Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel attacked Ivanka trump in the worst way


Jimmy Kimmel is just another left-wing political hack disguised as a TV host.

Every night he goes on air he rails against Trump and his family.

But Jimmy Kimmel stooped to a new low with this sick “joke” about Ivanka Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue is usually nothing more than regurgitated fake news from CNN.

Tonight he started his show talking about rumors that Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, could be the next chief of staff.

Then he stepped in it with a sex joke about Ivanka Trump saying, “I guess the thinking of (Trump) is: if he’s good enough to screw my daughter, he’s good enough to screw the country.”

The Daily Wire reports:

On Thursday, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel continued his steady stream of Donald Trump-themed monologues, with a series of partisan takes on the most recent Trump news. While his audience enthusiastically applauded most of his jabs at Trump, one missed the mark with a segment of the audience, who responded with groans to the host going out of his way to drop a sexual joke about Trump’s daughter.

Referencing recent reports that one of the leading candidates to replace Gen. John Kelly as Trump’s chief of staff is none other then Trump’s son-in-law and key adviser Jared Kushner, Kimmel decided to work in a sexual reference to his wife, Ivanka.

“I guess the thinking of [Trump] is: if he’s good enough to screw my daughter, he’s good enough to screw the country,” said Kimmel.

The response from the usually quick-to-laugh audience was mixed, some groaning loudly at the tasteless joke.

“I hope he hires Jared,” Kimmel added, attempting to move on quickly. “I hope he hires Jared and then he fires Jared so we go through the whole thing.”

The sexual joke followed a series of other predictably Trump-disparaging quips that conveniently highlighted as much of the bad reports surrounding the president as he could muster in the brief monologue.


Even his audience met him with disapproving groans.

Jimmy Kimmel and most other late-night “comedians” constantly use the Trump family as a political punching bag.

But even their liberal audience is growing tired of their act.

And Kimmel isn’t the only one who crosses the line.

As Culture Watch News recently reported, late-night “comedian” Samantha Bee completely disrespected the birth of Jesus Christ by likening him to an illegal immigrant being raided by I.C.E and making fun of Melania Trump for her decorations.

Late-night TV show hosts will find anything to attack conservatives for.

They represent the so-called “progressive” Hollywood that wants to completely eradicate conservatism from television all together.

Do you think Jimmy Kimmel should face consequences for his poor taste of jokes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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