Kids are being fed lies about a dangerous terrorist organization


Leftist have been indoctrinating kids into their ideology for years.

It’s nearly impossible for children to avoid left-wing messaging in cartoons, movies, and pop songs.

But now kids are being fed lies about a dangerous terrorist organization.

The murder of Minneapolis citizen George Floyd has led to a wave of violent rioting and looting around the country.

What began as peaceful protest quickly disintegrated into madness and chaos.

Innocent civilians and law enforcement officers were beaten and even killed in the midst of the mayhem.

And one of the groups responsible for inciting the violence is Antifa.

Donald Trump recently declared the group of militant communists a terrorist organization, which they most certainly are.

Sadly, the corporate press has defended the despicable actions of Antifa for years, and they’re doing so again even as evidence of their involvement in rioting mounts.

But what’s more disturbing is how one magazine geared toward children is glorying the actions of Antifa.

Teen Vogue, which has become disgustingly “woke,” recently retweeted an article praising the violent communist group.

The frustrating irony of this Teen Vogue piece is that the magazine is run by Condé Nast, a billion-dollar media company.

The article is complete nonsense and papers over all the crimes that the group has committed.

This is the type of propaganda being fed to children from all angles.

Not even frivolous teen magazines are safe from far-left indoctrination.

This is the fallout of decades of cultural domination from the Left in media, academia, and Hollywood.

Unless conservatives push back harder against those corrupted institutions, the problem will only get worse.

Right-wing news media has begun to gain ground because podcasts and platforms like YouTube, but entertainment media and academia needs more support.

As Andrew Breitbart famously said, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

If leftists are allowed to have a monopoly on the culture, victories at the ballot box will dwindle, or become irrelevant as leftists nudge the country further to the Left through cultural pressure.

What do you think conservatives should do to win back pro-America culture?

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  2. Unfortunately, this kind of indoctrination in our schools has been going on for years.

  3. “Kids are being fed lies about a dangerous terrorist organization.” Maybe we should encourage them to join the Animal Liberation Front instead, as peta2 is now the largest youth movement in history. How is the left “shutting down free speech” when the right refuses to give fair and balanced coverage of animal issues, and discriminates against animal advocates on the basis of religious identity (like pro-lifers faced in past decades)? David Daleiden is a hero to conservatives for his undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood trafficking in unborn human body parts, but these same conservatives are trying to pass “Ag-gag” legislation to prevent animal activists from doing likewise on factory farms, fur farms, circuses, rodeos, animal experimentation, etc.

  4. The worst crime that democrats commit is a crime against children, involving children in their dirty politics. They spoil the human psyche from a very young age, instilling in them their ugly ideology of racial hatred and non-existent kinds of any of privileges

  5. Liberals are such hypocrites. If they cared about black people, they shouldn’t have passed the Violent Crimes Act of 1994!

  6. The indoctrination of children in our education system is the reason for these ridiculous “demonstrations”. The lack of appreciation of US History, the legacy of the founding of the country and the significance of the greatest country ever founded in freedom and liberty is obscured and disgraced in the schools. The ignorant brats provide cover for anti-American movements and criminals thinking that the destruction of society will improve society.

  7. Conservatives have to be at the helm of communication in the nation. And in the institutions that indoctrinate children, the school’s and even the libraries and all of government. These are the places of influence and power that has been squewd to far from what is just.

  8. Obama, Hillary, Soros and company are dead scared because more and more dirt has been discovered and they may all land up in prison. They cannot blame Trump for everything. He did not bring the Corona and he got bad advice from left experts. Their attacks have so far had no effect, but only the democrats were to blame. Trump did not kill anybody and tried hard to reduce the looting and the violence organized by the Left and Antifa. The Obama gang is now looking for other dirty means to make life hard for Trump.
    How about the suicide lists of Hillary, the murder of Epstein, Soros paying the terrorrists etc The american voters are not so stupid and dont listen to the lies and fake news from CNN. Lies dont pay, and ” You cannot lie in your prayers ” !!! Trump deserve your support to keep America great.

  9. The battle lines are drawn. Now is the time for strong morales, teach Christian values and for conservative men and women of this great country to fight back at these liberal jerks killing the minds of our childern. Get prepared stay ready and join the cause to save our nation from the destruction the leftist side is demonstrating today. Lock and load!

  10. THe time for a major bloodletting is approaching. Be prepared to defend yourself, your family and your home. In no event place yourself in a position where your only recourse is the government. Governments are always to be watch closely and NEVER to be trusted.

  11. Sadly, George Soros’ Antifa movement will continue being financially fed and nurtured by his crime org family after he is gone!

  12. Just listen to these Liberal/DemocRATS and everybody with half a brain can see how they Propagandize every aspect of our lives. Mind you, they should not have to live by the same rules as us slaves (that’s how they see us) and if they close down our businesses they throw us a few crumbs. Why do they have such corrupt Police and why is it ok for people to demonstrate and Riot and why do only Black Lives Matter?? Where has our America gone wrong??

  13. We Conservatives must have a stronger voice with our local schools to push back. I just subscribed yesterday to The Epoch Times, a weekly newspaper and website that gives me hope to better educate myself on issues not only here in the U.S. but also worldwide factual information. It’s up to each of us to “act” not just talk. We must also pray and have a true faith that Trump is re-elected for the sake of our Country. We must remain united with him and his common sense instincts.

  14. Censorship by social media is the first source of lies because kids are being fed false information the censors want to push. Everyone PLEASE email Pres. Trump at and copy your Republican representatives in Congress, demanding that all social media be regulated as common carriers. You don’t get cut off for criticizing politicians talking on a telephone, the social media should be completely open also. Anything less is election tampering.

  15. Kids have to be taught by their parents that there is a big difference between peaceful protestors and hate groups like Antifa who want to riot, loot, and even kill innocent people. They are just as bad as the KKK and must be eliminated. This is not the American way to get things accomplished. Martin Luther King believed in peaceful protests, never violence, which never solves anything.

  16. In the case of Teen Vogue, parents should be aware of the magazines political and cultural ideology, and not allow their teenager to subscribe. This should apply to all venues including music, movies and television.

  17. The “Department of Education”, needs to set standards as to what CAN and CAN’T be taught!!! Eliminating the “liberal bias” of the educators!!! Or the schools could lose their accreditation, and funding!!!

  18. Of course you’re spreading more lies to further your right wing ideology. Fortunately, children are being taught to think critically. The FBI, even under the rule of another Trump criminal, Bill Barr, cannot find Antifa as a terrorist organization… or even any organization. Antifa is a loose term for patriotic Americans of various groups or individuals who are fighting the fascist regime of Trump and his right wing enablers. Hopefully, the children are learning about the parallels between the Trump reign of terror and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

  19. Attorney General Bill Barr is not the head of the FBI, antifa is Not patriotic anything and you’re fullacrap!

  20. @HCB
    Which must be the abbreviation for HUGE [email protected] BALL, you have it exactly backwards.
    Which means you are either an ANTIFA Fellow Traveler and Tool, or a completely brainwashed mental defective.

  21. It is time for a national return to the standards of the Bible. it’s time for us to submit our lives individually and collectively to the leading and governing of the God of the Bible. Liars and fools will try to discredit the concept of following God. Intelligence can lead people either toward or away from God, but wisdom will always lead toward God. Wisdom will never simply rationalize away the vast evidence for belief in God. God has left his unmistakable signature in so many places of his creation, and he has done it so that we can know he is there for us. It is possible in your brain to know the certainty of God, but it is also possible to experience the very real presence of God for those who will continue to seek him with all their heart.

  22. Antifa is and has been from its inception a very, very, dangerous domestic terrorist group. Conservatives must stand up and vote for moral decency, equality for all and stop pandering to spoiled brats who believe that because of race and history of this country they are Entitled to money without earning it; reparation for slavery which happened generations ago.
    Schools and institutions of higher learning need to open up meaningful dialogue from speakers with opposite points of view instead of being one sided. Justice must be equally applied to all. If one does the crime then one must do the time. No exceptions.

  23. HCB if we’re just a bunch of Nazi’s so where is the concentration camps for liberals, dumb-o-rats, lezbags, scum, IDIOTS as yourself. If we don’t have one…WE NEED ONE for this bunch.

  24. If anyone is interested in discovering the true nature of Antifa,I suggest you read the Antifa Guidebook by Mark Brey,a professor from Dartmouth. It can be found by accessing the Library of Congress website. It is only about 8 pages long and tries to justify the use of force and violence to shape cultural changes. These changes are to be defined by members of this group in the name of controlling “fascist” movements in society. In other words,anyone who doesn’t conform with their view of society,such as right wing or conservative thinking. Tolerance is not allowed and is to be eradicated. Does this sound familiar to those of us who have studied history of 1930’s Germany?

  25. What is extremely troublesome is that the Attorney General of the State of Minnesota and #2 person in the DNC, was featured in a tweet holding a copy of the Antifa Guidebook in his hand and staying in the tweet, ” This is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. ” Mr. Allison’s son,Jeremiah, a Minneapolis City Council board member,has openly stated his support for Antifa.
    We all have to stand up and recognize this threat to society. Evil triumphs of good men do nothing.


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