Kamala Harris just crossed the line with this attack on Mike Pence


Kamala Harris threw her hat in the ring seeking the 2020 Democrat nomination for president.

And she is desperate to make headlines.

But she just crossed the line with this attack on Mike Pence.

The Democrat race for president is gearing up to be a contest of which candidate can be offended the most.

And Harris proved she will be a top contender when she made clear how triggered she was with the Vice President’s comments about limiting one-on-one meetings with women, such as never eating alone with women other than his wife.

“I disagree with most of what the vice president stands for, when he makes decisions about our LGBTQ community in a way that doesn’t understand that they should be entitled to full equality and all rights under the law as any other American,” Harris said.

“I disagree with him when he suggests it’s not possible to have meetings with women alone by himself. I think that’s ridiculous — the idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the vice president of the United States is outrageous.”

Harris was one of the first to come out against Brett Kavanaugh after allegations – which proved to be false – surfaced of sexual assault.

Harris immediately rushed to judgment and declared Kavanaugh guilty, hoping to destroy the Justice’s reputation and stop Trump’s second SCOTUS pick.

So, it’s a tad bit ridiculous to make the claim that Mike Pence – especially in the current political climate where sexual assault allegations are thrown out routinely in hopes of destroying political opponents – is “outrageous” because he limits his time with women other than his wife.

Harris crossed the line, and women who work the Vice President immediately came to his defense, bashing her on Twitter – including Kellyanne Conway, who’s worked with Pence for over a decade.

Last December, a longtime Harris aide was forced to resign after being slapped with a $400,000 sexual harassment lawsuit. The alleged sexual misconduct reportedly happened under Harris’ watch.

Harris’ comments shouldn’t come as a surprise. She holds a 100% pro-abortion record from Planned Parenthood.

As the former California Attorney General, she played a pivotal role in defending Planned Parenthood during the infamous baby-parts profiteering scandal.

In fact, Harris instead targeted and attempted to prosecute the people who blew the whistle on the barbaric practice.

But as we said, the Democrat presidential run will be a race for who can be offended the most.

That’s why Biden was forced to apologize to the PC mob after he called Pence a “decent man.”

How do you feel about Mike Pence’s choice to limit one-on-one meetings with women other than his wife? Is he right?

And did Kamala Harris cross the line when she attacked Mike Pence, given everything we know about sexual assault allegations?

Let us know in the comments!


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  2. VP Pence , in the current “sexual assault “ environment, has every reason not to eat/dine alone with any woman not his wife. He also has every right to have his wife beside him when he believes it is necessary. Why would he subject himself to the same attack’s and lies from women that Judge Kavanaugh has to endure. Especially with Ms Harris.

  3. Comments like this from a woman who has used her body as a political stepping-stone really go beyond the pale. She is the LAST person who should talk about proper conduct, and the LAST person who should be in line for responsibility of any form.

  4. Kamala Harris is a no talent publicity hound that has more skeletons in her closet than you can shake a stick at. BTW, VP Pence has NEVER done or Said that! Harris is looking in the wrong place to seek attention to her GO NOWHERE” Campaign!
    Shame on her to accuse The VP just as she was So Very Quick to Accuse Kavanaugh of sexual abuse.
    She should take a hard look in the mirror!

    RJ Melton Sr

  5. Vice President Pence is one of the very, very decent people in Politics including women politicians. I don’t think most Americans actually think very highly of Politicians in general. Personally I would only rank them slightly higher than pedophiles.

  6. Wrong Kamala, seems that YOU have no idea of our Constitutional rights. What EXACTLY is Pence doing to the LGBTQ community & whart EXACTLY is he or any Christian doing to the LGBTQ community??? I’M CONFUSED as to what exactly they & Dems are talking about?

  7. The LAST thing anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature needs is advise from a slut who received a $75,000.00 State of California job in returned for ‘servicing Willie Brown’s ‘willy’ for years.

  8. Mike Pence is a very faithful man with a wonderful family. Kamala is a woman without any connection to God and her days are numbered and she will never be President. She looks dirty and disgusting and all her secrets of the pass have just started to come out and she has no business even letting Mike Pence’s name come out of her mouth.

  9. Well we can see what the Democrats have put up they don’t have any class and many lies coming out of there mouths. I have yet to hear one say anything about fixing this country only how to tear it apart. Everyone even Democrats know there is nothing free it all has to be paid for. God help us.

  10. Vice President Pence is a CHRISTIAN and a betterr one than me. Dr. Billy Graham made the same kind of stand 60 years ago to never have a meeting alone with any women not because ALL women could take advantage of a reputation and ruin a walk with GOD!! The left makes a lot of accusations and makes up crap all the time!! THEY live on race baiting, gender, phobias and ANYTHING to call evil good and good EVIL I never think when ONE ACCUSATION CAN FINISH a white male over 60 with ZERO FACTS!!! It just makes sense to remember it ONLY TAKES ONE!!!

  11. Camel Harris is a very nasty person. She doesn’t care who she hurts. Her questioning so nasty, that I wanted to do something to shut her mouth. She would be a horrible president. She is someone who supports anything that would help her out and forget about as soon as she had what she wanted.

  12. Mike Pence is one of the most honorable, moral persons in public life today. I rejoice in his service to our country and to the Lord. What Ms. Harris thinks about him matters not to me or to most decent Americans. His wife is so blessed that he honors her this way, and he is most wise to avoid any conduct which the liberals could possibly lie about concerning his integrity.

  13. Kamala Harris Is Another Crooked Hillary Type Of Candidate Who Is Destined For Total Failure And Most Probally Destined For Prison

  14. I totally agree with and support VP Pence! And his Christian faith!! Over the years, he has proven to be an honest, decent man who treats women with great respect!

  15. I agree with you whole heartedly. Too many people have jumped onto the #MeToo bandwagon of accusing others of atrocious misbehaviors especially sexual in nature. I’m sure his wife would prefer that he not meet with women one on one also. I know I certainly would disapprove of my husband meeting another woman alone.

  16. It is pretty clear that many power hungry professional peoples cannot be trusted. Therefore I would urge anybody that has a meeting with them to provide a chaperon(s) for their own personal safety.

  17. She wants to destroy our country and anyone who disagrees with her. All she knows is that she will pull every trick she can to destroy our country and anyone who is not a Democrap.

  18. Sluts never understand a good Christian man. All they know how to use what is between their legs to get what they want. If they are turned down they cry foul, and they were raped. A good man would never be found in that kind of situation. Look what she did to the last supreme court justice nominee. What a piece of trash she is. She will lose anyway.

  19. I totally with VP Pence. With today climate of being falsely accused, I would go into a private meeting with women one on one. Even before I retired I always had a my assistant or someone in the room with a women. Lots of women can’t be trusted today.

  20. Living in San Francisco, I can comment on camel faced harris with some authority. Camel faced kamala harris screwed her way to the top instead of using smarts to get where she is. She screwed willie brown and when she was finished with him, she tossed him aside. Then when she was San Francisco’s worst and ‘crookedest’ DA she screwed us for a huge salary while we got SQUAT and when she became a California senator, and God only knows why she got this far, she’s done ZILCH for the people of California, except her constituents, aka illegals and ‘boat people’. So what else’s new with the liberals? Really what’s new and different here?

  21. Correction. I totally with VP Pence. With today climate of being falsely accused, I would not go into a private meeting with women one on one. Even before I retired I always had my assistant or someone in the room with a women. Lots of women can’t be trusted today.

  22. Absolutely! I applaud VP Pence for making this a rule. It is necessary in these barbaric days of women making false claims of sexual harrassment in an effort to ruin the reputation of a man. It is very true that many women (including myself) were subjected to REAL sexual harrassment in the work place for many years (and some probably still are), and it is certainly wrong for some men to believe that it is their ‘entitlement’ to do so, but thank God, all men are not like that. There are many, many real gentlemen ‘out there’. Women, just continue to be a lady (dress like a lady and act like a lady) and the sexual predators will come to give you the respect that you deserve. —

  23. Deanne: They don’t know what they are talking about. They are just ranting about nothing and are remembering that old saw “the squeaking wheel gets the grease.” They believe that if they rant loud and long enough they will convince the people of whatever it is they decide to say. Unfortunately, there are some people who will actually believe them. All of the rest of us will need to keep on getting the truth ‘out there’…. don’t just turn our backs and say nothing. That leaves a void, which the dirty Dems are so glad to fill with their evil rantings.–

  24. I believe that history will prove that Mike Pence is a man of honor – he honors he wife, he honors the women who work with/for him ( their words directly) so for her to hold the fact he will not meet alone with a woman – seems to be appropriate especially in this climate today where women are automatically believed so a trashy woman like Kamela– who evidently would not know a decent action as she does not perform them just indecent ones– and the man is guilty no matter what even when proof surfaces it takes the media FOREVER to reverse ( not really reversing they just change the dialog never admitting how fake they were). I agree with those who encourage her to get the facts before she accuses and makes declarations – but then she is a demoncrat and as they have stated – facts are not the important part and should not be the deciding factors. CRAZY IGNORANT Demoncrats

  25. Think about it, Everything the left has done in an attempt to remove president Trump from office has exploded in their faces, often times it has had the boomarang effect, think Mueller report. Even with the limited knowledge that we know at this point we know that the only collusion with Russia was between Hillary, DNC, and Barrack Obama’s corrupt to the core appointed intelligence heads and the Russians. We also have learned (James Clapper on CNN) that Barrack Obama KNEW that the dossier was bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign yet told his intelligence heads to push the narrative. We also now know that Obama LIED we he claimed he was unaware of Hillary’s illegal server, there is concrete evidence that he communicated with Hillary on the illegal server using an assumed name. Seeing that we also know that Hillary has SAP information on her server that was hacked by many foreign governments it’s not a stretch to assume that both Obama and Hillary exchanged classified material on the unsecured server. The penalty for treason is still the death sentence !!!!

  26. What does she want that she doesn’t want a meeting with him while is wife is present? Maybe she hopes he would cave like the former San Francisco Mayor. If I was him I would not only have his wife there, but I would station cameras in every corner & under his desk.


  28. Vice President Pence is a CHRISTIAN and a better one than most of men in the world today.Mr.Pence is a gentleman and an honorable man. We are fortunate to have him as our VP. In todays society, any man of position should consider the impact a situation of this caliber would do to his career. He is smarter than the average politician. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the media would rather tell the public a story that will get them higher ratings or recognized for their future political gains. NON-based facts and common street language DO NOT BE LONG IN THE MEDIA. We the people …. look to the media for an UNBIASED presentation, accurate information, true and proven facts, and the WHOLE story.

  29. A very wise decision on the vice-president’s part, the demons love to accuse, accuse, accuse, they have nothing else.

  30. I understand that she wears Fredricks crotchless panties in case she needs to dish out a quickie for some political favor or maybe that is just her style

  31. Vice President Mike Pence May God bless you; your spouse and family and bless Pressident Trump and keep you both working in favor of America until 2015.

  32. Harris has a past of her own, she has been known for sexual assaults to younger females, this will come out if she gets the nomination, she is also known to associate with the communist al sharpton

  33. I agree with VP Pence on not meeting alone with members of the opposite, as a female I don’t want to be alone one on one with a man either, it is a smart move in this day and time to protect ourselves be it male or female.

  34. You bet she did, she’s an adulterers and has the gall to say something about a good person like Pecce. I hope she chokes on her words. Anyway, why would a decent woman even want to be having private meetings with a man?

  35. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  36. Could no agree more. I think if men respected their vows only men who are easily led buy strong female bosses’ would be in trouble. Mr Pence continue doing the right thing and you will for ever have my vote.

  37. Once a slut always a slut and that is why she just doesn’t get it. She has no conception of real life, a real honest relationship or how true honest people act. Kamala, why don’t you just go back and solicit on Broadway and stay out of the elections.

  38. The apostle Paul wrote in I Corinthians Chapter 7:

    “It is good for a man not to touch a woman, but because of prevailing immoralities, let every man have his own wife and let every woman have her own husband.

    “The husband must render to his wife the obligations that are due her, and similarly the wife to her husband…

    “Do not deprive each other, except by mutual agreement for a time to devote yourselves unhindered by prayer; and come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you on account of your lack of self-control.”

    (The apostle Paul’s words here suggest regulated or restricted sexual activity, even within marriage!)

    “I say this by way of concession, not as a regulation. I wish all were as I am (celibate), but each person has his own gift from God, the one in this direction, the other in that.

    “To the single and the widows, I say that it is good for them to remain as I am (celibate); but if they cannot restrain their passions, let them marry, for it is better to marry than to be consumed by passion.

    “To the married couples I command — not really I but the Lord — that the wife must not leave her husband; and in case she does separate, she must either stay single or make up with her husband. And the husband must not divorce his wife.

    “…if the unbeliever wants to separate, let there be separation…”

    (Jesus forbade divorce, except in the case of unfaithfulness. And here we see Paul forbidding divorce, except in the case of an unbeliever demanding separation!)

    “Regarding the unmarried I have no divine injunction, but as one who has received mercy from the Lord to be trustworthy, I give my opinion… it is good for a person to remain in his present situation.

    “Are you united to a wife? do not seek release. Are you unattached to a woman? Do not seek a wife. But in case you marry, you do not sin; nor does the unmarried woman sin if she marries…

    “The single person is concerned with the Lord’s affairs, how to please the Lord, but the married person is concerned with things of the world, how to please his wife; he has divided interests.

    “The unmarried woman or the virgin is interested in the Lord’s affairs, that she may be dedicated to Him in body and spirit; but the married woman is concerned with things of the world, how she may please her husband.”

    “I mention this for your own good, not to throw a rope around you but to promote proper behavior and undisturbed devotion to the Lord.”

  39. Great conversations.. agree VP Pence is a great politician, honest, calm & composed personality
    we all respect him. For Camilion..she has two mouths with one ear & one eye..

  40. I really appreciate V.P. Mike Pence, on what he said. Having a meeting with a woman can never turn out right. People talk & jump to conclusions. Our Pastor cannot have a conference with a female Parishioner, HIs wife is always present. That way no one can make any accusations & start rumors that are not true. People look for the bad instead of the good & make up stories that really hurt someone & ruin their lives. Remember what Jesus said: THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE”.
    God Bless America

  41. I support Mike Pence state of mind. It has been proven fact, In todays political arena. You have to protect yourself at all times. Kamala Harris is just another Libtard trying to make a name for herself and get her face and name out. What’s a better way for Kamala to do it.

  42. I believe OBNOXIOUS UGLY HARRIS and the rest of the DEMONIC CRAPS are trying every possible way to get male republicans to get caught in something. DEMONIC CRAPS are desperate and dirty corrupted evil ????‍♀️ People. Most should be in jail for their corruption and lies. And treasonous ways. And another thing…..they should not be allowed to vote themselves raises….should be up to WE THE PEOPLE. families are struggling on less than fair wages. BS. of course they will vote yes to raises. It’s WE THE PEOPLES MONEY THEY ARE GETTING…and they should pay ???? for their own health insurance and cannot be in office more than 6 years. PERIOD. AND ALSO HAVE PSYCH EVALUATIONS ONCE A YEAR AT THEIR EXPENSE

  43. That is why I call her Kamazaki Harris. She commits suicide every time she opens her mouth Mike Pence is smart, she uses her law smarts to get under his skin. Problem for her is….we know who she is a pot smoker by her own admission, a liar at best and the sleeping around story is history.

  44. V.P. Pence is fully aware of the dirty players in politics and has made a very fine decision that he would not normally make except for the loathsome filth that America is currently immersed in by a few men AND women!

  45. Is this a line … “kamala harris tony podesta herbalife Democrat Kamala Harris is accused of taking bribes from Tony Podesta’s wife in exchange for not …” This was not chump change.

  46. this is a new line to follow … “kamala harris tony podesta herbalife Democrat Kamala Harris is accused of taking bribes from Tony Podesta’s wife in exchange for not …” This was not chump change.


  48. Good topic. There have been several presidents & clergymen who would not interview a woman alone in a room. That way they protect themselves from gossip & lies. I believe this is really wonderfully OK !! This shows people that they have a great respect for humankind.

  49. He is right to limit his one on one meetings with opposite sex. Some do not have good intentions. Kamala Is just upset because she can’t set him up. Especially when sexual assault cases are st sn all time high. .. I never would let my husband take home any of my daughters friends by himself…. Thank you Vice President Pence for taking a stand and showing respect. God bless you and your family.

  50. Kamala Harris is one jealous person. Wonder how her husband feels about the way she climbed the ladder to get where she is today. There was one happy mayor to help!

  51. Yes, he is doing exactly as he should. He loves his wife and family. She’s jealous, and also Joy Behar, who has made the same criticisms about Vice President Pence. Their husbands were probably never faithful to them.

  52. Your post makes me wonder how come nobody is talking about her dirty laundry past scandalous sex life but all these dirtbags are hammering President Trump about his. Her past and how she got where she is and her lack of accomplishments should be headlines everyday. She is a lot like schumer and gillibrand of NY — they have done exactly nothing for the people of NY all there time in office — just keep getting wealthier with their perks and gillibrand wants to run for President.

  53. What would you expect from a derelict like kamala Harris, she will say anything to any person or group to try and get what she wants. When I see her talk it makes my skin crawl, she is truly slimy!






  55. I’ve come to the realization that liberals are too young or too stupid to realize just how stupid they really are. They’re lemmings who’ll eventually happily follow some crazy leader, like maybe Beto, Pelousy, Cortez or Schumer, over the cliff.

  56. after the me too and fake news and allegations I don’t blame him and think it is wise. And harris lecturing others doesn’t constitute as dialogue

  57. If you don’t agree with what they stand for then we are called hateful and other derogatory names. They are their worse enemy. I suggest they read Romans 1 to the end and they will see what God says about LGBTQ. Wrong is wrong.

  58. Perhaps there should be no unnecessary closed door meetings making interruptions at any time a possibility.

  59. This is the difference between the moral and the unmoral—and we all know who the unmoral here is.
    God bless V P Mike Pence for sticking to his personal beliefs and the way he conducts himself before God and man.

  60. To deny a professional woman the opportunity for a meeting is not the same as allowing a meeting with caution. Liberals like to change situations to meet their own agendas. Harris is no different.

  61. Mike Pence loves and respects his wife. He also protects his integrity and as a believer in Jesus Christ, he follows what the Holy Word says on how to conduct his life. We all know that Kamala is not Snow White. Maybe she should have practiced Mr. Pence’s choices for herself and then she would not be the liar, schemer, and woman with a tainted past and maybe a present tainted past. She is not to be trust and who care what she thinks about anyone else. She cannot help thinking the way she does. The devil reigns in her heart thereby the results is her despicable behavior. When you have sold your self to the devil, that does not give you right to criticize someone who has not. Kamala is just petty and disgusting.

  62. I am a woman and I agree with Mike Pence that he’s very careful not to let any women lure him into a compromising position. Some women can be vipers and just to get attention and money will lure powerful men into positions that look like they are cheating on their wives and with today’s news makers who are out to make a name for themselves this happens often. Kamala Harris is one of these women who has taken men for a ride just to get to the top of her profession. She should be ashamed of herself for the things she has done. No doubt that she is a modern day Jezabel talked about in the Bible. I detest todays women for what they say and do to degrade men and make our population of the feminine sex look like sluts. The way women dress today makes men vulnerable and women know it!!!!!!!!!!!! Many of the junior senators are following her and she is a bad seed to begin with. These new women in office are bad seeds and want to degrade our society to make a name for themselves. They garb themselves in fake news and make themselves look pure as the driven snow and behind all the fluff they are jezabels and vipers. Be careful who you listen too especially women in our government and politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Vice President Mike Pence is a very smart, intelligent man. In today’s world where many people are just waiting for an opening to file a lawsuit for gain, a powerful man cannot afford to set himself up like Kamala Harris would have him do. If Vice President Pence is required to meet with a woman in a private setting for whatever reason, he needs a reliable witness just in case it is a power play. If it’s not a power play then the woman should have no objection with him having his wife accompany him. If she insists on meeting him alone, then he is smart enough to smell a rat baiting a trap for him. A person should be able to have a one on one business meeting with a person of the opposite sex without reservations, but now tragically, that is living in a fantasy world. Vice President Pence is an honorable man that doesn’t want to present himself where his good can be evil spoken of. I applaud him and fully support his views on this subject.

  64. I totally agree Harris is no stranger to sexual misconduct herself she had an affair with a married man Willie Brown to boost her career she may want to watch what can of worms she opens and on who shes a belligerent bully i think she takes great pride in trying to belittle men. She allways has that smirk on her face when shes grilling what ever poor soul for what ever reason like everyone is beneath her.



  67. I agree and we’re so blessed to have a VP that realize how women like her can ruin a man his family and his career. Our Pastor won’t talk with a woman with out his wife or another person present when it’s a private session. Wise men know that some people would see him talking to another woman and could be totally innocent conversation and the one who saw them talking could make a mt out of a mole hill or the one he talked to could say anything. Praying for our President and VP and their families

  68. I agree with Vice President Pence! Especially I would not meet alone with a person like Kamala Harris! I do not trust her! I believe she is intellectually dishonest and would use such a meeting to slur the VP.

  69. Spot on. I’ve heard nothing from anyone running on democrates say anything about helping our country only building up all that’s wrong and condemning those who want to make our Country great. They are so pathetic

  70. All caps? Is that the best you have? Your illiterate rant only serves to point out that you have a “Little Man” problem.

  71. Some people are real idiots. Trump has never suggested hating any one. Then again the Demonsrats hate anyone or any thing that doesn’t fit their agenda.

  72. She climbed the ladder of politics by giving sexual favors…… does this mean she didn’t have the intelligence to climb the ladder as a lady without the favors? The higher a monkey climbs a tree the more butt that you see.
    Well folks, I’ve been seeing a lot of butts.

  73. Trump in a landslide in 2020. They are making it too easy. The only way they win is if they rig the polls.

  74. “I disagree with him when he suggests it’s not possible to have meetings with women alone by himself. I think that’s ridiculous — the idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the vice president of the United States is outrageous.”
    Nothing like taking something totally out of context. Pence has a great deal of respect for his wife, unlike many politicians whose spouses’ are there for the sake of appearance, like having a dog or a child. A lot of men prefer not to be in the company of another woman with no one else in attendance. It has more to do with respect than disrespect. I don’t believe Vice President Pence has ever had an incident where inappropriate behavior with someone of the opposite sex occurred. Unfortunately, not EVERY POLITICIAN can say that. .

  75. We have seen so many women step forward and accuse men of sexual conduct when it was an outright lie. It bothers me when they can then sell their stories and make money on that lie. It is sad that a woman degrades herself to become news, As a female I am offended by their actions. Unfortunately the public seems ready to throw the man under the bus before finding out the truth. With all the sarcasm being thrown around about our President and Vice President it is appalling to hear the so-called women of authority badmouth them. I think it is time for each one of us to take as stand by asking GOD to protect them and this country. Shame shame on women like this that try to humiliate others by degrading themselves. I pity your poor taste.

  76. I totally agree. That rule not only protects the man in a situation where there are only 2 people but it protects the woman as well. In today’s politically correct world it only takes one accusation to ruin a man or woman’s career. Women aren’t excluded from being accused of sexual misconduct. How many times have you heard said about a successful career woman that she slept her way to the top. Even if untrue it can make that woman a unwanted woman to work around and absolutely stop any promotions in her field. I respect our vice president. He is respectful to women and his wife. That’s a win win in my book.

  77. OK A/H we get your drift! Jim King are you a TROLL or a never trumper? Either way shut up! Or are you being paid by how many times you repeat your self!

  78. All of these posts are refreshing in their support for our Vice President, and even our President. My opinion is, that those of us who are more passionate in our support, refrain from lowering our posts to the level of the liberals. Innuendo, outright lies or even “spin” is not needed to point out that Ms. Harris has a history that needs to be investigated and should have been before she was elected. Fellow Californians Beware.


  80. He’s a Christian man. In these troubled times, his policy of not dining alone with a woman other than his wife is just good judgment. That does not mean he won’t dine with women and does not enjoy and value their company, but his wife must be present. Nuff said.

  81. Harris is nothing short of fecal matter that has managed to float from a sewer. She will never be pres. in this country because her true colors shine brightly all around her.Harris isn’t worthy of the priviledge of uttering Pences’ name.

  82. What do you expect of somebody who rose through the ranks on her back. She sold her body so she thinks nothing wrong for anybody using sex to get ahead. She just can’t believe that that there are men who are righteous enough to reject that, and that there are women who do NOT resort to that to move ahead.

  83. Kimmilan Harris is so upset because VP Pence want have sex with the lowlife fool ! I wouldn”t leave my dog alone with her !

  84. Kamala Harris has no problem with any lie that promotes her interests or career, be they verbal or physical. She is the quentasensal democrat, sell herself mind, body and soul to get what she wants.

  85. Results of a two-year investigation released today shows NO collusion, NO criminal activity by PRESIDENT Trump OR his campaign. The president cannot be impeached just because you’re mad that he won.
    Get over it. Grow up. Move on.

  86. If this poor excuse for a human being understood the concept of Mr. Pence’s thinking and his obvious love and respect for Christian principles, this California nutcase she might make fewer enemies. She’s a stupid self centered wack job!

  87. Is anyone really surprised when this classless, unqualified, opportunist opens her mouth ? How her right to voice her opinion is even taken seriously, is beyond me. What makes her qualified to holdhigh office, anyway ? I hope she files for bankruptcy in her bid ! We need to expose her as the political insult she is at her core. She disgusts me !

  88. This is the same party who expects us to cloth feed and take care of convicted murders and killers. But then turns around and wants to give planned parent hood 50 million dollars more for abortions or the killing of a human who has never hurt or commented a crime against anyone or thing. Talk about being crazier than a squirrel with gasoline on his BALLS.%%%%##@@#!!

  89. Mike Pence is simply making it a habit to not be alone with a woman who is not his wife, to keep sexual harassment charges from appearing out of nowhere, because we’re living in a world of liars. Every pastor of a fundamental bible church tells his male soul winners, to not witness to a woman who is home alone without his wife or another trusted female from the church with him to verify his good behavior…like I said, the world is full of liars.


  91. Kamala Harris is a Racist, Anti-Semitic freelance office mayoral stripper, hooker, prostitute and corrupt office holder.

  92. Kamala should not have spoke out on this one, she just put her foot in her mouth. This gives everyone opportunity to talk about Kamalas past which is committing adultery with a married man (Mr. Brown) for a period of time. No, I’m sure it wouldn’t her to be alone with other men. Thank God we still have decent people like Mike Pence!

  93. I agree with VP Pence In todays world I think there are quite a few women who would accuse him or any other public official of something sexual and then there goes a decent mans reputation. Yes I definitely agree with his decision. I have to say most of what Kamala says isn’t worth listening to. Trump for 2020!!!!

  94. It disgusts me to see V.P. Pence have to deal with such scum as Kamala Harris. He is such a decent and honorable man who is always above board in his dealings. I doubt the same can be said for her.

  95. If I were Vice President Pence and THAT woman walked into my office, I would call in ALL of my staff, or I would walk out. There is no way that any man should be in a closed office with that beast unless he WANTS a sexual harassment trial. I think VP Pence is a SMART man to be the way he is. I’m sure that his wife appreciates it too. No wondering if he’s wandering.!!!!! God bless him and President Trump. They have my vote in 2020

  96. The Whole World Knows that Kamela Slept her way to the Senate. In earlier days they
    called those types “HO’S”

  97. V.P. Pence prefers to avoid the appearance of immorality and even of putting himself in an occasion to succumb to it, quite to the contrary of your performance while in office

  98. If you REALLY want to be offended, know that the amount of annual support to Planned Parenthood (the greatest abortion factory in the world), is in excess of $500,000,000.

  99. A comment on the comments: many have said here that VP Pence watched his conduct to avoid entrapment or bad appearance, but there is another reason which is of a much higher moral order. Catholics refer to it as “avoiding the proximate cause of sin”. In other words, don’t go where you might be tempted.

    I believe that Pence is of this calibre of individual; he operates in a moral sphere which is well beyond the plebian avoidance of appearance of misconduct or the possibility of being found out.

  100. Of course I would expect this statement from a woman who has slept her way to the top. talk about no morals. At least this VP does not have to worry about random women coming out and lying about a relationship with him just to try and ruin his reputation like you all Dems did with Kavenaugh. I respect VP Pence for this.

  101. Well Ms. or Mrs. Harris, Maam, I have a saying that goes like this “Being Gay Will Be Very Hard To Biologically Produce A Baby, LEGALLY!!!

  102. Everyone knows Harris is a slut that sucked her way to where she is! A mistress, to a married man! That’s all she will ever be, her legacy!

  103. My church adopts an similar policy so as not to have men alone with women unless they are married to each other or related like a mother & son etc. I feel it can protect both parties. 3 or more parties can be a witness to whether the man or woman is lying about some form sexual harassment etc. so I don’t see why some women r up in arms or this policy. I think my church modeled it after Billy Graham with won’t be alone with any woman he wasn’t married to. To me it shows any man or woman who uses a similar policy really has interigty & cuts down on the he/she said. It also can help an unhealthy game of telephone from going on.Sadly the human nature would say when someone who knew either or both the male & or female was having an affair when in reality a nice guy was just taking his female coworker home bcuz her car was in the shop. In telephone game it starts with one person whispering something in someone else’s ear & by the time it gets to the last person it is the complete opposite of what the first person heard.

  104. mr vice president,continue your caution, don,t let these phony libs goat you into any traps..you are to good a man for their bull—-!!!


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