Katy Perry was just caught in a massive #MeToo scandal and it’s worse than you think


Ever since the #MeToo movement began, Hollywood Leftists have done everything in their power to hide the skeletons in their own closets.

But it looks like not all of them were able to get away with it.

That’s because Katy Perry was caught in a #MeToo moment that could destroy her career for good.

Instead of treating sexual harassment and assault seriously, the Left has politicized it at every turn.

And where you land on the political spectrum determines how bad your case is.

Celebrities such as Amy Schumer and Ellen DeGeneres have all gotten away with behavior that if a man or a Republican had engaged in, would have destroyed them.

Fortunately, this latest case of a Left-wing celebrity sexually harassing someone is receiving at least some media attention.

Katy Perry now has two accusers stating that she forcibly tried to kiss them without their consent.

Fox News reports:

A second person has come forward to accuse Katy Perry of alleged sexual misconduct.

Russian TV presenter Tina Kandelaki claims the “American Idol” judge once approached her while allegedly intoxicated at an event and attempted to kiss her without consent.

Kandelaki told Russian media outlet StarHit that Perry approached her but was rebuffed, prompting her to look for someone else to try and kiss.

“Once I was invited to a private party with Katy Perry, where she, being pretty tipsy, chose me as an object for the manifestation of her passion,” Kandelaki, 43, told the outlet (via Page Six). “I managed to fight back, strength training was not in vain, and Katy instantly found a new victim for kisses, hugs and dirty dances.”

This could be terrible news for Katy Perry.

The singer was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and is a hardcore feminist.

Now, she’s completely betrayed her fellow feminists by engaging in sexual misconduct against women.

So far, she has refused to acknowledge or apologize for either of the incidents.

If word continues to spread, Perry could lose her role on American Idol and others could refuse to record her work.

What do you think?

Should Katy Perry confess to what she did and apologize?


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  2. “Instead of treating sexual harassment and assault seriously, the Left has politicized it at every turn.”

    Politicizing sexual harassment and assault IS taking it seriously!

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  3. What if this was a male (true men are so few and far between) being accused of these two sexual misconduct cases? Especially if that male was a white Republican, President Trump supporter? This would be non-stop, 24/7, 365 days/year coverage for at least two years. The MSM will not ever report this. By their silence yea shall know them!!! The MSM’s silence is so loud it is hurting my eardrums.

  4. No one in their right mind should support this garbage. Go back under your rock and stop trying to mess up the world!

  5. vasu, you are one big ‘MORON’!!! demoncrats have nothing to run on except lies, which you have bought into. They have done nothing for the people in 2 yrs. except waste our money. katy perry is nothing but another weird individual who thinks people love her & can do what ever she wants. Wake-up…

  6. It isn’t taking it seriously if you only attack one side! Bob Packwood, a single man was thrown out of Office for trying to kiss a single, adult woman while she was helping him hang curtains in his office. She said “no,” and he stopped. But she reported him as “abusive,” and he lost his job. Who was the real abuser there? Then you guys got on a blackface thing and dropped it when you realized all the black-face guys were Democrats from Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon to the Gov of Virginia, who was a Democrat and the whole thing quietly went away. When Hillary lied, people died in Benghazi but Trump exaggerates and uses hyperbole and he is labeled a liar. It’s really news when Hillary tells the truth. If you believe she does yoga poses, you are crazy!

  7. That song was banned for a while, just like “baby beer,” but it is relabeled and sent back for public consumption because it’s all part of the liberal plan to mess up this country.

  8. Gun control is for people who want to take over a country, no go. Citizens United expose people like YOU! $15 an hour is not sustainable. You put forth as though you are intelligent, but you are anti-American in your rants.

  9. The left, democrats, are destroying
    America, the facts are overwhelming.
    Multicultural doesn’t work.
    Vasu, in which he doesn’t realize,
    his beliefs will destroy the American
    dream…mexifornia use to be California, but now it is over running
    with Mexico. Katy Perry supported hillary in 2016, should I say more.

  10. If these democratic wishes were to become laws, the United States would cease to exist. But after reading this comment and others from Vasu, I believe that is his intent.

  11. Leftism is a mental and spiritual derangement and disease. Leftists eventually cannot think rationally. They have unsound minds. Whether it is Katy or any other, they are Democrats, which mean besides lying continually, they are also hypocrites.

  12. If you listen and watch. Her reactions to some of the young male contestants on the show. You will notice the sexual innuendos. Even some of the other judges have made comments about it.

  13. Vasu, NO it is NOT. You have no clue. You are just a brainwashed lib robot who blindly believes all the lies of your leaders without question. It’s about time you got a brain to think for yourself. The dem party stands ONLY for hate, lies, and ignorance. The have nothing else to offer.

  14. Instead of using their millions, to politicize what they say they believe in, use those funds to establish jobs, business, occupations and put people to work, and pay them $15.000 an hour, also all the benefits they now give away as freebies, use to employ others. Show us how that works, and best example we could all see, is clean up the cities they control now, Having homeless living on their streets as seen in San Francisco, San Diageo, los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington D. C., Detroit, Chicago, and other cities is not a good example, leading to anyone voting for them.
    ———All the talk, talk, talk, and fighting President Donald Trump and his administration, where he is accomplishing what he said he would, wrote that he would, and has written in his books, going back past 1980 , lead us to vote for him. And I will continue to, since he made promises and has kept them. Something Democrats have not done since the 1970s. I worked with both Republicans and Democrats , and it only became problem when we elected Bill Clinton, and then Barack Obama.

  15. Paula, you know, there was actually one thing that Hillary told the truth about and none of the libs believed her, as they still deny it. When she was running against Obama, she said that he was born in Kenya and was not eligible to be president. As it turns out, even he admitted it. His whole presidency should be annulled as it was against the law.

  16. Allen you are correct. The spiritual derangement is because they have thrown God out of their party. When God is banned, satan takes over. He controls the dem party. That is why they have only hate and lies and no morals. satan is their master.

  17. Well said, and true. Take God out, prayer out, Christians, conservative’s, anyone with any faith, morals or values, destroy the constitution, dishonor our flag and what it represents, and you have the Democratic party. Satan is their master and he has them blinded and fooled.

  18. What a total joke you are. Just because we all knew you are a troll…I should say thanks for proving it.
    Now…for all the previous post…you are what is commonly referred to as a sued intellectual. One who desperately wants to be viewed as intellectual but falls short. YOU’RE PARTICULAR stance here is we all know the score with you. So you fail. And what makes is angry with you is you push and push instead of realizing these things.
    It was old months ago.
    So…how about you give it a rest for a while huh?

  19. After watching her behavior on American Idol, I was convinced that she is a sexual predator at the very least. At first we thought she is just another quirky personality but there is a deeper flaw that should make her ineligible to continue judging on AI.

  20. You are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it, clearly you reside on the Bizarro plane of existence.

  21. Progressive trolls such as Vasu Murti a less than worthless Indian who may may or may not hold United States citizenship are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and reside on the Bizarro plane of existence.

  22. She has no right to force herself on anyone, anytime. She also caused a nun to die of a heart attack in the court room when she took them to court because she wanted to buy their big home and they didnt want to sell. She is nasty as hell.

  23. Katy Perry uglified herself by butchering her hair! Her former sexy hairdo is a hair don’t! She needs to be MOONED for it and if I see her, I will MOON her!

  24. I see the first thing on your list that the left is concerned about is ‘animal rights’. Don’t get me wrong, I adore animals, but you lefties care more about protecting animals that human babies.

  25. ROFLMAO…..Perry is as irrelevant as a grain of sand. Don’t even know who she is or who she thinks she is. SMH…..the left just keeps bringing out these freaks as “informed” people when they’re just babbling clowns.

  26. What bugs me about Katy Perry is that she butchered her hair and made herself ugly! Before she cut her hair, I was more than happy to take her panties off and boink her! But with her disgusting short hair, I’d rather have sex with Annie the Cat than with her!
    For cutting her hair, Katy Perry should be MOONED! We need to make it legal to MOON her!


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