Critics are savaging this new movie for an outrageous reason


Hollywood leftism has only become more pronounced over the past four years.

Stories that deviate from a progressive message are often downplayed or flat-out ignored.

And critics are savaging this new movie for an outrageous reason.

Social dramas with all-star casts and A-list directors and writers often get labeled “Oscar bait” because those ingredients often create the movies that sweep the awards season.

Renowned director Ron Howard thought he had the right ingredients for an Oscar darling when he made Hillbilly Elegy, but he got a rude awakening from the overwhelmingly left-wing Hollywood critic circle.

Howard’s film currently sits at a putrid score of 26% and 39 on the critic aggregator sites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, respectively.

Ironically, the film has an 81% and 8.0 audience score on the two sites.

Divergent scores between critics and audiences aren’t uncommon, but the chasm has seemingly widened over the past few years where critics have become increasingly “woke.”

Hillbilly Elegy is based on the memoir of the same name by author JD Vance, which is where the problems began for Howard.

The story chronicles Vance’s journey from poverty and family dysfunction in Appalachia to Yale Law School.

The book was considered insightful when Howard first optioned it, but the Left has since stopped trying to understand poor whites in “flyover country” who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020.

Vance is also a Republican who has written for right-wing publications, and his memoir focused on how broken culture creates generational poverty, a common refrain from conservatives backed up by decades of data.

The shift in political winds left Howard out in the cold, and his film was blistered with scathing reviews.

David Sims of The Atlantic called it “one of the worst movies of the year.”

What’s even more interesting is that Howard, a liberal, tamped down any partisan messaging from the book.

But celebrating a book by a Republican that portrays “Trump country” sympathetically is a bridge too far for Hollywood leftists.

Amy Adams, who starred in the film, responded to the backlash by saying:

“I think the themes of this movie are very universal . . . Whether it be generational trauma, whether it be just examining where we come from to understand where we’re going and who we are. I think the universality of the themes of the movie far transcend politics.”

Unfortunately, those themes don’t transcend politics for the Left.




One TV Show is pushing a nauseatingly “woke” agenda with their latest episode


Hollywood has gone over-the-top with its social justice messaging.

The entertainment industry has leaned decisively Left for decades, but it’s only ramped up in the last four years.

Now another TV show is pushing a nauseatingly “woke” agenda with their latest episode.

Over the past four years, it seems like every “comedy” has dedicated at least one episode to “woke” social justice messaging regardless of the show’s context.

The latest example comes courtesy of ABC’s The Goldbergs, a sitcom that takes place in the 1980s.

In a recent episode titled “Eracism,” Adam, a member of the titular family who’s in high school, gets “woke” on the issue of race after watching Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing for the first time.

He has a conversation with friends at his school who let him know just how naive he is:

Adam: What’s stupid about being concerned with racism in the streets and pizzerias of Brooklyn?

Dave: You don’t honestly think that racism’s only happening in a single borough, do you?

Adam: It’s spread to other areas of New York? Have we lost Staten Island?

Dave: Racism’s everywhere, man.

Brian: Yeah. It’s in the school.

Adam: Really? I mean, our school’s not exactly a model of diversity, but I’ve never witnessed any racisms.

Dave: Well, it’s here. And you call racist acts “racisms.”

Adam: I never said I was an expert. But, luckily, I have strong opinions. I was thinking our group’s motto should be . . . “Eracism.”

The most telling part of the exchange occurs when Adam admits he isn’t an expert, but has “strong opinions.”

That sums up the progressive mindset in a nutshell.

Racists obviously existed in the 1980s and they exist today, but they are not indicative of American society as a whole.

No other country has dealt with such a large and diverse population as well as America has.

But instead of focusing on America’s move toward tolerance and equality, leftists want to stay in the past and harp on grievances.

In this episode of The Goldbergs, Adam’s black friend says that the English teacher only calls on him when they’re reading Othello.

That’s a far cry from slavery and Jim Crow, but the leftists of today would argue the opposite.

Do the Right Thing came out in 1989, so the show could’ve touched on the economic progress made by all Americans – particularly blacks and latinos – during the Reagan era.

For example, from 1980 to 1990, the black median household income increased by 31% above inflation, compared to 19% for white households.

But Leftists are more concerned with narratives than facts, and they use entertainment to perpetuate their narratives.

Dr. Fauci is auditioning for a new role as the Grinch who stole Christmas


Countless Americans have lost their jobs and livelihoods are a direct result of government imposed lockdowns.

And many Americans are tired of it after altering their Thanksgiving plans to pacify newly implemented lockdowns.

But now Dr. Fauci is auditioning for a new role as the Grinch who stole Christmas.

2020 has been an awful year for many Americans.

Adverse effects from coronavirus were just made worse by government enforced lockdowns.

Countless Americans have been affected by the lockdowns and thousands lost their livelihoods.

And nothing changed for Thanksgiving as many areas in the nation forced small businesses to close and did everything they could to stop holiday gatherings from happening. 

As a result, dinner tables were empty as many stayed home over Thanksgiving to reluctantly follow the newly implemented lockdowns.

But even with the sacrifices Americans have made, it isn’t enough for Dr. Fauci.

Earlier this month Dr. Fauci had the nerve to claim that Americans are too independent when he claimed, “I was talking with my U.K. colleagues who are saying the U.K. is similar to where we are now, because each of our countries have that independent spirit. I can understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told.”

Now Dr. Fauci is claiming that we need to cancel Christmas.

Fauci told the USA Today, “If the surge takes a turn of continuing to go up and you have the sustained greater than 100,000 infections a day and 1,300 deaths per day and the count keeps going up and up . . . I don’t see it being any different during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays than during Thanksgiving.”

So if you had to cancel your Thanksgiving plans, Dr. Fauci wants you to cancel your Christmas as well.

When will people have enough of the government telling them what to do with their holiday plans?

Your local Christian school is about to become the new target of a Biden administration


Leftists are always on the attack to push their radical agenda.

But with President Trump fighting for his political life, leftists are in search of a new target.

And now your local Christian school is about to become the new target of a Biden administration.

There are few things that have stayed consistent over the past several decades. 

But one thing that has stayed the same over the years is the Left’s attacks to always push their radical agenda on society.

No matter who is in their way, leftists are willing to do anything and everything to reach their goal.

And over the past few years, their main target has overwhelmingly been President Trump.

Since Trump has actually taken the radical Left head on, the Left made it its mission to destroy Trump and his supporters in any way possible.

Now that President Trump has, at least on paper, lost the election, the Left is now trying to regather itself and seek out a new target for their radical agenda.

And they just found their next institution that they plan on destroying, Christian education.

Christian schools and universities have trained countless young men and women to think independently and to rely on their faith for guidance.

Now, these Christian schools may not survive a Biden administration if he follows the advice of some of the leading radical LGBT groups.

And the Human Rights Campaign published a 22-page document, which outlined their goals for the Biden administration to follow to “protect” the LGBT community. 

The Human Rights Campaign claims that current Department of Education regulations “could be interpreted to require accrediting bodies to accredit religious institutions that discriminate or that do not meet science-based curricula standards.”

And since this is the case in their mind, the Human Rights Campaign urges the incoming Department of Education to clarify that the regulation “does not require the accreditation of religious institutions that do not meet neutral accreditation standards including nondiscrimination policies and scientific curriculum requirements.”

It is abundantly clear that the Human Rights Campaign is doing everything they can to urge the incoming Biden Administration to strip hundreds of Christian institutions of education of their accreditation.

And for many Christian schools, not having the proper accreditation would mean they would be forced to close up for good.


Leftists are furious after Whole Foods’ CEO directly blasts universities and socialism


Socialism is becoming more mainstream in our society and especially among younger adults.

And many people are too scared to say anything against the rising tide of socialism.

But Leftists are furious after Whole Foods’ CEO directly blasts universities and socialism.

Socialism used to hide in American politics with very few people admitting their support for its destructive policies.

Now socialism is a huge force to reckon with in Washington, D.C.

And it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between someone on the Left and a socialist.

But socialists are not just in politics.

Many socialists are deeply embedded in our educational system and especially in universities across the nation.

And many people are too scared to call out socialism in our nation as they are afraid of the expected backlash and public ridicule.

But that didn’t stop one of the nation’s top CEOs from taking on socialism directly.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey took on socialism head-on in a recent interview with the American Enterprise Institute.

Mackey didn’t hold any punches back when he stated, “they [Leftists] talk about ‘trickle-down wealth,’ but socialism is trickle-up poverty. It just impoverishes everything.”

Then Macky defended capitalism and put his sights on our education system.

He argued:

Capitalism is the greatest thing humanity’s ever done. We’ve told a bad narrative, and we’ve let the enemies of business and the enemies of capitalism put out a narrative about us that’s wrong, it’s inaccurate — and it’s doing tremendous damage to the minds of young people. The Marxists and socialists, the academic community is generally hostile to business. It always has been. This is not new.

Mackey is right on the money about socialism.

It does nothing but enriches politicians while society crumbles into poverty.

More people need to stand up and fight socialism head-on as a Biden Administration would be the most socialist presidential administration in American history.


A Christian employee was fired from Starbucks for this unbelievable reason


“Woke” capitalism has spiraled out of control.

Companies pandering to social justice warriors are alienating everyone else.

Now a Christian was fired from Starbucks for this unbelievable reason.

Betsy Fresse, a Starbucks employee in New Jersey, claims she was fired because of her beliefs regarding LGBT activism, which prompted her to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Fresse, a devout Christian who requested off work on Sundays in order to attend church, said problems arose when she refused to wear a gay pride T-shirt provided by Starbucks.

She asked if wearing the shirt was mandatory, and her manager said no.

However, Fresse was later contacted by someone in human resources.

NBC News reported, “But, per her suit . . . [Fresse] was contacted by Starbucks’ ethics and compliance helpline several weeks later regarding her request to be exempt from wearing the Pride shirt. She explained to the ethics and compliance representative that she did not want to wear the Pride shirt ‘because her religious beliefs prevented her from doing so,’ the suit states.”

Shortly after, Fresse was notified that she had been terminated because “her comportment was not in compliance with Starbucks’ core values.”

Whatever that means is anyone’s guess, and it will eventually come to light if the case goes to trial.

Fresse says she “holds no enmity toward individuals who ascribe to the LGBTQ lifestyle” and only spoke of her Christian faith “upon specific inquiry,” according to the suit.

The suit has yet to be adjudicated, but it would come as a surprise to nobody if she were let go because of her faith.

All it takes is one “woke” employee to complain that Fresse made him or her feel “unsafe,” and that could be used as a pretext for termination.

Wokeness has allowed the few to override the many because the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and nobody wants to face the rabid outrage mob.

Also, cultural institutions have become increasingly hostile to religion.

Activists in several states have gone after Christian bakers, florists, and photographers because of their beliefs.

A football coach in Georgia was banned from praying with his team before and after games.

A cross memorializing World War I veterans was nearly torn down in Maryland because of atheist activists.

The worst part about “woke” capitalism is left-wing companies are imposing policies that the government could never get away with.

Hollywood actors made a stunning threat against Trump supporters


Trump Derangement Syndrome has not run its course.

Democrats are proving that it might be an incurable illness.

Now deranged Hollywood actors are making stunning threats against Trump supporters.

Celebrities love to signal their virtue by jumping on left-wing causes and promoting them on social media.

The latest sign of virtue is showing utter contempt for anyone who supported Donald Trump.

Democrats and their media allies have seriously discussed blacklists for Trump “enablers” and “collaborators.”

In fact, some organizations are already doing it.

There’s even been talk of prosecuting Trump supporters.

Hollywood actor Zach Braff jumped on the bandwagon of blacklisting Trump associates and supporters.

According to former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann, the list of enablers that should be rounded up include Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Braff wasn’t the only Hollywood actor speaking openly about blacklists.

Captain America star Chris Evans echoed the sentiment.

Evans’s Tweet is perhaps more concerning because it’s a form of compelled speech.

Not only must the public have the “right” opinion, but the public must express that opinion as well.

After all, “silence is violence” according to the Left.

So if people are right-wing or simply disagree with leftist orthodoxy, they must shut up.

But if they shut up, they’re complicit in fascism.

This is the bizarre authoritarian trap the Left has constructed.

They’re trying to use the public square to bully people into submission, but it’s losing potency.

More and more people are either checking out or going to alternative platforms.

Democrats say they want unity, but they’re doing their best to sow chaos and division.

The best hope for the future is disagreement while sharing the public square peacefully, but that position is becoming increasingly untenable for the unruly Left.

John Oliver said something about elections a few years ago that just came back to bite him


Late night comedians have turned into “woke” trumpeteers.

They use their platforms to prattle on about left-wing politics nonstop.

But John Oliver said something about elections a few years ago that just came back to bite him.

John Oliver, like all the other interchangeable left-wing talk show hosts, uses his HBO show to present arguments out of context to bash the Right and push an agenda.

However, Oliver told an inconvenient truth that came back to bite him.

In light of Joe Biden’s tenuous election victory, Democrats have been swearing up and down that voting systems are beyond reproach despite mounting evidence of voter irregularities with both mail-in ballots and voting machines.

But back in November 2019, Oliver aired a lengthy segment on his show talking about how voting machines are not fully reliable.

He railed against Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machines and said, “They are very bad. If something goes wrong with one of them, you would basically never know, because you can’t audit the results. And things have gone wrong . . . In one local New Jersey election, a husband and wife were both running for seats on their county’s Democratic committee. The DRE machines said that they lost, but they were in the unusual position of actually knowing that that was a mistake.”

The segment goes on to describe how the husband and wife in question got sworn affidavits from the incredibly small voting pool in their local community to prove they won.

“And it’s not just New Jersey,” Oliver continued. “In 2016, 20 percent of voters voted on paperless DREs, and an estimated 12 percent will use them in 2020, meaning 16 million Americans, spread out across all these states, are set to be voting on machines that pretty much everyone agrees are deeply, deeply flawed . . . And if they malfunction, there could be no way of knowing, which is absolutely terrifying. What we have to do here is obvious, it’s so obvious, in fact, even this guy understands it.”

The segment then cut to Donald Trump stating that there needed to be a paper backup system to ensure voting integrity.

Oliver then responded, “He’s right. That’s it. He’s just all the way, completely right.”

Now that the 2020 election has passed, Oliver has been largely mum about questions of voting impropriety, as have other Democrats who said the election was in jeopardy.

The Democrats got “their guy” in, and they don’t care how it happened.

Leftist George Takei just made an outlandish claim about Colin Kaepernick and people are furious


Leftists have made some insane claims over the years.

But George Takei leads the Left with comments you won’t believe are true.

And leftist George Takei just made an outlandish claim about Colin Kaepernick and people are furious.

Twitter wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for leftists tweeting out crazy things.

And over the past few years, those crazy things have become parts of the party platform for the Democrats.

Just think about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

None of us would even know who she is if it wasn’t for the propaganda she spews all over twitter.

But one person who gives her a run for her money on crazy claims is ex-Star Trek star George Takei.

Throughout Trump’s term in office Takei has done nothing but ruthlessly attack his administration.

But even before President Trump Takei has used his platform on Twitter as a tool to attack and make outlandish claims against conservatives.

But this Tweet he just sent out about Colin Kaepernick is one of his craziest Tweets yet.

George Takei is doing nothing more than spreading propaganda on Twitter at this point.

Kyle Rittenhouse was being chased down and was in fear for his life before he shot and killed one of his attackers.

Colin Kaepernick has done nothing more than attack America and its police officers without remorse. 

Robert De Niro just threatened Trump supporters with one shocking statement


Robert De Niro’s brain has been completely broken by Donald Trump.

The actor who once shied away from the spotlight now spends every live appearance railing against Trump.

But De Niro just threatened Trump supporters with one shocking statement.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has kicked into overdrive even though the 2020 election is over.

Trump is still challenging voter irregularities that occurred in multiple swing states, but Joe Biden appears on track to be the next president of the United States.

Now that Trump is seemingly on the way out, Democrats are slinging their arrows at Trump “collaborators.”

Robert De Niro made that clear in a recent segment on The View.

De Niro was asked by RINO Ana Navarro why Republicans still support Trump, and he replied, “I don’t know what – what logic to use except they’re just afraid because – but they should be afraid of what’s going to happen later when he’s not around, and they’re going to try to crawl back, the ones that would have the gall to try to crawl back.”

This idea that Trump supporters in government, media, and the private sector “should be afraid” is gaining ground among the Left.

High-profile Democrats have called for commissions and blacklists to contend with the 73 million “Nazis” that voted for Trump.

This further proves that the Democrats have gone insane.

The corporate press has tried to paint Trump as a fascist and a bigot for four years, but their lies imploded on election night when Trump got the highest Republican share of the nonwhite vote since 1960.

Trump didn’t spy on journalists, imprison whistleblowers, start new wars, or weaponize the federal government to go after his political opponents.

Those are all things Barack Obama actually did – more than any of his predecessors.

Meanwhile, Trump presided over record-low unemployment, passed criminal justice reform, and brokered historic peace agreements in the Middle East.

Despite his achievements, the talk of him being a fascist continues to echo among the Democrats.

In a previous unhinged interview, De Niro admitted he wasn’t deeply political.

That’s the problem; he spouts off with vile and disgusting language, but he has no knowledge of the issues or what’s actually going on in the country.

He is representative of how out-of-touch the Left has become.