Kid Rock just torched Al Sharpton with a brutal take-down he’ll never forget


While most people in the entertainment business are firmly on the side of the radical Left, Kid Rock isn’t.

He is an apologetic supporter of President Trump, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

And he just torched Al Sharpton with a brutal take-down he’ll never forget.

Due to his support of President Trump, and his crass way of speaking his mind, the Left has been targeting Kid Rock for years.

And they just forced him to close his restaurant in Detroit following threats of protests over comments he made about Oprah Winfrey that the Left claims were racist.

Kid Rock made the announcement in a statement, where he states that trying to label him as racist “is a joke,” and a “disservice to the black community” that he’s supported his entire life.

Following this, he took a shot at Al Sharpton, who has been attacking him for years, writing:

“PS – Hey Al Sharpton, you or your cronies will never beat me you tax evading, race baiting clown!”

He then ended the statement with “Trump 2020!!”

TMZ reports:

Kid Rock made it big initially for speaking his mind and making great music.

And no matter what the Left says, he isn’t going to change a thing about that.

The rocker teased a Senate run in 2017, which brought a lot of excitement from Trump supporters tired of political correctness.

Would you vote for Kid Rock?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I don’t know what he said about Oprah and quite frankly I don’t care. That may sound very unchristian of me. But I do not honor someone that does not honor GOD. I personally do not like her or have any respect for her. But if he did say something about her being a woman of color, then he was wrong. But he did deny that WHAT he said wasn’t racists in any way. But let’s face it, since he supports President Trump, the leftists will always make a mountain out of a mole hill, just to discredit him. Or anyone that is a Conservative. The Nazi party wants total control of our lives, in every way possible. Freedom of speech ONLY applies for them. Not us!!
    As far as this creature Al Sharpton, has NEVER cared about the rights for black people. As long as he has been in the pubic eye, his only purpose was to cause racial unrest and line his own pockets. He is a liar, fraud and phony ! I will never put Reverend before his name either. He is a representative of Satan and he WILL be judged very harshly come Judgment day!! Good for Kid Rock for speaking the truth!!!!

  3. Side note: I don’t know if I would vote for Kid Rock. I would have to hear what he represents first. But one thing is a given I will never vote Democratic….

    just paid himself a Million dollars from his VERY OWN Charity!

    HARLEM!!!! Wake up! This Relaxed Haired Fraud is ripping you all off!!!!
    Those are your contributions!!!!

  5. Pointless Sharpton is a tax evader, hiding as a minister.All fake remember the Brawley case.All fake just like him.

  6. Enjoyed a few hours in Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk in Nashville this summer. Food & entertainment was good. People watching lot of fun also.
    He may have been a bit over the top with his drunken rant about Oprah, but I see no difference between that and the way left leaning celebrities are bashing President Trump.
    It would be fun to have Kid Rock run for office, if we have to tolerate the “ squad” they can tolerate the “Kid”.

  7. Sharpton is about as much a reverend as I am a millionaire. He is very much so a minister of HATE. And a thief.

  8. Sharpturd has made a handsome living off of race baiting and lies (remembering Tawana Brawley), as well as off tax evasion. He should be in prison, but he is black so he gets a pass that neither you or I would get from the IRS. When Sharpturd passes, and none too soon, the world will be a little better.

  9. What “church” does Sharptongue represent? Who ordained him? No one seems to know that. Perhaps he ordained himself?

    He most certainly does not represent God in any way. God says to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. The “reverend” Al renders unto himself and nobody else. He owes how many millions in un-rendered taxes? He took money from what charity? He constantly attacks whites in racist diatribes? He preaches HATE from the pulpit?

    So, what god does he worship? Mammon? Satan? Why anyone at all gives Sharpton a minute of their time or a dollar of their money is a mystery to me. He’s a con man. Period.

  10. He’s nothing but a pencil neck weasel and he along with Jesse Jackson are race baiters ..they deny the fact but they’re the ones calling white people white crackers and trash and Hispanics hymies … let him run his thieving mouth ..POS .

  11. Stay strong Kid. The left hates you because of your support for Trump. Because you tell a person, what you think about that person, do not want to mention her name ” Opra”, you are called a racist. Well quess, who in reality are the racists. ????? Let’s start with the, so called “reverend” Sharpie, ++++++!

  12. His followers seem too stupid to realize that they are being ripped off,and always have been ripped off, by this racist low life thug! This joke of a man should be in prison for his debt to the IRS, but because of his skin color he is allowed to break the laws of this land!

  13. I have no idea what Kid Rock said about Oprah, but why isn’t anyone asking why she told a news person on the BBC that the world would be a better place if ALL white people would die! Is she allowed to say those horrible things just because she is a wealthy black woman? White people played a huge part in helping her become a wealthy black woman. Oprah does not rule the world! She, just as Kid Rock, should think before she speaks! Our words are powerful and can be used in a positive way or a negative way; both parties should think before they speak in the future, in my opinion! All Americans should practice being kind, forgiving, thoughtful, caring, respectful, polite, and generous to their fellow man/woman! The world would be a better place, in my opinion!

  14. Kid Rock whatever you said about Oprah has not been printed but we didn’t like her when she started promoting Obama for President and we blamed her for this presidency! She is a race baiting political hack and she doesn’t fool us with her glib talk. One thing is for sure, we are glad there are no children in that family!!

  15. Kid Rock is right about AL ( Not so sharp ) Sharpton he is a race baiter and tax evading he owes the government over five million in back taxes and if this were a white person that owe that much in taxes they would be in jail and that’s where he belongs in jail.

  16. I thought Republicans were fascists?
    Isn’t that what ANTIFA is supposed to be about? Now the Republicans are Nazi too?

  17. This is just another example of how , no matter HOW MUCH you do for the black communities it is, and NEVER WILL be enough!! That is just their mind set. Take, take, take. Have you ever noticed that when famous blacks start charities thers is never a poor white kid on a sngle picture? You would think that this country doesn’t have any disadvantaged white kids who could use a coat or a toy or a aummer camp experience or whatever in those communities. The blacks ONLY take care of their own, yet we are to take care of them to the exclusion of poor white kids.

    I ask a friend who is black, one time, when will welfare be enough for the blacks to make up for slavery. Her answer was NEVER! NEVER!!

    Blacks are all about INCLUSION, unless it invloves including anyone who is white. I do not donate to any black causes any more b/c they are NOT inclusive and specically EXCLUDE white.

  18. Skin color has nothing to do with getting away with not paying taxes. Anyone of any color would be under the jail for owing the IRS that kind of money.
    Sharpton is the lefts lackey, for ‘lack’ of a better word. Pardon the pun. He just knows the right crooked folks in gov to keep him out of trouble. Sharpton does the lefts bidding, misleading his community and giving the One World Government Dems the power they so desperately seek. If you bash Trump you’re qualified to work for the left. No other qualifications are necessary.
    The folks that follow him, of all colors, aren’t stupid. They are too trusting. Members of the community wants to believe. I find that the majority of folks in the world are caring, hard working, charitable and trust worthy folks who believes that other folks are trustworthy too. Unfortunately they are not. Members of the community need to trust themselves and the God given common sense the Creator blessed them with and to stop taking folks like Sharpton at face value.

  19. Jack: Please stop editorializing my comment. If you can’t respond to the story at hand, don’t comment at all. In the mean time, look up NWO and see which party represents that. You will clearly see it’s YOUR party…..

  20. jack, you have no clue at all what you are even talking about. You don’t know anything about the Republican Party. That is very obvious. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. It is YOUR party that is the Nazis.

  21. jack, YOU are a sick LIAR!!!!! You have no concept at all of what a Republican is. Most are Christians and follow the teachings of Jesus. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and NOT ONE of them is racist. They are all very loving, decent people, far better than you. Take your sick hate somewhere else. satan is your master

  22. jack, no you are an extremely sick and hate-filled dem. liar. Your party has thrown God out and satan is your master

  23. james, you are attacking republicans???? Really?? Let’s see how low the dem party has sunk…the Clinton’s have been extremely corrupt for many years and Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth, yet you voted for her. muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House. He hates everything this country stands for and his goal was to destroy it. He is very racist and hates whites. Yet you voted for him twice. The dem party threw God out and embraces satan and his hatred and lies. That is all the dem party has left…hate and lies. You are proof

  24. james f berry: You have got to be kidding me!! Look who’s in YOUR party right now!! Talk about immoral and low life’s !! You truly are beyond brainwashed sir. You are brain dead…..

  25. Sorry, tinkerbell, they go hand in hand…..and having grown up blue collar dem I watched the morphing of that party into both. Nothing but parasitic trash any more. They do nothing but elect elitist thieves who steal from them on a daily basis and too stupid to comprehend it’s all they’re after is the money they steal, and they care less about their voters.

  26. There they go again (quoting Reagan), this Jack character doesn’t have anything relevant to say so lets call names. Bad names like Nazi, fascist, racist. Typical dimbulb, has nothing that they can run on (you know accomplishments) so lets throw crap against the wall and see what sticks.

  27. Wonderful discussion of fact with no facts. No wonder we have problems in this country for all we note is non supported hatred. No one appears to really know what a communist or a nazi is. Reading these comments clearly shows that everyone is good a writing unsupported claim based on hate.

  28. It’s democrats that want reparations and no vote IDs and affirmative action for blacks.
    WHY? Because democrats are racist. Democrats think blacks are too stupid to make it without their help.
    Republicans want blacks to get off Uncle Sam’s plantation and fend for themselves.
    How can you be so stupid Jack?

  29. Jack, are you aware that people of color, women, and those with different orientations actually have minds of their own, that they are able to think and reason with just as well as anyone else?
    And demanding that they think and vote with their color, gender or orientation, rather than their own minds, as your Democrats do, is nothing less than racist, misogynistic and bigoted?
    And you fools can’t understand WHY so many voters are leaving your corrupt party to support Trump? Impeachment is merely the desperate last gasp of a dying dinosaur.

  30. BJ you hateful little Republithug I was a Reaganite you dumbass. Meant the man twice worked the phones and knocked on doors for President. How many doors and phones did you work DOTARD tRUMP.

  31. Linda I will stop when you quite posting. That said I do respect you for marching in Mississippi for the African Americans. You should be proud of yourself.

  32. Uncle Hoppy ANTIFA is the street fighters against both the Neo-Nazis in the fascist Republican party. The word ANTIFA stands for Anti-Fascist’s

    The Fascist Republithugs have their groups the Neo-Nazis and the Proud Boys same thing as ANTIFA.

  33. Jack: You will stop when I quite posting?? I suppose you meant quit. Well anyway, you won’t stop me from posting. Especially here. Because I speak the truth and others appreciate what I have to say. As I do their comments. So jack, why do you find the need to make comments to me?
    I marched not for glory or praise. But for what I thought was right. And I still do. So yes I am proud I took a stand.
    You know Jack, you sound strangely familiar to me. I wonder….

  34. STAR Chamber: I could be wrong, because quite frankly you really don’t anyone that posts here or on those other sites. But that self-rightist, braggart and school yard bully” Tom” I think is that little swine that posted under the name “spanky” before.They both have the same obnoxious style, don’t you think? Jack is just a very misguided and very ill-informed , unyielding die hard Democrat. That does love to call us Nazis though. But in reality, that is what his party promotes and stands for.

  35. Linda you said it eloquently. Just keep posting and let the Demrats/Liberals chew on each other. Let’s go out and vote TRUMP 2020.


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