Kaepernick just got owned by Ted Cruz when he tried to bash America on the 4th of July


Colin Kaepernick hates America.

There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

But the washed up quarterback just got owned by Ted Cruz when he tried to bash America on the 4th of July.

Kaepernick pulled a quote out of context from famed abolitionist Frederick Douglas to bash America on Twitter.

That’s when Senator Ted Cruz fired back a barrage of facts about the speech and the man Kaepernick was quoting out of context:

You quote a mighty and historic speech by the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass, but, without context, many modern readers will misunderstand. Two critical points: This speech was given in 1852, before the Civil War, when the abomination of slavery still existed. Thanks to Douglass and so many other heroes, we ended that grotesque evil and have made enormous strides to protecting the civil rights of everybody.

Douglass was not anti-American; he was, rightly and passionately, anti-slavery. Indeed, he concluded the speech as follows: “Allow me to say, in conclusion, notwithstanding the dark picture I have this day presented, of the state of the nation, I do not despair of this country. There are forces in operation, which must inevitably, work the downfall of slavery. ‘The arm of the Lord is not shortened,’ and the doom of slavery is certain. I, therefore, leave off where I began, with hope. While drawing encouragement from ‘the Declaration of Independence,’ the great principles it contains, and the genius of American Institutions, my spirit is also cheered by the obvious tendencies of the age.”

Cruz concluded by telling everyone to read the entire speech.

But Cruz wasn’t the only one to slam Kaepernick’s shameless attempt to misrepresent Frederick Douglass’ views for his own anti-American crusade.

National Review online editor Charles C.W. Cooke launched his own barrage to add further context to Douglass’ speech and views on America.

Now, take the Constitution according to its plain reading, and I defy the presentation of a single pro-slavery clause in it. On the other hand it will be found to contain principles and purposes, entirely hostile to the existence of slavery .. Interpreted as it ought to be interpreted, the Constitution is a GLORIOUS LIBERTY DOCUMENT. Read its preamble, consider its purposes. Is slavery among them? Is it at the gateway? or is it in the temple? It is neither…

When it comes down to it, Kaepernick isn’t protesting the flag or America because of perceived problems of police brutality or racism.

He and his followers simply hate America to its core.

What are your thoughts?

Sound off in the comments below.


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  2. Another sick radial living in our great country and all its freedoms but yet abusing our Constitution . Calling himself an atavists, but in reality he’s nothing more than a loud mouth thug ! Crying racism when it doesn’t apply.Proving every time he opens his mouth how much he hates our country. Then just move, you hypocrite! You love collecting your huge salary, with US dollars, for playing football but yet you despise us.May I suggest North Korea or another communist country to move to? See if they will pay you for your views or your talent..

  3. That moron kaepernick said something about those he represents….who the hell does he represent??? Other loosers that no one wants around, & don’t qualify for anything other then trash collection. …my apologies to those that work hard as trash collectors. I doubt they would even want him working with them….the bastard would take a knee at every trash bin.

  4. Mr. K’s adoptive parents(white)….gave him everything they could…a good home, loving family, top notch education…..and this is the thank you he gives them. Wonder what his life would habe2 been like if they had left him to rot in an orphanage!! They must be so disappointed….

  5. Way to go Senator Ted Cruz I salute you. Hey colin kaepernick, the declaration of independence is for ALL American Citizens. You don’t mind playing for one of this nation’s NFL team, or getting paid by one of This Nation’s NFL team. I would of fired you long ago. If you hate this country then get out of my country! Move too !!!

  6. Yep, when a quarterback begins to suck, he either fades off into the sunset or looks for another avenue to gain some attention. We all know what’s going on Colin…. no one wants you so we all feel really bad for you but welcome you to head down to Venezuela where you should be an instant hero! You can take your America hating wife with you as well. Oh, but guess what? If you get homesick, you can jump in with one of the caravans and work your way back to Mexico where you can sit in a cage that Obama set up until we send you back to Venezuela LOL loser !!!

  7. Kaepernick needs to be shown the BACKDOOR and anyone who loves America should “MAKE” him very uncomfortable when you see him . He should always have bumps and bruises. That’s really what millionaires in America football is all about.There are a lot of anti American professionals that need the same treatment . Let’s get um one way or the other THEY ARE ALL PUNKS!!!!!

  8. Kapperprick is such a pos he should be exiled to N. Korean to live in communist nirvana for the rest of his miserable worthless life.

  9. Personally I think that component of that terminal viral pandemic plague known as islam girlfriend or ex-girlfriend of his transformed it into part of the terminal viral pandemic plague known as islam and it infects and destroys all that is fair and just such as the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are founded.


    Exterminate every last component of that deadly disease.

  10. Being he adheres to and embraces the islamic ideology I think Mecca a more suitable place for him to relocate to.


  12. I want a T-shirt that says
    Nike Jan 25, 1964 died July 4, 2019 death caused by Colin cancer.
    Anyone know where I can get one?

  13. Just a dumb brat showing his incompetence about things. Loser in football, loser in politics, LOSER.

  14. The 15 lower counties of WI are occupied by individuals whose Synaptic pathways are completely scrambled and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it, plus as I said I truly believe it has been transformed into a component of that terminal viral pandemic plague known as islam by its girlfriend or former girlfriend not sure which.

  15. Nike died when they proclaimed Kaepernick the face of their “Just Do It” campaign.

  16. Nike knew what it was doing with Betsy Ross shoes. Nike and Colon intestines, collaborated this together because they knew it would pull in more revenues. Nike hurried and pulled them off the shelf’s. Now look Nike said that the revenues skyrocketed. Only because of the millennials, Democratic Party.


  18. I’m sure you can find a place that prints on T-shirts and will be willing to print one up for you. If you find it, let me know. I’d pay for one of those myself.

  19. Send every major investor of Nike to Mecca along with Kaepernick as I said it is far more likely that Kaepernick and those major shareholders of Nike adhere to and embrace islam and their sharia law system to ensure you obey the tenets of the islam ideology to the letter.

  20. If you have one made with those sentiments expressed in latex please do so through a business who employs United States citizens and not made by slave labor Chinese nationalist or any 3rd world slave labor.

  21. Linda,,, kaeperdick has a moooooooooooslim girlfriend.. In his case everyday I pray for “Cycle Cell Anemia”… Great White hope!!!

  22. Culture Watch censors people who disagree with their hate filled lies. It is a site by the moronic for even stupider people who believe the right wings bull crap

  23. This is article depicts the “CHANGE” in our education system and those who think the Constitution is a piece of paper that can be changed by the whim of stupid people who do not relate History to written documents. If I remember correctly I was in the forth 4th grade when I was introduced into the beginning years of our great country. Some times bad things create good results, WWII was raging on and Patriotism was at its best. What is lacking today and other periods of our lives is the lack of what true commitment, compassion and understanding means.

    Like most of us we wanted a better life for our children and their children, but in the process not only the family dispersed, so did respect, personal responsibility, the need to share, and Concern for others. Today it is all about me, and I don’t care about what others think or do. Just ask AOC and her gang of two, plus the millions who are there crying GIVE ME my share, while the government sees the chance to stipp you and I of our true wealth, FREEDOM OF CHOICE. to do what we want as long as it does not hurt anyone else. That is SAD.

  24. If these people hate America then they need to leave. And these NFL players that don’t respect our country need to stop accepting paychecks from us as well.
    God Bless the United States of America
    And God Bless our President Trump.

  25. Colleen and Linda M constantly show their traitorous lack of control and criticism for anyone who doesn’t agree with their radical lies, insults, crazed theories and racism.
    They are both disgraceful creatures who belong on an isolated island somewhere with no technology so they cannot use the internet to show their ignorance to the world. Their language is vile, violent and vicious.

  26. He is ungrateful for what he has and I hope he gets stripped of everything he had going for him. I served my country in the military and in 1966 my pay was 97.00 dollars a month and he has no room to complain at all with the money he has made. He is one sick individual and should leave the country.

  27. This one person objecting to something and having products and companies bending to their whims has GOT TO STOP! One person at Starbucks doesn’t like having coffee with cops and its the cops who are told to leave? With Nike making billions from the labor of young Chinese working 12 hours a day for peanuts, it kind of makes sense that they would use this football loser. Nike is no better than K is. I was a football punter. If I get the chance to play against him, he better be wearing his cup. And then some in the media either support his views or make excuses for him. They are no better than K is. It’s time they both went away and we stopped all this nonsense and went back to Majority Rules!

  28. As the “grate Maximiss Waters” would say: “Krapperneck, Leave, you are NOT wanted here”!

  29. Sorry. Hate to be Ornery here – but YOU are the one that belongs on an isolated island, with your own hate and vitriol.

  30. He obviously sees only that which he chooses to see and not only disregards the rest, but wouldn’t understand it if it were right in front of him. He obviously knows nothing about how people were treated in the German concentration camps; how they were starved and tortured and how so many were thrown alive into furnaces, children tortured to death under absence of any inhuman conditions. Did he even consider the thousands of men, women and innocent children and babies who were viciously murdered by ISIS? Of course not. Like all of his kind, he sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest. He is worthless. Being an idiot in a free society is his only salvation. No one of any substance really gives a hoot what he thinks. He is beneath consideration except by the media, because that’s how they make money.

  31. We are getting tired of your Leftist Crap and Hatred. Time for you to move if you hate America so much! Show us one other Country that gives people this many opportunities and where you can improve your life so dramatically.

  32. Colleen, He knows not what he is talking about. He is half white and half black and was adopted by rich white parents. He don’t know anything about oppression, or slavery or whatever else he is trying to represent. What will this idiot be protesting about next, I wonder?

  33. We better be careful of the Muslims coming here with thousands more to start their own communities,so they can run for Congress and Senators. That is their plan to take over OUR COUNTRY, to change everything to their Muslim way of life and laws.

  34. Sickle cell Trump idiot and to wish a deadly disease on someone shows your Trumpist evil.

  35. What kind of English is “He don’t know…,” It’s the English of a typical ignorant racist Trumpster.

  36. They are proud of him Margaret, you are too ignorant to know that, read something besides the Enquirer.

  37. He will be getting a large settlement because of collusion not to hire him, and yes Trump’s campaign did collude with the Russians and yes Trump obstructed justice in many ways during the investigation, openly and secretly.

  38. Joan, assuming that you are right, why would he be angry that he is black. Is it maybe because of all the racists in this country that hate blacks for being black?

  39. You made some Richard in your ramblings but it is Trump, the cowardly draft dodger who has taken advantage of the laws, broken them, not paid his taxes and sexually assaulted numerous women. If you think in any way that punk is helping this country you are pathetically wrong.

  40. Ornery Sudna; My language was vile? Not only are you stupid , but illiterate as well! Can’t you read? Yes I hate. People like you that defends traitors like this Kaepernick. Oh, and by the way Ornery Sudna, I know you are not who you say you are.I have never seen your name before. You are either that sick Nancy Alexander, Betty or Alaska Woman.I served my country. Other than waiting on tables at the mental hospital, what have you done?And it’s President Trump. Not Trumpster, you ignorant jackass!!Now go back to your corner and cry some more your evil queen Hillary isn’t president….

  41. America Love IT or Leave IT!!!!

    Kp I will be happy to help you Pack and Help you get a job on a slow boat to China as a common Laborer and see if that tickles your Fancy more than America…

    If You don’t like it. It won’t cost you any thing to Go or come Back…

    God Bless America!!!

  42. Paulette, your all capital letters are aggressive and shameful. If you are Jewish, or perhaps your husband, you are even more disgraceful because you should know of the oppression of minorities in this world, yes even here when slavery started in 1618 and Jim Crow has continued since slavery officially ended in 1865. He isn’t dumb, he is pointing out the inequities in our country, I would think that you might know that. I would think as a Christian you would be more Christ-like, understanding, forgiving, not insulting. The left doesn’t pander to him but has intelligence and a conscience about the racism that exists with the right wing Trumpists that are over this country, in every state, especially the South, West and Midwest.

  43. That company will thrive despite your racism. If you had a working brain and any decency you would boycott Fox News sponsors and sponsors for Limbaugh, Hannity and all the right wing thugs on the radio.

  44. AJ,Great response!!! Boycott Nike. Gutless wonders they are, Completely ignore Stupid K. He is a pathetic Brat who seemed to be raised without boundaries or the ability to discriminate good from evil. he is an unnecessary drain on our society .He will drone on and on as long as he has an audience. It won’t be long now before his insides turn green and his brain is completely eaten up by toxic hate. Don’t dare smell his putrid breath!!

  45. ornery,..You are by far the ignorant one. You have no clue about the truth. You come on here and attack us, but have no clue. Take your sick hate somewhere else!!!!

  46. Young man, I presume you are a man, but who knows these days! There are airplanes leaving this country every minute of every day – pick a place in the world where you want to live, get on the plane with a one-way ticket and be happy wherever that is – but you will NEVER be happy iin our BLESSED AMERICA because you cannot even explain the reasons you hate America! You should be grateful that you live in this country, have rich, white , adopted parents (if that is true and if it is – must be terribly hurt by your feelings and thoughts that you are stating) May God have mercy on your soul young man – because, whether you like it or not, one day you will stand before HIM and have to account for what your accomplished on this earth that HE put you on!

  47. ornery…YOU are the evil one!!!!!! You come on a conservative discussion board and show your sick hate and ignorance every time you post. You attack Pres. Trump, but support the extremely corrupt and evil Clintons and muslim traitor Obama and the hate-filled dems. Your ignorance is profound.

  48. You just made the most moronic statement I’ve ever heard. I do not hate people for being black, brown, white, gay, male or female. I hate people for being stupid.

  49. ornery….YOU are the vile lying racist!!!!! Take your sick hate somewhere else. WE don’t need you

  50. ornery…YOU have no idea what you are talking about. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL are very intelligent decent people who do a lot for others. YOU come on here and show your low IQ and sick hate. PLEASE LEAVE!!!!!!!!

  51. Ornery Sudna: Then how the hell do YOU keep posting here, if they censor people? Oh and by the way it’s called “Culture Watch”. Something you sorely lack: CULTURE….Isn’t it time for your medication now??

  52. ornery….Colleen and Linda show nothing of the sort. YOU are a liar!!!! You are also a sick racist and vile!!!!! They tell the TRUTH that you deny!!!! We agree with THEM, NOT YOU!!! Take your sick hate and lies somewhere else. You are not wanted here

  53. Ornery Sudna sounds so politically correct….how does it feel not to have an original thought? I’ve read your posts!! You sound like a typical FAKE News reader. Plenty of key trigger words parroted back..you’ve committed intellectual suicide and torpedoed any chance of having useful dialog..even at the first grade level. You may want to see someone about your cranio-rectal inversion…the way you’ve responded shows me it is serious.

  54. ornery…Your lack of intelligence shows every time you post. And YOU are the traitor if you agree with the Clintons, Obama, and the hate-filled dems who are trying to bring down this country. YOU know nothing at all about this country, our founding fathers, or our Constitution.

  55. ornery… YOU and your sick hate are the disease!!!!!! YOU ARE A FOOL!!!!!!! NOHING YOU SAY IS TRUE!!!!!

  56. ornery…read your own posts. YOU are the thug!!!!! You come on here and attack us and deny the truth and spew your sick hate and lies. GO AWAY. WE DON’T WANT YOU!!!!

  57. Trumpanzee is a mobster and for you to support a guy who assaulted numerous women, cheated on all of his wives and has laundered Russian money, cheated students at Trump U, has an agenda of hatred of people who are not white. Linda you are always kissing Colleen’s ass and vice versa and this bj character is an absolute lunatic no nothing like you. You should retire from the sites because you know nothing of current events, history, and that all historians in all countries are calling Trump a narcissist and complete failure. He has no manners, he is an obese thug, has mafia friends, has ripped off employees, has insulted the FBI, Press, the CIA, John McCain, all our allies and he stole the election with Russian help. What else does your brainless skull need for evidence. Yes he did collude as did campaign and Mueller has 10 reasons of his obstruction of justice. How could you admire this egomaniac. I don’t think that you are stupid, so you are brainwashed or evil, which one do you think.

  58. “NOTHING”. And you are the evil one. Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong. He loves this country and has done a lot of good for it. You are a sick fool.

  59. ornery…Look in your mirror to see an extremely hate-filled moron. You come on here and vilely attack us and WE are the ones who are filled with hate??????????????? You need LOTS of help. Please get it

  60. bj, go back to your name for your fun, you are so ignorant writing to you is like writing to a moron in an insane asylum, you are at least worthy of pity, something you don’t have for the poor around the world. And you think that you are a Christian? Sure, you are more a Satanist

  61. kaepernick Has no problems taking the american money. He needs to shut his mouth and leave the country.

  62. ornery….YOU are aggressive and shameful!!!!!!!!!! Ans you are a LIAR!!!!! You know nothing at all about this country and you have no clue what a Christian is. You accuse us of being racist. THAT IS FALSE!!!!!! It is the dems who are racist. And Obama is very racist and hates whites, but that is fine with you. Get help whit your sick hate

  63. I am trying to find if there is any conscience in that little mind, apparently not bj, guess you will always live in hate of minorities. You know that is true, now ask yourself why.

  64. Just another of the ignorant and
    uninformed who never seek out truth. A pity and really scary that there are so many of them who never or maybe don’t know how to read.

  65. I’ve already been boycotting Nike. I bought a pair of their shoes that were defective. There are companies that sell much better shoes.

  66. I am just not a racist like you and an admirer of a serial sexual assaulter like you, or respect someone like you who fixed an election like you apparently do. If there is an anti-Christ it is Trump and a few others like Putin and Kim, his buddies. Could you imagine if any Democrat ever alienated allies, insulted constantly even was heroes like McCain, bragged about everything even screw ups, lied constantly about everything, robbed from his own employees, had six bankruptcies and raped his own wife. That is the thug you admire, pathetic isn’t it?

  67. I have no idea how that got there??? But ornery, it does not matter how many times you repeat a lie. It NEVER becomes truth. NOT EVER. NOTHING you said about Pres. Trump is true. And since you hate him so much, you are free to move to the commie country of your choice. PLEASE DO!!!!!!!!

  68. I hate no one. THAT IS THE TRUTH. It is YOU who come on here and attack everyone and show your sick hate. It shows every time you post. YES, of course I have a conscience. God gives one to everyone. But yours is defective. sad

  69. ornery…NOTHING you say is true. That is very obvious. But why do you come here if you think so little of it? Go out and get a life

  70. ornery…I am very thankful not to know you. You are a hate-filled liar and would never fit in here where I live. Here there are several minorities and everyone gets along with everyone else. There is no hate. No one would understand someone like you.

  71. Ornery Sudna: I kiss no one’s ass, you idiot. But I do admire people with common sense that posts reasonable comments. Not like your imbecilic ramblings.NANCY ALEXANDER!!! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR RIDICULOUS COMMENTS ON THESE SITES.Oh, and you call Trump the anti- CHRIST . If I remember correctly, you had posted on another site you didn’t believe in GOD or Jesus.So what do you care. YOU no nothing other than the propaganda your Liberal, commie Democratic party feeds you.The baby killers!! I have more class. More education and more friends you will ever hope for. Jealous aren’t you?? I won’t respond to you any longer because fools like you don’t deserve attention.Crawl back under your rock and leave people of intelligence alone……

  72. With a name like Ornery Sudna is that a male or female? Oh well you can tell he/she does not come out much as you can see by he/she posts or maybe he/she sits to much that puts pressure on that pea brain. So when he/she pulls it out it explodes due to he/she ass gas. This Ornery Sudna needs to put it’s head back in it’s safe place and stand more often. Ornery Sudna needs help due to all the years of smelling it’s own ass gas.

  73. Hey Ornery Sudna
    You sound like a smart version of karpernic. Love how your making Trump’s next presidency so much easier. Keep up the vile comments about Trump. The more nice Democrats that read your wonderful writing here the easier it going to be for Trump 2020.
    Go Ornery Sudna
    You and karpernic better make sure you take your pill, Travada baby!

  74. So halfwit Kaepernick tried to pull the wool over our eyes. How many blue coats perished vanquishing the pro-slavery confederacy? They don’t count Coiin? Douglas condemned pre-civil war America. Hundreds of thousands died so that emancipation could happen. They died for nothing? Heaven help us if Kaepernick ever rules.

  75. I don’t understand why these people who hates America still living in this land! They should leave the Country! It’s fair to every body who loves this land!

  76. Sudna: You are a racist, like everyone else. You admire a fag baboon and his tranny wife. Shame on you.

  77. If we need a new Federal lawthen make one now. Theses people should be deported to another country or put in prison for life for treason. Why are they not leaving on their own . I left a state because it changed so much I didn’t want to live there. They should leave our country and if they don’t, throw them out.

  78. They forget we fought and won wars. If communists did that they would take over the country. We won then only ask for friendship and peace. Then used our money and resources to help rebuild their countries and did not take them over. Sounds like a great country to me. Mistakes and injustice like slavery was stopped. MAGA. WWG1WGA

  79. Sudna you believe all the talking points that the liberal mainstream news media peddles daily about our President. You need to wake up and try to use your brain and see the truth about all the liberal, godless , whacka doodle people that have tried to bring down our duly elected President that didn’t collude with Russia , didn’t obstruct justice or do anything wrong to warrant impeachment….Democrats are still in shock that OLD , CORRUPT, DISHONEST, GREEDY , Hillary Clinton lost the election and Donald Trump won ! You sound totally Anti-American and Un-American so your opinion is worth 15 cents of nothing….LOL. Maybe you just need an encounter with Jesus and then you would be smarter and a whole lot happier…meantime be nice. Nice is best.

  80. Well, Kaepernick’s brain is looser than it should be….LOL. That is if he actually has a brain. He is just a lost ball in high weeds ! Goodness, he is so Anti-American he needs to leave our nation and go live in Cuba. He thinks Cuba is the best country ever. But like Venezuela, it lacks common and simple necessities for its people, like toilet paper and deodorant and clean water and food. He needs to go to the academy of how not to be a big Jerk. Not being rude, just being honest. God Bless the USA and God Bless President Trump and all that support him.

  81. Are you Ornery for real or just grumpy for fun? Mueller found nothing against President Trump. Read the report with your brain not your emotions. It was a witch hunt and should have never taken place. There WAS collusion between Hillary Clinton and Russia. Now that we all know that you walk in Fool’s shoes , I suggest you give up in trying to malign our President. The subject at hand was about the Anti-American Kaepernick and how dishonest he is for taking something out of context that Mr. Douglas wrote. Don’t you hate it when people can’t honestly make a stand for what they think is right but have to lie about it? Yep, Kaepernick and you could both move to a country you think is better than our nation. Oh ! That is right ! There isn’t a country better than ours. Proof….look at all the illegal aliens trying to sneak over our border into our nation , seeking a BETTER life…You need to tell Kaepernick to count his blessings that he gets to live in this country. Maybe you should too….TA DA !!!! LOL…

  82. Democrats supported having slaves and had plenty of them . Republicans fought against slavery and many died to win freedom for the slaves. Now we hear that some of the Democratic candidates are trying to buy votes by saying they will give reparations to all black Americans. I am a Republican and I think reparations should be paid to my relatives that died in the Civil War that were republicans and helped abolish slavery….just kiddin’. I am also 10 percent black and 20 percent Native American. I want lots of money from anyone that thinks I deserve it…LOL. It is getting so ridiculous in this nation with people thinking they are owed something for things that happened in the past. Not one person in our nation owns a slave that I know of so let’s stop the insanity of trying to get something for nothing. Our nation made mistakes and is still not perfect but it is the best country in this old world and people ought to be thankful for it instead of trying to tear it down !!!! The End.

  83. Nike has a company in China that pays for slave labor! Does Kaepernick know about it? Probably not, but Nike is very hypocritical for pulling the Betsy Ross Flag shoe when they are running that company of slave labor. Don’t believe it ? It is true . I don’t buy Nike shoes and never have and never will. I don’t buy status symbols…LOL. Too expensive. Anyone with half sense can see what a murderous and hate filled religion/cult that Islam is. Fully an Anti-Christ religion. Islam doesn’t mean peace. It means to be totally submissive to allah…I don’t capitalize non-existent gods…LOL. Craig , you make good points…

  84. Kaepernick is an a-historical a-hole who knows nothing of history. Someone should tell him, for instance, that Betsy Ross never owned slaves but was a Quaker — a member of the first religious group in America to oppose slavery. She was also a businesswoman; her father had apprenticed her to an upholsterer, so she could always earn an honest living of her own, rather than hunting a husband for her. She was a revolutionary and an abolitionist in her own right, and K’nick knows nothing about any of this.

  85. Here is a news flash for you Ornery. I support President Donald Trump and I am not a racist or a bigot. I know many black people and not one has said they feel persecuted or oppressed by white people. Some are well educated and some are skilled workers. Some our lovely housewives and moms. They are all loyal Americans . They don’t like Al Sharpton aka Race Baiter of the Century or Jesse Jackson aka Phony Minister of the Century for those two men haven’t done anything to better black communities but make money on hollering racist on every corner it seems. They totally disrespect Kaepernick. They think he is also a race baiter and some think he just needs attention. LOL… The way to stop any kind of problem is to be honest about what the problem is . Deal with facts not emotions. But liberal , godless , people don’t know how to deal with facts for they stay locked into emotions that are fickle . They don’t help any given situation. Period. Kaepernick has not made one trip to Chicago where black people keep killing other black people on a daily basis !!! If he wants to help black folks where is he in Chicago? Oh, now where to be found for he doesn’t really care about black people . He cares about himself and that is it. He was a bad football player and he found a way to make money other than throwing a football because he knew the football career was a wash out…You don’t know every person that supports President Trump so your opinion about them counts as a big Zero…period.

  86. Hmmm, but the evidence is coming out that Hillary “colluded” with the Chinese AND the Russians, and did some obstructing of justice too. Sauce for the goose…

  87. He’s angry that he’s Black? Why? He got all the advantages that any “White privilege” could have gotten him.

  88. No, it’s because of all the Black politicians, large and petty, who keep fanning the flames of racism — which would otherwise sink down to ashes — so as to get money and votes.

  89. Ornery, do you know that liberalism is a mental disorder? Yep, look it up in the ICD-9 code book full of diagnosis of diseases. I think you have it for sure. You don’t like Fox News and that is the first symptom of your ailment. Just kiddin’ of course. Listen, you can’t be serious in all your comments. Right? If you are my heart goes out to you for you just can’t seem to think straight and you seem to harbor misery and sadness. Do you know Jesus? Probably not. You need to meet Him. Seriously, you would see things clearly if you knew Him. He straightens out warped and confused people and makes them brand new. I think you need to know Him. Then you would not be so hate filled against the people on this site and accuse them of wrong when they really are right…Remember God is Right and He only sides with Right. He can never side with wrong. Be nice. Nice is best.

  90. Bearing false witness is very naughty Mr. Ornery. President Trump did not assault any woman. Where are his accusers and what did they prove? What laws did he break? He paid taxes but sometimes used tax credits like everyone smart would do. He has very much helped out nation faster than any other president ever has and you can find a list of all he has done by looking it up on line. You suffer from hate in general it seems. That is just sad for you because I bet your body is working on ulcers for you. I hope not. But hating people is wrong and can cause all kinds of health issues. President Trump is not a politician, thank God. He is the most transparent person we have had as a leader. Obama was as transparent as mud…ugh. You better stop hating President Trump because he is going to be our president for four more years after the 2020 election. If you are a Christian , why not pray for him? But I don’t think you are a Christian. Oh well, I can’t help but feel sad for you. Be nice , nice is best.

  91. Ornery, I bet you believe that rocks dream just like Alexandria O. Cortez believes…LOL. All the nasty lies you post about President Trump were trumped up by fake news and people on the left that want to destroy our President. But look at all the good , decent and smart people that support him and will re-elect him in 2020. Since I don’t think you are a godly person or you are Hindu or atheist, or just a whack a doodle noodle I feel very sorry for you. No wonder you are so full of hate and nastiness. Ugh. If you took time to really do some research you would discover what is right and see how wrong you are bearing false witness. But that takes a conscience . Do you have one? Hmmm…..food for thought.

  92. America has “No Fly” lists to keep certain people from entering America – it is not time to make a “One time fly with no return” exile fly list for those that are anti-America. Pelosi, AOC and the other anti-American congressperson can keep Kaepernick company on such a flight.

  93. Ornery, I am far from ignorant. I am a college graduate and I know what is going on in this country. If you have no clue that the muslims and the dems are trying to totally take over this country, your ignorance is profound. You have no concept of what this country is or who our founding fathers were. That is very obvious. It is also very obvious that you have no clue what a Christian is. I belong to Jesus and will spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Sorry about you.

  94. Why is this guy still in the headlines??? First, Kaepernick was a MEDIOCRE quarterback, NOT a great one, and anyone with a brain could see what he was up to a few years ago. He continues to slam MY country because HE is a failure in the NFL. (I wouldn’t hire him to walk my dog!) Why is this everyone else’s fault that he behaves with such hate and vindictiveness? It is the Democratic Party which has perpetuated the ignorance and racism in this country!! One only needs to look at the KKK, and organization that was founded, funded and maintained by none other than the DEMOCRATIC PARTY…the very party that Kaepernick supports. He is both ignorant and stupid….that’s the way the Party keeps people under their thumbs!! Why has this idiot never been thankful that he lives in a country where he can play a sport for MILLIONS of dollars (way overpaid)?? Nowhere else in the world could he have done this!!! How dare he denigrate our country, our flag and ALL of those who have fought and died to protect those things!! His COWARDICE and IGNORANCE defiles everything good in this country and he should be despised for that!!

  95. ornery…You call me ignorant. Read your own posts. YOU NEED TO TAKE AN ENGLISH COURNSE NOW!!!! You have no concept of the English language and it is obvious that you flunked it. And I sure don’t need your pity. I don’t have pity for the poor???? REALLY?????? Your extreme ignorance is showing again. You have no clue how much I give to the poor, but I’m sure it is more than you, you moron.

  96. Joan…You are right. It is very scary that those who are so ignorant and uniformed like ornery can vote. They hate this country and have no clue about who our founding fathers were or what they left us. They are very dangerous to our freedom.

  97. ornery…You keep attacking Pres. Trump who has done nothing wrong, but support the extreme corruption of the Clintons and the rapist Bill Clinton and the muslim traitor Obama. You are evil.

  98. ornery, NOTHING you said about Pres. Trump is true!!!! Show us EVIDENCE. You can’t. NO, he DID NOT collude with Russia. But HILLARY DID!!! And that is just fine with you. You keep coming on here with your sick lies but deny the truth about the evil Clintons and traitor Obama. We know the truth that you deny and you just make a fool out of yourself. GO AWAY!!!!

  99. Does he actually have a Muslim girl friend? I had not hear that ! If true it explains a little of his thinking !! But it does not excuse him and he should leave the country if he hates it so much !!

  100. You should bother to research before ranting and insulting people. The NAACP ran a poll and it upset them. Why? More and more black people support President Trump. https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/08/naacps_own_poll_reveals_surge_in_black_support_for_trump__and_they_react_badly.html
    Also, if you knew how to further research, you’d find the whores who made their accusations against President were PAID. https://thepoliticalinsider.com/trump-sexual-assault-woman-paid-500k-accuse/

  101. When will our news media stop giving this ungrateful self indulging jerk the headlines he desires? Kaepernick has already shown his disrespect for this country however I have not seen him leave it for one he enjoys more. He enjoys the benefits but criticizes our principals. He is a hasbeen quarterback and in all indications also a hasbeen American citizen. The NFL and Nike are welcome to him and his hatred both as for me it is easy to avoid anything he is involved with as well as his sponsors.

  102. Can I ask why is it that if you like or support someone who has done so much for our country but is not a democrat than he are evil? Do you have to be of a certain political belief to do good? Are all of the jobs that have been created bad because they have not been created by a person you approve of? Let’s just talk common sense here. If your parent, brother, sister or husband were out of work and got a job because of the new economy would you tell them to refuse it until a democrat was elected? Would you hope for the companies that have returned to the US to go back to mfging overseas. Does hate run so deep in your heart that you are not happy for the things that have turned around in the last two years. If it does it must be very hard for you to go to sleep when you lay your head on the pillow at night. That kind of hate takes over your whole being and is very unhealthy. Think about it and if you do I’m sure you realize it’s not helping you. If you want to change things that’s your choice but stop and think about what you’ll be changing before you do.

  103. He probably has no clue that blacks owned slaves or that it was blacks that sold other blacks into slavery. He has no intelligence.

  104. Yes, Leslie, blacks are the most racist people in this country. And Obama is their hero, as he hates whites.

  105. So, ornery, according to your post you hate whites just because they are white. Of course you do. You have nothing but hate in you. I pity you. You need lots of help. Jesus loves you and is there for you if you want Him. He does not care what race you are. He will take all who come to Him.

  106. At the PEAK of slavery in 1860, only 1.4% of Americans owned slaves. What your history books (don’t) tell you is that 3,000 blacks owned a total of 20,000 slaves the same year.”

  107. Hey CP if you hate America so much why don’t you leave? Most people when the hate something just get away from it. But you continue to live in America so that says 2 thing about you, that your too scared to back up your rhetoric and leave and 2 your too scared to live without the comfort and security our great Country provides it’s citizens.

  108. ornery…there IS an anti-Christ and it IS NOT TRUMP!!!! Read the New Testament if you know how. You deny Christ, so you have no clue. You will stand before Him to be judged like everyone else. You better worry about your own soul. And Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus is his judge and not you. Jesus forbids your sick hate.

  109. bj you have to reply to everything that I write, you have too much time and a thin skin which is remarkable because you have a thick skull for thinking properly.

  110. It was liberals who fought against slavery, regardless of party, Marion, you must be able to understand that.

  111. Kaepernick had a good career, and is being blackballed if you understand that word Marion, by the various owners, in part because he is controversial. Not all people who support Trump are racists but probably 98% and probably 80% of liberals are too to a mostly lesser degree.

  112. I work two jobs. YOU????? And what I said is the truth. But you have no concept of the truth, just hate.

  113. ornery…your ignorance is astounding!!!! 98%??????? PROOF please. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and NOT ONE of them is racist. You are a FOOL

  114. ornery…MOST people I know who support Pres. Trump are Christians. I know that you know nothing at all about God, but He created and loves all races.

  115. My IQ is 147….I have a college degree….NOT in soft subjects….Nursing & Science. I love to read history books…..and tutor reading now that I am retired. One of my students…a devoted Dem…..has learned to read(5 th grade level so far)….she loves learning about our country’s past. She is even willing to attend our Rep. Women’s Club meetings….and LISTENS….and LEARNS. Can you read anything but NY Times….and watch anything but CNN?

  116. A communist country is too good for this un-American, Brillo Pad head piece of crap, he should be deported to his homeland to live in a mud hut, maybe then he will appreciate what he has here.

  117. He’s half white and half black. He got adopted by a rich white couple that gave him everything he ever wanted. That is what is wrong with him today. He first started kneeling saying it was to protest oppression, then the cops, then whatever it is now. That idiot needs to make up his mind what he’s gonna protest. He doesn’t know a hill of beans about oppression or anything else. He was raised a rich brat and he still is nothing but a rich bratty cry baby!!

  118. Sudna, anybody can use “He don’t know” I’ll bet even you have used it at one time or another. Besides “He don’t know” is southern talk. I’m proud to be born in the great state of Virginia. You must be one of them there “Damn Yankee” people who ain’t got a bit of sense in their body! Don’t like my replies, then scroll on by and don’t set your eyes on them.

  119. Now that’s a good-un right there!! And you are soooo right!! That whateveritwas really screwed up everything while in the WH office.
    Be careful!! He has a pen and a phone and he knows how to use them! LOL

  120. Ornery you said: “Colleen and Linda M constantly show their traitorous lack of control and criticism for anyone who doesn’t agree with their radical lies, insults, crazed theories and racism.”
    Aren’t you doing the same daggone thing?
    You also said: “They are both disgraceful creatures who belong on an isolated island somewhere with no technology so they cannot use the internet to show their ignorance to the world. Their language is vile, violent and vicious.
    You are doing the very same thing here also. Girl or guy, whatever you are, You need to be taken behind the woodshed and get some learnins with a good ol inch thick razor strop!

  121. Say Mr. K., Sir, IF You Do Love This Constitutional Democratic Republic Called The United States Of America, You Truly Need To Self-Deport Yourself And CANCEL Your Own US Citizenship, Like The Second That You First Set Your First Of 10 Toes On American Soil!!!


  123. I Did Mess One Word In My First Comment, “Say Mr. K. Sir, IF You Do ({“[NOT]}”) Love This Constitutional Democratic Republic Called The United States Of America, You Truly Need To Self Deport Yourself And CANCEL Your US Citizenship, Like The Very Second That You Set Your First Of 10 Toes On American Soil!!!!!!!!

  124. he isn’t good enough to be a trash collector. colin’s Muslim girlfriend is behind that big ungrateful mouth. take a jet to a Muslim country and STAY THERE.

  125. dear stupid ornery,Obama pathological liar, Obama apology tour,Clinton at least 26 times on the lolita express,Hillary list of bodies of people who know too much about her Hillary bought mansion next to her for secret service cause she thought the fix was in.


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