Justin Timberlake is encouraging his fans and rioters to do something so terrible it could burn down major U.S. cities


Celebrities are all weighing in on the tragedy of George Floyd’s death and making outlandish statements that do not honor his memory in any way shape or form.

But Justin Timberlake’s comments may be among the very worst.

Justin Timberlake is instructing his fans and rioters to do something so dangerous it could burn down major U.S. cities.

So far, celebrities are mostly offering their verbal support of the protests.

However, the protests have devolved into rioting and looting of private businesses, cars, and violence . . . and Hollywood is still offering their support.

These celebrities have come up with convoluted ways to justify the rioting and the violence as a “form of free speech” and expression.

Justin Timberlake is taking it one step further.

Timberlake is encouraging all of his followers on social media to donate millions of dollars to bail funds so rioters can escape jail and rejoin the riots in the streets.

This could create a never-ending flood of criminals terrorizing private businesses and individuals that local police forces can’t control.

The riots have already caused so much damage to urban communities and oftentimes the victims of the looting and violence are black owned businesses.

This crisis is destroying the livelihoods of working-class men and women in communities populated with people of color . . . and Justin Timberlake is helping fuel the dumpster fire that is hurting so many people.

He is not the only celebrity encouraging left-wing activists to fund these efforts.

John Legend and his wife have donated $200,000 to bail out criminals caught looting stores and even burning them down.

These celebrities have the great benefit of not living in any of the communities being destroyed by looters.

Nor do they pay for any of the consequences of these riots as they self-quarantine in their million dollar mansions.

What do you think?

Is it irresponsible and dangerous for Justin Timberlake to help bail out these criminals?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Just shows the lack of intelligence Hollywood really has. Lawlessness is not protesting and willingly giving money to ball these criminals out is perpetuating continued unlawful actions.

  3. Enforce the laws of our country and SEIZE all the monies of anyone or organization who is supporting the rioters and offering to bali out anyone arrested for complicity in the actual actions or supplying the materials to be used in the destruction of life and property.

  4. The rioters should start with his house. Why not? He’s rich and he’s white. Just the kind of people the rioters hate.

  5. Justin just lost all my respect. These should be prayed for, but they need to be locked up with NO bail and anyone paying to get them out should let them live with them in their fancy houses.

  6. Do we now live in BIZZARO WORLD?????? What the H-LL is WRONG with these so called “celebrities?” Instead of using their “influence” to quiet the streets & calm the violence, they are doing just the opposite. How can they expect laws to be enforced & justice to be done to a minuscule group of out of control officers when hundreds of thousands of THUGS are doing the same & worse, looting, arson, beating & killing innocent citizens? It makes no sense, but….. what else would we expect of people who live in a make believe universe where all they do is regurgitate others words & ideas?

  7. Instead of encouraging his followers to donate where is his money that he’s donating and the others that are donating their own money they should be arrested for instigating riots. I believe if the federal government would investigate by following the money trail they would find whose paying these organized rioters and arrest them too. The Obamagate proved they could investigate individuals illegally our President would investigate legally and have every right to do so to save our people, communities, cities, and our Constitution of this Great God Blessed country. Investigate and arrest these people ie: Soros, Timberlake, Legend, etc. Seeing Legends name in this surprises me as he is from Dayton, OH and supposedly was devastated by the Oregon shooting but the shooter was white but he killed other whites and blacks so was he devastated only over the blacks? If so, it doesn’t appear he cares anything about the blacks that are losing their lively hoods from these destructive rioters!

  8. These rioters need to start with the homes of the so called elite, especially Timberlake. They have no respect for the working American family or businessman. Hollywood thinks they are the gods of the universe, and we are to follow them. I think not. They need to be locked up with the worse of the worse and lose everything they own. I have no pity for anyone that goes against law and order. Trump is doing the right thing by sending in the Military if need be to restore order to our country, and I hope they throw the key away to anyone who tries to get them out.

  9. I think that people who encourage this type of behavior (as in aiding and abetting) should be fined to help pay for the damage that the rioters (they support) cause. And, certainly we should stop attending the events that make them rich!

  10. I agree with Ted Cruz. Justin, tap into your millions and help the good people out who lost their business to a bunch of thugs and criminals. Shouldn’t that be more of a priority for you, since you want to help so much??? By u getting these creeps out to beat up innocent people, loot their businesses, and burn police cars,etc. does it really make u feel like u are helping.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😝😤

  11. These so called Hollywood elites AKA azz holes that make donations to get the instigators out of jail are just as guilty as commiting the rioting, looting and killing.

  12. Well, we all know that Hollywood is convoluted and evil. They think because they have all that money they can say and do what they want. I am through with John Legend and Justin Timberlake. They need the Lord in their lives so they can see truth. It makes me sick to know they would even offer to bail them out, including Joe Biden. They should make America proud and do the right thing. They should be Americans first and actors second.

  13. Justin..you have quickly become the dumbest fool in Hollywood right along with John Legend and his idiot wife! Black may be beautiful but total ignorance and breaking the laws of our country will cause you to go broke. You will become ex-artists.

  14. what the hell is wrong with him we the tax payer will pay with death and no jobs no home cause they will burn down but this has got to we have to stop the hate and stop the stupid in hollywood

  15. Justin Timberlake is a domestic terrorist supporter and he also should be charge with the crime of incitement to violence. There can be NO negotiation with him and his alliance to ANTIFA.

  16. There are very few Hollywood celebrities who have any intelligence. I wonder how the idiots would feel if there own homes were torched. They are inciting violence and should be arrested and jailed for a very long time with no chance of parole. Innocent people are being killed. Their blood is on the hands of those who encourage the evil behavior of the murdering thugs. Is there any possibility that Justin Timberlake can offer any reason or excuses as to why he thinks the violence and destruction are acceptable behavior? What sort of upbringing did he have?

  17. I am so disappointed in Justin Timberlake, why doesn’t he put his money in helping the innocent people that have been hurt by the looters and thieves that he wants to get out of jail. Why doesn’t he help the fireman that had saved his whole life to buy a sports bar that these people that Timberlake wants to help get out of jail burned to the ground. Most of the innocent people that have suffered at the hands of these looters are minorities. Why aren’t he and his other ‘star’ friends trying to help these people. I guess they feel self satisfied that they are making a statement. I’m sure they fell pretty safe in their mansions behind walls with security around. They really need to start thinking about what they are doing.

  18. just because they are rich doesn’t mean they are always right. They are the biggest fools of all on this matter.

  19. Another celebrity punk who thinks people actually care about what he believes.Just Hollywood phonies trying to get their name out there.

  20. Now is the time to raise ball/bond to these terrorist. When are you going to wake up America??? Anarchic can not be tolerated in any form… If our society collapses; there will be no protection, police, laws, or escape from the corruption and collapse. Only the strong will rule. You thing Venezuela is in trouble; well again, a society is only as good as the people in it…

  21. the joe Biden campaign also made DONATIONS to the fund for bail for the criminals in jail for burning down MANY businesses and the police station.
    Justin is a has been.

  22. Timberlake and Legend and the rest of the RADICAL LIBERAL A$$HOLES want all these idiots out looting and burning . So them and FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc can try to blame Trump going into an election . CREEPY BIDEN is right in there with them , so , if you’re for civil unrest , burning , looting , stealing , shooting , CREEPY JOE is your guy . I believe MOST people want a law and order President that won’t put up with this crap . Most of the burning and looting and stealing is from states with a Democratic Governor ,,,,,, how is that going ?????????

  23. I am so disgusted with him and the other so called celebrities! They don’t care about anyone’s lives but their own. Interesting that none of the protestors or rioters are in Hollywood, Beverly Hills or the like! Why is that? Sadly we as a society have allowed them and others to not be held responsible for their actions! Do they realize these protestors/rioters started a fire in a house that had a child in it!? They also blocked Firefighters and First Responders from getting to a house! They beat up a couple with 2×4’s who had no weapons on the, what about the elderly Asian man they looted his store and attacked, beat him for what reason being an honest, hard working man? This isn’t about race or justice for George! How are these actions going to make our communities liveable? Sadly they have allowed themselves to do dirty work for people who really don’t care about them or anyone else but getting their way.
    When I was in school we use to have rules to follow in the classroom, school and the community, state and country! There is no enforcement of any illegal actions anymore! Victim mentality! When an officer says “STOP” you stop! But not according to the millennials and those who feel they are still a victim of oppression. Really? Are they being kept from making something of themselves? Want to know what being a victim is?? People, children who have taken against their will and used in sex-trafficking! Those are victims! If anything should have people mad or upset it is this sex-trafficking that is going on and many of thes so called “celebrities” are a part of it!! Have you all watched the video, “Out of Shadows”? A must watch! It tells you wants going on in Hollywood and it’s not for the faint of heart but please make yourself watch the entire video so we can put a stop to what they are doing!!

  24. Fine these Hollywood morons thousands and give those dollars to the small businesses ruined by the marauding barbarians. Those nitwits deserve each other. Breaking the law is not to be rewarded. HJill has it right.

  25. timberlake & legend are MORONS!!! I will never support them in anything they do. Will never give a dime to movies, concerts or anything they receive money for

  26. Communist China. The professional protestors, rioters, looters, bail supporters, Biden, are all paid pawns of Communist China. DIVIDE & CONQUER is the foundation of the Communist Manifesto. The criminal activities of arson, theft, destruction of personal property, are tools of fear to create chaos. Any legitimate rebellion is accomplished peacefully. No communism and terrorism. President Trump loves our nation and seeks to protect all citizens. He is not a weak link, nor, can he be bought (like all the Hollywood and Democrat minions) by untraceable benefits. Stand with Trump to save our country which Communist China seeks to implode by disease, destruction, and, deceit.

  27. Wow! I didn’t think Timberlake & Legend were that stupid. Also Divisive & Hateful. Well, it’s predictable. Their ‘wisdom’ is as deep as light rain on a sidewalk.

  28. Timberlake has had his 15 minutes of fame. He was popular when my daughter was in high school; she’s 37 now. I think that the Antifa and BLM crowd go into HIS neighborhood and inflict on HIM what has been done to many with far lower means than he has. Justine, send some of your money to help those trying to recover from the looting and vandalism inflicted on them instead of the habitual criminals in our midst.

  29. One word: STUPID!

    Who does he think he is? Would love to see what they say when they riot in their neighborhoods, although if that happens, I’m sure the Mayor and the Governor will immediately send the Police and the National Guard to ‘protect’ them. There is so much I want to say, but is useless to waste any words on these so called actors, who believe this is a movie that will have a beautiful end. I would really hope this is THE END of their useless careers.

  30. ……………………..Leftist scum like timberlake should be deported and stripped of citizenship. They don’t deserve to live their overpaid pampered lives here, let them go live in the existing communist “utopias” they desire to live in. They are supporting sedition. Nazi war criminal george soros and his billionaire ilk are funding and organizing this crap.

  31. This is war! The fascist organization ANTIFA, together with nationalist organizations and Hollywood provocateurs declared war on America: they attack businesses, loot and set fire to shops, they terrorize private enterprises and individuals. This war is not only against white Americans, but also against black and color, against the police and against businesses. This is a war against America. They are going to turn our country into conflagrations and ruins, into what they turned Minnesota into. Will we let them do this?

  32. Whoa…This is a game changer..Two tough guys like John Legend along with his huge faced wife
    Chrissty and Justin Timberlake…I’m sure these two imposing characters will be on the front lines
    with BLM and Antifa beating up old ladies and creating all sorts of Chaos…Remember,
    only attack when you outnumber your prey at least 8 to 1 and make sure your Ninja
    costume is correct to look your scariest

  33. Let them visit his house and tear it down and vandalize.
    BTW how is deBlasios kid doing in jail or was he was bailed out?

  34. Instead of giving money to the rioters who committed crimes against persons and property, give it to the businesses who have lost everything, the people injured and in need of medical care and to the police departments who have lost their buildings, cars, equipment. None of these celebrities lives in an area that will be impacted. More money than brains. Time to stop supporting these fools with your hard earned money.

  35. The owners of all of the affected businesses should hire a top lawyer and sue all of the supporters for every penny they have or might have. Don’t use taxpayers money, use the wealth of the supporters.

  36. Anyone with a functioning brain need more proof the majority of Hollywood lefties are as anti-American as Putin and even nastier than Kim Jong-un ? If you do maybe you should consider the gene pool and not breed.

  37. Couldn’t say it better but Jan the folks here. Start with their million dollar houses within their gated communities and 24k refrigerators.

    It was a pleasure to see bright people’s comments!!! Thank you!!

  38. How about this. Find out where these celebrity misfits live, and notify the antifa thugs, and just maybe they will take their rioting to the more wealthy communities.

  39. Justin, I have just one word for you. Ashamed!!!!
    I’m sure your parents are also. If they are alive. God is watching over you ❤️
    You will have to answer to him someday and no one else.

  40. All of these Hollywood types would be scared out of their minds if we rounded some of them up and dropped them ground Zero in the middle of a riot. They have no idea how most of America lives.
    They think this one world government is a good thing they don’t realize if this actually happens they are going to be slaves to the government just like everyone else. Commies don’t care about entertainment. Commies don’t let you speak out if you don’t like something they do. And most of all Commies take all of the money and property and you live in whatever dump they assign you to and do whatever job they give you . And if you protest you are beaten or killed.

  41. I wonder if this brain would bailout these slime if they burnt down his million dollar mansion? I think not! He’s just another idiot who thinks he knows what he is doing and is a big hero to the masses, when in fact he is what Stalin and the communists call a “ useful idiot.” He is pushing the downfall of his own country. These so called celebrities are nothing but lazy dopes who would starve if they had to do real work. Over paid and over privileged clowns who hate the country that gave them everything they have. Nuff said!

  42. Like most ignorant young people they don’t think things through. So, yah good idea! Collect as much money as they can to bail out the rioters so they can go back to the streets and get arrested again and get bailed out again. Profitable circle for the municipality conducting the arrests. With this economy slow down they could use the extra money. So yah go ahead collect as much money as you can rioters and rioter supporters. Its good for the economy!

  43. Time is near for another Civil War people! It’s the only way to get our country back from the radicals, communists, anarchists, losers, idiots, corrupt elites, and the American haters! If you think voting is going to do anything your lost pal! We are losing our country, right now! Buy up the guns and all the ammo you can because the time is coming to see if you really care for this country! Patriots gave their lives over the course of our country’s history! Will you do the same? I don’t want to die as much as the next person, but if it will save this country for my grandchildren … then lets F::ken get it on!!! Nuff said!

  44. By bailing out these rioters these so called Hollywood elites are funding terrorist activities, every person who donates to funding their bail should be arrested and charged with encouraging terrorist actions, maybe it will make these idiots think twice about their stupid deeds if a few of them wind up in jail, which they should

  45. I have a way all the riot nuts could get rich. Go to Hollywood and rob the rich. they won’t call the cop because they think it OK. Maybe they’ll open the door for the nuts and serve coffee and cake. Since the rich agree with the riot nuts, that should be there target. GO GET THEM

  46. Lock them up. For charges start with:AIDING and ABETTING. Jail time will get their attention better than fines

  47. Every one should have the right to protect their property. If there is a bunch of idiots trying to loot or damage your property you need an assault rifle and stop anyone that is trying to do damage to your property. Whether they are white,black or brown. It is OK to protest in an orderly way. There is never an excuse to riot.

  48. Do what I do I have a list of the so called Hollywood greats and so called people that think they can sing and I never go to a movie that they are in again or listen to their so called music.
    If John is on the Voice next year as much as I like all of the other people on the show I will never watch it again and encourage everyone else to do so too!!

  49. Justin Timberlake belongs in jail. He would look good in prison orange…and having to take instructions from his jailers…..same for some more of those actors…the SAG could hold its meetings in the jailhouse. Jane Fonda should have been strung up years ago for treason…

  50. I really liked Justin Timberlake, but now……NOPE NOPE NOPE

    I am really ashamed that he grew up in the same town I grew up in and where I raised my children.

    Finished with him.

  51. Carol He is a she, and ugly as a witch too with stupid looking hair. And the a-hole mayor said he is proud of her.

  52. They could raise bail to $500,000 for each rioter and then they would not have the money to bail out all.

  53. Charge this pathetic rich idiot with inciting a riots. I have never been a fan of this scumbag or thought he had talent.

  54. Inciting a riot is a criminal act and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. If these riots, burning and looting of innocent business owners don’t stop… the President has authority to declare Martial Law.

  55. Have 150+ rounds of buckshot to donate at the scene of the looting. It will be hot and fast. Also know as “High Speed Lead Poisoning. Step right up and get your FREE One.

  56. Start a petition to declare antifa a foreign terrorist organisation, remember that antifa started in Germany not in the USA. Present that petition to president Donald J Trump, senate and congress. By declaring antifa a foreign terrorist organisation it forces media platforms like google, Facebook, twitter and any other left-wing media platform to allow the American government to put surveillance on antifa members accounts. It also allows the American government to seize the finances of any corporations or individuals who are supporting foreign terrorist organizations. Plus prison time for these people. The American government can also use the military to combat antifa.

  57. I think that anyone of the rioters is bailed out of jail, and commits another violent crime. Then it should be done unto these people that bailed them out 10 fold


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