Karen Pence’s school was blindsided by this attack from someone they never expected


Karen Pence was assaulted by the liberal media for teaching Christianity in her art class at a Christian private school.

But they failed to force the school to fire the Second Lady.

Now another school hatched a new scheme to punish the school for not caving into the Social Justice Warriors’ demands.

Sheridan School, a self-described “progressive” K-8 school in Washington, D.C. will no longer play sports at Immanuel Christian School (ICS), where Karen Pence teaches art.

Jessica Donovan, head of Sheridan, said in an email to parents that some of their students felt “unsafe” entering ICS’ building due apparent “social injustice” toward LGBT people.

Sheridan has previously participated in sports programs with ICS.

But the real reason behind this move is clear.

Leftists hate the Trump administration so much they’re refusing to allow their children to play sports with other children who are taught art by Karen Pence.

The email states:

Since the majority of students wanted to play, we were initially planning to go to ICS with the student-athletes wearing a statement of support (such as rainbow socks or warm-up jerseys). As we talked more, we understood that some students did not feel safe entering a school that bans LGBTQ parents, students or even families that support LGBTQ rights. Forcing our children to choose between an environment in which they feel unsafe or staying home was not an option. So we decided that we would invite ICS to play all of the games at Sheridan. Since ICS declined our offer to host, we will only play our home games and will not go to ICS to play.”

When they realized they couldn’t turn Karen Pence into cannon fodder with their smear campaign, they turned to the next page in their despicable playbook: weaponizing children.

The Left will use everything at their disposal to try to take down the Trump administration.

Sadly, the only people they hurt in this situation are the young children who just want to play sports.

Do you think progressives are “tolerant” to those they disagree with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Another outlandish example of the idiots and the STUPID people who make up the “GAYS & QUEERS” movement. They proclaim that they are “OK” but all others HAVE NO RIGHTS TO FREE THINKING AND THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

  3. “Since the majority of students wanted to play,”

    THAT pretty much tells the story.

    And is it REALLY the kids that worry about whether or not they might be QUEERS?

  4. The Pence family is exceptional and honorable. Can’t say much for the rest of the world in the public eye.


  6. – parents have become the worst possible example to their children. Left alone the young people would never think or feel this way. If this is what the LBGTQ stands for, I want no part of you. You are doing harm to yourselves by showing how mean and ignorant you are. You’ve chosen lifestyles that don’t add up to others. I was willing to let you do your thing. Now you have used up my goodwill by your heinous actions.

  7. This sheridan sure sounds like a flaming lezzie A-hole. In the first place it is nobody’s business where Karen Pence works except her and her employer. We all know what the lefist/libtard/demoTRASH want and that is to have control of people every minute of every day. Bravo for this school NOT caving to the “gay” BS. I doubt very much it was the kids who thought this all through and decided not to play at that school but the scumbag adults again throwing another childish temper tantrum because Mrs. Pence and her school dare defy the low like bottom feeding scum on the left.

  8. As in “We don’t care what you do in your bedroom, but when you bring it to our front door and DEMAND WE WATCH, THEN you have a problem!”?

    They want to be treated as “Normal, everyday People” as long as REAL NORMAL, EVERYDAY PEOPLE” lower their STANDARDS and expectations to below gutter level…..

    It’s just more of the INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION of the American Culture and Way of Life.!

  9. What a messed up country we now live in. Somebody please bring some sanity back to our society. Students drawing pictures in an art class is threatening to the left? You have to be joking? ????

  10. If you delve into the background of these kids, families, you will find the answer. They don’t know who they are or What they are and it is perpetuated by the left as O K!! Parents today have quite a task to raise their children in a normal household and away from the freaks, they seem to be everywhere or are forced upon the system because of how they feel. I say leave us alone, what you do is not our business and we don’t want to hear about it, I just know you are changing the way we want to raise our family and it doesn’t include the left of center in your brain. Tolerance is one thing but Invasion is another.

  11. “Social Justice Warrior”, eh.

    I am proud to say I have been one for more than half a century

    Thank you!

  12. But they may play against schools where there are people who have stolen, who are bullies, who have assaulted others, whi have siblings/parents with criminal records. Don’t feel unsafe there??? What a bunch of hypocrites. Scum. Illogical idiots jumping on bandwagon.

  13. This whole world is going nuts! I feel so sorry for those of you who are trying to raise your children in this crazy world. I am proud of the 2 girls and a boy I raised and also proud of my grandchildren my children raised! God help us!

  14. It is a schools responsibility to keep children safe. And considering the way some “good Christians” (being sarcastic here) behave, it is understandable why none-homophobic people would feel unsafe around them. There is a war in America and in the Middle East against LGBQT people, being led by radical Religionists (both Christian and Muslim).

  15. If all this “protected class” feel so “threatened”, they are more than welcome to all go to an island for just them. Then they can all feel “safe” living their perverted way of life amongst their own kind.

  16. Your statement reveals what I have been saying since Trump took the oath of office. They do not hate and oppose Trump but those who voted for him and elected him. They cannot reach each one of us by name, thus, all their hate is directed at what we stand for, truth, morals, and faith. They hate us because our faith, morals, and the truth condemns their actions. They hate us because we are people of faith who understand how and what our country was founded upon. They lack the knowledge of the fact that in many countries they would not have the freedom to believe in their perverse lifestyle. They hate us because we do not respond to their hate with the same vitriol they level toward us. The hate is real and ugly.

  17. progressives talk tolerance but do the opposite in everything they do…. are only tolerant of their own views and not facts…..I am glad the school stood by the kids and giving them a choice…they shouldn’t have to worry about saying the correct thing or pronouns…maybe we will actually have some kids that can think and choose if more schools backed the parents and kids against all this nonsense…

  18. Sorry to pop your pretty pink ballon, but.

    There is no “WAR” against those with fewer brain cells than normal people that understand the DESIGNED USE of REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS.

    When one LIVES THEIR LIFE around what makes their peepee feel good their lives are wasted.

    God CREATED (choose your own version of God) sex for PROCREATION, HE made it feel good so even stupid people could figure it out and procreate.


  19. Poor old world ! The United States used to represent freedom of religion not from religion! Now there are persons who are so intolerant of so much it makes it risky to teach in a Christian school ??? What next?
    Gayle L. Alexander

  20. Stop this by not letting Sheridan play with any of the schools. In trying to take down the Trump Administration they are just messing up their kids minds. Bad tactics and sending a bad message! The Christian Emmanuel School, where Karen Pence teaches, is probably one of the best schools in Washington!

  21. The left can’t see their bigotry, their intolerants. They don’t have to be tolerant if everybody believes, thinks and acts their way. They can’t look in a mirror and see what the hate is doing to them, their health and well being, the ugly look on their face. They can see no wrong in what they are doing and the consequence’s of what they want America to be when it is all over and going their way and when it is their way how are they going to deal with the hard ships of a failed country they created.

  22. Sheridan said, “Since the majority of students wanted to play, we were initially planning to go to ICS with the student-athletes wearing a statement of support (such as rainbow socks or warm-up jerseys). As we talked more, we understood that some students did not feel safe entering a school that bans LGBTQ parents, students or even families that support LGBTQ rights.” So, most kids wanted to play. “Adults” decided initially that they would make the kids wear pro-gay clothing as a protest. Then, at least one parent nudged its kid into saying it was scared of the “bad” school. Horrors! I feel sorry for the kids at Sheridan. They will only be able to cope with people who are as bigoted against Christians as their parents.

  23. That’s exactly right. The hypocrisy from the Left is unexplainable, even by them. I fear what they’re actually teaching the children. (Parents, pull them from public school is you can!)

  24. Christianity, if peoperly taught, learned and practiced does not discriminate against other people for ANY reason. It is taught to the children as well as all others that while certain behavior is considered sinful and the Christian must not participate, it is necessary to treat the individual who does with respect and love. If the Christian is not following these ideals then they are not Christian.

  25. I’m glad her school did not cave. The other school missed a valuable learning tool – tolerance – in not doing so taught them intolerance – like what they projected on the Christian school where the Second Lady teaches. Fear foisted on the kids is despicable and gave them a biased view. One’s belief does not necessarily mean “HATE” – it means I believe differently than you – Scripture teaches LOVE. HATE would be rejection.
    When I was in my early 20s I saw a bumper sticker that read: “I HATE BIGOTS”. In my youthful way of thinking, I said “Yeah, yeah, me too.” Then it hit me, when I HATE someone who is different than me, who believes differently than me, who thinks differently than me – makes ME A BIGOT. ICS became the youthful me.

  26. The very intolerance that the left accuses Christians of is evident in all walks of life if you don’t agree with them. I have news for you, the fact that you, the left, have turned everything upside down in America doesn’t make it right and doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree with some of your idiotic bologna that you try to foist on everyone. Keep murdering babies and pretending that men can become women and women can become men and that there are more than 2 genders and that there is no God and workers should have to support people with no gumption or goals in life with half their money. You are contributing to the ruination of America, families, responsibility for ones own life and actions and the dumbing down of this country.

  27. Jane – Christians are human and therefore capable of err – so don’t judge too harshly – that is God’s work. I’ve never heard the Second Lady express hatred towards anyone. So to categorize her as such is a misjudgment of her. We ALL discriminate – even you and me. AND Christ certainly discriminated against certain sectors of society for their falseness but he loved them anyway. Karen’s belief comes from the Bible which does teach that certain acts are sinful – it does not mean she HATES them nor that she would discriminate against them – we are to LOVE even though we ALL sin. In my opinion ICS taught discriminated NOT the Second Lady.

  28. Just another case of parents and teachers telling their kids what they must believe. I doubt most of those children if tested know what LGBTQ means, and they certainly don’y understand the sexual side of this. Parents living out their perversion through their children.

  29. All this because Hillary did not win to continue their Liberal and immoral agendas? The adults of those children are perpetuating this insanity on behalf of their sports teams who most likely would want to play than stay away! Shame on them for the hatred and hypocracy!

  30. The left are a bunch of idiots who care nothing about Christians. They want to murder babies, support LBGTQ, same-sex marriages and anything against President Trump. God destroyed Sodom and Gommorya because of men sleeping together and adultry. wake up America.

  31. Just remember what you know is right and do it, and teach your kids the right way too. Then the lefties will be left out, and they will stop this do as I say. I will tell them I will do what is right all the time, and you can’t stop me from doing that. so Lefties go fly a kite in the ocean.

  32. how effen stupid can these people be? they played ball there before she worked there so what has changed? this is getting to be so out of hand and it’s going to eventually lead to another civil war.

  33. there may be some truth to what you said, they already are trying to change the history books by removing the statues that involved the ones that made our history. there’s talk of removing Columbus statues so next they will want to remove Lincolns statue. as americans we no longer have a history it’s being created as we comment and stand by and let them get away with it..

  34. the social justice warriors that they are referring to are the leftist ahole intolerant morons that are doing their very best to jam a hate GOD, hate conservatives, hate the GOP, hate adults, hate whitey, and hate those that believe marriage in the eyes of the LORD is between a man and a woman. These racist clowns are NOT into both sides having a say, no these mental midgets think that Real Americans are supposed to embrace and admire their perversion and the slide into the worlds newest cesspool because they are the only ones with knowledge(sic) and understand the world around them.. to these aholes diversity requires that folks accept their perversion and support murder to cover the lack of morals and accepting responsibilty.. they also are very instrumental in voting in hores in the democrapo party to further their leftist programs..

  35. All of these so-called social justice warriors are need to hunted down and gotten rid of because they all are against what America and Americas first Religion and our God the creator of all things.

  36. probably due to those clowns demanding that folks think the same way about their sexual perversion and when they refuse the candy azzes all lose it and act like the losers that they really are..

  37. The left are a bunch of idiots who care nothing about Christians. They want to murder babies, support LBGTQ, same-sex marriages and anything against President Trump. God destroyed Sodom and Gommorya because of men sleeping together and adultry. wake up America.

  38. Isaiah 5:20
    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

  39. I amend my comment here – mixed up the names of the schools. Meant to say the Sheridan School taught discrimination NOT the Second Lady. My apologies.

  40. Amending my mix-up in school names – should have said he Sheridan school became the youthful me. I apologize.

  41. Actually, they’re NOT liberals but leftists and they hate America as much as or more than they hate the President. Simply put… They are the enemy.

  42. When in public, homosexual and lesbian couples OUGHT to be willing to act the way ordinary friends and ordinary roommates would act. There is simply no need for them to publicize and flaunt their sex life. There is also such a thing as celibacy. It is possible for people with same-sex feelings to choose not to act on those feelings. Indeed, I believe that God expects those with same-sex feelings to choose to be celibate, given that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles are SINFUL. Celibacy also minimizes the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Reparative or conversion therapy would presumably not be necessary in the case of celibacy either, whatever its merits or demerits otherwise. Moreover, if reparative or conversion therapy includes sexual abuse, including engaging in sexual activity with a person of the opposite sex, it is certainly evil.

    However, if homosexuals and lesbians insist on practicing their lifestyle despite its sinfulness, they can at least limit practicing the lifestyle to the privacy of their homes. Heterosexual married couples normally limit their sex life to the privacy of their homes. If homosexual and lesbian couples limited their sex life to the privacy of their homes, and did not tell anybody else about it, the rest of us would have no way of knowing about it. Therefore, we could not possibly discriminate against them for engaging in the lifestyle. One of the problems with discrimination against blacks is that black people cannot hide the color of their skin. Therefore, they cannot just “stay in the closet” in order to solve the problem.

    When it comes to adopting children, the needs of the children OUGHT to come first. Since it is clear that children fare best with both a mother AND a father, adoption agencies have every right to prefer heterosexual married couples as parents for adoptive and foster children, and laws prohibiting them from doing so are contrary to God’s commandments, and are therefore EVIL. It is one thing for consenting adults to engage in a sinful lifestyle in the privacy of their homes; it is quite another thing for them to impose that sinful lifestyle on innocent children. Of course, those engaging in the homosexual or lesbian lifestyle, even in the privacy of their homes, and even in the absence of innocent children, would still have to answer to God sooner or later.

    God’s commandments take precedence over ALL man-made laws whatsoever, if there is a conflict. If civil law mandates actions unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments, one would have an ABSOLUTE DUTY to disobey the civil law in question, even at the risk of suffering the legal consequences. Of course, those who pass or attempt to enforce such morally evil laws are DOING EVIL. Laws that mandate active cooperation and participation in a same-sex wedding are unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments, and MUST as a matter of conscience be disobeyed, whatever the legal consequences. Therefore, Kim Davis in Kentucky had a DUTY to disobey the law that she broke requiring her to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and those who punished her for doing so were DOING EVIL. If the state is determined to violate people’s freedom of conscience, it will be necessary to try to make it as costly as possible for the state to do so. That could be one benefit of going to jail rather than obeying a civil law that is unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments.

    To conclude, the legal rights of ordinary friends and ordinary roommates, along with “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” OUGHT to be enough to deal with any unjust discrimination that homosexuals and lesbians might otherwise face. This would seem to be the proper way for a pluralistic society to both respect the legal rights of homosexuals and lesbians, and also the freedom of religion and freedom of conscience of those who believe that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles are sinful. If homosexuals and lesbians did not publicize their sex life, they should not have any problem receiving services in any area unrelated to one’s sex life, since those providing the services would presumably then be unaware of their sex life. The Supreme Court made the correct decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case.

  43. Most Christians values are taught in the home today. But our Bible tells us to bring up a child in the way of the Lord and he will not turn from it. I still believe that is true. In Romans God teaches us that he created a man and a woman to marry and have children. Why he created Adam and Eve. He also warned against men sleeping with other men or women with women. Or men sleeping with animals. This is a great sin against God. It is not natural in Gods eyes. All Christians that are true to their faith know this. The Problem with America today is too many have never been taught what is right and what is wrong according to God. They know very little about the Bible. Many in our congress today seems to not know or not care what is right or wrong in Gods eyes. You have to wonder who elected them. Christians have to stand firm on our values folks. Donald Trump is trying to bring this country back from ruin, We too must join in the fight to SAVE THIS COUNTRY FOR OUR GRANDKIDS AND GENERATIONS TO COME. SEXUAL SIN AND PERVERSION HAS NO PLACE IN AMERICA. IT’S A FIGHT WORTH HAVING.

  44. When liberals act like this, they are far from being progressive. They are being more regressive than anything else. It is sad when this type of people will use even their children to force their ways and opinions on everyone else. They are being so divisive in everything. These people are so full of hate they can not and will not agree to anything. These people strike me as spoiled children who will hold their breath until they get their way. So stupid and ignorant.

  45. It is a shame when people do not know what words mean and are too lazy to look them up in the dictionary.
    Some people do not know what TOLERANCE means. By the way, there are only two genders!

  46. How unbelievably stupid are the leftists?? This is a CHRISTIAN PRIVATE SCHOOL! Of COURSE the teachers – Pence included – teach Christianity. DUH! Are the leftists so moronic that they can’t understand the difference between a public school & a Christian private school? You pathetic leftists got prayer & religion out of public schools & that was bad enough. You have absolutely NO right trying to force your warped, twisted ideals on a private school that you don’t fund & have nothing to do with in the first place.

  47. Looks like Sheridan will have to forfeit any games with that (nasty) Christian school and record that as a LOSS. Does not look good on the season record. Loss due to stupidity.

  48. How many times does Dr Phil have to say this? “You do NOT involve children in adult issues!” This IS a form of child abuse! Shame on the adults from Sheridan and may God forgive you!!!

  49. Eric…It is GOD who forbids ALL sexual sins, including homosexuality and transgender. It is GOD you will stand before to be judged. It is YOU who gets to decide whether to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to hell. Christians follow Jesus and His teachings. There is NO WAY that we have to accept perversion that sexual queers are trying to force on us. We have the right not to accept anything that Jesus does not allow. But YOU have decided that there is no sin and anything goes. That’s okay, until it is your turn to stand before Jesus.

  50. Nancy…You have been brainwashed by satan. YOU get to choose whether to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to hell. Jesus is waiting for you, but He won’t wait forever. You have to decide before you die.

  51. bj – you are the one who has been brainwashed!! No one, not even you can get into my brain. You are the one who will be surprised when at your death, you will neither see nor feel a thing as you will be dead. There is no one waiting “on the other side”. Death is just that – death. So much better to live life now, as joyously as possible and not spend all your time worrying and thinking about death. What a sad life you must have – constantly causing others to feel threatened by your lies. Just give it a rest!!


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