessly seen expanding his carbon footprint by doing one of his favorite things: hanging out on a yacht.”

The list of climate hypocrites in Hollywood is extensive.

In fact, there are Twitter accounts that track the flight patterns of celebrities flying around in private jets.

Greens expose the hypocrisy themselves

Yard, a sustainability marketing agency, compiled a list of the worst carbon emitters in Hollywood.

Some on the list were big “green” advocates.

Yard wrote that “Legendary film director Steven Spielberg is sixth on the list, taking 61 flights this year and emitting 4,465 tonnes of CO2 from his private jet– 637.9 times more than the average person’s annual emissions…Spielberg, however, has the second-longest average flight time on this list, coming in at 107.31 minutes, or about an hour and 47 minutes.”

Celebrities like Pitt don’t even seem to suffer from any cognitive dissonance.

They can easily compartmentalize their activist personas from themselves.

Meanwhile, everyday people are supposed to avoid flying and drive eclectic cars and eat bugs.

Many are discovering that climate alarmism is a big scam.

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Leftists just took over Idaho—and you’ll be spluttering in fury when you find out what they’re doing there


For the past few years blue state refugees have been pouring into Idaho—paying near California housing prices—to escape to a conservative haven.

But that façade of wholesome and healthy conservative communities was shattered this week when residents were confronted with the fact that leftist have taken over part of Idaho.

And you’ll be spluttering in fury when you find out what they’re doing there.

Idaho is known for its gun-toting conservatives, dedicated preppers, and healthy church communities.

But for years there has been a sort of secret society working within the school system and some youth activity groups drawing children and teens into transgender lifestyles.

Young men and women have been known to suddenly disappear from their conservative parents’ lives on their 18th birthday leaving only a note behind.

But now the gender confusion agenda folks are getting in your face with a stunning new event that is being sponsored by prestigious corporations and government entities alike.

And anyone with a shred of common decency is appalled by a new stunt they’re pulling.

The gender confusers crossed a major red line

Conservatives all over the west coast have been rocked by advertising for “Drag Kids on Stage.”

“You have watched the Queens and Kings and now it is time to see the Kids,” an event flyer reads. “A drag show like no other the Drag Kids range from ages 11-18 and are ready to bring it all to the Boise Pride Festival stage! Come and cheer them on as they bring drag to the younger generation!”

The Values Advocacy Council has identified five Idaho laws they believe might be broken during the event including indecent exposure, lewd conduct with minor children under 16, sexual exploitation of a child by electronic means, sexual abuse of a child under 16 (which includes apparent sexual stimulation or gratification), and ritualized abuse.

Major grocers and kids’ applesauce brand sponsoring drag for kids event

Sponsors for the event include everything from major grocery store chains Albertson’s and Fred Meyers to GoGo Squeez and Intuit alongside both of the area’s major Catholic hospital systems, according to a statement by the Idaho Republican Party, showing the event’s flyer.

Taxpayer money is even being funneled into supporting the controversial event with the City of Boise and Central District Health listed as official event sponsors.

Other corporate sponsors include Target, HP, and memory maker Micron Technology.

Idaho GOP chair Dorothy Moon released a statement saying “I call on all concerned Idahoans—and the lobbying groups that represent many of these out-of-state businesses who seek tax benefits and subsidies from our legislators, including [Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry]—to disavow this attack on Idaho’s children and to invest their sponsorship dollars in the Boise Rescue Mission that serves families, women fleeing abuse, and disadvantaged children. Children should be given the chance to live out a childhood free from violence, hunger, and the sexual appetites of adults.”

One sponsor, Zions Bank, has pulled out of the event, saying it was unaware children would be performing.

But a huge proportion of businesses in the red state area are standing firmly with radical leftists intent on pushing children into a perverse adult world.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene ripped one Trump-deranged actress who made a shocking threat


Donald Trump has literally made many leftists unwell.

Hollywood celebrities took Hillary Clinton’s loss particularly hard.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene ripped one Trump-deranged actress who made a shocking threat.

Television personality, actress, and self-proclaimed comedienne Kathy Griffin might suffer from one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) in Hollywood.

Griffin and the fake Trump head

She once did a photoshoot holding up the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump, a stunt that even turned off many on the Left.

Amid career backlash—Griffin was fired from her CNN gig—she apologized, but later rescinded her apology after the incident blew over and the Left welcomed her back into their good graces.

Griffin also recorded herself dancing naked after one of many nothing-burgers during the two-year Russiagate hoax.

Now Griffin threatened that there would be civil war if the GOP wins in the midterm elections.

Griffin tweeted, “If you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican.”

The suggestion is that if Democrats win, Republicans will accept the election results and there would be relative peace in the country.

But if the Republicans were to win in November, Democrats would descend into rage-filled violence as they did for seven months in 2020 after the death of George Floyd.

It didn’t take long for people to take Griffin to task for her insane comment.

MTG put Kathy Griffin in her place

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) replied, “This sounds very threatening Kathy. Americans just want their elected leaders to solve the problems that have been shoved into their lives by stupid politicians. Not your civil war. Instead, tell your governor to increase fossil fuel use so people can have air conditioning.”

Greene not only called out Griffin, but she chastised California Governor Gavin Newsom, whose state is in the midst of an energy crisis because, lo and behold, it gets hot in California.

In light of recent blackouts, Newsom said, while wearing a fleece in an air-conditioned office, “[California] is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave. This will be the hottest & longest on record for September. Our energy grid is being pushed to its max. The risk of outages is real. We need everyone to double down to save energy after 4pm today.”

Ironically, California’s grid, which runs on fossil fuels, is being stressed by electric vehicles, and the state wants all electric vehicles on the road by 2035.

Joe Biden claimed he wanted to unite the country, but he gave the most divisive speech in presidential history when he called “MAGA Republicans” a threat to the country.

He essentially demonized 74 million voters in the United States.

And Democrats like Griffin are raising the temperature by threatening civil war if they don’t get their way.

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Leftists are seething after Hollywood Republicans flexed their strength with this audacious move


Hollywood is dominated by leftists.

But there are some people in the industry who lean conservative.

And the Left is seething after Hollywood Republicans flexed their strength with this audacious move.

There have always been leftists in Hollywood, but they didn’t always have complete control of the industry.

But over the past several decades, nearly all of the power brokers in Hollywood have become left-wing.

For every Mel Gibson there are fifty left-wingers in the industry.

But there are more conservatives than many would believe.

Hollywood conservatives flexed the muscle with new premier

Another outspoken conservative in Hollywood is actor Robert Davi, who recently directed the film My Son Hunter, which delves into the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” scandal.

The industry has become so “woke,” the My Son Hunter screening had to take place in secret.

Newsweek reported that “some of Hollywood’s politically conservative insiders — a small group in famously liberal Tinseltown — gathered Wednesday for a secretive invitation-only screening of My Son Hunter, a film that promotes the accusation that President Joe Biden profited from his son’s allegedly dubious dealings with foreign powers. Among those attending the gathering at a private screening room in Los Angeles were Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman star Dean Cain and Nick Searcy, star of TV’s Justified. Some others said they did not want their attendance revealed, fearing it might hurt their careers. The secrecy underlined what right-wingers say is an atmosphere of fear over expressing conservative views in Hollywood.”

Davi, who has been in many films including Die Hard and Goonies, explained, “I don’t believe any voice should be held down in America, as the left is doing…In Hollywood today, most conservatives are afraid to speak up. That has got to change.”

The film stars Gina Carano and English actor Laurence Fox, both of whom faced “cancellation” for expressing views that ran counter to the Left.

Conservatives needed to keep a lid on the secret gathering

The veil of censorship over Hollywood is real.

In 2018, Ted Cruz was asked by a TMZ reporter about Hollywood conservatives and he replied, “There are actually a surprising number, but they’re afraid to speak out…I spoke several years ago at Friends of Abe, the group of conservatives in Hollywood, and I’ve never seen people so afraid of being caught. I mean, they literally would not allow any photographs, any videos because—you know, for the bigger stars, for someone like a Jon Voight, who’s an outspoken conservative, his career could handle it. But if someone is a gaffer, if someone is a writer, if someone is lower down on the totem pole, they’d be blackballed and lose their career for it coming out that they’re conservative. I really think that’s a messed up scenario…I’ve never spoken to any other group where people are terrified, ‘don’t take a picture of me because it could literally end my career’ because Hollywood has this ideological intolerance.”

Liberals talk about the horrors of the Hollywood blacklist when there were actual communists all over the film industry, the media, and even the state department, but they have spent the last several decades creating a new blacklist for anyone on the Right.

But things in Democrat-run America have gotten so bad, more Hollywood conservatives are speaking up.
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Hate-filled Nashville leftists put their derangement on full display in fury over Aldean speech


According to the Left, any nonsense they believe is “their truth” and sacred.

But when “your truth” conflicts with their agenda, watch out!

Because these hate-filled leftists spiraled out of control in fury over Aldean speech.

Country music star Jason Aldean got dropped like a hot potato in Nashville and the reason will leave you smoking mad.

The Left’s gender confusion agenda is tearing through America at an astonishing pace.

Now country musician Jason Aldean has been dropped by his publicist of 17 years.

The apparent reason is nothing short of astonishing.

Dropped by PR firm over wife’s comments

Nashville’s prestigious publicity firm The GreenRoom suddenly sent out a statement claiming that, “music has always been and remains TheGreenRoom’s core focus, so we had to make the difficult decision after 17 years to step away from representing Jason.”

The company’s co-owner Tyne Parrish also claimed that “we aren’t the best people for the gig anymore, but will always be big fans of his music—he is one of the greatest live entertainers in country music.”

While the company isn’t revealing why they’re parting with such a top notch politicians, they’re also not denying that it stems from a single post his wife put on Instagram.

Brittany Aldean recently posted a before and after video when she apparently got all glammed up for an event.

“I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase,” she wrote in a caption. “I love this girly life.”

Her comment made it immediately clear that conservatives—or anyone not pushing a leftist agenda aggressively—is not entitled to their own opinion.

Nashville record industry plaything Maren Morris exposed her radical leftist worldview

The outrage from the Left – including in Nashville – was immediate and the drama quickly migrated to Twitter where Maren Morris said, “It’s so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human? Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie.”

Before long Jason had been dropped by The GreenRoom and Maren Morris had raised $100,00 for a trans group.

As the issue blew up Brittany doubled down on her original point saying that “advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender affirming care,’ is one of the worst evils.”

She later added that “Some parents want to be accepted by society so badly, that they’re willing to make life-altering decisions for their children who aren’t old enough to fully comprehend the consequences of those actions.”

What’s truly shocking is the degree to which even the country music industry has been hijacked by the gender confusion agenda.

The ruthless and aggressive way leftists are going after anyone who even hints at disagreeing with messing with a child’s gender is now subject to a full blown social and economic attack.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Jennifer Lawrence just made a shocking confession about the conservative megastar of her dreams


Hollywood has fully embraced “wokeness.”

But superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence had a conservative upbringing, she has bought into all of the precepts of the Left.

And she just made a shocking confession about the conservative megastar of her dreams.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has been radicalized by the Left in Hollywood.

Despite her conservative upbringing, she has bought into all of the precepts of the Left.

She confessed as much when she talked about the 2016 election causing a rift in her family because of her newfound political beliefs.

Leftists’ worst nightmare

And Lawrence also revealed that she had a recurring nightmare about Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Vogue reported that “much of her disappointment was directed at certain relatives back in Louisville, Kentucky, where she’d grown up, including her father. The 2016 election had torn open a rift in her family. Repairing it was an ongoing process. Particularly since having a baby, she had been trying to heal. She even discussed with her therapist the recurring nightmares she has about Tucker Carlson…Lawrence had a haunted look in her eyes. She would stop at times to apologize or make a self-deprecating joke, then get visibly overtaken by emotion again. I felt like I was watching a real-life version of whatever it is that happens when she acts.”

The fact that Lawrence is so bothered by a news host with differing opinions shows how unhinged the Democrats have become.

Leftists cannot handle anyone who disagrees with them, even family members.

“I can’t f*ck with people who aren’t political anymore”

Lawrence elaborated on the political divide with her family, saying, “I just worked so hard in the last five years to forgive my dad and my family and try to understand: It’s different. The information they are getting is different. Their life is different…I’ve tried to get over it and I really can’t. I can’t. I’m sorry I’m just unleashing, but I can’t f*ck with people who aren’t political anymore. You live in the United States of America. You have to be political. It’s too dire. Politics are killing people.”

Lawrence is so arrogant that she believes her family members are the one with the issue.

When Lawrence says, “You have to be political,” what she truly means is that “you have to be left-wing.”

Daddy issues

Lawrence added, “I don’t want to disparage my family, but I know that a lot of people are in a similar position with their families. How could you raise a daughter from birth and believe that she doesn’t deserve equality? How?”

Lawrence has a vague concept of “equality” because women have had equal protection under the law for many decades.

What feminists like Lawrence typically mean regarding equality is the gender pay gap, which has been debunked since at least the early 1980s.

Lawrence continued, “Nobody likes to see half their paycheck go away, but it made sense to me. Yeah, for the greater good, I guess it makes sense.”

The “greater good” has been invoked as the justification for all kinds of waste, fraud, and abuse at the hands of big government.

Before the 2020 election, Lawrence got questioned about her past voting record, and she said, “I would like to clarify my voting record, which is the subject of many circulating headlines. I grew up in a republican family and voted for John McCain in 2008, but through Obama’s presidency, and growing up to realize I was voting against my own rights, I am proud to say I am a Democrat.”

Lawrence has definitely been in the Hollywood echo chamber for far too long.

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Alec Baldwin let his anger get the best of him again with his new fight he picked with a Republican star


Alec Baldwin shouldn’t be picking fights with all the trouble still hanging over him.

But his incurable case of Trump Derangement Syndrome keeps leading him there.

Now the troubled actor is starting fights he shouldn’t after his anger got the best of him yet again thanks to this Hollywood Republican.

Alec Baldwin took a swipe at actor who ripped SNL to shreds

Alec Baldwin remains under investigation for the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during filming on the western Rust.

Maybe looking to deflect from the scrutiny he’s under, Baldwin took shots at former Saturday Night Live star Rob Schneider.

Schneider recently came out as a Republican, citing the “woke” nonsense of the Left and the corruption of the Democrat Party as his reasons.

Schneider appeared on Glenn Beck’s podcast and mentioned the moment that he knew SNL was essentially done as a relevant sketch comedy show.

According to Schneider, the death knell for SNL happened in 2016 after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Schneider said that the moment occurred “when Hillary Clinton lost, which is understandable, that she’d lose…Not exactly the most likable person in the room. And then when Kate McKinnon went out there on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the cold opening…She started—dressed as like Hillary Clinton…and she started playing ‘Hallelujah’ [as Clinton] … I literally prayed, ‘Please have a joke at the end. Don’t do this. Please don’t go down there.’ And there was no joke at the end, and I went, ‘It’s over. It’s over. It’s not gonna come back.’”

SNL is supposed to make fun of both sides of the political aisle, not mourn the defeat of one presidential candidate.

Baldwin jumped in and responded, “I guess it must be an incredibly slow news cycle if we’re talking about Rob Schneider’s thoughts about Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton so many years ago…We started that in 2017 … 2016 during the campaign and then in November he [former President Donald Trump] was elected unbelievably and we did the show I did for those four years…I’m from the school … where you criticize someone’s judgment and you leave out the idea that you had no problem with their judgment when they hired you … and put you on the show?”

During his rambling message, Baldwin never addressed the heart of Schneider’s criticism.

They take losing hard

SNL is a sketch comedy show that basically had a vigil after Clinton lost.

It was as if a President had been shot.

Baldwin added, “So Schneider brings this up now. And I guess it must be tough…And I know that in the Trump era it’s tough for conservatives…My god it must be agony because you got this guy that’s taken over the party. That must be tough for the Rob Schneiders of the world that your man [Trump] is a maniac.”

Meanwhile, it must be tough for Baldwin and the Democrats to pretend that Joe Biden isn’t suffering from dementia when he’s not sniffing women’s and girls’ hair.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Natalie Portman just got a rude awakening after blaming this shift on “white privilege”


Hollywood and the Democrat Party go hand in hand.

Countless celebrities like actress Natalie Portman use their platforms to promote leftist ideas.

But the actress just got a rude awakening after blaming this shift on “white privilege.”

Hollywood celebrities are experts at isolating themselves from the ramifications of their own ideology.

They favor illegal immigration and decry building a wall on the southern border, but live in gated communities.

The greatest gun sellers on earth

Hollywood also promotes gun control laws while being protected by armed guards – all while their own movies have served as some of the world’s biggest gun sales vehicles of all time.

In a similar vein, leftists promote defunding the police while paying for private security.

But actress Natalie Portman just got a taste of what the “Defund The Police” movement ultimately leads to when criminals attempted to extort a film crew for her latest project while shooting on location.

The Daily Wire reported that “an Apple TV+ series filming in Baltimore stopped production Friday after several people threatened the producers and tried to extort money from them, Baltimore police said. A spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department said the crew was filming around 4 PM in the downtown area when the producers were approached by several people. The group claimed if they didn’t stop filming they would come back and shoot someone, police said. However, they said no violence would occur if they were paid an unspecified amount. Producers decided to halt filming and seek a new location. Local news outlet The Baltimore Banner reported that drug dealers attempted to extort $50,000 from the production, which producers declined to pay.”

The production has been filming in Baltimore for several months, but Portman was not present at the time of the attempted extortion.

Flip-flopped on Defund the Police because of “white privilege”

Previously, Portman wrote that it was her “white privilege” that initially made her averse to the idea of defunding the police.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Portman wrote, “My whole life, police have made me feel safe. But that’s exactly the center of my white privilege: the police make me as a white woman feel safe, while my black friends, family and neighbors feel the opposite: police make them feel terror. And for good reason…Defunding the police means reducing police budgets (& power) on local and state level and investing that money directly into poor communities of color through public services…We have so much work to do if we truly want this to be a land of liberty and justice for all.”

While Portman is calling for the police to be defunded, the criminals that extorted her film crew are terrorizing the neighborhood.

Perhaps a few more social workers can solve the problem.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.