Kamala Harris’ presidential announcement was ruined by the last group she expected


Kamala Harris announced she’s running for President on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

She is the dream candidate of the Democrats’ radical left-wing base because she embodies their absurd identity politics.

But her campaign coming out party was just wrecked by someone she never expected.

Kamala Harris was torn a new one by the gay magazines Washington Blade and Out.

They don’t think Harris is pro-LGBT enough for them.

While attorney general of California, Harris argued (rightly) on behalf of the state to oppose taxpayer funding for sex change surgeries for transgender prisoners.

But now she claims she never agreed with that position and she did it merely out of “obligation.”

Now, in a vain attempt to save face, she’s crawling back to LGBT activists saying she accepts “full responsibility” because she knows she needs their votes in a Democratic Presidential primary.

The Washington Blade reports:

In her first news conference after announcing her 2020 presidential run, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said she takes “full responsibility” for legal briefs as California attorney general seeking to deny gender reassignment surgery for transgender inmates and called for a “better understanding” of needs — medical or otherwise— for transgender people.

Harris made the comments during a news conference Monday at Howard University in D.C. in response to a question from the Washington Blade, asking her about representing the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation in seeking to deny gender reassignment surgery prescribed to two transgender inmates in the California state prison system.

But this raises an important question. If Harris truly didn’t believe in the case she was arguing as attorney general, how effective could she have been?

Democrats running for president are all bending to the will of a handful of LGBT activists.

So you can expect more candidates staking out radical positions like support for taxpayer-funded sex change operations.

But as we reported, the Supreme Court upheld the Trump administration’s ban on transgenders in the military.

Do you think taxpayers should pay for transgender prisoners’ sex change operations?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. What a catch 22! To run for an office as a Democrat you can’t possibly be radical enough. You must embrace absurdity in every facet of your life. Whatever is so far out there that it is unattainable, to the point of draining our government dry. But really, isn’t that what they are really after? Obama said it hisself when he proclaimed “we have all the money up here.” Wale up America! The jackal is at the front door!

  3. Now you know the reason I don’t live in California any more! The fact that the gender-change surgery issue was even considered was just one of the preposterous! California citizens, taxpayers and not, have enough burdens already! Now Ms. Harris has changed her stance and is willing to use their money for this? Give us a break! Shows she’ll do or say anything she thinks will get her a vote!

  4. If you want to change yourself, do it on your own dime. Not MINE… These leftist politicians are all for themselves and no one else. They are looking to line their own pockets and live like Pelosi and others behind walls for protection. To heck with the rest of us. What do they care?

  5. Chickens have come home to roost…disgusting as they are, the deranged creatures do make up a sizable portion of the Democrat/Liberal base…no wonder in the Bible, the People of Isreal were told to take them out and stone them before the walls…to think 35 years ago this sickness was ridiculed to the point of seclusion, now they are out of the closet and wanting the taxpayer to pay to have more of the disease spread…!!!….SMDH

  6. MENTAL OR OTHER WISE IT SHOULD NOt BE PAID while in jail no other inmates gets what they want they get very little heath care. Why should they be oicked out as special

  7. Lobotomy is a good cause! Much better than buying sex-change operations for inmates of the California Penal System! But most democrats act like they’ve already been lobotomized! DUH! Open the border to everyone! Pay them all Social Security even though they haven’t contributed a dime! Let them enroll in Welfare programs! Give illegals the right to shoot whomever they want without penalty! DO NOT take steps to take care of the homeless and hungry that are already US citizens! Take guns away from EVERYONE so only the bad guys will have them!

    You have the right idea!

  8. No, I do not believe taxpayers should pay for a prisoner to have a transgender operation. They are there because they broke the law not to be rewarded with extra benefits from the government and the taxpayers. They are incarcerated as a punishment and that should go without any further discussion on the matter. They can pay for their own operation once they are released and earn money to do so. This would only cause more of them to break the law to obtain this surgery. Ridiculous!!!!

  9. Typical canned response of every “candidate” running for the Democratic nomination for President:
    “I didn’t do it, but so did they, and I take full responsibility for what I didn’t do” …”Now will you vote for me?”
    And the other one:

    I am against nothing and for everything………………….

  10. If they want it they should pay for it, don’t ask other people to pay for it. It is a choice they make, not a life threatening matter. I would like a new green Lamborghini, will they pay for my change?

  11. I find it humorous that this supposedly far left presidential candidate is being chastised by one of her own radical left groups. In the nineteenth century she would be identified as an octoroon.

  12. Demons want to change what God has made. The surgery that these so called transgenders go through, one would have to be crazy. Demons are always trying to find something for the tax payers to pay for.

  13. There’s 2 that have had the removal of the right frontal lobes, PEEEEEELOOOSEI,,, SCHUMCK SCHUMER………. But there’s no difference in the 2,,,,,,,,, They were mental arthritics to begin with…

  14. That, to me, is elective surgery. They should pay for it yourselves. If this is passed, people are going to be furious. How ridiculous!

  15. There used to be something called shame in this country. Being gay is a choice but then you had supposed doctors stating that it may be a genetic issue. That opened the door for a lot of people to start feeling sorry for those that chose a perversion that used to be seen as a sin. Then it wasn’t something to feel sorry for but something that needed to be accepted. Then acceptance wasn’t enough, it had to be something considered as pride. It then turned into a threat that if you didn’t see it as normal, you were abnormal. Now a small minority of perverts have convinced the rest of society that they control political outcomes and it grows like a cancer until they convince the youth of the country that it’s normal behavior. It will not stop there. Once this perversion becomes normalized it will start to extend to even more perversions like beastiality until some supposed doctor states that that is a genetic issue and the cycle begins all over.
    They say that there isn’t one politician with the backbone to call it was it really is but the truth is that people who do see it correctly would never want to be a politician.

  16. these people will purposely commit crimes so they can get free transgender surgery, its repulsive! if they want the surgery, work and pay for it themsemselves—all these liberals want are free rides for everything off the taxpayors! its a travesty!

  17. If they were to get these surgeries it would not be long before they got a medical discharge and 100% disability payments for the rest of their lives, and other benefits, like burial in a veterans cemetery, THAT would be their final insult.

  18. That would be an elective surgery…our insurance does not pay for elective surgeries, so why should inmates get elective surgeries.. and why should taxpayers pay for inmates when most can’t afford their own healthcare

  19. How can u justify paying for sex change surgery when people can’t afford to go to a doctor for real ailments. In Calif. they can’t get medical treatment if they don’t have insurance or can’t afford to pay for it. You can if your on welfare or most of all if you are an illegal.

  20. In the 1930s every fascist, communist, and every other kind of kook came out of the woodwork and they all combined to set the World Ablaze. Now, the same leftist kooks are back and maybe worst than at any time in the history of the World. You see once enslaved, the World will have no USA to rescue them. A new and horrible Dark Age will descend upon mankind maybe, forever. That is unless People in America wake up and soon.

  21. Well I would like to contribute to several lobotomies for these individuals: Cortez, Harris, Ilhan. & next Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, && whoever else feels anyone claiming to be a transgender is “right in GOD’s eyes!

  22. Now William Bailey: Ur reading too many posts…Lol…That Lamborghini is awful rich for a median salaried person dontcha think: Me, now i’d be happy w/a Toyota Rav 4. SOooo, u reckon CA would pay for me to have that vehicle, & also I’d need vehicle insurance, & also could they pay the taxes on it at the end of the yr? I guess I could pay for a licence plate for the Toy Rav 4. …Unless they wanted to throw that little ‘tidbit’ in as a thank you present! Lol…

  23. It’s like I said in another replay. It’s just another pandora box. No we shound’t have to pay for that the same as we should not have to pay for other peoples health bills let alone insurance.

  24. I think Kotex cortes already had hers done because I just can’t believe something that stupid can remember to breath when needed to assume life functions.

  25. The Red Heifer is now in Israel and the black heifer is hoping for Washington. What a world……a world that seems to be winding down.

  26. Medicare does not even pick up the cost of people who have been categorized as too mentally incompetent to tend to their own needs anymore or long term if not lifetime care for the terminally mentally ill yet gender confused freaks expect taxpayers to pay to have their plumbing turned inside out, nope, another law that needs to be decided on a federal level, actually I take that back those are articles or amendments to articles of the Constitution that need to be inserted, oh, silly me, I forgot the Republican party allowed the Democrats to steal the House from them, or maybe and tragically the rumors I heard about so called alleged patriots they did not turn out the way the crazies did during the Midterms.

  27. It’s the first time that I agree with her, Kamala. D. Harris, despite that she is no better than Hitlery Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, The Old San Francisco Drag Queen !!
    LGBTQP+ Activists ought to be put behind bars,
    DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL is the only fair non-action towards these degenerated ones, unless, us, the real believers of Jesus Christ look the other way and condone their behavior, etc.,

  28. Another matter not related to Kamala D. Harris is in reference to that new hot blooded Imbecile, named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, how come this hellish Fetus doesn’t condemn Nicolas Maduro and his crimes towards the Venezuelan people?

  29. ‘Transgender surgery paid for by government, is the epitome of the the left taking something and screwing it up entirely. Like Welfare, or public education, or a host of other attempts to ‘fix’ something. Instead of a ‘fix’ all we get is a Social Support, supporting the problem… foreverrrrrr!

  30. IMHO we are going to see the most mentally challenging display of ignorance and immature arrogance as the democrapo pervert parasite party candidates line up for the first televised event showcasing these nutjobs.. the convention should be something else altogether.. I think that it should be held in san fransicl or Amsterdam.. vote for the latter and revoke their passports while they are there..

  31. The women who are running for President of the USA are nothing but Cats Balloow and cats moew and even the actresses on Batman who played cat women are better suited.

  32. You’re born either a man or a woman. Their is no in between. If a person wants to change their body for whatever reason, that’s their business but don’t I definately don’t want my tax dollars used to achieve your perversion.

  33. You’re born either a man or a woman. Their is no in between. If a person wants to change their body for whatever reason, that’s their business but I definately don’t want my tax dollars used to achieve their perversion.

  34. the only reason transgenders want to join the military is to get a free sex change which would cost 110,000 for each surgery and payed for by tax payers. as soon as it is complete they will go over the hill since they don’t care about serving their country.

  35. The fact that most democrats are devoid of character and principles, it should come as no surprise that Kamala Harris is a hypocrite as well, and nothing more than a unconscionable political hack.

  36. But, they’re those people out there that will vote for her…because she’s a woman and black. That is a sad thing.

  37. The only surgery we approve of for prisoners in CA is the one giving early release to sex offenders that agree to be castrated…

  38. Oh hell yes lol!!!!!!!!! That would actually be brain surgery for them since they’re all piece of garbage stinking ****heads.

  39. Yes for her disgusting self- NOT FOR AMERICA! …. can democraps not see this? Does that mean absolutely nothing to them? They could care less about our country, it’s very sad

  40. YES!! They are all acting “exactly” like the brain dead ???? ghouls in the movie Night of the living dead!!! Very very sneaky how the two main ‘monsters’ did it! Schumer you can tell us the main demon but *itch pelosi has been brain dead for years.

  41. Another liberal, worthless, lying and thievng anti American black POS who screwed wilie brown to get where she’s now. Make no mistake about it’ she like all the liberals still in office will screw Amrica if slected. Take a look atCaalifornis, her state, New York, Illinois and all states run by the liberals and see the destruction for your own eyes, ‘nuuff said! Wake up America,.the liberals don’t give a rats ass about America or the American people for who they took an oath to protect and serve, are all about themselves and only themselves and their bank accounts only!

  42. For those who don’t know Watts is a 100% black, crime infested neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles. Ironcally this neighborhood wa ground zero for one of the worst riots in American history in August 1965. Today that neighborhood still has vacant lots where stores and homes stood over 53 years ago

  43. I digress, being gay isn’t a so called ‘;lifestyle’ or choice it’s predetermined in fetus. It’s been proven, one is ether born gay or straight. Who woulld want to live a so called alternative ‘lifestyle’ whare they can be refused employment, housing and be legally discrianated against and beaten up and even killed for being the persons they’re predetermined to be. Get with the program!

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  45. Karen I believe you’re wrong after having been a correctional officer I know that in the state that I’m in they get pretty good medical Care at the cost of the people and taxes yes they have to pay a small price for it when I was working it was usually about $2 and that was had been just instituted and that was for the ones that were not working. The ones that were working had to pay a little bit more it’s a step in the right direction. But the Dumocratshave made jails in this country nothing but hotels with revolving doors. And their gun control agenda is just as stupid as they are because there’s enough laws on the books to cover everything the only thing they have to do is use them properly!

  46. If we start giving sex change operations. I think that i should get a face lift and some botox. Just because I want it does not mean that the government should have to pay for it They need to stay out of trouble and save for like every one else..

  47. Only in America can 4% of the population spin around the other 96%. Pathetic that Obrokeback did “Fundamentally Transform” America.

  48. Only in America can 4% of the population spin around the other 96%. Pathetic that Obrokeback did “Fundamentally Transform” America.


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