Kathy Griffin issued a violent threat against President Trump so disgusting it will make your jaw drop


Kathy Griffin is famous for her sick hatred of Donald Trump, including posing in a photo with his severed head.

The event nearly ended her career, but the mainstream media bailed her out . . .

But now Kathy Griffin issued a threat against Donald Trump’s life that is so disgusting it will make your jaw drop.

Hollywood, the Fake News Media, and the Democratic Party are known for giving left-wing celebrities a pass on making outrageous statements against the President . . . even death threats.

However, when Kathy Griffin posed with a severed head of the President it nearly ended her career and public life.

After laying low and making fake apologies, she’s slowly crawled her way back into the good graces of Hollywood’s elite.

Instead of learning from her mistakes, she’s decided to double down on the controversy by joking about her desire to murder the President.

Breitbart reports, “Kathy Griffin made the alarming threat in two tweets posted late Tuesday. In the first tweet, she was responding to President Trump’s comments made during a White House event for diabetes. The president said that he doesn’t use insulin, to which Griffin replied: ‘Syringe with nothing but air inside would do the trick. F*** TRUMP.’”

Griffin’s vile message on social media shouldn’t surprise anyone.

She is not the only actress who has had a sick and deranged fantasy about murdering President Trump.

Johnny Depp, Bette Midler, Kathy Griffin, and a multitude of others have all joked about killing Donald Trump in some form or fashion.

None of the social media networks proceed to take down their posts that are in direct violation of their terms of use and practices.

Nor does anyone in the mainstream media condemn them for their statements.

If a conservative celebrity were to make these kinds of jokes against a Democratic President, they would be raked over the coals for violent comments like these.

Kathy Griffin should hold herself to a higher standard and not engage in behavior that may encourage others to act violently against public officials.

What do you think?

Should Kathy Griffin apologize for her statements?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. She such a has been she will to do anything for attention. Howlywood gets more disgusting day by day.
    Maybe the howlywood crowd should move to China-they may need to make movies again. Cause their crowd wants to keep the USA closed for almost 5 more years-you know with virus and all.

  3. Kathy is just being honest about how most democrats think. They are immoral disgusting human beings.

  4. It used to be that such talk got you a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia with psychotic delusions but thanks to Hollywood these blood thirsty demagogues lend “cover” to dangerous people who can say at a “slip up” behavior modification, just kidding, or it’s only political. Grossly immoral psychotic and antisocial.

  5. It used to be that such talk warranted a psych evaluation with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia with psychotic delusions but thanks to Hollywood these blood thirsty demagogues lend “cover” to dangerous people who can say at a “slip up” behavior modification, just kidding, or it’s only political. Grossly immoral psychotic and antisocial.

  6. What this Looney crackpot deserves is an arrest! If she thinks she is above the law, she’s delusional! Come on Secret Service don’t just talk to this clear and present threat this time! Throw her ignorant self-righteous ass in the slammer! I’d bet she be kissing ass then!

  7. Hey Kathy Griffin! You are a very sicko mentally disturbed unlikable Person.
    How about if we inject you with air and you receive a nice embolism? Would you like that, you despicable jerk?
    Is there anyone who likes you?

  8. I thought that if you made a threat against a President it would be a HATE crime and would land you in jail what has gone wrong with this country SHE should be sent to GITMO she is a giant pos


  10. Something needs to be done to Ms Scum Vile Griffin! If it was just someone on the street that Threatened to kill our President with a syringe they would be arrested and interrogated and serve years of time in prison! Do something now to shut this Hag up!

  11. griffin is a vile disgusting being… not human I think IT IS FROM SOME OTHER PLANET WHERE THERE IS NO respect for life. It should be sent back to what ever place it came from, as you can see I never wished death on it I could have, but I am a human being.

  12. Whoops, she’s off her med’s again. Time to get a Court order to require her to take her anti-psychotic meds. She’s also desperate for attention, poor thing.

  13. Just another attempt to keep her name in the news. She is totally irrelevant now and has no career. So she attacks this president and becomes another Hollyweird fool like Rob Reiner, Madonna, Alyssa Milano, Keith Olberman, DeNiro. All these names I just mentioned are losers who are past their prime and the only way they keep their names in the news is to smear President Trump.

  14. Kathy Griffin is a digusting immoral idiot who uses her celebrity to spread her hatred. She chooses to use her desperate attempt to get attention in a DEPLORABLE way! She was never a clever, witty or humorous
    comedian. She operates without talent and is just a sad washed up loser with no intelligence and pathetic. She has a right to express her opinion because of our Constitution but lacks the class to state her opinions.

  15. Griffin is TRASH and has always been TRASH !! Most of Hollywood is worthless scum , just like the mainstream media covering for her . If you really want to piss off the slut that Griffin is ,,,,,, VOTE and re-elect Trump !!!! Her major meltdown then will put her in the nut house where she belongs .

  16. Kathy Griffin, Betty Midler, Johnny Dopp, and many other Hollyweed loosers, ALL have nothing else going for them, as they are NOT AGING GRACEFULLY, and become filled with hate.

  17. Griffin along with Pelosi,Clinton,Milano and a ALL those other Democratic witches should be burned at the stake!!!

  18. EVERY person that suggests harm to the POTUS should be hauled into their police Dept and jailed until SS can get there and drill them for DAYS not hours. Put them on a no fly terror list.

    BTW… THE Minneapolis/ST PAUL area voted straight ticket…. all their city, co, and state officers in charge are Democrats… NO exceptions and the people are protesting for change… they do not vote change.

  19. Some people willl do anything to get attention and it often shows how Mentally unbalanced they are!

  20. Leftists are Truly Demented people – Just witness their Insanity as They Loot and Riot with complete disregard for their fellow citizens! I’d like to consider them part of the Human Race but they aren’t, they are Fascist/Anarchist Pack Animals White, Black, Brown and all colors included.

    The ONLY things they ALL have in common is their Disdain for Trump, Ver Low IQ’s and Hatred for The Country that allows them the Freedom to act like Rabid Animals including this Idiot Kathy Griffin….

  21. If those People hate President Trump so bad, why don`t they just pack up and leave, America !! I know most of those Democrats hate President Trump and just why does the FBI put up with those threats and put those People in Jail ?? Let them go to North Korea or China and make those kinds of threats against the leaders there and see what happens to them there !!!

  22. The Secret Service needs to make a visit to her house and arrest her for threatening our President. Then go to trial and issue her a prison sentence. This is not the first time and she didn’t learn her lesson, she absolutely needs prison time or leave the country forever.

  23. She is a POS!!! that should be STRIPPED OF HER CITIZENSHIP AND AIR DROPPED OVER NORTH KOREA along with Kimmel, Deniro, Depp, Alex Baldwin,Carey and all the rest of the TRASH CLOWNS

  24. I would love it if she were prosecuted. She is mentally ill, and one more in an insane asylum won’t matter. I have been trying to think who she reminds me of, and it is a puppet in a horror movie. Chucky. So many are so easily manipulated, via what is called “media or news’. I do not have a tv, and don’t watch the fake news. I can’t believe so many buy into it, but then, I found out it is not illegal for these evil station owners to allow subliminal messages. Of course they tell people to follow, vandalize, lie, and all other evil things. It is no wonder people are so messed up and follow the governors’ anti-American, anti-Constitutional orders. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Force all the politicians that are anti American to leave and move to their 2nd country choice. Oh, didn’t you know that a huge percentage of congress holds dual citizenship? That’s why sinking America means nothing to them. Like Gates, who flies a British flag.

  25. obama started a campaign of divisiveness and hate before he was inaugurated. He hates conservatives, period. Fortunately President Trump was elected by the majority.

    people like kathy are s i c k. If anyone had treated obama, even though he deserves it, like the dems treat President Trump, all hell would have broken loose and there would have been a civil war.

    Dems have no clue about respect but you look sideways at a dem and they get their little, and I mean very small, feelings hurt

    time to grow up. kathy is in serious need of mental help as are most dems, especially pelosi and her group of thugs

    the dems have gone lower than low since all their other tactics did not work.

  26. Considering the violent threats that Trump has made against his political enemies, the media, various governors and mayors, people of color, differently abled people, and many others, this is trivial.
    Indeed, Trump is responsible for at least 36,000 deaths from COVID-19. If another world leader murdered 36,000 people, they’d be brought before the World Court, then hanged for crimes against humanity as has happened to other tyrants.

  27. celebrities like her and other “famous” celebrities actually think their opinion matters.

  28. I think she should be arrested. After all there was a man a year or so ago that made death threat against the President and he was arrested and found guilty if I remember correctly. Why should she be any different?

  29. Let me say this, she is a looser and the only way she can get attention is by slandering the President of the United States, even when she joins the other losers they don’t want anything to do with her. She should crawl back into her lesbian cave and never come out of the cave, OH, I’m sorry, I mean the closet.

  30. She is just disgusting… another nasty dem bully…..and spit in the air it comes back in your face isn’t even good enough for the likes of her…….. she is barf….

  31. P.O.S. like this human trash is the reason why this country is all f-up! Just look what states like CA and NY are becoming crime wise, thanks to the dumbocrats. Perhaps next time that idiot is seen in the street, someone could do us all a favor and put her lights out, as the poison she’s distributing with her mouth is not only dangerous to our president, but to the nation as a whole! I bet she doesn’t even have the ovaries to say that out in public without being surrounded by her security squad. What a piece of human trash this one turned out to be. And to those claiming that our president is responsible for all the mishap this pandemic has brought to our country, why don’t you just go move to places like China, where you’ll see the reality of things, instead of yapping your mouth off on some stupid comments with no real facts to prove. You’ll do us all real Americans a great favor indeed. Thankfully I’m all stocked up like many of our fellow Americans, ready for that fateful day when our great Republic won’t stand another day of all this democ-rat b.s., and will proudly defend it against all foreign AND DOMESTIC enemies!!!

  32. Now why isn’t Griffen arrested for her dangerous threats, how do these half witts get away with all the threats they repeat over and over against our President Trump, But if this was there sacred obama they would be in jail now. Come on media lets be fair about all the disgusting comments by the so called elite , like waters, pelosi, clinton, deniro, lemon. I could go on and on but you know who they all are. I would like to see justice where is the Security, the police, the FBI. lets get our act together and stop their threats.

  33. So if I say these threats against Trump I want get locked up. I just can’t figure this out what is going on in America? Trump you are the best and we love you and your family. Everyday my prayer is for God to protect you and your family and thoes around you. All of you are doing a great job and I admire how you continue your work amid all this hatred people have.i wish I could send money for support but I’m 78 years old and on social security.

  34. Someone as venomous as Kathy Griffin, I can’t help but wonder what type of parents she grew up with and how she could get to be so filled with hate. Of course she wants her DEMONCRAT Cohorts to think she is great but the likes of her is burring them. The DEMONCRATS are like little children in a candy store. Screaming and throwing a fit because they can’t have their way. Kathy G. is not happy unless her lips are flapping and making noise for attention, that’s all she can do, make noise, not intelligent enough to do anything else along with the idiots such as Bette Midler, (can’t stand her music anymore) Johnny Depp (puke), Alex Baldwin (gag a maggot) , Merryl Streep (double gag) and thousands of others. In reality, anyone who makes a threat against our President should be arrested and institutionalized for the remainder of their life. Even though I’m 85, when the civil War begins, I will be there, gun in hand or working behind the scenes. Hedy V.

  35. she should ask her self what kind of opinion does she have for herself, that she has to do this thing to hurt other people and critrizse people the way she does so what kind of person it makes her. I think she thinks very little of her self and wants to critizes others and hurt others

  36. Kathy Griffin,the 2 legged cumdumpsta should at this moment be in a interrogation room followed by a mental evaluation and then a nice ride on the end of my boot.

  37. All of these celebrities who have made direct and veiled threats against president Trump should be behind bars. It is illegal to threaten the life of a president. Why are they getting by with their vile threats? Why are they not being arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? They are disgusting!

  38. Kathy Griffin is a mental case, pure and simple. The feds have to prosecute her and keep her locked up in a mental institution.
    That’s where you and I would be if we ever did what she did.
    But of course, nothing will happen to her.
    I guess it’s all about who you know, these days.

  39. I used to vote republican but then I started smoking weed so I switched parties.
    Now everything makes sense to me, and I believe everything I see on CNN.

  40. This vile evil harpy is clearly mentally ill. For the safety of all concerned the Secret Service need to take her into custody and have her placed in a B.O.P. Psychiatric Facility for treatment and evaluation. DeNiro would be another candidate for such treatment.

  41. Arresting this swamp creature is too good for her. Drop her off over Saudi Arabia where beheadings are done daily. She has been brainwashed by the Illuminati. No hope for her.

  42. Kathy Griffin should be arrested and jailed in Leavenworth. She should not be allowed to be in public. Plus she is so ugly she could trick or treat on the telephone.

    She needs the needle full of air for her heart her brain is already full of air.

  43. When shed did the new years eve thing witth anderson Cooper, it was bad! A fitting couple to say the least!
    But somehow she has even

  44. We saw a cartoon, death threat on a commentary page about President Trump. These should be reported and banned on the internet along with comments like those from Kathy Griffin. If people, who heard these threats would report them to local authorities, perhaps they would stop. They should be fined or jailed. Democrats don’t seem to understand our dislike for the Democrat leadership and Joe Biden is just as strong, but we’re not vicious about it.

  45. Why hasn,t the FBI, CIA and Secret Service dome something about these people. Are they all like Comey??

  46. Why hasn,t the FBI, CIA and Secret Service dome something about these people. Are they all like Comey?? I have never written about this. Am I too conservative for you to publish what I write?

  47. You are absolutely right. Griffin needs to have a talk with the Secret Service. She is a treat to the life of the President!!!! What are they waiting for???

  48. If it wasn’t for LOW CLASS Kathy Griffin wouldn’t have any class at all. A totally Irrelevant Has-Been trying desperately for Relevancy.

  49. I often wondered why so many Hollywood celebrities hate Trump so much. Well, could it be that they will soon be exposed for all the pedophilia and satanic rituals that they are involved in and all the children they abuse? Those ships Mercy and Comfort are supposedly being used for all the children they are rescuing from the DUMBS. Look it up.

  50. It finally dawns on one that 86 % of people claiming Hollywood as a carreer are worse than complete worthless losers. They could not get a high-school students hamburger flipping job. Which is working level entry position. That must be why as soon as aspiring actress reach Hollywood they take of their clothes in front of a camera, a camera held by anyone.

  51. HCB hanging is to good for the likes of your kind, this country should adapt the guillotine and have public head choppings starting with Griffin then you. take your heads and stick em on a pole for the all dumb-o-rats to see their future cause they don’t have one

  52. Any one who threatens the life of any president whether he is a republican or a democRAT should be hauled in by the secret service and made to stand up in court and prove they are innocent of harming said president, some try to pass the comment off as a joke but jokes like this is not funny, so who knows it is a joke? not everyone and someone may try to implement the act that the person purposed supposed as a joke

  53. What awful people to wish death and harm to our POTUS and family members. Absolutely no decency or respect for the office and these United States of America. I would be embarrassed and horrified if this was the child I reared. What does she accomplish? Shame on her and all the vile mean spirited people like her. Pray for her and the similar ilk of disgraceful bad actors who also share the freedom of speech and rights, just as our POTUS is entitled. Be the light, make a difference, what could YOU do to Keep America Great? God Bless and forgive you evil hateful people & continue to Bless & protect our POTUS & these United States of America!🇺🇸Joshua 1:9, Jeremiah 29:12


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