Kid Rock just slammed Taylor Swift’s career by exposing her in the most humiliating way


Taylor Swift has started becoming increasingly political and casted her lot with the Left.

The media and fellow celebrities are cheering her on, but she never expected this message from Kid Rock.

Kid Rock just humiliated Taylor Swift on social media by slamming her career in the worst way possible.

It’s no secret that in order to advance in Hollywood you have to conform to the radical Left.

Taylor Swift is actively trying to work her way onto the big screen and has therefore become a Left-wing lunatic.

That’s when Kid Rock slammed her with this message:

Breitbart reports:

Detroit rocker Kid Rock says pop superstar Taylor Swift has only aligned herself with the Democratic Party because she hopes to be cast in Hollywood films.

In a detailed interview with Vogue published on Thursday, the 29-year-old singer reaffirmed her progressive credentials by discussing her support for the LGBT movement and declaring that “rights are being stripped from basically everyone who isn’t a straight white cisgender male.”

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, says Swift is only pushing such progressive ideas because she wants to curry favor with Hollywood’s notoriously left-wing power players.

“Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in movies….period,” said Kid Rock. “And it looks like she will suck the door knob off Hollyweird to get there. Oldest move in the book. Good luck girl.”

Taylor Swift’s recent political rants reek of desperation.

Kid Rock is right.

Swift is clearly making a sad attempt to prove herself as a liberal activist so she can advance her career in Hollywood.

It’s a shame conservatives are being openly discriminated against in Hollywood for their political beliefs.

It proves how intolerant liberals are.

What do you think?

Does Hollywood discriminate against conservative talent?


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  2. Damn black mark on all those who put that ungrateful ho there.but then again KID.prostitution is the oldest profession..pvt sam

  3. Look for her to be crying rape in the next few years. Not until she makes it big and gets a lot of money though.

  4. holly wood is notorious with the mental abuse of everyone that tries to succeed. Taylor should have remained home, but now it’s downhill
    from now on. Nothing wrong with the kid expressing his knowledge of holey

  5. This bimbo is such a nothing, she has the morals of a whore. She even stooped so low as to pose nude and put the pictures on the computer. Pull up Taylor Swift nude or naked and you can see how low she has dropped. I would imagine how proud her parents must be of their pig.

  6. I always thought that Taylor should go back to bein’ a country singer. Less recognition, there.

  7. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  8. I don’t waste my time or money going to the cinema. Outside of local news and weather, I rarely watch television. I consider the vast majority of Hollywood personalities poor role models for our children. This goes for rap and hip hop singers as well. Not impressed with any of them nor am I interested in their political views. California – never been there and have NO desire to go there, it is the weirdo capital of the United States.

  9. Maybe she really does believe it. I suspect she is actually L in the LGBT . . . alphabet soup. It looked like she was about to come out before her latest CD release and maybe someone advised her to that it might negatively impact her career as it appears her fan base was mainly young teenage girls.

  10. Never watch or listen to her. She is a homely looking person after you scrape the makeup off her. Never saw the talent she thinks she has ! Not A Role Model for young girls to follow.No Talent what so ever

  11. ANOTHER self-Hating White maggot,THATS the New thing in Proving your Not RACIST,Not Only do you have to Fawn all over and kiss the asses of people of color,You have to Show your Total DISGUST in being White.God Only knows whats next??Against the Law to BE White??I Would NOT doubt it for a Second in this world gone Mad!! Semper Fi

  12. Taylor Swift has successfully transitioned from country to pop. There are valid reasons for liberals, like conservatives, to be concerned about whether pop stars are good role models for young people: the sexualization of children at an early age, etc. Even firms promoting socially responsible investing will not support the alcohol, tobacco, and firearms industries, in addition to opposing the military-industrial complex. And even some liberal parents don’t want their kids playing with toy guns, war toys, etc. Fears of progressive political views are not valid reasons.

    Labeling Taylor Swift a sex kitten says more about sexism in the music industry and American pop culture in general. Ariana Grande might be labeled a sex kitten, too. I don’t know if Ariana Grande writes her own music, like singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, but Ariana Grande IS a vegan! Taylor Swift was listed among the top twenty charitable celebrities of 2013, and I would like to see Taylor Swift become a positive role model for girls and young women in this regard by joining the many celebrities who have transitioned to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

    Vegetarian and vegan celebrities in 2019 include: Ariana Grande, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson, Mýa, Toby MacGuire, Kristen Bell, Russell Simmons, Ellen DeGeneres, Olivia Wilde, Stevie Wonder, Kellie Pickler, Alec Baldwin, Anthony Kiedis, Leona Lewis, Paul McCartney, Carrie Underwood, Venus Williams, Alicia Silverstone, Shania Twain, Alyssa Milano, Brad Pitt, Christina Applegate, Lea Michele, Steve-O, Erykah Badu, Jared Leto, Portia DeRossi, Daryl Hannah, Sandra Oh, Petra Nemcova, David Carter, Miley Cyrus, Moby, Tony Kanal, Alicia Silverstone, Emily Deschanel, Joaquin Phoenix, Kat Von D, Daisy Fuentes, Jessica Chastain, etc.

    A legitimate concern was raised about the music video to Taylor Swift’s song “Wildest Dreams.” Great song, but even though the music itself was pure white pop, the music video was filmed in Africa, and did not feature a single black person!

    Again, Taylor Swift has successfully transitioned from country to pop. There are valid reasons for liberals, like conservatives, to be concerned about whether pop stars are good role models for young people, the sexualization of children at an early age, etc… fears of progressive political views are not among them.

  13. She can get together with women Communist Senator Kamala Harris and Communist Representative like AO-C.

  14. Pardonne moi, I forgot what they are all involved in to climb the Social status network and while making oodles and boodles of money that would be performing oral sex.

  15. It’s time for us Conservatives to raise up a new, a conservative, Hollywood, for conservative actors and actresses – to supplant the original, decrepit Hollywood of old.

  16. What is wrong with being white, brown, black, red, yellow… whatever the color of our God given skin. We cannot help it, so why apologize for having born white? Those who do apologize are IGNORANT IDIOTS, DISGUSTING, VERY, VERY STUPID AND EXTREMELY HYPOCRITICAL. I am not white but I love all good people regardless of skin color, and yes, I wouldn’t doubt if they try to make it illegal to be white. How asinine would that be!!!!

  17. I like Taylor she has good music!!! KID ROCK your music SUCKS LIKE A COLD WIND up your BUTT!! I’m a Republican but you think you have Brains? You don’t, you put your own Mother down if she likes Taylor!!!!I wouldn’t buy your music only to use it as a Frisbee with my dogs. Taylors music should go back to country and she just went the wrong way and the GAY’s should be honored to have a Straight person supporting them. You on the other hand really don’t like GAYS OR TRANSGENDERS because you like to get high and smoke Crack. People like Colleen and all you LIBbIES MIGHT LIKE HER IN MOVIES AND THE SEX SECENCES IT might just turn you on!!!!

  18. Country is way better than Pop slop. And your ignorance is profound. WE DON”T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID VEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot tell us what to eat, PERIOD. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. There is no doubt that Hollywood discriminates against Conservatives . If in fact Taylor Swift is trying to get into the Movie business like Kid Rock claims she is then it just shows how dirty and low she will go to get what she wants! Taylor Swift is incredibly wealthy and she does not need to be in the Movies for Monetary reasons . She would have been far better off keeping her opinions to her self and staying out of Show Business . It is not worth doing anything if it requires hurting or trying to destroy others! Nothing is!

  20. The term ” would you sell your soul” comes to mind…very bad move Taylor who??? Hollywood is all but done creativity is God’s and He has withdrawn from the movie industry!!!

  21. Fifteen years ago she was a cute kid trying to become a “country singer”. But since then she has evolved into another skank like Miley Cyrus. Her music is very boring and they all sound the same. To bad she has lost her way. Money isn’t everything girl and you will never have enough to buy the respect you have lost over the years.

  22. Years ago I heard Ozzie Osborne make two comments to some interviewer. First, at the mention of Justin Bieber Osborn asked “what the hell is a Bieber?”. And with regards to “rap music” he said “rap is crap that the stupid public is afraid to criticize”. He was right on in both cases.

  23. There is a very conservative alternative to Hollywierd it’s called British Entertainment. Hollywood hasn’t created a single movie in the last decade that was worth my time or money. Animation and special effects are all they can come up with and both are junk, in my opinion.

  24. I agree. Phillip’s comment was totally stupid. I like some of Taylor Swift’s music, and I like Kid Rock. I think his tweet is hilarious and so true. Taylor has been acting very desperate lately to appear “woke” and be accepted by the nitwits on the left. I preferred her when she stayed out of politics. Kid Rock is on to something.

  25. Where is the unsubscribe button? Life is hard enough without a bunch of right wing rhetoric being sent to my mailbox.

  26. Ms. Pat Yacovacci, calling the kettle black, I see! Usually those who yell the loudest (all caps = yelling) are the ones who should look in the mirror. I’d rather be ugly on the outside rather than like you, who is ugly on the inside as well!

  27. Every single one of those no-talent dumbbells you so admiringly named are dems/liberals, and what in the world does transitioning from vegetarian (or meat eaters) to vegan have to do with anything. Who gives a flying flip what and how these idiots eat. Go away!

  28. I think the only thing Hollyweird can come up with is doing movies and shows that have been done b4. And this has been happening for years now. There are no original thinkers in that place, and all they seem to be able to do these days is steal other shows bc they don’t have a creative bone in their bodies!

  29. Do you know where the delete key is on your computer? Then hit it and shut up! I’d hit that unsubscribe button for you if I could. Take your liberal butt and dive off a cliff.

  30. Taylor Swift’s career will nosedive when she aligns herself with a minority group, The Radical Left Liberals, which MOST people will NOT align with. And when the Radical Left is DONE with her, she will be “scooped up” into the “dust bin of history”, and TRASHED, rightfully so. NO ONE is discriminating against the LGBTQ group, even though their values are DEPLORABLE. I have no intentions of EVER watching a movie she was cast in. She has no idea what decency and respect is as she doesn’t respect anyone else’s viewpoints OR values. She is BANKRUPT morally and I would not EVER listening to her music OR watching any of her movies . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  31. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

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