Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel attacked Ivanka trump in the worst way


Jimmy Kimmel is just another left-wing political hack disguised as a TV host.

Every night he goes on air he rails against Trump and his family.

But Jimmy Kimmel stooped to a new low with this sick “joke” about Ivanka Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue is usually nothing more than regurgitated fake news from CNN.

Tonight he started his show talking about rumors that Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, could be the next chief of staff.

Then he stepped in it with a sex joke about Ivanka Trump saying, “I guess the thinking of (Trump) is: if he’s good enough to screw my daughter, he’s good enough to screw the country.”

The Daily Wire reports:

On Thursday, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel continued his steady stream of Donald Trump-themed monologues, with a series of partisan takes on the most recent Trump news. While his audience enthusiastically applauded most of his jabs at Trump, one missed the mark with a segment of the audience, who responded with groans to the host going out of his way to drop a sexual joke about Trump’s daughter.

Referencing recent reports that one of the leading candidates to replace Gen. John Kelly as Trump’s chief of staff is none other then Trump’s son-in-law and key adviser Jared Kushner, Kimmel decided to work in a sexual reference to his wife, Ivanka.

“I guess the thinking of [Trump] is: if he’s good enough to screw my daughter, he’s good enough to screw the country,” said Kimmel.

The response from the usually quick-to-laugh audience was mixed, some groaning loudly at the tasteless joke.

“I hope he hires Jared,” Kimmel added, attempting to move on quickly. “I hope he hires Jared and then he fires Jared so we go through the whole thing.”

The sexual joke followed a series of other predictably Trump-disparaging quips that conveniently highlighted as much of the bad reports surrounding the president as he could muster in the brief monologue.


Even his audience met him with disapproving groans.

Jimmy Kimmel and most other late-night “comedians” constantly use the Trump family as a political punching bag.

But even their liberal audience is growing tired of their act.

And Kimmel isn’t the only one who crosses the line.

As Culture Watch News recently reported, late-night “comedian” Samantha Bee completely disrespected the birth of Jesus Christ by likening him to an illegal immigrant being raided by I.C.E and making fun of Melania Trump for her decorations.

Late-night TV show hosts will find anything to attack conservatives for.

They represent the so-called “progressive” Hollywood that wants to completely eradicate conservatism from television all together.

Do you think Jimmy Kimmel should face consequences for his poor taste of jokes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Jimmy Kimmel is the most unfunny of the late night so called comedians, and that is about as far down as you can get because there are few actual comedians at all any more. Most of the stand up so called comedians couldn’t hold a candle to the real comedians of the past. Without sex jokes and foul language they would all be at a loss, not just for jokes but for clear thought.

  3. Someone once said “People hate the ones that make them feel their own inferiority”. Kimmel is the new breed of late night hosts, self-loathing, politically motivated, leftist ideology, vulgar, inferior and unfunny. Jared Kushner should ask to be a guest on Kimmel’s show, and while defending his wife’s honor, should punch this punk in mouth right on national television.

  4. Wow he is still on the air. If someone had said anything like that about Obama family they would have been bounced so fast BUT it’s ok to slander the Trump family. And yet none of them understand why people voted for him and not hillaryC and her list of friends and associates who just before they testified against her suddenly died suicide with a bullet to the back of the head amount the mystery

  5. USED TO WATCH KIMMEL. But got to be just another one-sided political attack platform instead of a late night ENTERTAINMENT SHOW. Seth Meyers and Corberts shows have gone the same way. Along with some primetime shows. Not Entertaining anymore, leave politics to politicians and the news channels.

  6. Another disgusting comedian who is not funny at all. What has this country come to. If can’t say something nice about someone keep damned mouth shut. It’s very offensive to many of this to hear this crap. I’m 86 years old and thought I’d like to live many more years but I’m beginning to wonder why. I fear for my grandchildren and all future children as to the mess this country is in. Sad

  7. Why isn’t he fired for this disgusting not funny joke I am so sick of these no talent people on tv this is why Netflix and u tube are doing so well

  8. If Kimmel’s station was not so libtard he should be looking for a job after that sick joke about our president. If that slime thinks he is even remotely funny he’s completely delusional. Anyone that watches Kimmel the cry baby is probably just as sick as he is!

  9. Only in America you can trash the President, Obama wanted a Muslim Country along with Hillary.
    If anyone threatened Obama or said anything against him they would be in jail. But it is okay to threaten President Trump & his Family. I think if they can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.
    God Bless America & All American Citizens that Respect Our Country. If You don’t like it here, Leave I’ll Help You back.
    Have a Merry & Blessed Christmas & Prosperous New Year


  10. What a vulgar unfunny parasitical a alleged comedian. But you know what do you expect when you have nothing but a bunch of lying deceitful land stealing and Kazarian Canaanites that don’t even have full citizenship in America writing the jokes. Most awake people know exactly who I am talking about. Keep up the good work Jimmy because we are watching we are listening and you will go away with your own mouth. Your rhetoric is so disgusting that most intelligent people can’t even watch 45 seconds of your BS propaganda filled hate-filled show against America. But you know whenever the people riding the jokes that you’re reading go home and stick another man’s member in places unspeakable then it starts to become clear. I hope your show gets canceled real soon because you definitely have zero Talent. It’s a crying shame that the highlight of your entire show comes in October when you make Children Cry by having their mothers and fathers film their sales thieving their children’s candy they work so hard to obtain. Goodbye Kimmel you could never ever take the place of Jimmy Carson on your best day!!! They sure made a bad choice with your liberal infested brain. Try thinking with logic and common sense and start making some jokes. They might actually be funny. And quit being a parasite on political ideas. You are there to entertain not-to-miss educate people about politics. Remember your job you big sissy ass soyboy excuse for a man.

  11. I am getting sick and tired of all this crap, the cesspool is deeper than I even thought, these people are not funny, should be kicked off the net works. It’s an embarrassment to the country.

  12. I have never watched Kimmel because I have never seen him as anything close to a comedian. He is nothing more than a liberal hack that is struggling to remain relavent. He should be thrown off of television but it is sadly network television that thinks he , Fallon and the other scumbag Colbert are cute. I find them all disgusting anti American jerks. Very disrespectful

  13. The FUNNY thing is that Comedians used to be Enjoyable and Funny. Now they are just Nasty, Rude, Distasteful and Disrespectful! Especially some late night TV hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Samantha Bee, etc., They may be the Death of the talk show Comedians we once all enjoyed so much. They are now Pathetic Individuals and Jimmy Kimmel leads this Pathetic Pack! So Shameful and Sad.

  14. To me, he is just another of the many left wing comics who have ceased to be funny. In fact, they are so not funny I refuse to watch any of them!
    If it wasn’t for slinging insults at Republicans and the President and his family, they would have NOTHING to talk about. The only thing we can all do is vote with our feet and not watch this trash!! I’m very saddened by the disgusting rhetoric in this country. If you don’t like this country…LEAVE!!

  15. Kimmel is not worthy of a “Mr” or even the politeness of using his first name. He is a disgusting individual and should be taken off the air immediately. It is one thing to insult the President, but to stoop so low, with such a despicable reference to the President’s Family is beyond the Red Line. What a piece of Crap, Kimmel is…
    Kimmel is a disgrace to all the “late night” greats that have been entertaining audiences for decades. He will eventually get his pay backs and I hope it disgraces him forever.
    Disgusting individual….

  16. Our special note to Jimmy Kimmel is…screw you jerk off! Kimmel and Colbert are two biggest freaks in late night shows as they are suck ups to the liberals. They have not been funny in years and fit in the classless group of Alec Baldwin. Jimmy…go back to loving your illegal buddies, the Americans don’t need you!

  17. Growing up, my son enjoyed practical jokes. Many times they weren’t funny to me or my wife. Nor were they funny to the person or persons who we’re the target of his joke. I would constantly tell him that “a joke isn’t funny unless it’s funny to everyone”. My son, who still has a strong sense of humor, no longer looks to shock people with his humor. He’s grown up now and learned from the lessons that he received. Apparently Jimmy Kimmel hasn’t learned his early lessons and continues to victimize others.

    Today, if someone were to joke about a member of my family, my wife, daughter, sister, or daughter-in-law in a similar way, I would be very, very, very angry. I wouldn’t forget and I would look for an opportunity to destroy the person professionally and financially using all of my resources and influence. Of course I’m not a rich and powerful person with unlimited resources. Jimmy Kimmel has constantly been guilty of repeatedly using poor humor and bad taste against the family of the President of the United States. That’s one individual I would not want to piss off.


  19. Jared is not stupid. He’d look at other ways to knock him out. On a street corner or parking lot when he didn’t expect it.

  20. Jimmy shame on you you liberals are all the same ,BULLIES .The only way you people know how to go about things. OH that’s right you guys dispise bullies and talk a good game but your true colors all come out for all to see. Unfortunately we Conservatives will not go away easily. U help us with all your hard work to throw us under the buses. Fortunately our beliefs will live on longer than your cry baby attitude towards the TRUMP election. 4 more years

  21. This wanabe comedian is a true, living and breathing DEPLORABLE, and there are others starting with Alex Baldwin To earn a living slamming the President of the U.S.A, his Family, our Country, and our Flag is shameful and should not be tolerated. My TV viewing time has been cut drastically. As soon as a show cast disparaging remarks of the above mentioned, they are off my list, SNL, Ellen, Colbert an. Newspaper wanabe journalist cannot write a decent article without inserting, at least one paragraph, the word “Trump”. Then, I no longer read his/her column.

  22. If no one watches his show it will go away. We haven’t watched it since 2016 when this dirtbag started getting so political. Political humor is no humor and it just makes people mad. How could the audience even laugh at this sickness?

  23. THESE LESS THAN FUNNY Late night host are showing MORE ABOUT THEIR CHARACTER, than about the people they trash.

  24. yes he should be fired off tv all togeather everybody said it right up top if it was oboma he would be off air

  25. Be Kind is a great sentiment but it does not apply to Kimmel and his ilk. They are so distasteful that we call for his show to be stopped because it has the ability to corrupt some weak and clueless people’s minds. ABC should be ashamed to allow this and I even wrote them a letter after the last disgusting rant and they just sent a form letter of acknowledgingment. The only way is to stop watching and maybe boycott the Network. There is not much watchable on ABC these days!

  26. I don’t watch late night TV talk shows anymore because the Kimmels, Colberts, and the like have no talent. It is a disgrace that the first family is the only thing they can deliver punchlines about. Save some of that money you are making because people are waking up to your sick and deplorable attempts at what you call humor. You and your Hollywood friends behind your gated communities will be out of a job. “We the people” are no longer going to be the silent majority. We have found our voice!

  27. Kimmel is NOT & entertainer anymore, hes a piece of crap Liberal. Who doesn’t know when to stop w/ his big mouth.
    I use to watch Kimmel faithfully until this last Presidential election. If he wants to be a Politician then he needs to stop trying to be a comedian. I don’t find ragging on the President funny. He has no respect for the office.

  28. I can’t wait to see DWECK! A conservative talk show, what a breath of fresh air it sounds like! There will never be anything as great as the Johnny Carson show that was always so good, but at least this one will have some class which the pieces of pathetic rotten garbage shows on now will never have.
    Come on DWECK!!

  29. I can’t wait to see DWECK! A conservative talk show, what a breath of fresh air it sounds like! There will never be anything as great as the Johnny Carson show that was always so good, but at least this one will have some class which the pieces of pathetic rotten garbage shows on now will never have.
    Come on DWECK!!

  30. I quit watching late night shows over one year ago and believe if everyone quits watching that trash they will all be kicked out of the industry. What do visitors from other countries think when they here this dumb group?
    It should be against the law to run down and tell untruths about people like they do. They should be sued every time they make a terrible decision to lie about someone on the air. Put in jail.

  31. Jimmy Kimmel and the other 2 late night entertainers are just plain revolting and lacks RESPECT for our duly elected POTUS and his family. We don’t find one thing funny about his comments and is so DISRESPECTFUL and plain despicable, but that is the way of the younger generation. WE don’t watch him or any of the others anymore because we don’t find them to be entertaining or comical. Nothing like years ago with Johnny Carson or any of the others that were late night entertainers. These late night entertainers of today with their guests can’t hold a candle to the ORIGINAL entertainers.

  32. These “comedians “ should consider how they would feel if someone spoke of them or their family and go accordingly. Yes I think it is time for the networks should hold them accountable for such poor taste and receive some sort of major punishment and if it continues cancellation of their show. The FCC also needs to get involved.

  33. Quit watching these horrible late-night talk shows and by showing our strength and disgust, they will fade away. They are not worthy of our time, let alone distraction from our lives. My parents instilled into me the honor of respect for our President, no matter his political agenda, especially if not my chosen party. His family is serving our Country, too, and oftentimes did not choose this path for themselves. Give them respect and support their efforts. God does bless this Country.

  34. I’ve quit watching all of the late night shows ! I really liked Jimmy Fallon , but he feel right in with the Trump jokes and I absolutely loathe Seth Meyers ! So I guess you can say , I’ve quit watching late night shows because the disrespect they have for our President and his family !

  35. Jimmy Kimmel is the true example of what America represents now…no wonder we are the laughing stockof the world…and those who slam Trump, their kids will get their boomerang back…NOTHING goes out without returning its own arrows!

  36. He’s nothing but a piece of s*** his wife and kid are both ugly he’s a crybaby to cry on National Television typical Democrat scumbag

  37. He is less than funny. Did many horrible things himself. He should be OFF the air. Can’t stand him, he is trash.

  38. These so called hosts who even watches them? I so miss Jay Leno,an real comedians lile Dangerfield etc. these slime make me miss the Manson family.

  39. And Colbert, Fallon, Conan. Even Ellen can go away. Constant Trump bashing really getting old. They should not be allowed to speak bad about any POTUS. ITS REALLY CHILDISH AND NASTY AND IGNORANT. IN MY OPINION I THINK THEY SHOULD BE SUED FOR DEFAMATION…AND THEN USE THE MONET TOWARD THE WALL. ????

  40. Also I’m pretty sure I saw Kimmel out in public having women touch him and a lot of other disrespectful sexual gestures. Sooooo how can he think it’s ok to down the President for whatever stupid thing comes to their little. ???? brains

  41. Jimmy Kimmel is doing it again! If he can’t have respect for people, he has no respect for himself..He is nothing a real dumb Jew..

  42. Kümmel is not the only bad late night Democrat’s. The other night I fell asleep in front of the TV. I was awakened by a terrible noise and laughter. People were laughing at this persons anti Trump monologue. I wondered where they find a room full of people to laugh at the hateful things being said. It was the guy that attempts to sell us coffee makers. He continued with his Trump hating diotride then went into a song and dance routine singing “we are all going to die”. At this point I got up to get the remote and turn the TV off. But I thought maybe I better get a news channel first. Maybe this weirdo is right and Trump is no longer President and N. Korea is back to their usual conduct. A middle with an Aromic bomb is about to land in America. I was wrong. I guess it is not over when the fat man sings.

  43. I, myself, haven’t watched a single episode of that tripe, and WON’T! No Kimmel, no Fallon, no Colbert, none of it. And the first Trump joke (lie) that a ‘comedian’ tells, that it for him/her too.

  44. Jimmy Kimmel is a dog he forgets he used to disrespect women walk around with his hand down his pants and hands of any one else who wanted to. We pay a high price for the t.v we watch and i dont know about you all but im pretty sick of it.Now hes allso insulted over 250,000 people who donated to the border wall calling them dopey people and meth heads i donated i should sue his ass for defamation of character and make him prove im a meth head and so should anyone else who donated he gets away with to much for a puppet who the Demorcrats use as a mouth piece so they dont have to take the fall for saying the things he does for them in other words hes dispensible when the crap hits the fan and hes removed from public televison they will move onto the next dumb azz who runs thier mouth for them. He should worry more about his child who has a heart condition then disrespecting everything this Nation stands for the Demorcrats must be paying the medical bills for his kid.People should start sending letters of intent to sue them and him see how that works he needs to be removed off tv

  45. I stopped watching not just the talk shows but i got ill and had an operation so i started watching reruns of some of my favorite shows and lo and behold i was not paying attention Law and Order SUV with Mariska Hargatay Ice Tea etc i never noticed how often thay take shots at Republicans on that show on one show of course the bad guy was a Republican and someone made a comment and Hargatay fired back well we know how i feel about those people another was a direct shot at the President and on one show Kathy Griffith of holding the severed head of our President played a Lesbian activist who had been attacked by of course a Republican and the man who climbed in her window turned out to be her male lover so it was then changed to her being bisexual in any event this women turns my stomach and ive lost any respect for Mariska Hargatay as the producer and writer of the show I wonder what her mother the fab super star Jayne Mansfield would think about all that . I really never realised that Jimmy Kimmels so called channel even the regular shows are extremly biased but sometimes if you blink you miss it watching those reruns sure woke me up .Those channels never leave an option for you to comment on those shows either

  46. would love to wake up to see you left this world during the night and you went to hell-along with Letterman two low class pigs-why don’t you both go to DMR AND DRINK FROM HOTEL ROOM BAR!!!!

  47. I didn’t know that Timmy Kimbal was still on the air. He must be on some small station in the middle of the night. I have no friends that watch his show and none of my friends even talk about him. I’ll bet his station must have a hard time getting quality advertisers.His advertisers must be the insurance and laxative companies or those sleazy lawyers that handle car wrecks.

  48. Jimmy Kimbal is a loser and a pig. If he didn’t have those writers writing those disgusting jokes ( if you call them that) he wouldn’t have a show. I thought that he was supposed to get canceled, but his show is still on. Please cancel the jerk’s show. PLUS the other 2 night host’s show. Do the country a favor


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