Larry David is stabbing Bernie Sanders in the back with this jaw-dropping attack that will leave you in shock


Larry David has been an active Bernie Sanders supporter since his first failed campaign for President in 2016.

The actor even portrays him on Saturday Night Live.

But now Larry David is stabbing Bernie Sanders in the back at the worst possible time and what he said could end Sanders’ campaign instantly.

It’s no secret the Bernie Sanders campaign enjoys bragging about their celebrity endorsements.

Sanders enjoys a small army of radical left-wing celebrities endorsing his campaign as he is the most socialist candidate in the race.

He proceeds to use these endorsements to raise millions of dollars and reach out to young people with his message of socialism and false promises.

But Larry David’s betrayal could change all of that in an instant.

Not only did David rescind his support, he told The New York Times Sanders should drop out.

“I feel he should drop out,” the Curb Your Enthusiasm star said. “Because he’s too far behind. He can’t get the nomination. And I think, you know, it’s no time to fool around here. Everybody’s got to support Biden.”

The Democrat establishment has done a great job of throwing Bernie Sanders under the bus at every turn.

Once Joe Biden won the South Carolina primary, they strong armed nearly all the other candidates to drop out and endorse Joe Biden before Super Tuesday.

Now, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate standing in Joe Biden’s way of a completely uncontested nomination and the establishment is furious.

There is tremendous pressure among Democratic influencers to encourage their fans to support Joe Biden and give up on Bernie’s campaign.

Larry David’s statement could send the Sanders campaign down in flames.

Senator Sanders is losing support from activists, celebrities, the media, and Democrat donors rapidly with no possible way to turn the situation around.

The DNC has officially thrown Bernie Sanders under the bus once again and given Joe Biden the nomination.

What do you think? Will Bernie Sanders drop out to the race soon?

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